Saturday, June 7, 2014

Car show day, vanilla soaps a changing amazing thing to watch...... My new books have a home of honor..

We got up, not so early, and went to the annual car show.  It was the biggest one that we have ever had todate. When it first started it only took up one lawn, the one in front of the old school, this year it filled that lawn the lawn by the bank and a great deal of the bank parking lot.  Many more cars this year.  Lady and I got to go to the rummage sale across the street.  I got a cool coffee bean molds to make small coffee soap bars.  I got a double old vintage frame for pictures of the little Ladies.  I also picked up a coleman lantern, I thought it was a good find for Poppie.  He was not impressed, Brother didn't think so either and so I gave it to Mokie for Son, maybe he will appreciate it, no one else did.

I came home, after picking up chicken strip sandwiches for Poppie and the Ladies.  I got my book cases all moved around and got my 1952 complete set of Britannica Great Books, it is a pristine set and I got a great deal on them from the library, all set up in their new home.  I am so proud of them, I can't wait to read them all.  It won't be a short term goal, there are 54 of them.  All the great authors are spotlighted, well all the ones prior to 1952.  Exciting project to see through.

Lady and Sweetie went up the creek camping we are going to go up and visit them.  We have been wanting to get to go camping but haven't found the time. We would really like to go but it looks like to go we might have to go on Sunday after Church or we might have to go Saturday night and come home to go to Church and then return, but some how we will figure it out.  Booboo made pie crust and I made it into a couple of pie to take to Lady and Sweetie's camp site.  Booboo made 3 little personal pies with the leftover crusts. Funny this morning I cut the vanilla and huckleberry soap, it was all the same color, but slowly the vanilla is changing with the access to air.  It is becoming browner and browner, leaving a nice two tone soap, it was overpoweringly vanilla, I hope that the huckleberry starts to balance out but who knows.

I have been working out the logistics of a big knife handle order with one of my regular handle buyers.  It was funny I told him one would be an exceptional handle to carve.  He asked me if I knew a carver.  I have been making handle for him for years and he had no idea I carves handles and have probably carved more than I have scrimshawed.  He was delighted to know I carved handles but was disappointed that he did not know before now.  Funny how things slip past in a relationship.  But then I would think that in ways that would be the norm and not the unusual. We tend to get into a rut and never know that we put on blinders and only see what we expect to see in people, including our friends.  I get so caught up in thinking of things from my point of view that I forget my friends may, and of course they do, have the same fears, anxieties, apprehensions and joys out of their side of our friendships as I do but we each fear that we are not living up to or upholding our side as they do.  We all forget we only see things from one side and totally forget the other side or fail to see that the other side is so similar to our own side.  The bottom line is that we never know what is going on in anyone's life but our own, we know not the fears, the trials and the tribulations that others face, we only see ourselves and obsess about that never thinking that all our friends are going through the exact same issues we are and as many as we are going through.  We all live a life in blinders when all we have to do is start to see that we are so much more the same as our fellow man than different.  We look to ourselves when we need to look to God, and stop living for ourselves, live for God and be a blessing by using the blessing he gives us to aid our fellow man.... tomorrow.  

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