Friday, November 30, 2012

Paperwork, computers that needs a password I don't have, nooks, and baskets.....

I spent the greater part of yesterday trying to figure out paperwork.  I figure at this point it has been my procrastinations that have made me stupid, well maybe without knowledge, is that the same thing?  I digress.  I had been totally unaware that my Internet system had a password for securing it unto recently.  Bug had brought his computer up for several years and had always had access but the last six months or so it had asked for a password.  He didn't need on that badly so we had ignored it.  I had realized that it was due to the fact that I had to change out my dsl router, I hope that is what it is called, but it could be my router and modem, or maybe it is me lan, or some other alphabet soup component that I don't remember the actual name of but I can use.  Okay so I am old, waiting for my girls to grow a little more and they can teach me how to use it and what it's call, really, I am not joking!  I have to work so hard to accomplish what they can in a short time.  I think maybe I can trade sewing, crafting and cooking techniques for their assistance to come...hmmmm, coinage can be of so many dimensions, of many different varieties and I shall never forget it.  Anyway.  I finally discovered that the answer I sought were not on the PC, but the laptop, why? Oh, why? Would I have thought the PC would control the network and not the laptop?  Is it because the PC is actually plugged into the the dsl and my laptop just grabs it out of the air... okay, you do know that I am old school and not sure I will ever come close to mastering the new technologies or if that is even possible but I did stumble my way to the answer by shear persistence.  Okay, so I now have the password in hand, and I don't have to call the tech at the wifi service which makes me feel even stupider than just the self awareness that I can't find what I need and am surely on my way to drowning in the process of using my Internet/computers.  He is nice but that doesn't make me feel any less stupid, yay no call for me today.  Now I just have to use the password to set up the nooks, and then go down to the library to beg Ladies help in setting them up to access library books, I can manage the setting them up to purchase books, as I struggled through my kindle app and can do that, that is a whole other blog....

I am going to send emails to the VAC, sign my confidentiality paper work, and work on the site form today.  Somehow does it strike you that our lives are no longer controlled by words but letters these days?  I am actually going to have to learn to text, I have tried it once but as I didn't have a keyboard it was a looooooong process.  I am going to get a keyboard phone, either compliments of Lady, she has an old one she no longer uses, or I am going to order one, still going to do the pay as I go thing as I can't imagine using a phone enough to pay a monthly fee so am glad that the pay as you go now have text plans that are good.  I know you are now rolling on the floor laughing, or as the kids would say rotflmao, but I am not a stupid person and have to learn technologies like I have done so many things in my life by trial and error, it is just so much easier to get a book and learn to spin, make cheese, or make soap than it is to find a password encrypted in file in the security system of a machine that gets it's info from a radio wave from a lan that is sent from a dsl router.  Isn't it? 

I am excited to say that once I get through the muddlings of the paperwork and groups of the Internet, the faxing, the emailing, the conference call and the signing, we will be on our way to a having a Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op, for the young among you BBFC, here in our little town. We are still on line for a January opening.  Lady and I are getting to get together to lay out our thoughts, designs and finish up the process, but we are getting there, rest assured we are on our Way!! Yay!!! ...... tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Teachers, they have the power to do so much good and can shatter a child.....

I for the most part was exposed to a number of great teachers, people who had ideals for the good of children.  They gave far more than they got from being a teacher.  They molded the future generations minds and helped us to do and be better.  They for the most part were as different from one another as could be.  A truly good teacher is a unique individual with the spirit of loving teaching ingrained in their bones.  My Booboo wants to be a teacher and I think that she might just have the special spark that it takes to be a wondrous teacher.  I can remember some of the teachers I had over the years.  I went to 13 schools, so unlike the child that can tell you all the teachers they had from k to 12th, that were teachers in the community for a life time, my children have this, I did not. I can remember the very special ones and the very bad ones.  My kindergarten teacher was an older woman who had retired from teaching and was a foster parent.  She so wanted the children in her neighborhood to have pre-school learning, not like now where there is really pre-school, but schooling before first grade.  She was a remarkable woman, she taught me how to read before I went to public school.  She taught us how to read phonetically.  I was later told by a teacher in high school, that that was the wrong way to teach a kids to read as it made bad spellers.  Well I am a bad speller, for sure, but I did have the ability to have read all of Charles Dickens by the 5th grade so if the trade off is reading early, with hunger and passion for it, or spelling correctly let me have the early reading every time.  He taught me how to spell in high school so it all worked out in the end anyway.  My first and second grade teacher was a remarkable woman, she wanted to follow her class all the way up to junior high and was working on it.  She loved us all so and was so in tune with us that we were well on our way to being a remarkable class but she went on vacation to Glacier Park in the summer between second and third grade.  She was killed in a car wreck, we lost so much.  It was devastating to all of us in our class.  It was very hard to be a third grader that year.  The new teacher was a first year teacher, she was young inexperienced and I have animosity for her to this day.  She had no real compassion for us children that had lost a dear person in our lives.  I loved show and tell, my dad just happened to have a lot of kids and needed the meat he could harvest from the forest.  I know it is poaching now, but we never wasted any of the meat, and we didn't go hungry.  I, needless to say, liked telling about the deer the daddy shot, and a college educated know it all jumped to the "logical" conclusion that I was a liar.  I told about my daddy shooting a deer ever show and tell time.  I was that terrible child that lied all the time, only thing was is that I never lied once. I have never really been a liar and most people who know me know that that is something I just don't do and if I do, don't do well.  You don't have to question if I am gossiping about you because I already took it to you and said it to your face, gossiping is a sin, lying is a sin, saying it to your face is not.  I digress.  My teacher was as sure as she could be that I had lied all seventeen times I told that my daddy shot a deer, I hadn't not once but a young inexperience teacher made a big mistake she branded me a liar and couldn't stand me and was mean to me for it.  She couldn't even bring herself to see me as anything but that lying child.  I have had many other teachers and some of them wonderful and some not worth the check they drew.

I think that there is not a profession more noble than a teacher, the good ones are worth their weight in gold and more.  The ones that were never any good, or have become worn out and no longer any good are the bane of our public school systems.  I think the when teacher begins to have their favorites that is natural, people well and truly have affinities for others but when a teacher favors one child over another and it becomes bullying that teacher is useless and a shame to her profession.  When a teachers see two children talking and only one child is disciplined that is wrong, when some children are allowed to talk and whisper because she especially likes them but disciplines another child every time they open their mouth because she doesn't like them she is a bully and she is bulling a child.  No teacher has the right to play favorites in a negative manner, a teacher that can't control themselves from that is an ineffective and useless teacher.  I think that a teacher that would say to their students "Do as you are told" instead of "Do as I ask" has a problem with her thinking.   I think that some of the best older teachers were once young teachers, with rose colored glasses, that thought teaching was an ideological dream they read about in a book. They have just practiced their craft, learned about the realities of teaching and still have the ideological dream it has just been tinselled and it is now a true calling that is the best quality in a good teacher.  I know several of them and thank God everyday for their devotion to my children.  I just wish that the bad teachers would be honest with themselves, or maybe actually have some children of their own, which sometimes helps them be that good teacher they want to be, or at least spend some time getting to know children.  Thinking you love children and want to spend hours and hours with them is a stark reality some people never understand until they have to do it day in and day out.  Spending time with children takes a special person, a teacher, a mother, a parent or sometimes it takes a person that knows when they have to have time away from children and get a nanny.  Children are a lot of work whether you are the teaching mother or the teacher, but it is not something you can just do out of the chute, it takes lots of work, lots of trial and error, and lots of patience. Some teachers are alot like a well meaning friend that has an opinion on how you should discipline your child, they know, with not an ounce of experience, just how is should be done, know any of those? I do more than I can shake a stick at.  Not everyone that wants to be an at home mom or a teacher is cut out for it, the trick is knowing when to stay and when it is time to go.  Over staying can have devastating consequences, children can not take your lapses into emotional or physical abuse with out long term effects.  Knowing when to walk away, and knowing it is always an option, and if you don't or don't know when to use it you are not in the right profession teacher or parent..... tomorrow.

Christmas trees, Christians and Paul Harvey....

I am looking forward to Christmas, it was once the day that the peoples of a greater part of the world stopped for a moment and celebrated the birth of Christ Jesus.  A good deal of the people I know, and I, still celebrate the glorious day that honors the birth of our Lord.  Most of us are aware that it is probably, by all accounts, not his birthday, or even close to his birthday, but what does that matter?  It is not about when he was actually born but that he was born and we have set aside that day to honor him.  I like to put up a Christmas tree, I know some think they are heathen and others now call them "holiday" trees.  The reality is that it is a tree that celebrates Christ's birth, not the birth of a holiday, what nonsense. To those of you that want to call it a holiday tree get your own holiday, make one up and celebrate it, to all you atheist with a Christmas tree, because no amount of renaming it makes it other than it is, why would you?  Why would you who hate anything to do with the Lord and are out there making sure no crosses come across you path to offend you, why would you celebrate Christmas?  Are you guilty of giving "holiday" presents?  Do you take the day off and celebrate the holiday with your family?  Well, hypocrite, you do celebrate Christ on the day that the world has set aside as his day. If you are truly the heathen you profess to be there should never be a present under a tree at your house and you should be volunteering to work, as not to sully your none believe, by honoring Christ by resting on his day.  You can't really play both sides of the fence and have any credibility, can you?  So to all of you "holiday" celebrators you better pick a different day and celebrate then because just calling a rose a daisy doesn't make it so.  Celebrating a day set aside for the Lord, in any manner, makes it a celebration of the Lord.

It amazes me that the world has been at war longer than it has been.  We rarely see the war that occurs around us, we seem to be oblivious of the good and evil war that has always been roaring around us.  What war do you say?  The war between God and the Devil is older than the universe.  We don't see it like a flood or a hurricane. We see it in the atrocities we allow or see and don't object to daily.  Once in awhile the war rears it's head to a degree that we glimpse it.  The Holocaust was such an annihilation of Jews that we couldn't ignore it.  Christians in the US are being warred upon in a manner that is so subtle right now that few are even aware of the battle.  This nation was created as a Christian society and no amount of liberals changing the history book makes it otherwise.  The truly evil is invading this country in a volume and manner that we have never seen before. So many are luke warm to God that they don't see it,they allow it and perpetuate the demise of Christianity in America.  I was sent a link from a broadcast that Paul Harvey made 47 years ago, it is sad no one listened then and no one really listens now to his inspired words, here is the link...  I bewail the loss of the Christian society that I was born into, and sorrow for my children and grandchildern to come.... Faith is something we should hold on to dearly but sadly every year the Devil seems to woo more to his ranks and they become his minions set on eroding our way of life.  God only will allow the evil to become so big before he destroys it, look to Sodom and Gomorrah, look to the Flood, both because so much evil had pervaded the world.  The Lord has already given us the prophesies of Revelations.  He said we would not know the time of Christ's return but he assured us, we would know the season, just as we know the season of the years...  The season of the Lord is at hand, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow or in the rest of my life time but it is at hand just look at the evils the permeate our culture more and more daily.  Are you ready?  Do you know where you will spend eternity?  with whom?  I do.... tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Teddy's, upluks and lost loves...

I spent the better part of the day, yesterday, sewing up Teddy's, I had cut them out well over a year ago but as I can't find their eyes, which are some where in my studio or my office, without them I have not had any incentive to sew them up.  I am having fun seeing how they are coming out.  I made some that are all prim and proper, cut of the same fabric and some that are crazy upcycled creatures.  I am hoping to have mastered them so I can cut some mink ones and some Persian goat/lamb ones.  I have both glass and plastic eyes but for the life of my can't find them, I will have to look harder or maybe rearrange to uncover them.  I am making the old fashion ones with jointed arms, the joints were fun to work with but we are getting them down at this point. Poppie has to actually do the assembly of the joints as I am not strong enough to.  They are in the essence of the old Theodore Roosevelt ones, so they are not like our modern teddy's I kind of like that they are old traditional ones, especially matched up with the modern upcycling, or is it that the sillies have finally come back to the old traditions of reusing it if you have it, different time different word, still the same concept.  What do the modern think that woman made quilts our of in old times? old clothes.... duh.  Now you have to have expensive fancy material to even begin, not the way I was taught, maybe we were old upcyclers ahead of our time, or is it repurposers,  maybe it is just using what you have when you have it.

I am going to size upluks today and hopefully get some listed, I am going to start with the smalls as I have to look up the standards for the bigger sizes.  Many busy plans, but as most of you know I rarely get all, or sometimes, any of my plans accomplished in the time frame I set, so we will see what I actually get to do.  Cubbie is coming for Pre-school this morning, I hope she is not as naughty as she was yesterday.  She was so mouthy I almost gave her the scissors she said she was going to find to cut her hair off bald.  I am sure I would have been in trouble.  I did tell her she could use the front door when she told me she was going home and never coming back.  She never actually fulfilled her threat, how sad.  She finally settled down and watched Legend as she like the unicorns. I think the devil in it scared her to niceness.  Kind of funny I suppose. 

I have read two different emails or messages this morning laminating the lost loves of their lives.  I think that we should take heed of the people we knows losses.  I don't think any of us take council of our life's loves, we don't appreciate the love we have sometimes until we no longer have it.  I do know some who cherish the loves of their lives, and I am happy to see it, as I see so many who have lost and sorrow that they didn't.  I do know that I am lucky to have had Poppie in my life.  I can't imagine anyone else putting up with my idiosyncrasies as he has, my days of anger and my time of depression, though in that he enabled me out of love and never understood how to help so he helped me as he could.  He has tried to show me every day that he loves me and I have hopefully tried to say to him I have loved him always and am amazed that he has me.  I hope you have a chance to remember that love is precious, and special, it is not a given in this life but for the Lords love, so many never receive or know the love that some of us get so we should never take it for granted.  I look to the lovely ladies I know who live without theirs and long for the hereafter to see their loves again.  Love while you can, love openly and honestly, but most of all love whole heartily and give it your all..... tomorrow.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Texas is home, trials are some of the most precious blessings.

Texas got out of the hospital yesterday, just after Church, she was a trooper, a brave girl and came to evening services later.  She looked like a raccoon, like a baseball slugger had hit her with a baseball bat.  Her spirits were up, she was glad to be home and among the living.  She was truly blessed to have had the Lord riding shotgun with her in her vehicle.  The Lord be praised for his mercies. Poppie took us to see the vehicle and it is really miraculous that she survived the wreck.  The pickup did not, though when we were viewing it Bug mentioned that the fenders and hood were not even dented, the cab totally destroyed.  We later were told that the airbags did not deploy.  The Lord sure gave the Preachers family a trial on Thanksgiving morning, and the most blessed one they will ever have.

I can not imagine the loss of a child, I am glad the Lord saw fit to spare Texas and leave her with us.  I do know how close they came to losing their beloved daughter.  I was amazed at the similarities in the head injures she sustained and the ones that Poppie endured.  He still has residual effects from his accident.  I have recently found that Poppies trial was a true blessing.  You might say that the tree that hit Poppie was his altar.  He has of late spoke about his long road to salvation and it seems that the beginning, more so than all my years of nagging, was that tree.  He came so close to his mortality that he began to think of his after live.  He found that he was not saved and the road to salvation was the result of the Lord literally hit him over the head.  The Lord does work in mysterious ways, and a small little voice from God can become a boom sound that we can no longer ignore.  The Lord be praised that he sent a tree to help Poppie see his need for God, in a real way, in his life. 

A trial can be an altar that the Lord gives us.  I think sometimes I look back at my life and find that the trials are much more the true blessing of God than not.  I know that I rarely remember the happy and joyous and seemingly mundane times in my life, but oh do I remember the hard fought trials that caused such pain in the moment, in hindsight some of the most blessed times I have ever endured.  God loves us and corrects us and in correction brings us untold blessing.  Think about the child that is never disciplined, they are brats of horrendous dimension, you know one admit it.  But think of the children you know that are disciplined and corrected, given structure, they are almost always the most well behaved, the most pleasant and in the end the most happy children you know.  I believe in training up a child in the way you want them to go.  I don't believe in beating a child but abhor the people who tell you that beating and spanking are the same thing,  they are most likely the ones to have that child who had never been disciplined, that are spoiled beyond compare and on to the failures of an adult who doesn't understand that all that participate in life don't get trophies for just being, as they did in childhood.  If you love your child you discipline them in an appropriate manner, and yes, sometimes that does mean a spanking.  I am amazed at how many of the kids I have been around that are never disciplined that seek it out.They literally become naughtier and naughtier trying to receive it, to do something just to get their parents to even know they exist.....

I hope you have trials in you life, I hope the Lord loves and discipline's you, and I hope you love your child enough to discipline it.  I hope that God sends you an altar and a way to salvation.... tomorrow.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hibernated a little, out of the loop, Texas rolls and is hurt.

I took a whole day off of being on the Internet, something I rarely do.  I didn't even watch the news so felt really out of the loop.  We truly hibernated from the world. We were in more ways than we knew.  Mokie called from her work yesterday to say that Texas was in the hospital and hurt really bad.  Poppie immediately called the Preacher, it is was so.  She rolled his truck on the way to work on Thanksgiving morning.  Her car was having problems so she took her dads to work.  She had been so afraid of the Montana roads, and frightened of the snow to come.  She hit a patch of ice on the road near Lozeau and rolled her vehicle.  It took awhile for someone to find her, I am told.  It happened about 4:30ish in the morning.  She is in the hospital, 11 staples, she wouldn't let them cut her beautiful hair, always says something about the renewed spirit of a lady when she won't let you cut her hair, she is a survivor.  She had a head injury and has two black eyes.  She is one lucky girl, Poppie says, he saw the truck and wondered how anyone survived the wreck.  We all know that the Lord was the only way she is still with us.  The girls are making her cards this afternoon,  Bug stopped by the hospital to see her and updated us on her current status.  Thank the Lord for taking care of her when she needed him so badly.

We had spent the morning and early afternoon draining pig pens of all the rain we have been getting.  We are going to move Charlotte into a new pen, where the little piglets are and then put the littles where the chicks were in the spring.  It is nice and dry in there, but smaller and Charlotte needs a place of her own, her momma is not letting her eat like she should.  They both need a separate pen to have babies in any way.  So moving day will be soon.  We locked the goats all in the big pen with access to the barn pens, if they play nice all together, we will leave them that way if not we will pen them in and leave them for the winter.  We didn't harvest yesterday as the back hoe is still at the Professors and it is easier to skin and process them if the backhoe can hold them up.  So we will do it this week once the backhoe is home.  We are going to harvest 6 or 7.  I have two beef briskets and two pork loins to make a good mix, we like the mixture of the three meats makes for a nicer burger, I will season some as sausage and may make up some summer sausages for Poppie to smoke as well. The shanks will round out the processing.  We will have a nice store of meat to add to our other winter supplies.  I will save some of the hides but not all of them.  I like the Boer hide the best and if I had more time I would save them all but I don't have the time to do them all up. 

Off to Church this morning, to share with our family in God, get an update on Texas, hope that her news is good and she is doing better.  I know the Preacher and Pianist must have been so distressed knowing their child was in so much pain and danger.  The comfort of the Lord will be well and truly praised this morning.  Thank the Lord for her being brought threw such a trial.  I hope you enjoy your last day of the holiday. I hope the you had lots to be thankful for.  I know that when we come so close to losing one of our loved ones it all seems to be put our lives into a new perspective, and makes us think of the loved ones we have with us and the short time the God allows us to share our lives. Remember to love the ones you love while you have them, once they are gone our only comfort is that we have their memories and the knowledge of their home in heaven, if they have accepted the Lord, the thought of their true loss is unbearable and of such sorrow.... tomorrow.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Leftover Soup, adults with no sense of fair play, Alone time...

I am well and truly alone this morning maybe until noonish, when Poppie and Bug come back.  Poppie had to go clean out horse and goat pens at the Professors this morning, the rain tomorrow would drown the animals if Poppie didn't go back hoe him out.  He can't spend more than a few hours on the back hoe before he is in pain so I hope he isn't hurting to bad when he gets home. I am making Turkey Day Leftover soup, the turkey bones, turkey, sweet potatoes, celery, onions, peppers and dressing all in the pot to make the base.  Then I will can it up to add fresh pototoes, rice or pasta to to eat and serve. Tomorrow they are going to harvest the last of this years crop of goats.  I hope to grind Sunday afternoon, or Monday.  I need the sausage, burger, and shanks,  funny Poppie won't eat a good beef roast with out whining but does like my goat shanks, and all organic too, yay.  The Ladies went home with Mokie and family to spend the night with the cousins,  funny how legally they are aunts and nieces/nephews but can't ever think that that would come to mind with them, they are really double cousins.  Missed the grands and kids that could not be home for dinner with us yesterday, love them all and they are ever in our hearts. 

I had some success with my thanks and givings, all the kids got right on board, Cubbie was thankful for horses, Boy was to shy to say, Booboo and Yogie happily, with pride, read their lists.  Mokie started the revolt, Son and Poppie joined in and would not share, Bug gave a semi-smart alec one, but I think he was trying to put forth an attempt.  I got to bring up the end, and when I was thankful for my family I did note that I wished they were more inclusive and had a sense of fair play, to which they all bahaed me....

I truly am thankful for all the blessings that the Lord has given them this year, so many I can not begin to name them, I do know that the Lord knows I do name them one by one to him and love that even though I but fail at the things he would ask of me he loves me anyway.  I think that sometimes people get sad around the holidays, I think in ways you can truly tell the void of God in the lives of the most saddest people.  I know that sometimes I get lonely, as I am not good at being alone, coming from a family of 12 kids I never had much experience at being alone.  I can't say that I am really ever a sad person, I sorrow but that is in response to a specific incident but true sad I am not sure I ever really accomplish.  I have had bouts of depression and sometime despair but that was never about being the kind of sad I see in some people.  I think that people without God in their lives have a sadness that none can compare.  I really sorrow for the atheists, the lost and the Godless this time of year, especially, I can't even imagine a moment of life without God so how sad a life devoid of God must be.  The true horror is I can not fathom.  So sad it is this time of year to never have know the encompassing love of God.  I think if I could really give something this Thanksgiving it would be the joy and love of God to all the sad, lonely and people without him in their lives.  Oh, to be without God's love is unthinkable, maybe some of then this coming year will hear the call of God and step into his light.... tomorrow.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks and Giving, Do you ever think of it as such? The Lord Bless you life.....

Thankgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays.  It has sometimes, for me been about the food, sadly I must confess.  I have known hunger days in my life and for anyone who knows me knows I have struggled with food issues all of my life.  I have great moments and times of fanatically healthy living, as an adult I have weighed as little as 125, and I have weighed as much as 265, but for the most part I am a big healthy "Montana girl" as my Dr once put it.  I have eaten a relatively healthy diet for the better part of 20 years, we make most of what we eat, as little processed as we can have, we don't drink soda at our home and haven't for years, the rare bag of potato chips is soon stale or is crushed into a meatloaf because it just doesn't get eaten, we all know of Poppie great despair for the death of hostess, so maybe even his diet will become better or atleast his snacks will.  We do eat sugar in our home and there are no restrictions, I have found the fastwst way to make a child want it, or anything for the matter, is to deny it.  It makes them curious as to what it must be that they are missing.  My ladies are just not big sweet eaters, I have found more frosting cut off and left on the plate than I can shake a stick at.  They eat veggies because as a family we eat and grow veggies.  We eat a great deal of goat and there is just about nothing leaner than a goat, and believe it of not pork is not the evil that the Dr's, and society, is trying to convince you it is.  Our is so lean that we actually have to add oil to the pan to cook sausage so we are actually healthy eaters here, but I digress.  Thanksgiving is about the eating but with the eating is the family time.  Family and Friends gather together to share of their time, to fight in some cases I am told, my family never really has ever fought at Thanksgiving, any other time, but not at Thanksgiving, okay back to the subject.

Thanksgiving has always been about watching the Macy's day parade, one of my earliest memories of a TV is watching the Macy's day parade and of course the Wizard of OZ in the spring, don't know why they showed it in the spring but.... okay back to the subject.  I have always gotten up and watched the parade each and every year of my life as I can remember it.  My kids have never known a Thanksgiving with out the parade.  When I was a kid, after we would watch Miracle on 34th street or It's a wonderful life after but now it is a dog show, so sad, we do other things....  We at this house are not sportsters, so no, today isn't and never has been about football.  We try to make the day about sharing with our kids.  Sometimes it is a movie for the kids in the background of our day.  Sometimes it is all about the cooking, the Ladies and I spent the day baking yesterday.  Booboo, Boy and Cubbie helped with bread and pie crust, when  we were done with the needed doughs and they were in the oven cooking the littles rolled, rerolled and rerolled again their doughs.  They had such fun creating and learning about doughs, they managed to cook up pans of their creations.  Yogie helped me with the cranberries sauces, but forgot it at the simmer and it over cooked so she is going to make new this morning.  Burning food is as much a learning tool as is successfully cooking it.  We have sweetpotatoes to cook this morning as well.  The bird will go in to the oven all stuffed full of Booboo's stuffing.  We will do light cleaning this morning, as the christmas music plays in the background, after the parade is over,  We are going to have dinner later than normal this year maybe 5 or 6.  Mokie and family will be here, Bug and maybe Grandpa and Grandma, but they probably won't come but who knows, they were invited.  11 total if all come, a small gathering this year, but sometime less is more.

I told the girls thay they had to make a list of the things they were thankful this year, I notice Yogie working on hers diligently yesterday, it surprised me that she was writing a list and not just going to fly by the seat of her pants and say what ever came to her mind when the time came.  I have no idea what Booboo willl say.  I told them that this year they had to have a list of giving as well.  I wonder if they will make their list of what they plan to give in the coming year or of what they have given in the past year.  I guess I will see how it goes.  I do know that as I have aged Thanksgiving is still about the food but it is no longer all about the food, the cooking  and the sharing of the cooking, for me as an adult, is far more important than the eating.  I thank the Lord that I have the food to eat but more importantly I have the traditions of the foods to share and give to my kids.  I like that they can associate good times with a particular memory of a food.  I can make something and share my childhood with them over a recipe.  The giving of our lifes memories is a special part of Thanksgiving, most families do it I think, there is no competition of interests on Thanksgiving, no costumes, no presents, no attention to anything but the love of your family, the Love of God, the happiness that just recieving and giving of those loves can bring..... tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hostess may get a reprieve, hmmm, sewing, Bubbles and Cubbie, CAKLS?

I heard of the demise of Hostess with mixed feeling last week.  I, like the rest of you, grew up on Hostess.  I do admit that we have the products regularly in our home but not for the Ladies or me.  Yes, occasionally we have a treat of one here or there but we are not the reason for massive amount of the evil pastries at this house.  Poppie is a closet eater, really, skinny as a bone and who would have thought.  He will eat a whole box of them in the middle of the night, usually way after going to bed he just gets the craving.  He likes the ding dongs, ho ho and the wafer ones the best.  No, a single loaf of wonder bread hasn't been in our house is 23 years but Zingers and the occasional Twinkies, not one of his favorites, live in our freezer or Poppie's closet, all the grands know about Poppies treats and ask for them once in awhile, awaiting Poppies call to duty.  I hear this morning that Hostess might get a reprieve with the help of mediation and a Judge, I hope they make it through to a solution.  18,000 people need there jobs, and what would Poppie do with out his junk food, or more importantly what would I do if I had to figure out what to replace his midnight craving with. He never likes, long term, any treat I come up with, I guess the call of grease filled golden preserved cake is better than the real thing to a junkie of the junk food cakes....

I cut out a pile of little outfits yesterday, just have to sew them up this morning.  I have actually been selling the two piece sets so have to make more.  I have also been selling the shortie, diaper covers, I do so like to crotchet the little edgings sort of a peaceful endeavor.  I will have Bubbles and Cubbie, today, had Bubbles yesterday, just her and me.  Cubbie went with her mom to take Drama to the doctor.  She is still have a lot of trouble figuring out what is going on with her heart, and they are struggling to get the meds right.  I pray God soon helps them to get that right.  Bubble is such a miniature little person, she is not small but runs about 98 percentile, it is that she is and has been walking about two months, so funny to see such a little walking and running all about.  She has actually been saying small sentence for over a month, you almost have to look twice when she does it to make sure it came from her.  I am blessed to have had a family of babies that are bright and start out using the brains God gave them right away. Can't always say the same about them as adults but they have the ability they just don't always use it. Goofy, Yogie, Cubbie and Bubbles all walked around 9 months.  They all talk relatively early but I must admit Bubbles is probably the youngest yet.  Yogie would talk with her Grandpa at around two and it always amazed him at the things she would talk about.  He just wasn't used to the early talking of kids, I think it comes from not talking baby talk to them and expecting them to do what they are capable of.  So toady I and the Little Ladies, not sure they are either one ladies but if I call them such maybe the thought will encourage them, they are both much more like tomboys than my two Ladies.  Funny how they have such different little personalities, each unto themselves.

I hope to make CAKLS, I have actually gotten to go the last 3 weeks but most of the others didn't get to come.  I saw Irish the other day and she has had some medical issues but is now on the mend so she might be there today.  I have lots of exciting things to work through with Lady so hope to get a moment to talk to her about getting together to get it done...  Busy day, and tomorrow is baking day so lots to accomplish.... tomorrow.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Geneva or King James? rain, a blessing, upcycling, so many ideas so little time.

I have spent the morning, reading about the Puritans.  I am trying to understand which Bible they used.  I know that some think the King James and some think the Geneva.  I know that the Internet is full of "experts" that write of their own opinion on the subject and not the history of it, well not all, but a good portions of them. I see the biased of both camps but which is it really.  I think as I read it, it was probably both bibles.  I find the history of both the Geneva Bible and the King Jame Bibles very interesting.  If you haven't read it you should, you really should know of what you read.  I hear people say they only read the 1611 Authorised version, and really think that that is the year it is from, no, the Authorised version wasn't as it is now until 1769, which means they aren't actually reading a true 1611 version.  The King James wasn't even call the King James until 1715, prior to that it was called only The Holy Bible.  Have you ever read the history of king James the 1, Christians would be appalled at him and know he was not a Christian, on any level,  he actually would fit right in with the morals of our world.  But I digress.  I also have questions about the things said about the Geneva Bible but the history of it makes sense that it was defiantly on the Mayflower, probably both were if you really read the history.  I also read the there is historic artifacts that indicate that that was the case.  I know not why the Geneva bible went out of print in 1644, after 150 printings.  But do know that it was used as one of the bibles used to make the King James, the Geneva was translated in 1560 and was the first translation that had chapters, and an old testament and a new testament and that atleast 20 percent of the King James is copied straight from it.  I think in order to fully understand the beginnings of the King James Bible you should actually read the history of it.  And what of the Book of Common Prayer, or the Great Bible? I for one am not a King James only person, I know to some of you I have said something very sinful but I think God is so much bigger than a translation of the bible.  I do know that I read different bibles to see what they say, there are some I would never read but do like the ease a reading some.  I really like the King James, the newer King James and Revised Standard Version.  I am going to buy a Geneva, as old a copy as I can find and afford, and read it.  I think the God's Word is bigger than the arguments of who translated what, I think God gave us his Word and he makes sure we are able to read it as he meant it for us.  God is beyond the pettiness of man, and the arguments of translations are petty stumbling blocks that matter not to God, he will make sure his Word is given to our hearts as he wanted it to be.

It is raining, raining, raining today.  I don't like rain on the whole but if it gets the land wet and we don't have to have the nasty cold of winter, that hurts the bones of Poppie and me, then let it rain....  I have a stack of wool to upcycle today, I think it will give me a break from the cooking to begin later in the week, and the kids that will be under foot all week.  I have shipping to do later, many to send out to all sorts of places. 

The Preacher gave a message about thanks and giving.  We quite often remember that Thanksgiving is about giving thanks but do we remember that it is also about giving?  I plan to have the Ladies make a list of thanks that they have this year but I also want them to make a list of the giving they did, they should know in their hearts that Thanksgiving is about giving and serving, as is being a Christian.  Do you give of yourself to others?  do you give?  You don't have money? well most of us don't but giving is much more than money.  Do you give to others?  Do you know how?  Should you practice giving to others,  a smile is sometimes a glorious gift, nothing big but can make such a difference in a persons life.  Do you listen to people in need of a moment of your time and compassion?  There is so many ways to give that have nothing to do with money.  If you have money give it, go for it, but remember that true giving should come from the heart so with that check give something of yourself as well, and maybe just maybe you will be thankful for the smile you receive in return.... tomorrow.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Potluck, kids everywhere, time alone is priceless... or is it?

I have had a month of kids everywhere, more than usual if that is possible.  I seem to have Bug for dinner everynight, Dimples is here but doesn't always eat, Cubbie, Bubbles and Boy make it at least four nights a week, and I usually feed Bubbles and Cubbie three meals about four days a week.  I thought by this time in my life I would be down to just me and Poppie, but I guess that is not what God intended for me in this life.  I do feel like a restaurant sometimes but then this cranky old cook has gotten less likely to cook on your whim and what you want than she used to.  Cubbie was in trouble one day this week, she threw her soup and sandwich in the trash and told Nannie she was done.  She got to spend time in the corner for lying, and sort of for not eating her food but not as much.  Bubbles likes food and tells Nannie, "eat! eat?"  or "I done" when she has had enough.  She talks really well for an eleven month old. I am glad I have canning as I am not sure how I would feed them all without it, well I am sure the Lord would provide, if I didn't.  I don't cook them anything fancy they just have to eat what I give them. 

I once had a year of just me and Poppie, it was eleven years ago.  We got to do things we had never done before, it was kind of nice to have the time alone but I think that we were sort of lost on our own, maybe that is why God saw fit to send us two new packages of love to raise after a year of being alone. It was priceless to have time with Poppie, but it was not all that it was crack up to be, so I think God has plans for us all and did give us a respite before he gave us two more daughters, 9 grands, some of them we see more than others, and a slew of pseudo grands and all the add ons that children seem to collect.  I think God has a plan for me and Poppie to have alone time he just decided it should be when we are actually old, say in our 70's or 80', and we will be well and truly in to great grands to play with then.  I wonder if I will have the same amount of drop ins to feed then? probably. Poppie is never going to get rid of his gardening, no rest for the weeders, and the goats will still be the bane of his life, well, except for the ones he is particularly fond of, for some reason they are darlings and could not have done anything wrong. It is always one of my goats that for sure caused the problems..  Life is such a joy, well I guess you have to be here, do you really know anyone that volunteers for a house full of kids, and sometimes the kids aren't human, dogs, a cat or two, and chaos all the time?  People who stop by think it must be an unusual days at my house because of the excitement going on around their visit and I say no, just another day at the circus of life we call home....God really does give you all you need, and want, you just have to ask for it and be prepared to have it... tomorrow.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Baking day, two this week, Bountiful Baskets logistics.....

Today I will have three girls to bake with two advance, for their ages, and one novice.  We have become the home away from home for one little girl.  I, being a person that never makes the same mistakes twice, was tentative of the relationship over the last few years.  The little girl is a nice little girl but I look to the future and see some difficulties that could arise.  I have prayed and prayed to seek Gods plan for her in our lives and I have come to the belief that you can fight a situation or you can be part of the solution.  We, Poppie and I, have decided that we will welcome the relationship but on our terms.  We will be inclusive, but there will be rules.  No problematic behaviors will be allowed in our home or in the relationship as long as we are responsible for the girls.  The girls are pretty much on board with it, we don't allow behavior in our home different for any one person, if we don't allow lying we don't allow it, we don't allow questionable lifestyle choices so none will be promoted or accepted.  We go to Church and all who are in our home are welcome and encouraged to go with us.  She actually enjoys coming.  The Ladies are in 4-h so we are encouraging their friend to join, and are helping her to be able to, providing animal home, rides to the programs and helping her pay her fee.  I think that if we can make a difference in a child's life we are called to help and maybe the future will have a more positive outcome.  I know I won't allow my girls to become the victims of the future so a positive beginning is the best way to begin, so to speak.  I, after all, am a mouthy mom and address things I don't allow and don't like right there at the moment it happens and anyone who can survive that is well on their way to knowing and adhering to my rules.

Today the three of them will be helping to make pies for potluck,  thanksgiving potluck, so we will have two big dinners this week.  The girls are making pies, stuffing, cranberries and relish tray for the event.  We, Booboo and I, made cake pops the other night, they came out well, though as I had never actually used almond bark coating before it was a learning curve and we will do better next time.  Today, is pie day and the girls will have a friend to teach their techniques to.  She has a desire to learn, and that is half the battle, a blessing in the making I think.  I will call her, Dimples, she does have pretty ones. 

Lady and I are making progress with Bountiful Basket Food Co-op in our area.  We are hoping for a January beginning, we may have a building due to the help of Vegas's daddy.  He is a wonderful man and is excited about the program.  I hope he gets to participate.   I have gotten some of the emails I need, to send for support of the co-op.  We are working it out.  Lady and I have to get together, in quiet space, to iron out our ideas of how we want to apply what we have learned from volunteering and the guidelines of the co-op.  We hope to make a general outline of how we see it working at our site.  I get more excited about the endeavor everyday as I know Lady does. The whole process is a much needed project we can share and find joy in the doing.  Coffee is coming and the day awaits so off I go to get ahead of it. I hope the Lord blesses your day and gives you a project of joy in your life, maybe it will be your relationship with him, a joyous project to be sure... tomorrow.  

Friday, November 16, 2012

Crazy is as crazy can't help those who don't want it or aren't able to take it.

I guess that this week has been a week of crazies, or maybe it is a year of crazies, or is it that the world it spinning more and more into the crazy realm.  The politics of this last phase was historic,  will probably be the norm and not the exception in the future how sad for our country, the crazies are defiantly winning out against the normal.  I had noticed so much strife in this cycle that I tried to limit any comments I made on facebook as it seemed to set crazies off, you reading my blog get no such consideration, you are here of your own accord so you have to take what you get, my opinion.  Often on facebook I noticed a person on my facebook list of friends, someone I knew only really in passing, I usually don't do that but some of the people on facebook aren't actually my friends, will be checking my list to make alterations from here on out.  I am also going to take advantage of the subscription aspect to keep my friends separate, but I digress.  Any way this woman I sort of know seemed erratic, she would occasionally rant and rave about various things.  One time it would be that she was an atheist and didn't give a dam that people didn't like it or other times she would be whining about being maligned on facebook.  Her statuses would come across and I would think oh, some one hurt her, how sad.  Well, I have learned that reading one side of a status is defiantly not the whole story, the hard way.  Earlier this week I forward a status, I didn't think it was political, not really, but maybe it was.  It was about a person that was on assistance but just because you saw their kids wearing name brand clothes, or them driving a fancy car or others things along that line didn't mean, you knew their circumstance, like that they got their clothes at good will and the car was their mothers. They still needed the assistance to feed their kids. I thought it was a good status to forward, it showed us that we needed to have compassion.  Immediately the crazy lady commented in an extreme negative.  I, and two other of my friends, commented with compassion for the less fortunate in our communities and society.  Well, we were immediately attacked by the crazy lady.  She made it out that we were attacking her personally.  No one had and no one had that intent.  We were actually having a nice debate, a little political but mostly about compassion for your fellow man.  The crazy lady went to her facebook page and put out one of those poor me, people are picking on me, and I am really such a good person status, and unfriended the three of us.  I did one better I blocked her, I am to old to deal with the truly insane, mean and out and out gossips in this community.  So next time you read a status whining about abuse beware, there is another side, maybe even a sane one. 

Seems I have attracted the crazys this week,  Lady and I went out on one of our very rare outings to breakfast, seems I can't put it out on my blog, in advance of the joy of my outings, because the crazy stalker that harasses my life, because she hasn't one of her own, came in to spy on us.  She has the last three time I have actually gotten to go to breakfast so not a coincidence, they just don't happen that often, if ever. You really can't fix crazy, but you can watch it and make sure not to turn your back on it.

I have also had occasion this week to talk to several people about religion, I know I really do ask for it don't I, politic and religion, I don't get out much... lol.  I am not suggesting the religion conversations were crazy people conversations it is just a convenient segway into a similarly controversial topic.  Anyway,  I spoke to a young lady, I won't say who or even give hint of a relationship to me, friend or family, or on any of the following conversations, about God.   She, I said, would have been my guess to have been working toward a relationship before others I could think of, her response totally took me by surprise.  She said she couldn't go to a church that didn't have a building.  I said "what?"  I couldn't believe that she couldn't get past the no building of their own thing.  I know that she has a strong faith driven background and couldn't fathom that was her answer,  I tried to explain that God was so much bigger than the building but she was adamant, maybe God is not talking loudly enough in her life, yet.  I had another occasion to talk to some one who is in fear of losing her loved one.  He is aged and is coming to the end of his life.  She is worried about his salvation.  She tried again to talk to him about it and he said, "I can't believe that a virgin had a baby, just can't"  She tried to tell him that God was so much bigger than a virgin birth.  She was so saddened, he unlike the young lady, doesn't have time to resolve a virgin birth with out God's intervention.  I pray God calls loudly to him.  I tried to comfort the lady but she was so sad.  The realist in me also had to say,  God knew his own before he ever created any of this universe and he has known from the beginning of time those who are his and those who will heed his call, and hear his word.  Some people are not capable of hearing the Lord, ever, as they have hardened their hearts and God knew them in the beginning as well.  It was so sad to see her sorrow.  I heard several other accounts of loved ones, hoping God works in their loved ones lives this week.  One a granddaughter who is a professed atheist, but thank God young and hasn't needed God yet.  One who has a loved one that has given up on life and has become so depressed she doesn't know how to ask for or accept real help.  We all have people we care about in our lives, and sorrow for their souls, with God there is still hope and we have to remember that he in the end knows his own as we can not.

I guess that in the end we do the best we can, the crazy's and the truly lost are not able to be helped if they won't allow themselves help.  It is our mission to be there for the ones who want our help, and need it, we are asked to carry God's word forth to those who can hear, we no not who can and who can't.... tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wading through, do you ever feel that way.....

I am whining this morning. couldn't got to Church last night, my last half tooth is acting up again.  Never a good thing.  I usually plow threw but my tooth, of never ending trouble, is one of my cyrptonites.  It is closer to being a thing of my past but after 30 years of trouble it can't be soon enough.  People look at me and shake there head thinking I am lying about the time frame, I assure you I am not.  They started to rupture when I was pregnant with my son who will be thirty in December.  The went up and down for years, no room against my jaw bone.  I once looked like a pocket gopher for about a month from the swelling, friends thought I had mumps.  No, just my teeth.  I actually asked my dentist, the one that did so much damage to so many peoples teeth as he "learned" his craft, told me "oh, you are wrong they are fully in"  Really then why did they both continue to move and break the teeth in front of them.  He was truly an idiot, and when I had insurance he could have helped me, and made so much difference, but no such luck.  I have been on this last pain stretch four years now.  I have lost one and a half of the offending teeth, just one more and I will be free and clear of a life time, my son's, pain.  Okay, done whining, I do beg your pardon sometimes I get to a point where I need to scream and this is me screaming.....

I wonder sometime if your life feels like  you are wading through?  Wading you say.  You know when you are up to your bum in things that need to be done, got to be done and someone else wants you to do something for them.  Sort of like being in a slew, a bog or the current of a rushing stream.  You don't have anything really pressing but just a steady flow of things you need to do, should do and have to do.  I get that way alot and to the outside world it looks like I have not of the cares of this world on my back.  Yay, who in the working world wouldn't want to trade places with me, I don't have to answer to a clock, a boss or the weather.   Really, I would some days most assuredly trade my "no boss" for you one.  Do people in the working world, that look down on at home moms, ever consider, that each of those children, grandchildren and their friends are bosses, all be it they don't pay you, they do run what you have to do and get done in a day.  I start my day sometimes as early as 4 if I am to get anytime to be myself, and don't get coffee breaks,( going to lunch is not something I get to do very often and when I do it is such a treat,) but most days going to lunch something I get to do, well it is I get to make it for everyone, and they don't always think they should have to do it all at one time.  Can you say short cook at the restaurant of Mom, and some of the patron don't even live in my house.  Weather and the drive to work, well here the drive to work is shoveling to the barn to get the right to work, shoveling hay, slopping hogs, hauling water when the hose is frozen, and the list goes on from there.  I understand you wad through the sloshes of your life as well, and life is a choice, but the next time you look down at the mother that stays at home, no she is not uneducated, she is not lazy and to stupid to hold down a job.  She has made a choice to take on a "committee" as her boss, and you know how committee's work. She loves her kids as much as you do yours, she has just chosen time over money as her rearing technique.  She is not a slacker, she is someone in your shoes just doing the best she can within the scope of her abilities and beliefs. May God help us both to do the best we can for our kids, grands and communities.... tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

4-h meeting, Bountiful baskets and shelves, shelves and soon more shelves.

The Ladies and I went to 4h last night, this is the third meeting the Ladies have attended but the first one that I have gotten to go to as I was sick the last two meetings.  It was fun, the girls brought along two of their friends that wanted to join as well.  I hope they get to join and can come along next time.  Their were elections, the food bank had a speaker that explained what the food bank does and asked the 4h to help out in some upcoming fund raisers.  Booboo volunteered to bring snacks next meeting. The meeting concluded and they played games after the offical meeting.  I got to talk with some of the mothers about Lady and my Bountiful Basket project.  I got positive feedback and promises of support for the project.

I got an email from the Montana head of Bountiful Baskets letting us know what we have to do to get a site up and running here.  She seemed to think there should be no problems with us getting a site here.  We have more work to do before we get it, which includes 30 emails of interest from people in the community who would like to participate.  I thought I should have enough people who have shown interest, plus all the interest Lady has had as well, I made a list and I had well over 30 people myself, so now it is just about getting the interested parties to make the emails to where they need to go.  I am so excited to get in going, Lady and I have to get together to solid up our plans and get going.  Maybe a January date for our sight, yay.  Looking for a physical site, have a few ideas to check out.....

Poppie, the dearest man, has made me shelves.  My kitchen has been an over grown space of disorganization and chaos for most of the year.  I had a soap making area and a canning area and a baking area but I had to forever move items from one place to another to do it all.  Poppie put up new shelves on the wall for putting my cookie jars and other this and that's.  We moved the hutch and one of the cupboards, to make the flow better.  Poppie put additional shelves in two of the cupboards one for my pans which didn't have a good home but now can be happily all together, the other for more canning space.  I have over 500 jars and that takes up a lot of space, we are going to put in a shelf in the bathroom cupboard, why would anyone make a cupboard 30 inches tall and not put a shelf in it?  I digress, he is going to give me more space for towels so I can use the tall cupboard for jars.  I will be getting a cellar in the spring but have to real plans to put canning in it.  I am going to use it for a cheese cave, so I can make cheese that I can actually store at the right temperature and humidity, no more Parmesan cheese by default.  I want to grow mushrooms, Poppie wants to store squash, potatoes, carrots and what evers....  I am excited to say I now have a baking center, rebatching area, a snack bar and two tables spaces, all dedicated to their various endeavors without me having to forever move things around, yay Poppie. 

Pre-school and Cubbie will be here this morning.  I always like when Pre-school comes as I get to visit with my friend.  Funny how life brings you the friends you need at just the right times in your life.  I do have some of the best friends a person could ever want. God truly does rule with a plan for our lives.... tomorrow.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Bullies are apples from the trees that bear them.....

My poor Booboo is having a distressing time at school, I think it has been going on for some time but she has only just brought it to my attention.  A boy, in a lesser grade, is spewing his mothers evil at my child.  I know it is coming from the mother because this summer one of her acquaintances, who did not know me but for the Farmer's Market, spewed the same garbage.  I was anger at the acquaintance for being a gossip, even if she was an unknowing gossip, still a gossip and gossiping is sinful.  The boy and his friends are bullying Booboo by saying the she doesn't have a mother, only a "grandmother".  I can tell you for certain sure my Booboo has a mother that loves her dearly.  She also has a biological mother that loves her and loved her dearly.  Only a loving mother could have so selflessly have done right by her children and given them a better home than she was able to provide at the time, a love I myself could not have given, I am much to selfish to have given them up.  I digress.  These bullies are making my Booboo's life miserable.  I asked her if she has spoken to her teacher about it and she hasn't so today she is going to.  If the boy's don't stop bullying her we will be contacting the principle.  NO, Child should have to suffer the bullying of another child, no matter how clueless the bully might be in the situation.  Booboo has a mother, loves her mother, knows her biological mother and loves her as well.  Adoption is a good thing for some many children, a blessing.  The bullies mother was adopted so this should have been a no brainer, but obviously the bullies mother had a dysfunctional adoption and is spewing hate to an innocent child, or is it two innocent children, maybe more as she has other children,  either way.  The bullying needs to stop.  Adoption is a loving and wonderful thing for so many children too bad adoption has created such a viscous generationally dysfunctional family that can't seem to leave my children alone.  

I am an adopted child of God and God protects his children and he will prevail for Booboo even though the devils spawn can't seem to quit trying to hurt her...... tomorrow.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cubbie is four.....

Today our Cubbie turns four.  What will her next year bring?  She now has half a mullet, because her mom and dad have not come to terms with her "hair cut" no, it will not miraculously grow back.  Yes, it is cold but allowing a child to have half a mullet is not going to make it warmer, I have tried to be allow to even it out, a little, but no go.  She is turning the big 4 maybe she will settle down a bit, but I am not holding my breath.  She has a little bruise on her left eye.  She spends as much time as she can in the goat pen, runs over to her "horse" and throws herself on it's bare back like any good wild child ever represented in a movie where the children rode wild horse unabashedly.  She is a true child of nature.  The bruise came from the buck that wasn't meaning to hurt her but bump her with his horn as she raced past him to her steed.  She holds her own with her uncle Bug, he gives her a hard time and she gives as good as she gets.  Her brother is not as comfortable fighting back with her uncle as she. she is a real child of free spirited antics.  She will be an empowered woman by any ones standard and I am truly not sure that I would have it any other way, other than she is sometime so exasperating that you want to pull out your hair.  She is kind hearted and tries to take care of her sister even if her sister is having none of it and screams at her to make her stop.  Maybe a second Cubbie is our little Bubbles, not sure I have enough energy for two of them.  Today she gets to blow out her candles and have the pride of another year conquered in her pocket.  I only wonder what the next year will bring.  Am I strong enough to survive it?.... Happy Birthday to my lovely little Cubbie... tomorrow.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Life is a series of Cycles......

I have always found it ironic that when you are the closest to God in your life the harder your life can be.  I am sure the Bible tells us that that is part of faith and loving the Lord. Life is a series of cycles, love is a series of cycles so why would we think that our relationship with God would be any different?

I do know that my life with Poppie has been a series of cycles.  I have always loved Poppie from the bottom of my heart and with all that I am but I can't, in all honesty, say I have always been in love with Poppie.  I  think one of the most exciting parts of a long term marriage is the renewing, and the joy, of finding anew your mate and refalling in love with them, over and over. It can come in a moment of kindness, it can come on a hike, it can come because of the way he holds a child, builds a wall, weeds a garden or when he is standing in the kitchen up to his elbows in dish suds.  The best part of love is refalling in love, over and over again.  The wondrous cycle of love. 

History is a never ending cycle of one nation rising to power, far and above the others and being the most powerful on earth, or of all time.  Life is a series of that powerful nation not taking heed of the last fallen nation and making the same mistakes and eventually falling into decline and becoming yesterdays news.  I am amazed that I have been allowed to have lived in the decline of probably the greatest nation that ever was.  Too late, and because the definition of stupid is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different out come, our country and the citizens who have to have a government that does for them instead of, as John Kennedy said, what can you do for you country, we are now on that fast moving road to being the once great nation of America..

I can say beyond a doubt that all my life I have loved the Lord God, I can't say that I have always been the best person I could be, or the best wife I could be or the best mother I could be.  I, like most of you, live in a cycle driven life.  I can say that since I turned fifty, I have began to look at my life in a new perspective.  I weigh my actions more and try to understand what my God has asked of me in a whole new light.  You might say that for the first time in my life I have asked what can I do for my God and not just what can he do for me.  I am not sure if it is that the Lord has taken hold of my life in a stronger way, or if I have taken hold of my salvation and the love of God in a whole different way.  I read my Bible much, much more and I actually read it in a way I never have in all of my life. I ask God to guide me with much more need and seeking of his answers for me.  I think I have made the devil much more aware of my existence, as I have really never done before.  I think that part of being more intune with Gods plans for you is that you are much more on the devil's radar as he see your faith and is much more afraid of it.  He takes it upon himself to see if he can break your faith, so that you don't share it with others.  He doesn't want you to reach out and help others see the glory of God.  He doesn't want you to be a person that some one might ask God about, or you to tell others about God.  He gives you more trials and troubles hoping to crush your faith.  I have always had the most tribulations, and the most miracles, happen in my life when I am working at my faith.  I know that I will be rewarded in heaven for works, and that the Lord gives me encouragement in this life as well but there are days when the devils persecutions way heavy on my heart.  I, in ways, find the trials a blessing because I am sure I am only worth the devil's scrutiny when I am the closest to the Lord.....

I am sad to say I have had cycles of faith, less and more, less and more, but I am not sad to say that with understand I can try and break the cycling in the remainder of my life,  Oh, to have a life that the devils feels that need to abuse you,  Oh, to have such a wondrous life that belief in God could bring that. I may never get to enjoy that kind of life but I can try.... I hope you seek to try as well..... tomorrow.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Snow all around, goats all tucked in to their pen, others to harvest.

The snow is beautiful all over the ground, the goats are all put into the barn pens.  The two old grand dames have their own special digs where the younger generations don't pester them.  We have a number of goats to harvest that we won't be wintering.  The weather is well and truly cold enough to harvest and hang them before processing them.  Miss Chops will be coming home from her date this week end.  Charolette will be glad to have her momma back, she truly does miss her.  I think she will eventually acclimate to being alone once she has her babies, we will probably put them back together once their babies are weaned.  The Berkshires are well and truly at home with their three pen mates.  They are several weeks younger but seem to be doing just fine the five of them. 

I got all my sauerkraut canned, some I canned with crushed pepper, some with juniper and some with dill seed just to see if we liked the taste of the different flavors.  I have new shelves, thanks to Poppie who put them in, but they are all filled up so Poppie is making more for me to can some goat.  I think I will can some, grind most of it and make shanks, as Poppie actually like the shanks made into stew, funny he doesn't usually like stew.  The ribs I will leave in tack it make a good base for making stock or canning soups.  I think we will be harvesting 5 goats.  Two older and 3 weanling's. 

I made shampoo yesterday, have to still make more laundry soap this week.  I am hoping to rebatch some of the ones I don't like from last summer into nice pretty bars and list them on ETSy, I am getting close to only listing on ETSY, I am finally to a place where I sell more on ETSy than Ebay, I may still do some listing on EBay but will probably close my store as it cost me a monthly fee and the ETSY one does not.  I am hoping to continue my selling improvements on ETSY.  I think I will move some of the Ebay stuff to ETSY.

I am going to be listing my upluks soon, today if Bubbles and Cubbie let me have some time, but probably not. They like all of the attention and listing takes time out of their sight, since I only do it on my PC and not the laptop. I can make soap though so the day will not be unproductive.  Poppie has been sick most of the week and is feeling better today so that is a blessing. 

Today life goes on and I am more resolved to let the world push itself off of the cliff of history.  I can not make a difference by participating against the horde of ever more sinful values and ways so, I like many of my friends, may not try so much and just start to batten down for the devastation to come.  I can only think that God is in charge and his time to finish it maybe on the horizon.  I do fervently hope that you are among his sheep when the Shepard returns to collect his flock.... tomorrow.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Does your life have cause? Do you have a cause?

I often wonder at the lifes of people, especially really old people.  The things they have seen and the things they have accomplished.  My great aunt Arzeta just died in the last two weeks.  I had only meant her a couple of times.  She was the older sister of my grandfather, he died 28 years ago.  Odd to think that he has been gone so very long and she, his older sibling, lived on in to true old age.  She was born in 1907, she was 10 years older than my grandfather wouldn't have been.  She lived through so much in her long life, the sinking of the titanic, the first and second world wars, the Korean war, vietnam, the Iraq wars, Afghanistan.  She lived through the depression, the sixties and free love.  She saw woman be able to join the work force and no longer have to be an at home mom if they chose not to be, she saw the decline of our moral fiber, open homosexuality and the legalization of abortion.  She saw our country go from being the biggest super power that ever was to the current edge of our country falling into decline.  What wonders she truly saw in her life time.  I didn't know her well enough to know any of her opinions on any of these milestones but as I did know my grandfather quite well, I can't think that she would have had pride in alot of the outcomings of the last 100 years.  I am sure there were great moments of sure pride in our country as well. She, maybe, didn't have come to think of it, she spent a great deal of her time in Canada, and lived there for a majority of it, but I am sure she kept tabs on the country of her birth.

I wonder did she have a cause in her life?  Or did her life have cause?  I don't think that having a cause and living a life of cause are one and the same thing.  Having a cause is having a passion, it is something you care about, promote and work to and for.  Do you know people with a cause?  I do they give their all to that cause.  They have a passion you can see in everything they do.  They devote time to it, glorify in it and strive for it.  I know a lot of Christians that have a cause for God, I also know lukewarm Christians that don't have a cause in God, they just float along.  I think having a cause in God is one of the most important things you can do in your life.  I am thinking my aunt probably had a cause in God.  Do you, I try to, I am not an in your face person, well for the most part I do have my moments, as most of you can attest to, but I digress.  I do have a cause in God for my children, my husband and for anyone I think might want to talk to me or are open to God.  I have you to give my cause to don't I?  I think that one of the things I have come to understand about my blog is that it is a great deal about having a cause for God.  I think if my failures, ups and downs can give you a glimpse of God that is in and of itself a cause for God isn't it?  I do think as I age I will pick up the cause of God more and more and someday I will be a truly passionate cause driven witness to God.  I think my life is leading me that way...

Do you live a cause driven life? I don't think that having a cause is the same as living a cause, well they can be the same but they are more likely than not different.  I would say that the biggest cause I have had in my life is the cause of children.  I helped raise my siblings in many ways.  You can't really come from a big family and not, especially if you are the oldest.  The reality was that as a very young child I could change diapers, hold a bottle, help give baths, help spoon feed a baby, keep and eye on them when mom was doing something else.  You learn to do dishes, wash and vacuuming young, cooking is of necessity taught young as a mom of a large family doesn't always have time, or is sick and pregnant with a soon to be new sibling.  You become the sounding block for your siblings, some of the younger ones can look to you as a second mother in ways, you were there after all to hug them, wipe tears, pick them up and cuddle them if mom didn't have time.  Does that kind of comforting build a semi-mother relationship?  I as an older teen helped my mom babysit other peoples kids after the babies no longer came.  I raised my own, God asked me to start over and raise two more that needed to be my own, I help with my grands and the pseudo grands.  I think well and truly raising kids has been the biggest cause of my life, intended or not.  God never makes a mistake he gives us a cause in our lives like it or not.  I tend to like kids and almost all like me, even kids that don't like anybody.  I think another life cause I have is animals, can't turn my back on a lost one and they love me, though I would never pick one over an unborn babies life for any reason.  I love animals but not one is as special or precious as a human baby. 

Causes do you need one? do you  have one? do you want one?  I think God has one for all of us, maybe you should asked God what it is and step up and take it on, embrace it.  Is it awaiting you to find it and is it something that will bring such joy to you life?  I do know that I am hoping that I have found my cause if not God most assuredly will see that I get it and get on it.  ...... tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sadly we no longer live in a Christian country... I had hope, as hope springs eternal, Gods will be done.

I by nature am a optimist, I just happen to live with a pessimist so some times it gets hard to see the good in things and in the future.  I pray to God alot to get by sometimes when I am in a low.  I do believe that things come in threes and so look for the completion of cycles to get on to the good.  Sandy, Family meeting and the Election have completed the cycle for me this week.  All did not go well, all effect peoples live in unchangeable ways and all have long reaching consequences. 

I had heard it said we no longer lived in a Christian Country but I said no surely that many American have not turned their backs on the Lord. Statistics say that 92 percent of American believe in God but not nearly that many are Christians, Republican are more likely to be Christian and Democrats are more likely to believe in a higher power and reincarnation.  Though the devil is gaining ground, 71 percent of people believe in him.  I have been a avid history buff my whole life and I should be ecstatic at watching history unfold before me,  but I am ashamed to say I am witnessing the beginning of the end of our glorious country.  History does repeat itself over and over because we as humans never learn....

British historian Paul Kennedy, in his study of The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict from 1500 to 2000, concludes that

"The triumph of any one Great Power in this period, or the collapse of another, has usually been the consequence of lengthy fighting by its armed forces; but it has also been the consequence of the more or less efficient utilization of the state's productive economic resources in wartime, and, further in the background, of the way in which that state's economy had been rising or falling, relative to the other leading nations, in the decades preceding the actual conflict."

We are well and truly down the path to our own destruction as a nation, by his own plans he. BO, plans to spend to where our national debt will be 20 trillion by 2016, by all accounts this will topple the United States of American, I never dreamed I would witness the fall of the glorious experiment we call America.  God has given us the prophesies of revelations and we really should pay more attention to them, if this is not the end of times we are speeding as fast as we can toward the end of time.  God is in power and knows all.  He knew all who would accept his grace before time began and he created all for man kind.  He sees our destruction and knows it's end.  He knows who will join the devil in hell, funny even the Liberals believe in the devil and I have no idea why they so want to join him in his domain.  I hope the vote accomplished what you seek in life because it is definitely not the country I was born in and not the one that the forefathers created.

I never thought I would ever have to live in a country where saving of animals was a higher priority than the murder of unborn babies, where we didn't celebrate Christmas but had holidays, where God was shunned in place of gods of all beliefs, where people didn't want to work in a free capitalist society but want socialism and hands outs, where my children have no dream of accomplishing great things but have the failed socialist ideology to look forward to, a country that is no longer number one and people look up to us but a country with it's hand out looking to borrow more so it can keep it's peoples happy by redistribution and hand outs.  Sad I am witnessing the decline of the greatest country that ever was and maybe in my life time or my children or grands life time the end of time because of the current ideology of the majority of this nation.  So sad, I atleast can know that I did not contribute to the failure of the dream that once was America, can you?.... tomorrow.   

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today we vote. You have the right to or not and thank God in America you still have the right to an opinion either way.

Today we go to the polls to vote our conscience.  I hear all the time "if you don't vote you don't have a right to complain" well that is wrong.  You have the right, thank goodness, in this country to have an opinion whether you vote or not.  NO, we are not like the "new democratic" countries that force all of their peoples to vote, usually for the assigned nominee, is that really what you would prefer? people being made to vote and then not having the ability to have an opinion either way about their leader. They voted so they should be able to have an opinion right? No, they don't but we still do, the right to vote, not the obligation to, not the if you do you can participate in the rest of your rights mentality, but the right to vote or not to vote.  We still have the right in this country to be a part of the government, which is voting, or not.  We have all the rights that the bill of rights gave us as American, vote or not. 

Today you have the right to vote, go exercise it if you are of a mind, if not you like the rest of us get to deal with the outcome, good or bad. I truly hope that the Lord blesses us with the one he wants us to have leading us.  I do like that in this country you still have the right to say that, I can believe in God and joy in him, or I can love on the devil and know that this is the only life I get.  Both blessings; voting, one of our freedoms of speech, and freedom of religion.  Let's hope that your vote keeps all of those options on the table in the future. ...... tomorrow.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Sometimes in life you get blindsided so hard it puts you on your knees, and sometimes it is exactly what you need to see what God wants you to see.  It gives you a very clear view of the evil that surrounds you, it gives God a chance to guide you down the pathway he wants you to go down.  Sometimes it gives you a very clear idea of who to trust, who not to and who to run from.  Sometimes it can make, or break, a man that has the love of God on his side.  Sometimes God works his wondrous love in such odd ways and sometimes from tears can come the new, or rebirth, of a man that God has chosen to help..... Sometimes is such a glorious awakening... Woe be to those who under estimate the things that a man, with God on his side, can accomplish.  God does answer all prayers, sometimes today, and sometimes tomorrow, and sometimes by putting you on your knees from a hard left hook.  Sometimes God just wants to get you to pay attention when he answers your prayers, and decides to bless you... tomorrow.

Berkshires come to Nannyland, yay.

We had a nice worship service. The Preacher and Pianist have just recently celebrated their first 5 years here in Superior. We heard about the first years of struggling to continue with the Church being so small. They got support, got jobs, and now in the last year the Church is growing and God is showing them they did the right thing to stay. Their daughter has now mover to Montana so they don't miss all of their family so much, they still don't get to see their other daughter and Grands like they might but Montana and it's people have melted their hearts to the calling the Lord sent them to. They are here for good. We are blessed to have them. Right after Church we were on our way to Polson. We stopped at subway to get footlongs and our journey began. The Ladies got to see buffalo, swans, the lake and ninepipe bird reserve. The Missions were beautiful, as always. We played eye spy with my little eye, and one round Poppie joined in. The day was nice with no real rain. We got to our destination and Our Crazy Goat lady was ready to have us see her little menagerie. She has two horses, that Yogie couldn't get enough of, 10 or 15 goats, including Shamrock who was one of my first Boer babies. He is most definitely the king of his world. He is a more magnificent buck than his father, a true son of his mother. She also had 6 pigs, two giants that meandered with the goats, ducks and geese and who really knows what. Poppie could for the first time see one of my crazy goat ladies up close and personal, he said they are truly crazier than me, see I told him he just didn't believe. The piggies were in a kennel, Poppie and I transferred them to our bigger kennel. Poppie got bit by one of them, they were very scared of all the new goings on. They are adorable. They are black with white the are too cute.

  I have been reading up on Berkshires. They are used exclusively in 5 stare restaurants because of the taste of their meat. They have marbles meat and are considered the best of the porks. That was exciting to know, now we just have to wait a year to get our first crop and then until the piglets will grow to adult size. I am so excited. They make a great meat crossed with other breeds as well, we intend to cross the boar with our present Sows, that is still a year plus to a resulting meat as well but we are down the path to heritage pigs and that is a blessing. The Crazy Goat Lady from Polson had some red wattle crosses as well, they are a heritage pig as well, she is not breeding them but has them for meat. We have seen wattles in goats but it was the first time we had seen the wattles in pigs. There is a breeder in Koski but they are more expensive than the Berkshires, well not really since  my dear Goat lady cut me a dirt cheap deal to help us get started raising them, sort of pay back for getting her started on the Boer goats with Shamrock. Kindness repaid is always such a blessing. Never underestimate the kindness you can share in your life, it is a blessing to people and sometime God gives it back to you.

They are really cute and different than what we have. The new ones are a couple weeks or so younger than the three little piglets we are raising as market pigs but they will get on well together. So there is no need right was for a separate pen.  We will eventually move Oreo, the boar, to the first cabin pen we have as it is vacant. Our second sow, Charlotte, will get the pen the little piglets are in in a couple of months as she will soon be a new mamma, she is currently in a pen with her Momma, Swiss Miss Chops "Chops", who is out at Mokies for breeding. She misses her momma so it is good they are apart, Charlotte has never been alone and it is hard on her but not sure it would be a good idea to allow them to both have babies in the same pen, that might just be a disaster in the making so we are going to separate them. The little piglets will go into the old turkey pen, we have to take out a wall to expand in full length of the barn but they will have a pen of there own. We are thinking we are going to free range the pigs in the big goat pen some this year to see how it goes. It worked at The Crazy Goat Lady from Polson's and I have seen it on the Berkshire sites, and as Poppie has now seen it it will be easier for him to get behind. Though Chops and Charlotte are in the goat pen alot on their own, Charlotte likes to eat with the goats in the hay manger and they don't seem to mind her. It will make for better meat I think, and that is always a consideration in the end. I hope you have a great day, remember the Lord loves you and has an open invitation for eternal life for one and all, seek your gift of grace.... tomorrow.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bountiful Baskets again, Berkshire piglets today, Benghazi and Sandy hope they open some eyes.

I got to go to Bountiful Baskets with Lady again yesterday, we showed up on time and they were already into full blown assembly.  We did get to see a new updated operation designed to keep mistakes from happening it was great to see the changes made and to witness that the co-op is definitely an evolving endeavor.  I have several phone calls to make this week hoping to make some strides toward having our on Bountiful Basket Co-op here.  I do so hope that we are accepted as it would be such a benefit to our community.  I think it is something that Lady and I are truly going to enjoy helping the community get, so keep your fingers crossed and you prayers on our getting it.

Poppie, the Ladies and I are going to go to Polson today to get our two little Berkshire piglets, they are 6 weeks old today.  Bug might come along, if he doesn't have to stay here to assist a friend that is coming for wood, and maybe bringing our square posts for making our cellar/green house in the spring.  We are really excited about getting the posts, they will be such a God send, they are treated and will make such a wondrous cellar, the well will be encapsulated into it and there will be a green house on top.  It will be a nice addition to our little farm, we will grow squash on the outside as well so a whole new endeavor to be looked forward to.  It will give us a much better growing area in the current greenhouse and garden also.  I digress, sorry got so excited about the possibilities.  We are really curious to see our new little piggies.  My dad said they will have little scrunched wrinkly noses.  They are all black so they will be fun to get to see as they grow,  they are heritage piglets so they will give us so many new options in pig raising.  More lard hopefully, I love lard so many possibilities and it is almost impossible to get it without bha in it.  I know, how disgusting.  We will hopefully soon, well soon is relative, have clean natural lard to add to our pies, and baked goods.  I know some of you are aghast well I tell you open your eyes and read Nourishing Traditions and wrap your arms around the food that God gave us and stop eating the crap that doctors and nutritionists are telling you to put in to your bodies, really when did heart disease take a hold of our country?  1920 to 1930's yeah, about the same time the Oil company's started marketing 'rapeseed', they renamed it Canola and began paying doctors to promote it.... Read the Book, get enlightened on a real level, beware of what you eat, eat as close to the dirt as you can and God will guide you.  okay, climbing down.....

Benghazi and Sandy may just help to open some of the eyes of the blindly lead people of the Pied Piper we call BO, you know that one that sings a tune and leads people down a road of lies and catastrophe.  I hope , really hope, that Sandy blew some since into millions of peoples minds and opened their eyes to him.  Really? "I will help and cut through red tape and get you what you need", well except that I have to go to Vegas and get more money but I will help you, yay right, asked the people starving, thirsty and with out heat if he made good on that promise?  Benghazi is just unimaginably horrendous, Democrats nearly hung Nixon all those years ago for Watergate, yes he was guilty of lying to protect his men, no one died and the media hounded him into obscurity for years.  Benghazi Gate has 4 murdered men, a President that knew months in advance the dangers that his men were in so he took away their security detail, didn't send help when they were begging for their lives and let them get murders so he could say "Al qeada" is on the run and I did that"  no they weren't it is stronger than ever and the liberal media is the liar and chiefs lap dogs.  Oh, how the standards they do differ.  Liberals, and Democrats need to get their heads out of their bums and understand that they are being lead down the garden path by a very dangerous man, but hope of all hope maybe, just maybe, they have over played their hand and on Tuesday we can get this country going down the right path again.  I know beyond a doubt a hundred years from now that Obama will be proven to be the worst president, and mistake is leadership, that this country ever made.  Change and hope are finally within our grasp, let's pray we grab it with gusto.  I pray that a landslide election sends a mandate that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and BO can't ignore and end up shaking their heads at the delusions they were trying to perpetrate on us and shoved down our throats for way way to long,..... tomorrow.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Doomsday preppers, the end of time, Dec 21, 2012, What is our reality, Will Obama really bring it on?

It is funny to me that so much is being made of the end of time in the last few years.  I recall working in Lewiston Idaho, in 1979, as being the first time I was actually made aware of people who looked to the end of time. They were the two lovely ladies I worked for, I was a waitress, they were sure the signs of Revelations were upon us and no one would see 2000.  Well I have not seen them since 1979, I moved home to Montana, and the Lord blessed me to have meant Poppie, but that is another tale and another blog, I digress.  I am not sure if either of the lovely ladies lived to 2000, as they were both elderly, so maybe their end of time was before 2000.  Anyway, I hadn't really contemplated the end of days, time or Armageddon to any real extent.  I was too busy living my life, one in which I don't really worry about next year much less the end of days and time. 

A couple of years ago on TV I saw the main stream media anchors making fun of an old Preacher that was preaching doomsday.  Well they really laughed at the stately old gentleman when his second date fell through and the end of time was not as he had calculated it.  Sadly so many of his followers lost a lot due to following his prophecies.  I have watched a show called doomsday preppers and the thing those people do in their lives looking to the end of time are truly outrageous.  One fat lady thought that her being 100 pounds over weight would be an asset in the time to come, she would have more saved up fuel to endure longer.  Okay.  I now have numerous friends who aren't actual off gridders but they are as close as you can get without being and they are semi-preppers.  I watch as a movie about Dec 21, 2012 expounds upon the beliefs of the Mayan calendars end.  I have Christian friends that look to Revelations longing for the end of days.  Last week at Church the Preacher, said he wanted Obama not to win for our lives in America to get better but should Obama win he would rejoice on a spiritual level, well his words were different but it was him meaning, because the end of time would be upon us sooner, that Obama could be the catalyst toward the prophesies of revelations. 

I still find that I have no real worries in my life about doomsday or the end of days, I simple don't have time to put forth much thoughts about it.  I have read revelations this week and checked out the commentaries on it, but I generally read about the same amount of the bible anyway so I just decided to use that time to read up on the end of time.  Is the calculations of the current evangelists possible?  Is the end of time nearer?  Well I am sure that the end of time is nearer than when the Apostles first looked to it in their life times.  I am sure it is nearer that when what ever past generation looked to it in their life time.  I am not sure that I am looking for it in my lifetime, I can see where some people read into our times the season of the end but I am not sure I am brave enough to pray for the end of time like some of my friends, or the Preacher.  I am not sure I have to faith to not want to see my children live to old age, or my grandkids.  I do love my life and know that heaven will be so much more that I will wonder why I didn't pray daily for the end of my time on earth but I am actually happy with my life, love my kids and adore my Poppie, and can't bring myself to prayer for our life eternal to come sooner.  I know that their is a crown for those who look to the end of time, but I am not there in my life to prayer for it with my soul or heart, that makes me a sinner I know, but I sin everyday and know I fail. 

What is your thoughts on the end of time, is it coming in our life times?  our children's? our grandchildren's? A thousand years hence or is it like the Lord Jesus says, only in God's time.... tomorrow.