Saturday, November 17, 2012

Baking day, two this week, Bountiful Baskets logistics.....

Today I will have three girls to bake with two advance, for their ages, and one novice.  We have become the home away from home for one little girl.  I, being a person that never makes the same mistakes twice, was tentative of the relationship over the last few years.  The little girl is a nice little girl but I look to the future and see some difficulties that could arise.  I have prayed and prayed to seek Gods plan for her in our lives and I have come to the belief that you can fight a situation or you can be part of the solution.  We, Poppie and I, have decided that we will welcome the relationship but on our terms.  We will be inclusive, but there will be rules.  No problematic behaviors will be allowed in our home or in the relationship as long as we are responsible for the girls.  The girls are pretty much on board with it, we don't allow behavior in our home different for any one person, if we don't allow lying we don't allow it, we don't allow questionable lifestyle choices so none will be promoted or accepted.  We go to Church and all who are in our home are welcome and encouraged to go with us.  She actually enjoys coming.  The Ladies are in 4-h so we are encouraging their friend to join, and are helping her to be able to, providing animal home, rides to the programs and helping her pay her fee.  I think that if we can make a difference in a child's life we are called to help and maybe the future will have a more positive outcome.  I know I won't allow my girls to become the victims of the future so a positive beginning is the best way to begin, so to speak.  I, after all, am a mouthy mom and address things I don't allow and don't like right there at the moment it happens and anyone who can survive that is well on their way to knowing and adhering to my rules.

Today the three of them will be helping to make pies for potluck,  thanksgiving potluck, so we will have two big dinners this week.  The girls are making pies, stuffing, cranberries and relish tray for the event.  We, Booboo and I, made cake pops the other night, they came out well, though as I had never actually used almond bark coating before it was a learning curve and we will do better next time.  Today, is pie day and the girls will have a friend to teach their techniques to.  She has a desire to learn, and that is half the battle, a blessing in the making I think.  I will call her, Dimples, she does have pretty ones. 

Lady and I are making progress with Bountiful Basket Food Co-op in our area.  We are hoping for a January beginning, we may have a building due to the help of Vegas's daddy.  He is a wonderful man and is excited about the program.  I hope he gets to participate.   I have gotten some of the emails I need, to send for support of the co-op.  We are working it out.  Lady and I have to get together, in quiet space, to iron out our ideas of how we want to apply what we have learned from volunteering and the guidelines of the co-op.  We hope to make a general outline of how we see it working at our site.  I get more excited about the endeavor everyday as I know Lady does. The whole process is a much needed project we can share and find joy in the doing.  Coffee is coming and the day awaits so off I go to get ahead of it. I hope the Lord blesses your day and gives you a project of joy in your life, maybe it will be your relationship with him, a joyous project to be sure... tomorrow.  

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