Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sadly we no longer live in a Christian country... I had hope, as hope springs eternal, Gods will be done.

I by nature am a optimist, I just happen to live with a pessimist so some times it gets hard to see the good in things and in the future.  I pray to God alot to get by sometimes when I am in a low.  I do believe that things come in threes and so look for the completion of cycles to get on to the good.  Sandy, Family meeting and the Election have completed the cycle for me this week.  All did not go well, all effect peoples live in unchangeable ways and all have long reaching consequences. 

I had heard it said we no longer lived in a Christian Country but I said no surely that many American have not turned their backs on the Lord. Statistics say that 92 percent of American believe in God but not nearly that many are Christians, Republican are more likely to be Christian and Democrats are more likely to believe in a higher power and reincarnation.  Though the devil is gaining ground, 71 percent of people believe in him.  I have been a avid history buff my whole life and I should be ecstatic at watching history unfold before me,  but I am ashamed to say I am witnessing the beginning of the end of our glorious country.  History does repeat itself over and over because we as humans never learn....

British historian Paul Kennedy, in his study of The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict from 1500 to 2000, concludes that

"The triumph of any one Great Power in this period, or the collapse of another, has usually been the consequence of lengthy fighting by its armed forces; but it has also been the consequence of the more or less efficient utilization of the state's productive economic resources in wartime, and, further in the background, of the way in which that state's economy had been rising or falling, relative to the other leading nations, in the decades preceding the actual conflict."

We are well and truly down the path to our own destruction as a nation, by his own plans he. BO, plans to spend to where our national debt will be 20 trillion by 2016, by all accounts this will topple the United States of American, I never dreamed I would witness the fall of the glorious experiment we call America.  God has given us the prophesies of revelations and we really should pay more attention to them, if this is not the end of times we are speeding as fast as we can toward the end of time.  God is in power and knows all.  He knew all who would accept his grace before time began and he created all for man kind.  He sees our destruction and knows it's end.  He knows who will join the devil in hell, funny even the Liberals believe in the devil and I have no idea why they so want to join him in his domain.  I hope the vote accomplished what you seek in life because it is definitely not the country I was born in and not the one that the forefathers created.

I never thought I would ever have to live in a country where saving of animals was a higher priority than the murder of unborn babies, where we didn't celebrate Christmas but had holidays, where God was shunned in place of gods of all beliefs, where people didn't want to work in a free capitalist society but want socialism and hands outs, where my children have no dream of accomplishing great things but have the failed socialist ideology to look forward to, a country that is no longer number one and people look up to us but a country with it's hand out looking to borrow more so it can keep it's peoples happy by redistribution and hand outs.  Sad I am witnessing the decline of the greatest country that ever was and maybe in my life time or my children or grands life time the end of time because of the current ideology of the majority of this nation.  So sad, I atleast can know that I did not contribute to the failure of the dream that once was America, can you?.... tomorrow.   

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