Sunday, June 29, 2014

Today was another wondrous Sunday.

This morning Daughter dropped off Buga and M to come to Church with us which is really nice. This evening Buga, Cubbie, Booboo and I went to Church.  I was a nice day, no worries and no have to dos just love to dos.  I say that because going to Church should never be a have to do, it should always be a joyous want to do.  I can't think of a more blessed day than a day spent praising the Lord with others who just want to praise the Lord too.  The Preacher sometime says he wakes up and doesn't want to go to Church but once he gets there is glad he is there.  I can't think of a time in the last 2 plus years that we have been going to Church at this Church that I have thought of it that way.  I am really just glad I get to go after years of not having a Church to go to.  I can't say that in my whole life I have always been joyous to go to Church but I can say that in my older age I find it a blessing of untold magnificence to me.  I do enjoy going to Church and being with my Church family, after all these are some of the people I am going to spend eternity with so I should enjoy their company don't you think?  I have so many friends I wish I could share Church with but some are in other places in their lives, some will never come as they don't know the Lord and are shut off from knowing him, I sorrow the most for them as I know that with out Jesus they are lost and in eternity I may never even remember them.  How sad that will be to know some one I love will not know heaven and I may not even know I ever knew them once I am there.....

Today the Preacher gave two, I guess three, good sermons.  I think the third is the most memorable and no not just because it was the last one I heard.  He said it was a teaching sermon and I suppose that means it was not a sermonizing sermon, not sure I know the difference? aren't they all supposed to make us think on the good, the bad or the sinful things of life?  He spoke on impressions.  Just think of the impressions we have or make in our lives.  Things in general, people and ourselves.   How do our impressions reflect on what people think of Jesus, Christians or salvation in general?  Is the way people see me make them want to come to the Lord?  Do they see something in me that they would want to find out about that lives in me?  Can anyone see that the Holy Spirit lives in the temple of me?  Is any one looking at me and seeing one of Christ's saints? They should be able to shouldn't they, but do they? Am I a failure? These are the questions his sermon made my mind come to.  Have I made anyone turn and walk away from Christ because they didn't want to be anywhere near anything I was a part of?  I will now think on what my impression is to others, as a reflection of Christ, is my life impression something that draws interest to Christ Jesus or makes people turn away?  I pray that it is a reflection of Christ but then I am a work in progress God is not nearly done with me yet.  I pray you are a reflection of Christ or at least an example the causes people to wonder what is it that she/he has and know they want some of that.  To think that You or I could be a reflection of Christ on earth how wondrous a thought or example is that???  I pray that some one some where said I want some of that in my life and if only for a moment they saw the Holy Spirit shining out from my soul.... tomorrow. 

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