Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bountiful Baskets again, Berkshire piglets today, Benghazi and Sandy hope they open some eyes.

I got to go to Bountiful Baskets with Lady again yesterday, we showed up on time and they were already into full blown assembly.  We did get to see a new updated operation designed to keep mistakes from happening it was great to see the changes made and to witness that the co-op is definitely an evolving endeavor.  I have several phone calls to make this week hoping to make some strides toward having our on Bountiful Basket Co-op here.  I do so hope that we are accepted as it would be such a benefit to our community.  I think it is something that Lady and I are truly going to enjoy helping the community get, so keep your fingers crossed and you prayers on our getting it.

Poppie, the Ladies and I are going to go to Polson today to get our two little Berkshire piglets, they are 6 weeks old today.  Bug might come along, if he doesn't have to stay here to assist a friend that is coming for wood, and maybe bringing our square posts for making our cellar/green house in the spring.  We are really excited about getting the posts, they will be such a God send, they are treated and will make such a wondrous cellar, the well will be encapsulated into it and there will be a green house on top.  It will be a nice addition to our little farm, we will grow squash on the outside as well so a whole new endeavor to be looked forward to.  It will give us a much better growing area in the current greenhouse and garden also.  I digress, sorry got so excited about the possibilities.  We are really curious to see our new little piggies.  My dad said they will have little scrunched wrinkly noses.  They are all black so they will be fun to get to see as they grow,  they are heritage piglets so they will give us so many new options in pig raising.  More lard hopefully, I love lard so many possibilities and it is almost impossible to get it without bha in it.  I know, how disgusting.  We will hopefully soon, well soon is relative, have clean natural lard to add to our pies, and baked goods.  I know some of you are aghast well I tell you open your eyes and read Nourishing Traditions and wrap your arms around the food that God gave us and stop eating the crap that doctors and nutritionists are telling you to put in to your bodies, really when did heart disease take a hold of our country?  1920 to 1930's yeah, about the same time the Oil company's started marketing 'rapeseed', they renamed it Canola and began paying doctors to promote it.... Read the Book, get enlightened on a real level, beware of what you eat, eat as close to the dirt as you can and God will guide you.  okay, climbing down.....

Benghazi and Sandy may just help to open some of the eyes of the blindly lead people of the Pied Piper we call BO, you know that one that sings a tune and leads people down a road of lies and catastrophe.  I hope , really hope, that Sandy blew some since into millions of peoples minds and opened their eyes to him.  Really? "I will help and cut through red tape and get you what you need", well except that I have to go to Vegas and get more money but I will help you, yay right, asked the people starving, thirsty and with out heat if he made good on that promise?  Benghazi is just unimaginably horrendous, Democrats nearly hung Nixon all those years ago for Watergate, yes he was guilty of lying to protect his men, no one died and the media hounded him into obscurity for years.  Benghazi Gate has 4 murdered men, a President that knew months in advance the dangers that his men were in so he took away their security detail, didn't send help when they were begging for their lives and let them get murders so he could say "Al qeada" is on the run and I did that"  no they weren't it is stronger than ever and the liberal media is the liar and chiefs lap dogs.  Oh, how the standards they do differ.  Liberals, and Democrats need to get their heads out of their bums and understand that they are being lead down the garden path by a very dangerous man, but hope of all hope maybe, just maybe, they have over played their hand and on Tuesday we can get this country going down the right path again.  I know beyond a doubt a hundred years from now that Obama will be proven to be the worst president, and mistake is leadership, that this country ever made.  Change and hope are finally within our grasp, let's pray we grab it with gusto.  I pray that a landslide election sends a mandate that Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and BO can't ignore and end up shaking their heads at the delusions they were trying to perpetrate on us and shoved down our throats for way way to long,..... tomorrow.

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