Friday, October 26, 2012

Does God call to anyone the same? Is the celebration of sameness or difference more important, or does it matter?

I have always maintained that God has an individual relationship with each person, no two are alike anymore than two snow flakes are alike. I know that is heresy to some and you probably don't want to hear my opinion, or maybe someone who believes that would never have stopped by to read my humble blog anyway, so not a problem...  But seriously do you really think anyone has the exact same relationship with God as anyone else?  I know that God has a baseline of the things that he wants from us and he told us that foundation in the bible.  He also tells us in the bible that you can't hear what you are not ready to hear or understand what you are not ready to understand from the bible.  It always amazes me that each time you read it, the bible gives you something new, something cutting edge that you have never heard or understood before. Can you imagine how wondrous that in and of itself is?  I recently read that the bible is the number one biggest selling book of all time, as it should be, but number two is Don Quixote, can you imagine reading Don Quixote a hundred times and finding something new and cutting edge each time.  No, not that I have read it more than once but do you really think any other "work of fiction" could do that.  Well, that is to those of you who believe the bible is a work of fiction.  No, it is not it is a living breathing book, no other exists.  A living book that speaks to the needs of the individual reading it and we can seek to talk to God through it.  I have numerous friends who only read the King James, some only the AV1611, they are hardcore devotees to the King James.  I am not of that accord.  I think that a God so wondrous that his word is ever comforting and ever able to speak to you anew would have no problem speaking to you through newer translations.  I don't think that he can be stymied by any thing in getting his word to those who seek it.  I personally like to read the King James, but I do find it tedious to have to explain to the Ladies all the old style language. My older kids like their New King James translations.  The girls learn all of their memory verses in King James, as I think the process of memorizing should be a little more stately and the King James is definitely a more stately language.  We read several different translation in our daily reading and we compare them and discern the difference in language, I think that helps them understand to look deeper into the Word and to know that God wants to speak to them and he will allow nothing to interfere with that.  I do find that some translations do not appeal to me and therefore I do not read them but that is not to say that other people might not find their voice from God in them.

 I think that differences in theology or doctrine good food for thought.  Why do you believe what you believe?  What is your theology?  Is theology the same as doctrine?  I think that those are all answers that you need to find and look for with God in the bible.

I had opportunity to spend a couple hours last night speaking to Preacher and Pianists.  I think the reason I, or we, were called to go to the Lighthouse Baptist Church had to do with praying to God to guide us and the calling of my soul to find a place in our community where he might send us.  I know that there are many a difference in my being brought up in a Church of Christ and the Lighthouse Baptist church.  My aunt would have heart failure to think I had gone so astray as to go to a baptist church but I am the one that God has guided to do such so should her opinion matter as long as God shew us the way?  I had opportunity to confirm the things that we believe in, that are the same, and most assuredly biblical.  I have questions about the things that are not the same, what the bible says about them and can both of us be right in our beliefs and yet be of different belief?  Can I find common ground in the difference, do the difference really make a difference or are they but superficial idiosyncrasies?  Does it really matter if an instrument is used to praise the Lord or is the praise the most important part?  Can I be comfortable not doing some of the things the others do and am I complying with the Lord to not believe in what they believe in?  I think that there will always be differences in my beliefs and theirs but does that make my faith and theirs at insurmountable difference?  I don't think so when it boils down to the concentration of what God's want from any of us the details are irrelevant, I know some of you just gasp and think that that is not true, but really all God wants of us is our faith, our love and praise.  He tells us each how he wants us to do it and my faith is not the same as anyone elses anyway, my love of God is not the same as anyone elses and the way I praise God is not the same as anyone elses. I think that that is how God is able to know us all individually we are all like a different color of a great an wondrous rainbow, God sees us each as a special unique color, a glorious addition to his creation, he loves us all because we, the I in each of us, are his special being and he loves us each that way, a one of a kind favored child..... tomorrow.

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