Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I won't say busy, because I should say normal. ...... interesting Faith happenings this week.

I have decided that I won't say I am busy because I have learned through trial and error my life is always busy so if it is normal it is not worth writing home about. I know normal is relative and I probably don't do anything that any one would say was normal but I will say busy it the usual thing then. I also know that we are all busy so does that make us all normal or usual or maybe just us.  So we are all usually us then?  I must admit that I have not actually really worked outside of the home on any regular bases since I began blogging and have come to the conclusion that I am either horrible and have ignored you all or life happens  and I am just doing the best I can, and not actually trying to ignore you all.  That's the best I got and I am not going to apologize any more for things I can not do. I do still love talking to you all and next month, when I am not working a couple days a week out of my home, I promise to be more faithful, that's all I got.

I have had an interesting week in my thoughts on Faith though.  This week I had occasion to have or maybe be part of two different conversation on Faith. The first one was with one of my dear friends, funny how you can have a dear friend that has never even come to your home but she is one.  I had a conversation with my dear friend.  She is having lots of medical issues and I once offered to study with her.  I didn't know her well enough to know if she even believed in the Lord at the time.  Her response to me was that she had studied the Bible on many occasions and did know the Lord.  I am not sure if she is saved at this point in time but hope that some day I either get the courage to witness to her or may to begin with ask her straight out.  I know as our relationship grows I will have that conversation with her.  This week out of the blue we were talking about belief.  She told me about her life, but to my amazement she began with I know I have said this before but.  Funny thing was that she had never told me of her path toward belief before.  It was nice that we have gotten there in our relationship and I hope to build on our conversations.  She gave me a dvd to listen to she said she didn't believe in the most of what the author spoke on but it had some interesting concepts she wanted me to hear.  I will listen and then we will have a conversation on it, and that may lead to me being able to witness to her or maybe she will share her belief with me.  Such and exciting conversation yet to come.

The second conversation I had this week was in a group sitting.  My friend was recounting a family event she had been to.  She is going to be taking her child to an event that is more or less an event she considers a milestone moment in her child's life.  She had been at a family event and had mention she was going to be taking her child to this up coming event.  One of her family members, an in law, become offended and read her the riot act on how she is being a bad parent and how she is a totally lost person.  The family member is a religious person and my friend is not.  The in law said we only have one hour on earth and that eternity is endless in comparison and she is giving up her eternity by not believing and doing this kind of behavior, well sort of I am paraphrasing her comments.  Her answer was that she knew she was going to hell and didn't care.  I was at first saddened to my soul by her explanation but the more I thought on it the more I had hope.  She is not dying and has perceivable much more of her life to live and she does believe.  She believes in hell so some where she knows that there is punishment in eternity so she, down deep inside, knows that there is an alternative so there is hope for her.  I must say that her in law may not have it quite right if he thinks that this one event will send either her or her daughter to hell.  I am thinking he is preaching to her from a lost place himself if he doesn't understand that Grace says that if we believe in Christ Jesus and ask him for forgiveness and are saved by the blood of Christ that nothing we ever did or will do can save us.  Christ only can save, once he gives you salvation you can not loose it.  The in law is under the mistaken belief that one event can send his in laws to hell.  Maybe in the long run there is more hope for my friend than her in law.  How sad is that really, he needs saving more than she does and at least she is aware that she does and he is not.  There is the true sorrow.

This week is a joyous occasion in our home our two Ladies got saved.  They have been studying the Bible and praying to the Lord for guidance.  This Father's day they prayed to the Lord Jesus and asked him to forgive them of their sins and that he might save them through his free gift of Grace.  I am so happy they have passed the most important milestone in their lives and in anyone's life.  They are saved by God's Grace and this coming Sunday they will be baptized in the river.  What a glorious day in their lives, the most glorious of all their earthly days.  They are now living the beginning of their eternal life as they will not die only their bodies of flesh will die..... You two can know eternal life, it is simple, seek Christ Jesus's forgiveness, believe in his grace and his death, burial and resurrection.  His blood on Calvary paid for all of your sin's.  He is the only door to eternal life....tomorrow.  

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