Sunday, November 23, 2014

I love missionaries, today we got to meet ours that minister in Thailand, such lovely people.

Today at church was potluck, the Preacher calls it a buffet, but us northerner's call it a potluck.  It was great but the most special part was meeting our missionaries from Thailand.  We, Poppie and the kids had never met them but the Preacher and Pianists were old friends and had gone to church together before. They were truly a blessing to meet.  CS, the male missionary, was a jovial speaker he brought their life in Thailand to life for all of us in the audience. JS, sang the most wondrous song to us in Thai language, How great thou art.....  They love Thailand so much that they intend to die there and they think of it as home and America is just a place to visit now.  How glorious it was to meet two people so in tune with the Lord and in tune with the people they love and share the Lord's message of salvation with.   We got to hear of the Thai people that are now a part of their family because of the love they share with each other.  Their son was with them and he has just finished Bible Missionary School and will be doing missionary work with them.  I don't know if he plans to stay in Thailand or seek another placement, maybe the Lord hasn't told him as yet. 

I do love when missionaries come and share a moment of their lives with us.  It makes me aware that all of God's children are called to go and spread the news of the Gossips around the world.  Some are called to go half way around the world, some are called to missionary in their own neighborhoods and I suppose some are called to talk to you all here from a computer.  I do think that on some level speaking to you is a bit like being a missionary.  Some one out there may have not heard the blessed news of Christ Jesus and I could be the one to bring the gossip to them if only in a little way.  I do hope that is so. 

Luke 10:2, Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.

I hope that I have watered and planted so the Lord will harvest many souls.  I pray you are among the ones already harvested into salvation by the Lord... tomorrow.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Words, so many in our lives, so simple, so big and a first thing a child must learn........ to become a child.

I often marvel at the thought of the Lord speaking the world into existence.  Have you ever thought of the miraculousness of speaking something into being? The Lord spoke the universe, the heavens, the world, animals and so much into being.  He didn't speak us into being he created us with his hand he formed the dust into man.  All else but man was spoken into being, do you ever wonder why? What made us, a little figure of dust, worthy of the Lords hands making us? Maybe the same thing that made us worth having a nail driven through that same hand as he died for us?  Why would the Lord love us like that?

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 

The Lord who spoke the word that created all things, but us, was the Word (our Lord was the Word the Son of God) the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  The Word formed us (man) with his own hand.  Later the Word became man, was killed by man (through the will of God, when that same hand was pierce threw and nailed to a cross), rose from the dead to save man.  The Word was man, to save man, from death.  The Word became our salvation and all it takes from man to accept salvation in the words, "I believe" through faith.  Where do we get the faith? from hearing the Word. 

Romans 10:17King James Version (KJV)
17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

So the Word (Lord) made us, The Word became man, was killed by man, rose from the dead (over coming death) gave us the faith to believe through his word, and awaits our words "I believe" to save us and give us salvation.  Yes, that is Grace, Grace is all from God, The Word gives you even the faith to believe and saves you by Grace...... so simply a child could understand right?  Funny how if we don't have the faith of a child, or as a child, we over think it and never believe something this simple. 

To believe is that simple, God made all, as the Word, we sinned, he gave us his son who was the Word, we killed him, God raised him, and if we believe we are given the Grace of God and that is Salvation....... Only a child would understand that, you can be God's child, believe it through Faith and Salvation is yours....... It only takes a word spoke to the Word and you become a child of God for all time......  Why is it that man makes it so much more complicated and drawn out, The Word just wants to hear the word.... tomorrow

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Today, I have to take great heed of my faith and know that God is in charge........ though we may not understand.


Sometimes I have days when I wonder what God has in mind, I know that God never makes a mistake and his ways are not ways known to man but days like today I have to really bring forth a great will to remember to trust God and have faith.  Yesterday same sex marriage was upheld in Montana,  today the president is going to wield his mighty pen and by pass congress, once again, to do what he wants rather than what America voted him in to do.  I know that God is in control but it gets harder and harder to understand where are government is going.  I do know that Revelation tells us that this is how it would be in the last days so maybe that is why God's will wills  our government to do this at this time.  I know that my time is not God's time frame so I pray that I will understand in the end and trust in the Lord when our country seems to be on a path to evil and destruction with our government at the lead.

Romans 13

1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God : the powers that be are ordained of God. 2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. 3 For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same: 4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid ; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil. 5 Wherefore ye must needs be subject , not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake. 6 For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God's ministers, attending continually upon this very thing. 7 Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour. 8 Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law. 9 For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery , Thou shalt not kill , Thou shalt not steal , Thou shalt not bear false witness , Thou shalt not covet ; and if there be any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 10 Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. 11 And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed . 12 The night is far spent , the day is at hand : let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light. 13 Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying. 14 But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.   

As an aside I do want to state that I don't disagree with same sex marriage because I hate or dislike anyone, I have a odd since of what marriage should be, maybe more so than most people who are against same sex marriage.  I believe that Marriage is a union of three.  (Funny a friend of mine told me her pastor's wife called it the marriage triangle, she must believe as I do) One man, one woman and the Lord as their guide in that sanctified by God union so therefore I don't actually believe in opposite sex marriage if it doesn't include God.  I believe that if you are not three being married you should go down to the Justice of the peace and have a civil union (a civil marriage) same-sex or opposite sex.  No, I don't believe Marriage exists out side of a relationship with God.  Funny how there is this big to-do about marriage like it was something that was always part of history and all of a sudden someone's rights are getting stepped on. Well it was always part of history if you have a Marriage of God, but I digress.  Did you know that marriage as we know it didn't exist out side of Church Marriages or State marriages, that were civil contracts between the extremely wealthy mostly to know who held all the money and inheritance of families, until 1639? Did you know it wasn't until 1830 – Married women were granted the right to own property in their own name, instead of being owned exclusively by the husband, and until then if you didn't have any money you didn't bother to get married if you weren't getting a Marriage sanctified by God, wow what does that say about the civil marriages from 1639 to 1830.  I really think that if you are fighting so hard to have something you should at least maybe see what it is you want to be part of..... Marriage was made of God and only he can acknowledge it as such, so I am all for civil marriages for all of the lost, same-sex or not. Climbing down from my soap box now..... I am praying that God lets us in on his plan for us in the foreseeable future, if not I know that he is in charge with, our lives, our marriages, our borders and our government and that is enough for me... tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Three days in a row, how long it has been since that happened....... ??

Yes, I am here again today.  I think back on the evolution of my blog and remember my vow, and those who know me know I seldom make vows because I think the Lord wants us to know that our word is our vow and we shouldn't have to make vows, but I have digressed..... Anyway, when I began blogging I vowed to do it every day for a year, and I managed to keep my vow, through sick and health, family, camping trips and busy days.  My second year I tried to keep to a daily schedule and for the most part probably did as well as possible but alas as you all know that this summer I fell away and didn't visit with you all that much and by the end of summer I found it had been a whole month that I had been absent and since then I have come by a couple time a month.  Well hurrah today is three in a row so we shall see how it goes from here.

I ended up with beautiful burnt orange soap dino's this morning when I released them from their molds, turmeric who'd a thunk.  I have used paprika and now I know that they are basically the same as a colorant.  I did make up and cut strawberry/cream and miracle oil French milled bars that are beautiful light pink (from the mica colorant I am trying to use up) and lovely pale green that is a mixture of the fish I made from the left overs of the light green dino's and the soap I rebatched.  I really love to make soap for those of you who don't know.  I think it is an art I can't live without and unlike my carving, that I may not always be able to do, I can always soap, well I do have to have the goats to make it perfect.  I can make it without them but they make it so much better.  I just remember yesterday that Cleo, my dear queen is 7 now, how time flies she was 18 months when I got her.  She does not provide milk as she is a meat goat but her dear Cora Beth ( you know from the Walton's) is half dairy and should be a good milker well there is the fact that she is a lot like her name sake so we shall see if she is in the end. But again I digress, I find that the more I talk with you all the more I tend to wander off but anyone that knows me knows that that is me..... sigh.

I did want to say that faith is on my mind of late but then I am not sure that it is not on the forefront of all my thought and has been for neigh on 5 years now.  I do so worry about all my children and am glad that in the last two years 3 have been saved.  One I think may never be drawn to God and I pray for her a lot but the other.  My dearest Mokie has probably always been my most faithful child but alas she has never been saved, may be like me she over thinks things.  I do know that in the last six months the Lord has really been at work in her life and I think she is seeing what God wants from her and will soon accept his call, I pray for it daily. 

You all know that I read a lot and no, I don't read much fiction, for those who really know me know that I am an addict and I have not read a contemporary novel since 1997. I have over the years explained it wrong in many ways I always said I didn't read fiction and I always mention that I had like historical romance that was enough of an explanation but I am not sure in the end that that is the crux of my addiction.  My real addiction is all novels that I can't walk away from in an instant might be a better explanation.  My addiction is not for the genre I have found, as I have aged, but the need to know what happens next above all else in my life.  I have been coaxed by friends to read a novel, and they good hearted they say I will not be drawn back into my addiction but alas would you ask an alcoholic to take a drink.  I began to assess my addiction under new light and have come to the conclusion it was never about the genre I read but the evil of not being able to understand that life, kids, family and God were so much more important than the need to know what happens to a make believe person or situation so I will continue to my death never reading another contemporary novel or even old novel that isn't a classic (no surprise there, most of them I have read and know what happens so I can walk away) children's book, what Nannie doesn't read to her kids and grands.  I will happily stay in my genre of the Bible, cookbooks and Christian literature, I think God had something to teach me and has been in the last few years specifically. 

I know that from my reading I have come to understand that unlike the modern generation that thinks that their path to God is of their own design I know that that is not so. I do know that our relationship with God is our own but not who the relationship is to be with.  The Bible  is the only living book that can lead you to God don't you and it tell us this.

 Romans 10:17King James Version (KJV)
17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Matthew 7:14King James Version (KJV)14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

The Bible is very clear that the only way to have a relationship with God is through Jesus.  I have so many friends that believe in the great spirit, or the one true God or many other things they come up with as they don't want to talk about faith in Jesus Christ.  They think that their faith in "their" truth and "their" god will be enough and they will go to heaven because they are good people but that is not what the Bible says so I worry and worry about their souls and the loss they come to at death.  I recently was reading a book by Ann Graham Lotz, she told a story of having meant an old man in a foreign country after she had given a sermon ( not sure if it was actually a sermon or just a speach) but anyway.  An old man approached her with tear streaming down his face.  He said you have given me his name, I have worshipped a God I didn't know all of my life and you have given me his name.  I found that beautiful.  It is validation that our souls know God and seek him.  That if we have never heard of  Christ Jesus we will not be judges as harshly for not knowing him and accepting him as those who have heard the Word and walk away.  This man had worshipped Christ all of his life but did not know his name.  Those who know his name and still worship an unknown god will be lost.  I pray so much for the lost and so many of them are people who are dear to me who do not hear the Word of God.  Nothing is sadder than being almost persuaded but lost.... tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Back among the living I think, and dinosaur soaps.... adventures in color and I think I am finally perfecting it....

I have been sick about nine days but I think I am really on the mind this morning.  I only coughed up a little after a nights sleep and I am not quite as achy but as sure as I proclaim it I will relapse so we shall await and see.  I have had spurts of energy off and on this week not really enough to carve but I have drawn the carvings out and I have made soap....... yay.

I was at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago and I spotted some silicone molds, one of them was a dinosaur mold that I had wanted to buy but couldn't bring myself to spend 12 to buy and up to 8 to ship.  Another was a flower one that I had paid 10 for this spring at Joann's and then there was the cutest fishes that I thought would be good for the ones I donate to Belle for her toddler/infant sample bags. I was so pleased to get them all for about 4 dollar total, how cool right? 

I decided to use my spurts of energy to make soap in my new molds.  I got to play with colors more than normal as the dino mold only makes 6 bars so I had to make a batch a day to get more than just 6 bars.  On the first day I made plain goat milk color which if I work hard at it it is cream color, and I want to brag by saying most goat milk soapers can't get creamy white, kudos to me for my technique.  I next made dark green, a technique I have now pretty much perfected since I don't use colorants, well except for I had to buy some for my class last year and have decide to use them up in my French milled soap but that is another blog. I use only herbs or spice or heat of the soap to color with.  I made dark brown the third day, Poppie and Mokie says its purple (even cooler purple is really hard to make) and on the four day I went back to the green and got a wonderful olive color both greens made from varying amounts of my favorite green spirulina.  I think my dino's are well on there way to being little boys favorites.  Today I plan on yellow or maybe orange dino's they did come that color didn't they, who really knows but God as scientist haven't really a clue, so I will make them in the colors I like.  Here are the photos of my lovely little dino's.......

Well after trying for an hour to upload the photos I gave up and made the yellow soap well it is red, but that is good because red is hard to make.  I actually find I am now sick to my stomach, Poppie was yesterday so I think he shared.  Trying one more time (now several hours since I tried) to upload the photos...... Well no luck so asked for help from the homesteaders bloggers network they suggested I restart my computer, so while that happens I made my second batch of French milled soap I had grated yesterday.  I ended up making it strawberries and cream (pink) with miracle oil (green).  It smells nice and I hope it turns out pretty we shall see.  Well here goes another try at downloading.....

Well I managed to figure out how to put them in an album in google+ but they still won't load into my blog so I am at a stand still until I figure out how to do it the new way so no photos today.  I pray the Lord is Master of your life, you are saved in Christ Jesus and know that heaven will be you home.  If not I pray that you seek out the Lord and repent so you may know that you are saved in Christ Jesus..... tomorrow.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

I have been a pebble in a pond at least twice in my life..... I wonder if in any other ways but I know twice in important ways??

There is a song about two people falling in love and the people their love brought into being.  I have been married almost 35 years and I can say that because we two people fell in love this world has a plethora of new souls.  If my count is right it is 15, I have 5 kids and 10 grandkids and eventually there will be more but not probably for a longtime as my to littles may be the only ones to have any more grands, who knows I might have great grands before I have more grands.......

Today I am not feeling well and have been sick about a week, but it came to me that I am the pebble in a more important ripple in a more important pond, okay I did say I was sick and my mind tends to wander.  It was about 4 years ago that it sort of started, I had just turned 50 and I really began to contemplate my life in Christ for the first time with real fear of God.  I had been saved when I was 16 but I can not on any level says I was much more that a Christian in name only, I was saved but I was not even started down a path to discipleship or being a Christian in truth.  I turned 50 and the Lord began to speak to me in ways he never had before.  I didn't know it at the time but the Lord began talking to Poppie soon after and he literally began the conversation by landing a tree on Poppie.  He will tell you, as part of his testimony of salvation that the tree was the Lord telling him he needed to be saved and become a Christian, but I digress.  I began reading my Bible and contemplating the years of not going to Church, the years of living sinfully, and the years of not using my life to become more Christ like.  I had periodically gone to Church, dragging Poppie along but you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink principle was all I had accomplished. Forcing Poppie to go to Church never got me any where, he couldn't be saved for me he had to do it for himself, himself.  I used any excuse to not go to Church, used my families Church to not seek another Church once our Church was no longer an option in our town.  I flat out was a saved person who had not even gotten on the path to being a Christian, or a disciple of Christ, little own gone down the path.  I decided that I had to quit being a Christian in name only because I was fooling no one that I was a real Christian least of all Christ Jesus. 

I began to pray and read my bible, then I read Christian literature to help me seek answers that for the most part I could tell you the answer but didn't know what the meaning of the answer was.  I talked it over with Poppie about 2 and half years ago and he said I could find a Church to go to.  I really investigated the options.  I knew having been raised in a New Testament Church, the church of Christ, I need it to be a local new testament Church or I could not go as I do have strong beliefs that I could not walk away from or throw out.  I knew I would be going to an alien church to me.  Poppie had been to a Baptist Church off and on as a child and I knew enough about the Baptist Church, as I had attend one in high school when I stayed behind to finish my junior year of school in Joseph Or.  We talked and decide that would be the first one we tried.  I knew some one that went to the local one, Belle goes to one in Zootown but I didn't want to go out of town, I knew it was important to me, and Poppie, to stay local so I asked her, Violinist, about hers.  She didn't give me much info but said we would be welcome to come. 

We got our nerve up and went the next Sunday, February of 2012.  We loved it, they were welcoming and loving.  We learned, as we had suspected that some of their rituals were different than what I was used to but we have learned to accept and know it is my difference not the Church I goto's difference.  I have changed some of my thoughts but I have to know it is God's will, in black and white, and some of the differences I will never change again because it is not black and white in the Bible.  Today I went to the Church I love and sat in a room of 30 plus people, 12 of whom are my children, grand children, sister, her child and grands (sometime the number of my family is 21).  Poppie has been saved, my two littles have been saved, my son saved, my son in law saved , my brother in law saved,(and more to come) and realized I was a pebble that had made a difference to one little Church and one big family.  I had stepped out and guided my family to a new Church, God had lead and I had followed and my family followed behind me..... I am no longer a Christian in name only, I am working on become a disciple with the command to go and make disciples of my fellow man, to lead others to the Lord...... tomorrow.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A trip of a life time......

I belong to a wonderful book club that was began as an off shoot of a summer reading program for our local library.  The ladies that participated in it had such fun that they extended it into the winter months and it became a staple of our library.  I didn't go to the club but saw a good portion of the ladies on Tuesdays at CAKLs Lady encouraged me to go many a time, to the book club, but as I am an addict when it comes to reading novels that aren't classic or children's book I declined over and over.  Well one day due to an unremembered circumstance I joined them.  I enjoyed their fun so much I tried to make it to the book club when I could. They kindly let me be a voyeur to many of their books, but more kindly they made the genres they were reading adaptable to my reading a non-fiction or classic or the author just had to be from a region.  This summer they were reading Susan Wiggs and Lady decided to write the New York Times best selling author about donating books to our club, we just couldn't imagine her actually doing it or for the ability for all to read the same book at the same time, which we never get to do.  Susan Wiggs sent us 10 copies of her book the BeeKeeper's Ball and a basket of goodies that complimented the book.  Lady began a correspondence with her, and her husband her biggest fan.  They extended us an invitation to come and visit them as their guests in their guest house.  We were overcome with delight at the kindness and wondrousness of the invitation.  We had a rummage sale to help with cost to rent the guest home next to the authors home, there were in the end just to many of us to stay in the one quest house.  The community came out and supported our sale and our once in a live time opportunity.  We tried to get our local paper to include an article in the paper, alas the did not, what an opportunity they missed because the paper on Bainbridge Island did once we were there, here is the link ...... well lets just say we tried to include the local paper but they lost. I digress. 

We left for Bainbridge last Friday, got to the ferry before rush hour and were visiting with Susan Wiggs for Hors d'oeuvres by dinner time.  We had a marvelous time exploring the Island of Bainbridge, the ocean (okay to some of you it is a sound but to a land locked Montanan it was the ocean, and I counted it as such, and I have now seen the pacific twice), we got to see the Japanese Memorial for the Nikkei people of Bainbridge and of course we visited the library, there were three librarians and one sub librarian in the group after all.  Monday we left our moment in paradise and made the 8:45 ferry and were on our way home with a lifetime of memories, signed Susan Wiggs books and did I tell you she introduced us to three (yes three) of her sister Authors from Bainbridge.  Two hundred of them live there, imagine that.......

I just want to say that I learned in four days to love everyone of the ladies in our club, we started as a group of book lovers and returned a group of friends that really love and know each other in ways most book clubber never know one another.  I was, and hope to continue to be, a part of something bigger than ourselves.  There were no squabbles and when have you ever seen 8 ladies share 2 cars and 2 quest houses for four continuous days and that not happen?  We came home a family that love and really care about each other, a transformation made on a trip to visit a wondrously generous author who might just be our kindred spirit..  I know I will never look at any of these ladies and not feel a bound that will last a life time.... The wanders of reading in action I would say or maybe just God giving me something special for my life time, love and hugs to a wondrous moment with my sister queen bees......... tomorrow.   

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I struggle to be able to let the Lord bless me, guide me and take care of me....... mostly I fail.

I don't know if it is the fact that I am the oldest child, or that I am a survivor or I am just stubborn and willful.  I know that I am and always have been a very self reliant person.  I am empowered and I have always been quite prideful of that.  I raised self reliant and empowered children for the most part, well maybe I did not do such a good job with my first child but I eventually figured it out and now as a 50 something I find that maybe I don't feel as much pride in that I as I once would have.  Though I would wish I had given my oldest daughter more ability to have self worth and love of self. I think maybe I struggle trying to balance the sin of self reliance with what the Lord would want me to be, reliant on him.  I do think that self reliance is the root of all sin when it boils down to it so I wonder about the balance of teaching your child to have self worth, empowerment and knowing that total self reliance and total empowerment are truly some of the worst sins a person can have.  I know that I was raised up in the baby boomer generation and if there was ever a more selfish and self center generation I don't know when it would have been well except maybe our children..... I contemplate my life a lot....

I know that God loves all of humanity, something I myself can not seem to do.  I judge and I am revolted by the evil that exists in humanity and can't truly say I love that person.  I can't see the person from the actions of the person the way God can.  I know God loves all of mankind in general Grace.   He also wants to love each of us in Saving Grace and so many people never know God that way.  We mostly depend upon our abilities and our self will and never humble ourselves to receive Saving Grace from the Lord.  We rarely see that we are sinners and ask the Lord for the forgiveness that brings Saving Grace.  Such a self willed creature we are, we humans.  God created us that way.  I know that with Saving Grace God gives forgiveness and salvation, but he also never remembers the sins that he has forgiven us of.  Can you imagine being able to love in that manner? I remember the sins I have been forgiven for and sometimes obsess about them, but God truly has no idea what I am even worrying about.  And there in is the rub, worry is not of the Lord, he loves us and will take care of us so worry is something that is of the devil, we just fail to trust what the Lord tells us and fall into satan's trap of worrying.  I know more about evil than the Lord will ever know because he does not let it touch him, or heaven, nothing that would befoul heaven exists there so therefore evil is not in or of God, so he is not touched by it.  We as humans see, feel and worry about evil, all the devils doing, his way of fighting the Lord, he wants us for his own and tries to steal us away for the glory of God with his manipulation of our free wills, sad if only we would just believe the Lord so many of the things we face and deal with would not be a part of our lives. Our self reliance is the devils playground, when all we really need to do is give ourselves and our lives to the Lord and he would guide us in all things. Funny how foolish that is, our knowledge is but naught to the Lord and we think we know it all.  I am a child of God and have to remember as a child to obey and let my Father love me and take care of me and I would have only his best.  The human in me just can't let go of my self will and  believe.... tomorrow.  

Monday, October 6, 2014

The littlest sister makes her debut, mustard, God and time......

I am the proud grandmother of 10 living grands.  I have a total of 3 boys and 7 little ladies. I do not count my two lovely daughters as they are in all ways that matter my lovely daughters, and it says so on their birth certificates, but you would not believe how many people don't get that.  There are the comments of "well they aren't your real daughters" really last time I looked they are as real as rain and I love them the exact same as my other three children. I feel for people that have adopted children for having to explain their situations to people who's business it is not.  I do find it amazing the people who don't get it though.  A child is given to you by God, they come in many different ways but in all ways they are your real children, I digress so getting on. 

My newest grand came into this world last Friday at 8:05 in the morning, she weighed 7lbs9ozs, she is 21 1/2 inches longs, so that makes her the same weight as her older sister Bubbles and 1/2 inch longer.  She is a lovely mixture of her momma and two older sisters, though she does have a tiny button nose that may just be like mine. Her momma told me when she was a little girl she didn't like having a name so close to her older sister and she didn't like her unisex name.  Guess what all three of her daughters have similar names and the newest one is unisex so never say never.  Funnier still is her daddy got to name her and he didn't want anymore K-A-R names so the new baby has an O but it still sounds the same when said as her sister's KAR's..... to funny! what we do with the names and thought processes that brought us to our children's names.  I will call her Cuddles...... because I am sure she will get lots being the youngest of my 10 grands for the long long foreseeable future. I am sure it will be a decade or more most likely before I get anymore.

I made mustard this summer and almost to a person, that I have given it to have, they loved it.  Last week I got an offer from one of those many people to carry it in their place of business if I made it commercially.  I am so stoked about this and Belle is going to help me get the first batch done commercial and we will see where it goes from there.  I hope it goes well and starts, or boosts, my cottage industry that I have worked at for years with out much advancement. Prayers are great wanted and appreciated in this matter.

I have always been a child of God but like most children raised up in a Christian family I have wondered astray off and on in my life.  I must say though that since I turned 50 God has spoken to me in a much great tone.  I have heard his call more and have much more importantly, listened, and obeyed.  Poppie being saved and Baptized 2 years ago has just helped me more in so many ways.  I can't say that I will insist upon my girls having to date saved men because I would be a hypocrite, though I always new that Poppie was going to be saved when I first meant him it is not the same has having been saved when we married.  I do know that our life since he was saved is so much more even and whole.  There is a peace that did not exist prior to his salvation.  I think God wants that for all his children, as do I, but not at the exclusion of my child's perfect mate.  I do believe that marriage is for a lifetime and am instilling that in my ladies, and I pray they find a mate that is or will be saved. I want them to know the joy of a life shared together in the Lord, nothing is more joyful, and true joy only comes from the Lord. I have spent the summer mostly away from you all growing in my faith in the Lord, and no I am not sorry for that.  I only have so much time and if I have to chose you or the Lord to share my time with hands down you loose.  I do know that as I grow in the Lord I become a better person, imagine that, growing  in the Lord makes us more Christ like, funny how that works and it is supposed to be that way.  I know I fall short every day of where God wants me to be but I am his work in progress, and the finishing touches are not done yet, and are life time in the making but some day I will enter in to the gates of Heaven a child of God in his image and as much like his son as he can make me....... Time marches on and I am glad to say that time given to the Lord is never wasted.  I hope you give your  time to the Lord, in his Word and becoming as his son Christ was.....tomorrow.

Friday, September 19, 2014

A month of firsts.....

I have been busy and haven't gotten to blog, seems to be the story of my life this summer.  I have been working on a coloring book page, the second one for a blogger that uses them in you teaching seminars.  I find it to be an honor to be selected and she has recommended me for a job for another blogger for illustrating her book.  That would be amazing.  I have been busy getting the Ladies back into the routine of school.  They are both doing well and doing volleyball Yogie is getting much better and Booboo is a natural born athlete and gets to play a lot.  We went to two games this week, they won all the set of three sets of the games they played on Tuesday, I think they are sets?  Last night they played more formidable opponents they won one set of three set in both c and b squad.  The A team did not win any.  Booboo played every minute of the first 6 and half sets and she was done in so they took her out and she played a little in the 9th set.  Yogie played a lot as well, they both made points and we assets to their team. The are both good servers but both need to learn to serve over hand.  The are both becoming more comfortable with the ball as well.  I am so proud of both of them.

Bountiful baskets is doing okay, we have had low numbers so that is a concern.  I got to go with my book club to Green Bluff Farms in Spokane, and thanks to Belle's kindness we got to borrow her van so we could all ride together.  I got to walk on the board walk in Couer d' lene for the first time.  We went to the Library too.  We then got to go to all the lovely farms, we got berries, peaches and apples, I got mac's I love them.  My mom was allergic so as a child I didn't get them often.  I also love Jonathans but no one seems to grow them any more, so sad.  We didn't return home until nearly midnight.  We got to eat at the European pancake house. I got to have real crepes, and those who have read of my adventure in crepes will find that fun.  I got to try apperskivers (sp),  They were good.  We had Mexican food on the way back too.  We did have to retrace our steps for a forgotten phone which added an hour to our day but it was a wondrous day with a great bunch of lovely ladies.  The Ladies of the Mineral County Library Book club.     A fun day was had by all.  We are going to get to go to Seattle next month but that is definitely another blog.

We are getting close to the end of the garden and canning has been in full swing. I have been blessed to be able to get case lots from Bountiful Baskets and it is great that one of my oldest friends is the manager of the local stores produce section, she gives me a heads up on great sales so I can get more case goods.  I am completely out of pints and half pints.  Only about 80 usable quarts so our seams are bursting in the pantry.

I made soap yesterday, some honey oatmeal and honey wheat germ both of course goats milk.  Some of them will be a gift for our trip next month.  I am working on a deal with an old friend to have some in her shop so that is a project to come. We got a new piano, that was surely a blessing, so we gifted the keyboard to a family that needed one at our Church it was so nice to see the Ladies, giving with love, something they no longer needed and they could bless some one in need.  The gift was accepted with tears and a word that the gift was an answer to prayer.  The Ladies were blessed to know that they were an answer to prayer, such a good lesson for them both.

I am having a surprise baby shower for Mokie tomorrow, no, she doesn't read  my blog so no telling her.  I think it will be a complete surprise and that will be fun for all involved. We are going to be harvesting the bucklings soon, we are going to harvest Rosie the second as well she has not gotten bred in 2 1/2 years and I recently found she came from a line with some hermaphrodites in it so she is probably one. Sadly she does have to provide something to our little farm and maybe her contribution was always to be food.  Crystal got a new name shortly after birth and I had not told you all, she is now Cora Beth and all who remember the Walton's can imagine why.  She can be the bane of Poppie's existence much like her mother Cleo was once, like mother like daughter.  Well I have bread to bake, pies to make and other yummies for the bake sale tomorrow, so I must say adieu. May the Lord be the Master of your life, there is no better way to spend your life but in the arms of the loving father. I hope you are living a life that knows salvation and you are saved and know God's love....tomorrow.  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today all the kids are gone off to school........ I need to embrace the quiet.

Last night we went to the Open house at the school.  We started at the cafeteria and tasted the offerings of the new head cook.  I must say that the bread was nicely made, lovely salad bar and the lasagna  was really very good for cafeteria food.  I was impressed that the quality of food has greatly improved from the days that my older kids went and ate there.  Our school went out of it's way this last year and got a grant so that all the breakfasts and lunches at the school are free this year and in a small community like ours, with slow recovery from the recession, that is truly a blessing for most all of the families in our county.  Kudos to the people involved in this immensely beneficial program, and the food seems to be good to, a plus. We meant both of ladies teachers and got to hear about the need for our schools middle school to be replaced and that we should put our taxes dollars where the needs of our kids are and vote on September 23 for their futures.  A wonderful night all in all.

I have been working on three cases of tomatoes I got from Bountiful Baskets, it was a killer deal at 42 cents a pound.  I made barbeque sauce, bolognaise spaghetti sauce and today I am making ketchup so that I can make sloppy joes tomorrow.  I actually ended up blessing Mokie with half a case so she could make salsa, so three cases went a long way all in all.  I have a case of small sweet peppers coming today so will use some in pickled peppers and some in the sloppy joes. 

I am finding I actually now have time for all of you as my ketchup simmers to half it's volume.  The kids are all gone to school.  Bubbles and Little Song were here for a few minutes but Mokie gathered them up and went home to clean house.  She is in full-blown nesting as her new baby will be coming on the 6th of October.  Another little girl will bless there home.  Boy was so upset when he found out the baby was to be a girl he cried for two hours.  I am thinking hard on what I will call her maybe I will wait until I meet her.  From all the details I have been giving, from Mokie, her DR says that she will have long legs like my girls, and Mokie's other girls, unlike Boy who did not get the long Kelsey legs.  I am looking forward to meeting her.  Little Song is only two months old she is a new babysitty of Mokies, she has been a blessing in that she is helping Bubble adjust to having a new baby in her life.

I am off to enjoy and try to embrace the quiet.  I only had a year of quiet between the older kids and the little Ladies so I am trying to adjust and learn to love the quiet who knows I might just make friends with it.  Well, maybe. 

I pray that you have a blessed day.  I pray that the Lord and Master Jesus Christ is a part of your life. Life without him leads to eternal death.  Life with him means that we have already begun our eternal life.  Yes, we will sleep at the end of our earthy life but to be out of the body means to be in the presence of God.  I am looking forward to being in the presence of God once I go to my earthly sleep, are you? Do you know that you are going to live with God?  You can, you can repent and accept Christ Jesus's gift of salvation and know that you will go to heaven when you die and not to eternal death and damnation, what a glorious thing to know you have eternal life.  Seek the Word of God and you can become his child.... tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I am ashamed to see that it has been neigh on a month since I was here, but it was a wonderous month......

I got up early this morning and went right to work canning, after having done the same yesterday.  I can proudly say I have pinto bean with harissa, chicken stock, and chicken in jars all scurried away in my cupboard.  I had been a little lax in canning for several weeks and I don't like to get behind and have lazy jars.  Today I have made more stock, lentil soup, white bean and fennel soup.  I actually just ran out of propane and about had heart failure thinking I would have to start my two pressure canners from the begin and one of them only had 30 minutes of a 90 minute run left.  I told Poppie and in three minutes time he changed the tank and had me up and running, I stayed over the 11 lb mark so I didn't have to start anew, what a wondrous man.  I am a blessed woman. 

I must tell you I had a great month and did think of you from time to time but the truth be known I was enjoying my kids, my grands, my friends, my Church and my husband to much to be really contrite.  I am not ashamed that is the first time in 3 years I have been gone any real length of time.  We camped twice, once right up in the middle of our huckleberry patch.  We picked 5 gallons in a day and a half, making our totally haul 15 gallons this year. We had three of the grands with us.  Poppie and I did all of the picking as the kids enjoyed being on the top of a mountain in Montana.  We went camping again this last weekend, our Yogie always picks camping for her birthday.  She and Booboo both caught their first ever fish and got the fishing bug, Yogie caught 17 all toll while Booboo caught 4.  They had a wondrous few days of camping.  I read in the woods and regenerated my life indulging in care free reading of the Lord's word, and the girls cooked all the meals so I was truly blessed.  We all needed the get away days to reset.

This last week we were blessed with our annual visit from Vegas, it still really amazes me that she gives up one of her days with her family each year on vacation to spend a day with all of us in this family.  We love her visits so much and await them on pens and needles each year, it seem like we have known her for a life time but truly it has only be 4 years, that's 5 visits, yay. 

We had a emergency in that last month that was very scary.  Our dear Bubbles was helping pick up garbage and broken toys out of the her yard when she tripped and fell on the toy she was picking up.  It went up her nose and came out the side of her nose below the bone.  It cut a hole in her nose bigger than her nostril.  She was taken immediately to the ER.  Yogie, Poppie and I were not home, had to hold pressure on while Mokie drove.  They took her by ambulance to Zoo town to do surgery, they took her into surgery and the plastic surgeon on call said he couldn't not complete the surgery as he was not qualified to do such intricate work on such a small child.  They took her to recovery and sent her bandage up home.  There had been a scare that she would have to go to Seattle but the surgeon found a plastic surgeon that was out of town that could do the surgery.  He returned and with in the week he did the surgery.  He did a wondrous job and the baby should have as minimal a scar as possible and won't have a disfigured nose.  She is good about leaving it alone to heal and keep her band aides in place. The Lord be praised any other place she would have fallen on the broken toy would have been much worse, thank God for his Grace and love in keeping her safe.

We experience bad news in our Church Violinist and her Mom have left our church and that has caused such sorrow for their leaving to all in the congregation.  I pray the Lord takes them to where they need to be in their lives and my love goes with them.

Well I have two pressure canners calling out to me in their tist tist tist, manner.  I pray that the Lord is the authority in your life and you are saved by the Lord Jesus Christ's blood  there is no other way to life with God in heaven, receive his Grace today..... tomorrow. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The week that was.... that's all I got.

I won't say I have been busy because the older I get the more I know that all of us are busy in our lives, that is why it is called life and not death.  I have come to realize that life is for the living, I know that is a big cliche, though I know that in death I won't be laying in a grave resting for eternity. I am sure that God has big plans for my afterlife and it won't be a peaceful layabout time of rest.

We had a nice day at Church with lots of visitor and had a assembling of 30 praising the Lord. Poppie, the girls and I went to pick huckleberries and wild craft.  We had gone out to check on the harvesting we intended to do on Saturday after the Bountiful Baskets and the Farmer's Market (both had been a successful endeavor).  We found that our regular patch is not quite ripe but the lower side of the road we don't usually pick is ready.  We arrived at the huckleberry patch ready to unfold our plan of leaving Poppie and Lady Jay at the huckleberry patch and the Ladies and I would go harvest, yarrow, St. John's wart, and Arnica.  Well who should be parked at the place we were to park but Lady and Sweetie.  We stayed and visited and checked out the huckleberries.  I didn't pick any berries because I was there on an herb hunt but talked as Lady picked.  Poppie and Yogie picked away as well.  I finally left the pickers, to there work,  and Booboo and I went down farther and harvested yarrow, the best patch I know where is, and some chamomile.  I didn't go low enough to harvest the arnica and the St. John's wart but when we left Poppie drove out that way so the Ladies and I harvested those then.  Booboo and I took our harvest back and joined the group.  Poppie had picked close to a gallon altogether, so nice first pickings.  Lady had gotten a nice first harvest as well.  We had missed Lady's text to bring burger stuff and had brought a picnic lunch instead.  They grilled there burgers and the Ladies roasted there hot dogs on their coals.  Poppie didn't eat as it was to hot and he is not a good eater in the hot.  It was the hottest day of this year, good to be at the top of a mountain, it was 104 in the valley.  Before long we each went on our separate ways to our homes.  We, as I said before wild crafted, and then stopped at the river so the Ladies could have a swim in the river, we didn't stay as long as they would have liked but a short time was better than no time for their dip.

Yesterday, I photographed some of my wild crafted herbs and listed two of my balms on Etsy to officially get Belle and My revamped store up and running.  I then made up some dandelion coconut goat milk lemon/lemongrass soap.  It is my first herb soap from wild crafting, I love that term it really does embrace the act of harvesting the herbs (weeds) that the Lord has provided.

Genesis 1:29-31King James Version (KJV)

29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.

 I also love the when man fell for unbelief and eating of the fruit of the tree of good and evil (knowledge) that God gave us the weeds and herbs as a blessing against some of the curse.

 Genesis 3:18 18 Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field

I praise God that he is so good to us.  Though we disobeyed he gave us a way to redemption and blessed us with the gift of his son, his first fruit, he sent his only begotten son to die on the Cross, and rise from the dead overcoming death, and who so ever believes on him will have eternal life.  God so loves us, yes, us the tiny insignificant human race, that he gave all so that we may live in-eternity with him.  Christ Jesus would rather go to hell for us than live in heaven without us, imagine that.... unimaginable in so many ways..... tomorrow.  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Camping get away.... and back for a nice Sunday at Church.

We had a great time getting away camping.  We went up high in the woods with Lady and Sweetie.  We cooked one night and they cooked one night.  It was wonderful to get to share our meals, and a great two full days of camping.  There was not one firework to be heard which was really nice.  The Ladies forged the creek and got on "the big rock" that they have been fishing on since they could walk. They could not forge back all alone so I broke my shoe given them the anchor of my arm to traverse the stream back to safety.

I think that a great time was had by all.  The time was so nice to just be able to set with no place to be not demands to attend to.  But alas our time away was gone and we all went our separate ways and came back to the real world. The Ladies joined Mokie and family to set of fun kids fireworks last night.  I couldn't seem to stay awake and settled into a big arm chair to rest.  Poppie watered his garden and picked me a plethora of juniper berries for a new concoction I am working on.  

This morning we got up bright and early and went to join our Church family for a wonderful day of worshiping the Lord.  The grands didn't come this week, all home with their individual families.  The sermon was very good.  I can say without a doubt that the Lord speaks to me every Sunday.  The Preacher is a good Baptist Preacher and I was not raised Baptist, and will probably never be a conventional Baptist by any good Baptists standards but I am at home in this Church.  I can say I don't always agree with all of the idiosyncrasies that the Preacher would like me to believe in.  He has said on many occasion he thinks that the older a person gets that harder they are to change.  He also says you should train up a child in the way that he should go and he will not depart from it.  I was raised up Church of Christ and I have departed as much as I will ever be able to I suppose.  I want so much for my girls to go to a local church that we had to choose a different Church to go to or go out of town.  I did not want to go out of town.  We found another New Testament Church, IE the Lighthouse Baptist Church and have come to belong.  NO, much to the dismay of the Preacher we have not ask to become members, and never will, I believe that God and God alone adds you to his Church and I feel he has added me along time ago and that I/we are to assemble ourselves at the local church.  We belong and feels we are members though by their belief we are not.  I have prayed and prayed on the differences many a time with God and he has for some reason lead us to this Church and wants us there.  WE are happy and probably a thorn in the Preachers side or maybe we are just a challenge for him to work on, either way I have promised that I will not be offended by any of the answers to the challenge we are to the Preacher.  WE are at home by Gods blessing and we shall stay a belonging part of a Church that doesn't see us as member.  I was reading a Max Lucado that I checked out at the Library.  He said Christian life (not salvation) is about 3 B's.  Baptism, Bible reading and Belonging to a local Church.  I was reading this to my Booboo and she said "no, Mom, it is 4 B's" Believing, Baptism, Bible reading and Belonging.  She is right and being trained up in Salvation and Christianity, that is enough for me, and God wants it that way........tomorrow.   

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Another great day, I am a blessed person....

Had a nice day.  I worked until 1:30 and came home and made homemade ice cream.  Fresh cows milk, fresh eggs and fresh strawberries what could be better.  We took the ice cream to Church for an ice cream social.  I took Buga, Cubbie, M, Booboo and Yogie.  There were two other kids there so there were 7 kids and 6 adults, not bad for a Tuesday night.  The Preacher really focused on the kids in his message, they were all really interacting with him.  I love that he takes the time to make the kids apart of the message, they really are our future and our countries future.  The lesson was on our country and on the boundaries that we all should have and how to abide by them and live in them and not be to much in a hurry to go on to new boundaries in our lives.  I think they were all engage in his words.  We had a great social afterwards, ice cream for all and I am not sure that all didn't eat many more bowls than truly necessary.  A wonderful fellowship was had by all.

I am going again close with the sentence I quoted in paraphrase this morning. Jesus would rather go to hell for you than live in heaven without you.  How wondrous that truly is...tomorrow.

The cool of the morning is my favorite time of the day....

I can't say that I have always been a morning person and surely I can say that there was a time in my life that I was distinctly not a morning person.  I can say that with age, as with most things, I have embraced things that take age to truly appreciate and the glory of the morning is one of them.  I regularly awake at around 5:30. I can't say that I always get up then because it is the perfect time to read my Bible, read a book, draw or contemplate the day to come.  It is always the coolest crispest time of the day even on a day that promises to be hot beyond reason.  Did I say I don't like it when it is over 85 tops.  The house is always quiet and peaceful at sunrise, well sometimes prior to sunrise depending on the time of year.  There are no littles running a muck, come to think on it maybe that is why so many of them aren't early risers God had a plan that us aged could have the tranquility of morning....??  I set here and the only sound that breaks the peace is the click of my keys and the train horn sounding as it pass by in the background of my day.  My Ladies are diligently reading their books and that is a wondrous thing in this day of so many electronics in their lives that most children no longer know what a real book is.  Oh, it is the thing they have to do at school because the teacher makes them I forgot.  The joy of reading is fast becoming an old persons endeavor, sad.

I have to be off to work soon, and have chili peppers awaiting my return so that I can can them.  We have ice cream to make and oh so many other little things will come up but for now I can bask in the glory of silence and the cool air of the morning.

I pray the your day is blessed with a cool God given morning.  I pray that the things you have to do are many but not overpowering. Most of all I pray that the Lord Jesus is master of your life. Nothing compares to a life serving the one who laid down his life for us.  I read a sentence last night, and I will paraphrase.  The Lord Jesus would rather go to hell for you than live in Heaven without you.  Nothing can compare to that if you think on it.  He suffered and died for you and me, What God would do that? only one, and he is the only way that you and I can get to go to heaven.... tomorrow.  

Monday, June 30, 2014

My last regularly scheduled day..... and back tomorrow..

Had a busy day at the Library.  Got a lot done and leaned more, I always learn something new and am glad I got to work regularly for enough time to start to get the routines and computers figured out. I am well on my way to getting the Amazon account worked out and working as well. I will be back to fill in for a few hours tomorrow, kind of a good thing and sort of bad. I was to go with Lady tomorrow for a short ladies day out, well sort of, but I will have to fill in for Lady at the library due to complications with others schedules. So no surprise trip to the Amish store for me how sad..... Lady does need to go tomorrow as she is on an important trip with Sweetie so that will be a good thing.

I have some handles I have to finish up for a knife maker so may get some of that done in the next couple days.  I have to make ice cream for the Church social tomorrow as well so it will be a busy day.  We are all going camping this weekend so that will be something to look forward to.  This will be the first year is nearly 10 I haven't hosted a big fourth of July party or like last year had my sister Drama do it due to some complications at home.  We will hardly know what to do with ourselves with no fireworks and no lots of people.  The girls and Poppie are all geared up to fish, fish, fish and fish some more.  It will be really nice to get away.  I need some time away from the grands, love them all, but sort of on a little burn out so it will be a nice get away.

I pray that you have wonderful plans for your fourth, but more importantly I pray you have plans for your eternity.  Have you gotten your invite, Yes, you have! it is in the oldest and best selling Book ever!! Pick one up and read it, let it talk to your heart.  What book, surely you know, the Bible.  Yes, God does love you it says so.  His words written down and preserved by his will just for you to read, understand and accept.  God so loved you that he sent his only son to die on a cross and shed his blood that you might have eternal life.  How wondrous is that, read, listen and believe, and use that belief as the beginning of your faith, and through faith accept your free gift and you shall be saved, and spend life eternal in heaven with the Lord Jesus... How wondrous is that!! tomorrow. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Today was another wondrous Sunday.

This morning Daughter dropped off Buga and M to come to Church with us which is really nice. This evening Buga, Cubbie, Booboo and I went to Church.  I was a nice day, no worries and no have to dos just love to dos.  I say that because going to Church should never be a have to do, it should always be a joyous want to do.  I can't think of a more blessed day than a day spent praising the Lord with others who just want to praise the Lord too.  The Preacher sometime says he wakes up and doesn't want to go to Church but once he gets there is glad he is there.  I can't think of a time in the last 2 plus years that we have been going to Church at this Church that I have thought of it that way.  I am really just glad I get to go after years of not having a Church to go to.  I can't say that in my whole life I have always been joyous to go to Church but I can say that in my older age I find it a blessing of untold magnificence to me.  I do enjoy going to Church and being with my Church family, after all these are some of the people I am going to spend eternity with so I should enjoy their company don't you think?  I have so many friends I wish I could share Church with but some are in other places in their lives, some will never come as they don't know the Lord and are shut off from knowing him, I sorrow the most for them as I know that with out Jesus they are lost and in eternity I may never even remember them.  How sad that will be to know some one I love will not know heaven and I may not even know I ever knew them once I am there.....

Today the Preacher gave two, I guess three, good sermons.  I think the third is the most memorable and no not just because it was the last one I heard.  He said it was a teaching sermon and I suppose that means it was not a sermonizing sermon, not sure I know the difference? aren't they all supposed to make us think on the good, the bad or the sinful things of life?  He spoke on impressions.  Just think of the impressions we have or make in our lives.  Things in general, people and ourselves.   How do our impressions reflect on what people think of Jesus, Christians or salvation in general?  Is the way people see me make them want to come to the Lord?  Do they see something in me that they would want to find out about that lives in me?  Can anyone see that the Holy Spirit lives in the temple of me?  Is any one looking at me and seeing one of Christ's saints? They should be able to shouldn't they, but do they? Am I a failure? These are the questions his sermon made my mind come to.  Have I made anyone turn and walk away from Christ because they didn't want to be anywhere near anything I was a part of?  I will now think on what my impression is to others, as a reflection of Christ, is my life impression something that draws interest to Christ Jesus or makes people turn away?  I pray that it is a reflection of Christ but then I am a work in progress God is not nearly done with me yet.  I pray you are a reflection of Christ or at least an example the causes people to wonder what is it that she/he has and know they want some of that.  To think that You or I could be a reflection of Christ on earth how wondrous a thought or example is that???  I pray that some one some where said I want some of that in my life and if only for a moment they saw the Holy Spirit shining out from my soul.... tomorrow. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The week that was.... I probably will never forget parts of it and can't now remember some of it.

This last week has been a whorl wind, and I am sorry to say that I truly have not even had time to open up my blog page little own actually write something to you all.  Last Saturday was my first day of taking care of the Farmer's Market, and I am trying to get things figured out there.  I have to find out how to put it in the paper and get it up on the sign at Castles.  We had 9 vendors which was really great. Wished we had had more people come down and check it out but we are happy for those that did.  I worked three days, and two of them were days I would normally have helped the Ladies with their baking.  I was so proud of them both, one made all of the breads by herself on Thursday and the other made pies all by herself on Friday.  They both helped their little cousin Cubbie make cookies, as well, so she could start selling stuff at the farmer's market herself.  She is 5 this year and they figure if they started at 5 so could she.  I must be doings something right now and  again with them. 

Last Saturday after the Farmer's market we went out to the campground and helped with the Library's party for the volunteers.  Poppie made the smoked pulled pork, Mokie made the cake and I made the coleslaw and the filling for the cake.  It all turned out well, a lot of fun was had by all.  Last Sunday the Ladies both got baptized in the river.  Most of the people at Church came to watch them.  There were a few boaters there as well, they even let us got first before they launched their boat.  I was so happy to see my little Ladies on their path of a life in Christ.

I worked on Monday, Thursday and Friday.  I can't say I won't miss the regular schedule of working completely but I can say I will be able to slow down and get some of the things I need to do at home.  I can say I was tired enough that the kids running in and out bugged me, and they are so used to me just being there that they missed me and were more noiser with me gone several days a week. 

Today we had Bountiful Baskets and Farmer's Market at the same time.  It really is a good thing they are across the street from each other.  We had 52 baskets and not as many volunteers as normal, but we did great because the volunteers we had are the best, they always are each week. Once baskets were done, I was off to the Farmer's market, it got a little washed out and there is a town wide clean up day so peoples minds were on different things. We only had 4 vendors. Next week will be the 4th so we will have to see how the Farmer's Market goes.  We are planning on going camp on Thursday and Friday, so there will be no baking but I will probably have to come down to oversee the Farmer's Market so I will get the Mineral called and find out how to get our info on the sign at Castles.

I pray that your life has been going as smooth as mine.  I pray your soul is called by the Lord, please listen and respond when he calls you.  There is nothing more important you will ever do in your life than respond to God's gift of Grace and Salvation.  Seek the Lord and you shall find him.... tomorrow. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I won't say busy, because I should say normal. ...... interesting Faith happenings this week.

I have decided that I won't say I am busy because I have learned through trial and error my life is always busy so if it is normal it is not worth writing home about. I know normal is relative and I probably don't do anything that any one would say was normal but I will say busy it the usual thing then. I also know that we are all busy so does that make us all normal or usual or maybe just us.  So we are all usually us then?  I must admit that I have not actually really worked outside of the home on any regular bases since I began blogging and have come to the conclusion that I am either horrible and have ignored you all or life happens  and I am just doing the best I can, and not actually trying to ignore you all.  That's the best I got and I am not going to apologize any more for things I can not do. I do still love talking to you all and next month, when I am not working a couple days a week out of my home, I promise to be more faithful, that's all I got.

I have had an interesting week in my thoughts on Faith though.  This week I had occasion to have or maybe be part of two different conversation on Faith. The first one was with one of my dear friends, funny how you can have a dear friend that has never even come to your home but she is one.  I had a conversation with my dear friend.  She is having lots of medical issues and I once offered to study with her.  I didn't know her well enough to know if she even believed in the Lord at the time.  Her response to me was that she had studied the Bible on many occasions and did know the Lord.  I am not sure if she is saved at this point in time but hope that some day I either get the courage to witness to her or may to begin with ask her straight out.  I know as our relationship grows I will have that conversation with her.  This week out of the blue we were talking about belief.  She told me about her life, but to my amazement she began with I know I have said this before but.  Funny thing was that she had never told me of her path toward belief before.  It was nice that we have gotten there in our relationship and I hope to build on our conversations.  She gave me a dvd to listen to she said she didn't believe in the most of what the author spoke on but it had some interesting concepts she wanted me to hear.  I will listen and then we will have a conversation on it, and that may lead to me being able to witness to her or maybe she will share her belief with me.  Such and exciting conversation yet to come.

The second conversation I had this week was in a group sitting.  My friend was recounting a family event she had been to.  She is going to be taking her child to an event that is more or less an event she considers a milestone moment in her child's life.  She had been at a family event and had mention she was going to be taking her child to this up coming event.  One of her family members, an in law, become offended and read her the riot act on how she is being a bad parent and how she is a totally lost person.  The family member is a religious person and my friend is not.  The in law said we only have one hour on earth and that eternity is endless in comparison and she is giving up her eternity by not believing and doing this kind of behavior, well sort of I am paraphrasing her comments.  Her answer was that she knew she was going to hell and didn't care.  I was at first saddened to my soul by her explanation but the more I thought on it the more I had hope.  She is not dying and has perceivable much more of her life to live and she does believe.  She believes in hell so some where she knows that there is punishment in eternity so she, down deep inside, knows that there is an alternative so there is hope for her.  I must say that her in law may not have it quite right if he thinks that this one event will send either her or her daughter to hell.  I am thinking he is preaching to her from a lost place himself if he doesn't understand that Grace says that if we believe in Christ Jesus and ask him for forgiveness and are saved by the blood of Christ that nothing we ever did or will do can save us.  Christ only can save, once he gives you salvation you can not loose it.  The in law is under the mistaken belief that one event can send his in laws to hell.  Maybe in the long run there is more hope for my friend than her in law.  How sad is that really, he needs saving more than she does and at least she is aware that she does and he is not.  There is the true sorrow.

This week is a joyous occasion in our home our two Ladies got saved.  They have been studying the Bible and praying to the Lord for guidance.  This Father's day they prayed to the Lord Jesus and asked him to forgive them of their sins and that he might save them through his free gift of Grace.  I am so happy they have passed the most important milestone in their lives and in anyone's life.  They are saved by God's Grace and this coming Sunday they will be baptized in the river.  What a glorious day in their lives, the most glorious of all their earthly days.  They are now living the beginning of their eternal life as they will not die only their bodies of flesh will die..... You two can know eternal life, it is simple, seek Christ Jesus's forgiveness, believe in his grace and his death, burial and resurrection.  His blood on Calvary paid for all of your sin's.  He is the only door to eternal life....tomorrow.  

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A new Missionary came to visit...... he was a blessing.

Sunday was a good day at Church but most Sundays are a blessing after all we have gathered to worship the Lord together.  I like that I go to a small Church where everybody knows your name.  Funny in this day and age that is not always the case.  I have never really gone to a Church where I didn't know all there.  Even the big Churches that I have had occasion to go to were not to big by big standards.  I have no idea how one would go to a Church of thousands or tens of thousands.  I would be at a loss and be lost.  Growing up we moved a lot be my parents always made sure we were living in little towns and going to small intimate Churches.   I have said before that I had lived in 42 homes, in 6 states and attended 13 schools, but I would surmise that I went to at least 13 Churches if not more.  The biggest I attended was in Winslow and the smallest would have to have been in my own home with my Dad, my Granddad or my Great Uncle doing the preaching. I was blessed to have had a Grandfather that did missionary work in Samoa, where when he returned to the states he brought me a new uncle back with him and many more Samoan relatives in the end. My Great Uncle was a Missionary in China from 1928 to 1948 and he had many a story to tell of Gods goodness and his Grace.  I was brought up to love missionaries and still find them to be of true interest and enjoy their sharing of their calling from God.

This week we were bless to have a Missionary and his family, a wife and three small children.  They have been in Jordan for 1 and half years preparing to go to Iraq to do the Lord's work.  They have been learning the language, the customs and much more about the people they will be witnessing to.  The little girl, 6, sang us a lovely hymn in the language she has been learning and she gave us the song again in the English translation.  She was a lovely little spirit.  The older boy, 9, was more reserved but he knew the language and could read the Bible in the language, left to right.  The mother was learned and a very nice young woman.  The Missionary gave us his testimony of his salvation at 5 and his calling to the mission field at 9.  It just took him 20 years to be on the brink of realizing his call to his country of work.  They said they are going to a place that is relatively safe. He said that the government is far above with it's troubles but at the people level it is much like America used to be when a families trained up their children and honor kept their children and kin from stealing, kill and robbing.  NO, we no longer police our own in a America we have given up teaching and training our children and have decided to let them be free to live as they want and leave their train to society which was never a good teacher.  The beginning of the end in America to be sure.  Just see what only half a center or so has brought us to, but I digress.  The young Missionary feels safe in a way we can no longer feel in America in a country that most of us our afraid of is that an oxymoron?  I prayer for the young man and his family, may God move through their effort and may the Glory of God become manifest in their efforts.

I pray that our country, America, can become the great nation it once was and return to it's roots of belief in the one true God, and may we once again worship at his feet.  May we remember to train our children in the way that they should go and stop letting them raise themselves and us.  May we return, if it be God's will to his loving arms in this country.  I pray for you that you may worship the Lord in your home and that you are raising your kids in a home where God is Lord.  Train your children and they will Love the Lord as you do.  I pray for you and I pray you know the Lord's love if not I pray that a missionary will come into your life and lead you to the Lord.  I pray the Lord is at work in your life.....tomorrow.