Sunday, November 18, 2012

Potluck, kids everywhere, time alone is priceless... or is it?

I have had a month of kids everywhere, more than usual if that is possible.  I seem to have Bug for dinner everynight, Dimples is here but doesn't always eat, Cubbie, Bubbles and Boy make it at least four nights a week, and I usually feed Bubbles and Cubbie three meals about four days a week.  I thought by this time in my life I would be down to just me and Poppie, but I guess that is not what God intended for me in this life.  I do feel like a restaurant sometimes but then this cranky old cook has gotten less likely to cook on your whim and what you want than she used to.  Cubbie was in trouble one day this week, she threw her soup and sandwich in the trash and told Nannie she was done.  She got to spend time in the corner for lying, and sort of for not eating her food but not as much.  Bubbles likes food and tells Nannie, "eat! eat?"  or "I done" when she has had enough.  She talks really well for an eleven month old. I am glad I have canning as I am not sure how I would feed them all without it, well I am sure the Lord would provide, if I didn't.  I don't cook them anything fancy they just have to eat what I give them. 

I once had a year of just me and Poppie, it was eleven years ago.  We got to do things we had never done before, it was kind of nice to have the time alone but I think that we were sort of lost on our own, maybe that is why God saw fit to send us two new packages of love to raise after a year of being alone. It was priceless to have time with Poppie, but it was not all that it was crack up to be, so I think God has plans for us all and did give us a respite before he gave us two more daughters, 9 grands, some of them we see more than others, and a slew of pseudo grands and all the add ons that children seem to collect.  I think God has a plan for me and Poppie to have alone time he just decided it should be when we are actually old, say in our 70's or 80', and we will be well and truly in to great grands to play with then.  I wonder if I will have the same amount of drop ins to feed then? probably. Poppie is never going to get rid of his gardening, no rest for the weeders, and the goats will still be the bane of his life, well, except for the ones he is particularly fond of, for some reason they are darlings and could not have done anything wrong. It is always one of my goats that for sure caused the problems..  Life is such a joy, well I guess you have to be here, do you really know anyone that volunteers for a house full of kids, and sometimes the kids aren't human, dogs, a cat or two, and chaos all the time?  People who stop by think it must be an unusual days at my house because of the excitement going on around their visit and I say no, just another day at the circus of life we call home....God really does give you all you need, and want, you just have to ask for it and be prepared to have it... tomorrow.

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