Monday, November 12, 2012

Bullies are apples from the trees that bear them.....

My poor Booboo is having a distressing time at school, I think it has been going on for some time but she has only just brought it to my attention.  A boy, in a lesser grade, is spewing his mothers evil at my child.  I know it is coming from the mother because this summer one of her acquaintances, who did not know me but for the Farmer's Market, spewed the same garbage.  I was anger at the acquaintance for being a gossip, even if she was an unknowing gossip, still a gossip and gossiping is sinful.  The boy and his friends are bullying Booboo by saying the she doesn't have a mother, only a "grandmother".  I can tell you for certain sure my Booboo has a mother that loves her dearly.  She also has a biological mother that loves her and loved her dearly.  Only a loving mother could have so selflessly have done right by her children and given them a better home than she was able to provide at the time, a love I myself could not have given, I am much to selfish to have given them up.  I digress.  These bullies are making my Booboo's life miserable.  I asked her if she has spoken to her teacher about it and she hasn't so today she is going to.  If the boy's don't stop bullying her we will be contacting the principle.  NO, Child should have to suffer the bullying of another child, no matter how clueless the bully might be in the situation.  Booboo has a mother, loves her mother, knows her biological mother and loves her as well.  Adoption is a good thing for some many children, a blessing.  The bullies mother was adopted so this should have been a no brainer, but obviously the bullies mother had a dysfunctional adoption and is spewing hate to an innocent child, or is it two innocent children, maybe more as she has other children,  either way.  The bullying needs to stop.  Adoption is a loving and wonderful thing for so many children too bad adoption has created such a viscous generationally dysfunctional family that can't seem to leave my children alone.  

I am an adopted child of God and God protects his children and he will prevail for Booboo even though the devils spawn can't seem to quit trying to hurt her...... tomorrow.

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