Saturday, June 28, 2014

The week that was.... I probably will never forget parts of it and can't now remember some of it.

This last week has been a whorl wind, and I am sorry to say that I truly have not even had time to open up my blog page little own actually write something to you all.  Last Saturday was my first day of taking care of the Farmer's Market, and I am trying to get things figured out there.  I have to find out how to put it in the paper and get it up on the sign at Castles.  We had 9 vendors which was really great. Wished we had had more people come down and check it out but we are happy for those that did.  I worked three days, and two of them were days I would normally have helped the Ladies with their baking.  I was so proud of them both, one made all of the breads by herself on Thursday and the other made pies all by herself on Friday.  They both helped their little cousin Cubbie make cookies, as well, so she could start selling stuff at the farmer's market herself.  She is 5 this year and they figure if they started at 5 so could she.  I must be doings something right now and  again with them. 

Last Saturday after the Farmer's market we went out to the campground and helped with the Library's party for the volunteers.  Poppie made the smoked pulled pork, Mokie made the cake and I made the coleslaw and the filling for the cake.  It all turned out well, a lot of fun was had by all.  Last Sunday the Ladies both got baptized in the river.  Most of the people at Church came to watch them.  There were a few boaters there as well, they even let us got first before they launched their boat.  I was so happy to see my little Ladies on their path of a life in Christ.

I worked on Monday, Thursday and Friday.  I can't say I won't miss the regular schedule of working completely but I can say I will be able to slow down and get some of the things I need to do at home.  I can say I was tired enough that the kids running in and out bugged me, and they are so used to me just being there that they missed me and were more noiser with me gone several days a week. 

Today we had Bountiful Baskets and Farmer's Market at the same time.  It really is a good thing they are across the street from each other.  We had 52 baskets and not as many volunteers as normal, but we did great because the volunteers we had are the best, they always are each week. Once baskets were done, I was off to the Farmer's market, it got a little washed out and there is a town wide clean up day so peoples minds were on different things. We only had 4 vendors. Next week will be the 4th so we will have to see how the Farmer's Market goes.  We are planning on going camp on Thursday and Friday, so there will be no baking but I will probably have to come down to oversee the Farmer's Market so I will get the Mineral called and find out how to get our info on the sign at Castles.

I pray that your life has been going as smooth as mine.  I pray your soul is called by the Lord, please listen and respond when he calls you.  There is nothing more important you will ever do in your life than respond to God's gift of Grace and Salvation.  Seek the Lord and you shall find him.... tomorrow. 

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