Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas trees, Christians and Paul Harvey....

I am looking forward to Christmas, it was once the day that the peoples of a greater part of the world stopped for a moment and celebrated the birth of Christ Jesus.  A good deal of the people I know, and I, still celebrate the glorious day that honors the birth of our Lord.  Most of us are aware that it is probably, by all accounts, not his birthday, or even close to his birthday, but what does that matter?  It is not about when he was actually born but that he was born and we have set aside that day to honor him.  I like to put up a Christmas tree, I know some think they are heathen and others now call them "holiday" trees.  The reality is that it is a tree that celebrates Christ's birth, not the birth of a holiday, what nonsense. To those of you that want to call it a holiday tree get your own holiday, make one up and celebrate it, to all you atheist with a Christmas tree, because no amount of renaming it makes it other than it is, why would you?  Why would you who hate anything to do with the Lord and are out there making sure no crosses come across you path to offend you, why would you celebrate Christmas?  Are you guilty of giving "holiday" presents?  Do you take the day off and celebrate the holiday with your family?  Well, hypocrite, you do celebrate Christ on the day that the world has set aside as his day. If you are truly the heathen you profess to be there should never be a present under a tree at your house and you should be volunteering to work, as not to sully your none believe, by honoring Christ by resting on his day.  You can't really play both sides of the fence and have any credibility, can you?  So to all of you "holiday" celebrators you better pick a different day and celebrate then because just calling a rose a daisy doesn't make it so.  Celebrating a day set aside for the Lord, in any manner, makes it a celebration of the Lord.

It amazes me that the world has been at war longer than it has been.  We rarely see the war that occurs around us, we seem to be oblivious of the good and evil war that has always been roaring around us.  What war do you say?  The war between God and the Devil is older than the universe.  We don't see it like a flood or a hurricane. We see it in the atrocities we allow or see and don't object to daily.  Once in awhile the war rears it's head to a degree that we glimpse it.  The Holocaust was such an annihilation of Jews that we couldn't ignore it.  Christians in the US are being warred upon in a manner that is so subtle right now that few are even aware of the battle.  This nation was created as a Christian society and no amount of liberals changing the history book makes it otherwise.  The truly evil is invading this country in a volume and manner that we have never seen before. So many are luke warm to God that they don't see it,they allow it and perpetuate the demise of Christianity in America.  I was sent a link from a broadcast that Paul Harvey made 47 years ago, it is sad no one listened then and no one really listens now to his inspired words, here is the link...  I bewail the loss of the Christian society that I was born into, and sorrow for my children and grandchildern to come.... Faith is something we should hold on to dearly but sadly every year the Devil seems to woo more to his ranks and they become his minions set on eroding our way of life.  God only will allow the evil to become so big before he destroys it, look to Sodom and Gomorrah, look to the Flood, both because so much evil had pervaded the world.  The Lord has already given us the prophesies of Revelations.  He said we would not know the time of Christ's return but he assured us, we would know the season, just as we know the season of the years...  The season of the Lord is at hand, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow or in the rest of my life time but it is at hand just look at the evils the permeate our culture more and more daily.  Are you ready?  Do you know where you will spend eternity?  with whom?  I do.... tomorrow.

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