Friday, November 16, 2012

Crazy is as crazy can't help those who don't want it or aren't able to take it.

I guess that this week has been a week of crazies, or maybe it is a year of crazies, or is it that the world it spinning more and more into the crazy realm.  The politics of this last phase was historic,  will probably be the norm and not the exception in the future how sad for our country, the crazies are defiantly winning out against the normal.  I had noticed so much strife in this cycle that I tried to limit any comments I made on facebook as it seemed to set crazies off, you reading my blog get no such consideration, you are here of your own accord so you have to take what you get, my opinion.  Often on facebook I noticed a person on my facebook list of friends, someone I knew only really in passing, I usually don't do that but some of the people on facebook aren't actually my friends, will be checking my list to make alterations from here on out.  I am also going to take advantage of the subscription aspect to keep my friends separate, but I digress.  Any way this woman I sort of know seemed erratic, she would occasionally rant and rave about various things.  One time it would be that she was an atheist and didn't give a dam that people didn't like it or other times she would be whining about being maligned on facebook.  Her statuses would come across and I would think oh, some one hurt her, how sad.  Well, I have learned that reading one side of a status is defiantly not the whole story, the hard way.  Earlier this week I forward a status, I didn't think it was political, not really, but maybe it was.  It was about a person that was on assistance but just because you saw their kids wearing name brand clothes, or them driving a fancy car or others things along that line didn't mean, you knew their circumstance, like that they got their clothes at good will and the car was their mothers. They still needed the assistance to feed their kids. I thought it was a good status to forward, it showed us that we needed to have compassion.  Immediately the crazy lady commented in an extreme negative.  I, and two other of my friends, commented with compassion for the less fortunate in our communities and society.  Well, we were immediately attacked by the crazy lady.  She made it out that we were attacking her personally.  No one had and no one had that intent.  We were actually having a nice debate, a little political but mostly about compassion for your fellow man.  The crazy lady went to her facebook page and put out one of those poor me, people are picking on me, and I am really such a good person status, and unfriended the three of us.  I did one better I blocked her, I am to old to deal with the truly insane, mean and out and out gossips in this community.  So next time you read a status whining about abuse beware, there is another side, maybe even a sane one. 

Seems I have attracted the crazys this week,  Lady and I went out on one of our very rare outings to breakfast, seems I can't put it out on my blog, in advance of the joy of my outings, because the crazy stalker that harasses my life, because she hasn't one of her own, came in to spy on us.  She has the last three time I have actually gotten to go to breakfast so not a coincidence, they just don't happen that often, if ever. You really can't fix crazy, but you can watch it and make sure not to turn your back on it.

I have also had occasion this week to talk to several people about religion, I know I really do ask for it don't I, politic and religion, I don't get out much... lol.  I am not suggesting the religion conversations were crazy people conversations it is just a convenient segway into a similarly controversial topic.  Anyway,  I spoke to a young lady, I won't say who or even give hint of a relationship to me, friend or family, or on any of the following conversations, about God.   She, I said, would have been my guess to have been working toward a relationship before others I could think of, her response totally took me by surprise.  She said she couldn't go to a church that didn't have a building.  I said "what?"  I couldn't believe that she couldn't get past the no building of their own thing.  I know that she has a strong faith driven background and couldn't fathom that was her answer,  I tried to explain that God was so much bigger than the building but she was adamant, maybe God is not talking loudly enough in her life, yet.  I had another occasion to talk to some one who is in fear of losing her loved one.  He is aged and is coming to the end of his life.  She is worried about his salvation.  She tried again to talk to him about it and he said, "I can't believe that a virgin had a baby, just can't"  She tried to tell him that God was so much bigger than a virgin birth.  She was so saddened, he unlike the young lady, doesn't have time to resolve a virgin birth with out God's intervention.  I pray God calls loudly to him.  I tried to comfort the lady but she was so sad.  The realist in me also had to say,  God knew his own before he ever created any of this universe and he has known from the beginning of time those who are his and those who will heed his call, and hear his word.  Some people are not capable of hearing the Lord, ever, as they have hardened their hearts and God knew them in the beginning as well.  It was so sad to see her sorrow.  I heard several other accounts of loved ones, hoping God works in their loved ones lives this week.  One a granddaughter who is a professed atheist, but thank God young and hasn't needed God yet.  One who has a loved one that has given up on life and has become so depressed she doesn't know how to ask for or accept real help.  We all have people we care about in our lives, and sorrow for their souls, with God there is still hope and we have to remember that he in the end knows his own as we can not.

I guess that in the end we do the best we can, the crazy's and the truly lost are not able to be helped if they won't allow themselves help.  It is our mission to be there for the ones who want our help, and need it, we are asked to carry God's word forth to those who can hear, we no not who can and who can't.... tomorrow.

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