Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A new Missionary came to visit...... he was a blessing.

Sunday was a good day at Church but most Sundays are a blessing after all we have gathered to worship the Lord together.  I like that I go to a small Church where everybody knows your name.  Funny in this day and age that is not always the case.  I have never really gone to a Church where I didn't know all there.  Even the big Churches that I have had occasion to go to were not to big by big standards.  I have no idea how one would go to a Church of thousands or tens of thousands.  I would be at a loss and be lost.  Growing up we moved a lot be my parents always made sure we were living in little towns and going to small intimate Churches.   I have said before that I had lived in 42 homes, in 6 states and attended 13 schools, but I would surmise that I went to at least 13 Churches if not more.  The biggest I attended was in Winslow and the smallest would have to have been in my own home with my Dad, my Granddad or my Great Uncle doing the preaching. I was blessed to have had a Grandfather that did missionary work in Samoa, where when he returned to the states he brought me a new uncle back with him and many more Samoan relatives in the end. My Great Uncle was a Missionary in China from 1928 to 1948 and he had many a story to tell of Gods goodness and his Grace.  I was brought up to love missionaries and still find them to be of true interest and enjoy their sharing of their calling from God.

This week we were bless to have a Missionary and his family, a wife and three small children.  They have been in Jordan for 1 and half years preparing to go to Iraq to do the Lord's work.  They have been learning the language, the customs and much more about the people they will be witnessing to.  The little girl, 6, sang us a lovely hymn in the language she has been learning and she gave us the song again in the English translation.  She was a lovely little spirit.  The older boy, 9, was more reserved but he knew the language and could read the Bible in the language, left to right.  The mother was learned and a very nice young woman.  The Missionary gave us his testimony of his salvation at 5 and his calling to the mission field at 9.  It just took him 20 years to be on the brink of realizing his call to his country of work.  They said they are going to a place that is relatively safe. He said that the government is far above with it's troubles but at the people level it is much like America used to be when a families trained up their children and honor kept their children and kin from stealing, kill and robbing.  NO, we no longer police our own in a America we have given up teaching and training our children and have decided to let them be free to live as they want and leave their train to society which was never a good teacher.  The beginning of the end in America to be sure.  Just see what only half a center or so has brought us to, but I digress.  The young Missionary feels safe in a way we can no longer feel in America in a country that most of us our afraid of is that an oxymoron?  I prayer for the young man and his family, may God move through their effort and may the Glory of God become manifest in their efforts.

I pray that our country, America, can become the great nation it once was and return to it's roots of belief in the one true God, and may we once again worship at his feet.  May we remember to train our children in the way that they should go and stop letting them raise themselves and us.  May we return, if it be God's will to his loving arms in this country.  I pray for you that you may worship the Lord in your home and that you are raising your kids in a home where God is Lord.  Train your children and they will Love the Lord as you do.  I pray for you and I pray you know the Lord's love if not I pray that a missionary will come into your life and lead you to the Lord.  I pray the Lord is at work in your life.....tomorrow. 

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