Friday, November 9, 2012

Snow all around, goats all tucked in to their pen, others to harvest.

The snow is beautiful all over the ground, the goats are all put into the barn pens.  The two old grand dames have their own special digs where the younger generations don't pester them.  We have a number of goats to harvest that we won't be wintering.  The weather is well and truly cold enough to harvest and hang them before processing them.  Miss Chops will be coming home from her date this week end.  Charolette will be glad to have her momma back, she truly does miss her.  I think she will eventually acclimate to being alone once she has her babies, we will probably put them back together once their babies are weaned.  The Berkshires are well and truly at home with their three pen mates.  They are several weeks younger but seem to be doing just fine the five of them. 

I got all my sauerkraut canned, some I canned with crushed pepper, some with juniper and some with dill seed just to see if we liked the taste of the different flavors.  I have new shelves, thanks to Poppie who put them in, but they are all filled up so Poppie is making more for me to can some goat.  I think I will can some, grind most of it and make shanks, as Poppie actually like the shanks made into stew, funny he doesn't usually like stew.  The ribs I will leave in tack it make a good base for making stock or canning soups.  I think we will be harvesting 5 goats.  Two older and 3 weanling's. 

I made shampoo yesterday, have to still make more laundry soap this week.  I am hoping to rebatch some of the ones I don't like from last summer into nice pretty bars and list them on ETSy, I am getting close to only listing on ETSY, I am finally to a place where I sell more on ETSy than Ebay, I may still do some listing on EBay but will probably close my store as it cost me a monthly fee and the ETSY one does not.  I am hoping to continue my selling improvements on ETSY.  I think I will move some of the Ebay stuff to ETSY.

I am going to be listing my upluks soon, today if Bubbles and Cubbie let me have some time, but probably not. They like all of the attention and listing takes time out of their sight, since I only do it on my PC and not the laptop. I can make soap though so the day will not be unproductive.  Poppie has been sick most of the week and is feeling better today so that is a blessing. 

Today life goes on and I am more resolved to let the world push itself off of the cliff of history.  I can not make a difference by participating against the horde of ever more sinful values and ways so, I like many of my friends, may not try so much and just start to batten down for the devastation to come.  I can only think that God is in charge and his time to finish it maybe on the horizon.  I do fervently hope that you are among his sheep when the Shepard returns to collect his flock.... tomorrow.

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