Thursday, November 8, 2012

Does your life have cause? Do you have a cause?

I often wonder at the lifes of people, especially really old people.  The things they have seen and the things they have accomplished.  My great aunt Arzeta just died in the last two weeks.  I had only meant her a couple of times.  She was the older sister of my grandfather, he died 28 years ago.  Odd to think that he has been gone so very long and she, his older sibling, lived on in to true old age.  She was born in 1907, she was 10 years older than my grandfather wouldn't have been.  She lived through so much in her long life, the sinking of the titanic, the first and second world wars, the Korean war, vietnam, the Iraq wars, Afghanistan.  She lived through the depression, the sixties and free love.  She saw woman be able to join the work force and no longer have to be an at home mom if they chose not to be, she saw the decline of our moral fiber, open homosexuality and the legalization of abortion.  She saw our country go from being the biggest super power that ever was to the current edge of our country falling into decline.  What wonders she truly saw in her life time.  I didn't know her well enough to know any of her opinions on any of these milestones but as I did know my grandfather quite well, I can't think that she would have had pride in alot of the outcomings of the last 100 years.  I am sure there were great moments of sure pride in our country as well. She, maybe, didn't have come to think of it, she spent a great deal of her time in Canada, and lived there for a majority of it, but I am sure she kept tabs on the country of her birth.

I wonder did she have a cause in her life?  Or did her life have cause?  I don't think that having a cause and living a life of cause are one and the same thing.  Having a cause is having a passion, it is something you care about, promote and work to and for.  Do you know people with a cause?  I do they give their all to that cause.  They have a passion you can see in everything they do.  They devote time to it, glorify in it and strive for it.  I know a lot of Christians that have a cause for God, I also know lukewarm Christians that don't have a cause in God, they just float along.  I think having a cause in God is one of the most important things you can do in your life.  I am thinking my aunt probably had a cause in God.  Do you, I try to, I am not an in your face person, well for the most part I do have my moments, as most of you can attest to, but I digress.  I do have a cause in God for my children, my husband and for anyone I think might want to talk to me or are open to God.  I have you to give my cause to don't I?  I think that one of the things I have come to understand about my blog is that it is a great deal about having a cause for God.  I think if my failures, ups and downs can give you a glimpse of God that is in and of itself a cause for God isn't it?  I do think as I age I will pick up the cause of God more and more and someday I will be a truly passionate cause driven witness to God.  I think my life is leading me that way...

Do you live a cause driven life? I don't think that having a cause is the same as living a cause, well they can be the same but they are more likely than not different.  I would say that the biggest cause I have had in my life is the cause of children.  I helped raise my siblings in many ways.  You can't really come from a big family and not, especially if you are the oldest.  The reality was that as a very young child I could change diapers, hold a bottle, help give baths, help spoon feed a baby, keep and eye on them when mom was doing something else.  You learn to do dishes, wash and vacuuming young, cooking is of necessity taught young as a mom of a large family doesn't always have time, or is sick and pregnant with a soon to be new sibling.  You become the sounding block for your siblings, some of the younger ones can look to you as a second mother in ways, you were there after all to hug them, wipe tears, pick them up and cuddle them if mom didn't have time.  Does that kind of comforting build a semi-mother relationship?  I as an older teen helped my mom babysit other peoples kids after the babies no longer came.  I raised my own, God asked me to start over and raise two more that needed to be my own, I help with my grands and the pseudo grands.  I think well and truly raising kids has been the biggest cause of my life, intended or not.  God never makes a mistake he gives us a cause in our lives like it or not.  I tend to like kids and almost all like me, even kids that don't like anybody.  I think another life cause I have is animals, can't turn my back on a lost one and they love me, though I would never pick one over an unborn babies life for any reason.  I love animals but not one is as special or precious as a human baby. 

Causes do you need one? do you  have one? do you want one?  I think God has one for all of us, maybe you should asked God what it is and step up and take it on, embrace it.  Is it awaiting you to find it and is it something that will bring such joy to you life?  I do know that I am hoping that I have found my cause if not God most assuredly will see that I get it and get on it.  ...... tomorrow.

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