Monday, November 19, 2012

Geneva or King James? rain, a blessing, upcycling, so many ideas so little time.

I have spent the morning, reading about the Puritans.  I am trying to understand which Bible they used.  I know that some think the King James and some think the Geneva.  I know that the Internet is full of "experts" that write of their own opinion on the subject and not the history of it, well not all, but a good portions of them. I see the biased of both camps but which is it really.  I think as I read it, it was probably both bibles.  I find the history of both the Geneva Bible and the King Jame Bibles very interesting.  If you haven't read it you should, you really should know of what you read.  I hear people say they only read the 1611 Authorised version, and really think that that is the year it is from, no, the Authorised version wasn't as it is now until 1769, which means they aren't actually reading a true 1611 version.  The King James wasn't even call the King James until 1715, prior to that it was called only The Holy Bible.  Have you ever read the history of king James the 1, Christians would be appalled at him and know he was not a Christian, on any level,  he actually would fit right in with the morals of our world.  But I digress.  I also have questions about the things said about the Geneva Bible but the history of it makes sense that it was defiantly on the Mayflower, probably both were if you really read the history.  I also read the there is historic artifacts that indicate that that was the case.  I know not why the Geneva bible went out of print in 1644, after 150 printings.  But do know that it was used as one of the bibles used to make the King James, the Geneva was translated in 1560 and was the first translation that had chapters, and an old testament and a new testament and that atleast 20 percent of the King James is copied straight from it.  I think in order to fully understand the beginnings of the King James Bible you should actually read the history of it.  And what of the Book of Common Prayer, or the Great Bible? I for one am not a King James only person, I know to some of you I have said something very sinful but I think God is so much bigger than a translation of the bible.  I do know that I read different bibles to see what they say, there are some I would never read but do like the ease a reading some.  I really like the King James, the newer King James and Revised Standard Version.  I am going to buy a Geneva, as old a copy as I can find and afford, and read it.  I think the God's Word is bigger than the arguments of who translated what, I think God gave us his Word and he makes sure we are able to read it as he meant it for us.  God is beyond the pettiness of man, and the arguments of translations are petty stumbling blocks that matter not to God, he will make sure his Word is given to our hearts as he wanted it to be.

It is raining, raining, raining today.  I don't like rain on the whole but if it gets the land wet and we don't have to have the nasty cold of winter, that hurts the bones of Poppie and me, then let it rain....  I have a stack of wool to upcycle today, I think it will give me a break from the cooking to begin later in the week, and the kids that will be under foot all week.  I have shipping to do later, many to send out to all sorts of places. 

The Preacher gave a message about thanks and giving.  We quite often remember that Thanksgiving is about giving thanks but do we remember that it is also about giving?  I plan to have the Ladies make a list of thanks that they have this year but I also want them to make a list of the giving they did, they should know in their hearts that Thanksgiving is about giving and serving, as is being a Christian.  Do you give of yourself to others?  do you give?  You don't have money? well most of us don't but giving is much more than money.  Do you give to others?  Do you know how?  Should you practice giving to others,  a smile is sometimes a glorious gift, nothing big but can make such a difference in a persons life.  Do you listen to people in need of a moment of your time and compassion?  There is so many ways to give that have nothing to do with money.  If you have money give it, go for it, but remember that true giving should come from the heart so with that check give something of yourself as well, and maybe just maybe you will be thankful for the smile you receive in return.... tomorrow.

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