Saturday, November 3, 2012

Doomsday preppers, the end of time, Dec 21, 2012, What is our reality, Will Obama really bring it on?

It is funny to me that so much is being made of the end of time in the last few years.  I recall working in Lewiston Idaho, in 1979, as being the first time I was actually made aware of people who looked to the end of time. They were the two lovely ladies I worked for, I was a waitress, they were sure the signs of Revelations were upon us and no one would see 2000.  Well I have not seen them since 1979, I moved home to Montana, and the Lord blessed me to have meant Poppie, but that is another tale and another blog, I digress.  I am not sure if either of the lovely ladies lived to 2000, as they were both elderly, so maybe their end of time was before 2000.  Anyway, I hadn't really contemplated the end of days, time or Armageddon to any real extent.  I was too busy living my life, one in which I don't really worry about next year much less the end of days and time. 

A couple of years ago on TV I saw the main stream media anchors making fun of an old Preacher that was preaching doomsday.  Well they really laughed at the stately old gentleman when his second date fell through and the end of time was not as he had calculated it.  Sadly so many of his followers lost a lot due to following his prophecies.  I have watched a show called doomsday preppers and the thing those people do in their lives looking to the end of time are truly outrageous.  One fat lady thought that her being 100 pounds over weight would be an asset in the time to come, she would have more saved up fuel to endure longer.  Okay.  I now have numerous friends who aren't actual off gridders but they are as close as you can get without being and they are semi-preppers.  I watch as a movie about Dec 21, 2012 expounds upon the beliefs of the Mayan calendars end.  I have Christian friends that look to Revelations longing for the end of days.  Last week at Church the Preacher, said he wanted Obama not to win for our lives in America to get better but should Obama win he would rejoice on a spiritual level, well his words were different but it was him meaning, because the end of time would be upon us sooner, that Obama could be the catalyst toward the prophesies of revelations. 

I still find that I have no real worries in my life about doomsday or the end of days, I simple don't have time to put forth much thoughts about it.  I have read revelations this week and checked out the commentaries on it, but I generally read about the same amount of the bible anyway so I just decided to use that time to read up on the end of time.  Is the calculations of the current evangelists possible?  Is the end of time nearer?  Well I am sure that the end of time is nearer than when the Apostles first looked to it in their life times.  I am sure it is nearer that when what ever past generation looked to it in their life time.  I am not sure that I am looking for it in my lifetime, I can see where some people read into our times the season of the end but I am not sure I am brave enough to pray for the end of time like some of my friends, or the Preacher.  I am not sure I have to faith to not want to see my children live to old age, or my grandkids.  I do love my life and know that heaven will be so much more that I will wonder why I didn't pray daily for the end of my time on earth but I am actually happy with my life, love my kids and adore my Poppie, and can't bring myself to prayer for our life eternal to come sooner.  I know that their is a crown for those who look to the end of time, but I am not there in my life to prayer for it with my soul or heart, that makes me a sinner I know, but I sin everyday and know I fail. 

What is your thoughts on the end of time, is it coming in our life times?  our children's? our grandchildren's? A thousand years hence or is it like the Lord Jesus says, only in God's time.... tomorrow.

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