Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Teddy's, upluks and lost loves...

I spent the better part of the day, yesterday, sewing up Teddy's, I had cut them out well over a year ago but as I can't find their eyes, which are some where in my studio or my office, without them I have not had any incentive to sew them up.  I am having fun seeing how they are coming out.  I made some that are all prim and proper, cut of the same fabric and some that are crazy upcycled creatures.  I am hoping to have mastered them so I can cut some mink ones and some Persian goat/lamb ones.  I have both glass and plastic eyes but for the life of my can't find them, I will have to look harder or maybe rearrange to uncover them.  I am making the old fashion ones with jointed arms, the joints were fun to work with but we are getting them down at this point. Poppie has to actually do the assembly of the joints as I am not strong enough to.  They are in the essence of the old Theodore Roosevelt ones, so they are not like our modern teddy's I kind of like that they are old traditional ones, especially matched up with the modern upcycling, or is it that the sillies have finally come back to the old traditions of reusing it if you have it, different time different word, still the same concept.  What do the modern think that woman made quilts our of in old times? old clothes.... duh.  Now you have to have expensive fancy material to even begin, not the way I was taught, maybe we were old upcyclers ahead of our time, or is it repurposers,  maybe it is just using what you have when you have it.

I am going to size upluks today and hopefully get some listed, I am going to start with the smalls as I have to look up the standards for the bigger sizes.  Many busy plans, but as most of you know I rarely get all, or sometimes, any of my plans accomplished in the time frame I set, so we will see what I actually get to do.  Cubbie is coming for Pre-school this morning, I hope she is not as naughty as she was yesterday.  She was so mouthy I almost gave her the scissors she said she was going to find to cut her hair off bald.  I am sure I would have been in trouble.  I did tell her she could use the front door when she told me she was going home and never coming back.  She never actually fulfilled her threat, how sad.  She finally settled down and watched Legend as she like the unicorns. I think the devil in it scared her to niceness.  Kind of funny I suppose. 

I have read two different emails or messages this morning laminating the lost loves of their lives.  I think that we should take heed of the people we knows losses.  I don't think any of us take council of our life's loves, we don't appreciate the love we have sometimes until we no longer have it.  I do know some who cherish the loves of their lives, and I am happy to see it, as I see so many who have lost and sorrow that they didn't.  I do know that I am lucky to have had Poppie in my life.  I can't imagine anyone else putting up with my idiosyncrasies as he has, my days of anger and my time of depression, though in that he enabled me out of love and never understood how to help so he helped me as he could.  He has tried to show me every day that he loves me and I have hopefully tried to say to him I have loved him always and am amazed that he has me.  I hope you have a chance to remember that love is precious, and special, it is not a given in this life but for the Lords love, so many never receive or know the love that some of us get so we should never take it for granted.  I look to the lovely ladies I know who live without theirs and long for the hereafter to see their loves again.  Love while you can, love openly and honestly, but most of all love whole heartily and give it your all..... tomorrow.

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