Monday, April 30, 2012

The friendships we make, we keep, run from or endure, life happens.

I often smile when I see a new mother exploring the new relationship she now has with the new little person she gave birth to.  I, being a mother myself, know the instantaneous love of a child.  I can't describe it and don't really know how to try.  One minute you are a woman trying to figure out life and in many ways you are the center of your world, or your man is really close to being the center of your world and then they hand you a little wrinkled bundle of red to purple crying flesh and your world has a new center.  Really? be honest new borns are only beautiful to the people who love them, they get really cute in a few days when they pink up and fill out.  Becoming a mother changes your world and if it doesn't something in wrong.  One of the things I see in a lot of new mommas is the belief that someone taught that naughtiness to their perfect child.  Really?  Did someone have to teach them to roll over?  Did they have to be taught to find their toes and fingers?  Did someone teach them to smile?  Did someone teach them to cry when they were hunger or needed their diaper changed?  Most moms would say no, that is different.  Is it really?  I believe that all children progress through the stages of being a human and those stages include being naughty.  They are testing their boundaries.  They tell lies, if you think they don't you are lying to yourself.  No, some other persons bad kid didn't teach your good kid how to do that, they figured it out all on their own.  If they have ever heard a naughty word, from an adult, a tv, a child or any other place they will  repeat it as it was something new they heard, it was different and they wanted to try it out.  They continue to do it because they got such a great reaction from you!  They find it fun to get mom or dad to react to that word, it is definitely stuck in their little brains to be used again, say at church? They are innately mean to other children, they are the center of their world, and yours, so why oh why would they have to share, shouldn't they be able to grab it back, pull hair to get it, and sticking their fingers in another child's eye always makes the other child let go.  Did someone really teach them that or did trial and error work just like when they learned to crawl or walk?  I think that so many parents never learn that simple lesson. They will tell you their child's whole life, someone else got them into doing that it was never their child's fault. They never make their child take responsibility and their child is always naughty, and in adult hood something much worse.  I digress. 

One of the many things we learn as children is how to make friendships, our siblings are our first friends, if you don't have siblings maybe you get to have that relationship with a cousin.  Those very first relationships will be the strongest and the longest of your life.  You are blessed to have them and if you don't have them someone else gets to be your first friendship and share that special time with you.  We learn how to fight, forgive, forget, dispute, debate, love and really care about our fellow man as young children in our play houses, our back yards, in our tree houses or on our bikes, in our secure little worlds.  Later we go to school and learn to befriend the world outside of our homes and families.  We learn that not all people will like us and no matter how hard we try we can't make everyone like us, those who don't learn that get stuck in bad cycles of forever trying to make people like them, they end up giving up their self,  their self respect and self worth trying which is never healthy.  We as parents need to help them understand that not every one is a good fit for them, that they are a great kid and if someone doesn't like them it takes nothing away from them.  We need to help them not be bullied and not let them become door mats to someone else's whims.  Children in grade school can be, and are mean, they aren't doing it to hurt others they are just as lost and scared as your child.  They are still young enough that they are still close to being the most important person in their world, they really should maintain self love all of their lives but not at the pain and expense of other. This is their time to learn self control, kindness of others and begin to make those other life time relationships.  They are learning that some friendship will come and go, they are learning how to make friendships, healthy ones, and to not give up themselves do so.  Now is when moms  and dads need to help them become better people, that is if they know how to themselves, they may not, as we all are a work in progress doing the best we can and unfortunately some parents aren't there when their child needs that from them.

In the end life is about the growing process through which we travel, we befriend, are befriend, we unfriend, we walk away, we return, we love, we hate, we grow and become...... The what we become makes us different from day to day, week to week, and year to year.  We aren't our pasts and no where near what we will become, we are only the we we are today.  We make mistakes and grow from them.  NO someone did not make us be how we are we became how we are along the way, taking pieces from here and there.  We had support, caring, neglect, sorrow, happiness, love, hate, and the great they to guide our way... tomorrow.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The evening was a nice event, great to see old friends, family and all the new generation of that.

Poppie got all the tilling done in all three gardens, we had lots of weeds so will have to do it with the smaller tiller again in a few day and do that several times to have it ready for the planting.  I weeded out all of the beds in the green house. Poppie wants to put in a soaker hose before I add more soil and manure to it.  I was amazed my rosemary made it through the winter, now if I can keep Poppie from weeding it on purpose, he doesn't like rosemary, well he thinks he doesn't.  Poppie has to seal the corners of the green house, We used it last year but it was not actually finished as we barely got it built in time for gardening in it at all. We hope to get some plants in it soon.  We do have a little antique stove that we may use to heat it with.  Probably more for next year than this so we can get things going soon or maybe we can grow things later this year, hmmmm.  Poppie was sore after all the tilling but still went to the party.

It was a real nice party.  Little Sister gave a nice long heart felt set of dreams more than vows and Little Brother basically said "me too".  My dad did the officiating. Little Sister did say that it had been a dream of Little Brothers years ago to renew their vows at 25 so it was a nice fulfillment of his dream even if when it came down to it he wonder why he had wanted to do it again so publicly.  Their kids had wanted to do it as a surprise but since he is working in North Dakota and has such a complicated schedule it couldn't be.  People I hadn't seen in years, maybe some in 25, were there.  All the new babies were there that are new additions to the family.  All grandparents and parents proud to show them off. The food was great, it was a nice relaxed event.  Good food, good friends and good times.  All the sibling but Baby Sister and Baby brother, and families were there. 

I had occasion to sit and talk with one of the Grand Ladies of this community.  She came with Little Sisters Aunt to the party.  I hadn't seen her in a number of years and not since her Love had passed on.  I didn't realize that she is suffering from some degree of Alzheimer's.  I spoke to her a long time.  I had started by asking her questions about a new building on her property and she seemed unaware of it.  I soon realized she couldn't remember recent events more than a short time.  She was very sorrowed to be with out the Love of her life and is struggling with his loss in such a deeply profound way.  She would misty up and almost couldn't speak at having to go on with out him.  I have know this remarkable Lady for more than twenty years and it was sad to see her in such a lost state.  It made it more palpable to me, maybe, that is was at a vow renewal, an anniversary, to see one half of a couple struggling along alone is such a lost state.  I know beyond a doubt that she is loved by her large loving family but she seemingly doesn't understand her new circumstances, especially the no driving part, and longs so for the past that she is so sad.  She no longer lives here, she is living in Zootown in a very nice assisted living, but she kept speaking of home, and being here. The reality is it is not here she misses so, it is her loving man, that has gone on before her, she so longs to be rejoined with him and the lifetime of marriage and happiness she so misses.... tomorrow.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The big night has come and gone. Tilling the garden and hauling manure, then the Anniversary.

The Ladies were beside themselves with excitement when Poppie picked them up, they had make up on their faces from the dress rehearsal/school presentation.  They were so excited they didn't manage to eat their first real dinner all week before they had to return to get ready for their grand performance.  We arrived later and the night began. We made our way through admission line, I chatted a few with my friend from CAKLS that donated her time at being the pianist for the performance.  We soon were in the gym nearly full with all the proud parents and siblings of the young Thespians.  Mokie, Son and family were in the corner on the bleachers just below Drama Queen, Princess, Butterfly and Flower.  Drama Queen offer Poppie her seat as it had a back support but he assured her he would be fine below her. Grandpa arrived a little later and joined us.  Buga was a few seats down and kept waving up at us in her excitement.  Bubbie cried a little and then drifted off to sleep, Cubbie was a naughty girl, she kept saying she had to go pottie to see if any of us would take her, we knew she was playing games so said she could go when it was over.  She went from lap to lap and never did sit still or truly be quiet. 

The stage was soon taken and all, but Cubbie, quieted.  Mokie was sure she saw Booboo in the front row, I wasn't sure it was Booboo, Poppie was positive it was not as the child was to short.  I soon agreed that Booboo was not on the stage but our M was, they were little bunnies that came onto the stage anytime anyone said "it is race time", a running joke that was nicely developed in the play.  All the kids did a wonderful job, all my friends had children who participated.  Kindergarten thru high school.  Yogie made her debut on stage next, with Eldest, and they sang a cute song about not being the one to do something, which was funny.  Before long, at long last Booboo, the real one, did take the stage in a very similar costume to the one M had on.  The play ended up being a twist on the tortoise and the hare.  It was about caring about your fellow man, that winning wasn't the most  important thing, and being part of the race in a meaningful way was, the human race.  The MCT traveling groups started in 1975, I remember being part of the begin years of their coming to schools to share the love of theater, and so much more, with children. They have a documentary out called the Little Red Truck about their progression from their early beginnings to their program that now includes 17 countries and near half a million children over the years.  Kudos to them for all they do.  Drama Queen bought each of the girls a tee shirt for each of the girls so they could remember their evening, it was so nice of her to do that for them.  They were so excited and had their friends sign their shirts.  I took a few photos but my camera was acting up so we'll see how they came out, I know the photos of them in their beloved shirts did come out well and maybe that is the important part of the memory for them.

Today we have a busy day, we are going to get started early on tilling the garden, Poppie has Thor's Kubota and has to return it tomorrow or Monday so lots of tilling to do in a short time.  I think he is to do Shinny's and Sons as well.  We are going to start by putting manure we have mulched since last year on it and then tilling it in.  I have modified pulled pork to make for the Anniversary and renewal of vows party for Little Sister today.  I have a pork loin and not sure I really want to make it into pulled pork so will roast in and thinly slice it, more like french dip, with barbecue sauce with coleslaw sandwiches, sort of pulled pork but with a little up grade.  It will be a nice evening for a nice couple.  Busy day to get on to, coffee is coming, go out and enjoy your day.... tomorrow.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Cubbie has a day of naughty, grain trip today, and a play is to be played.

Yesterday turned out to be a long day in many ways. I had kids in the morning while Mokie went out and milked Professors goats, Herbalist is gone on a walk about to retrieve their camper and has taken her son along to help.  Professor broke his finger last summer, and has difficulty milking since, so asked her for some help.  Poppie and I had kids in the mornings until she returned and then she took over, though they are here most of the time anyway, I just don't have to be in charge.  They were playing in the back yard in the afternoon.  Cartoons had pooped in his pants, needs to really get on the pottie training wagon on a real level, so Mokie was giving him a shower.  Teenager came in the door and said "Cubbie is hosing the little boy."  I said "what?  and you didn't stop her?"  He said "I told you!"  I went out and sure enough Cubbie was hosing, Daddy's Boy.  He was wet from head to toe.  Boy had turned on the hose as Cubbie can't reach it.  I took Daddy's Boy in to the house to warm him up and change him.  I took Cubbie to a chair and gave her a swat for her naughty meanness.  Boy got a chair and a swat for being in on it.  I got Daddy's Boy stripped down and Mokie had to put him in some of Cubbies clothes, girls clothes are better than wet clothes.

 We took all the kids to the goat pen to play with the baby goats.  That is one of all the kids favorite things to do, Kids with kids. It also helps the little goat become friendly to people.  Lilly, who is not long for this world as she is getting mean with age, bumped Daddy's Boy with her horns and kind of scared him.  His dad was there at the time and told him he was OK.  Lilly will be gone as soon as she weans her babies.  Fairy Princess chased the goats around sure that she wants goat of her own.  I told her daddy that once a crazy goat lady always a crazy goat lady and she is one in the making.  He said his great grandma used to have them.  He is going to get our last piglet, once he figures out where to keep it.  Soon all the kids were gone but the grand kids. 

We were in the house when Mokie came out of the little bathroom, the temporary baby turkey coop.  She said something is wrong with your baby turkey. I checked on it and thought it was too warm and had no water.  Poppie had gone to get a trailer so was gone for awhile, Mokie and the kids went home leaving me to try and help the baby turkey.  I got him to drink but his neck seemed to be odd.  I kept checking it but couldn't detect any thing wrong with it.  Poppie arrived home and I showed him the baby.  He too thought there was something wrong with it's neck.  He took it over to Son's to see if he had an opinion on the baby.  Poppie returned a short time later with the nine one one.  Boy said that just before his mom went in the bathroom Cubbie, knew she was coming, so threw the baby turkey down and Mokie found it without knowing Cubbie had done that.  The babies neck was broken so Poppie put it out of it's misery.  The bathroom is now locked and the kids are not allowed in there at all.  Cubbie had a long day of naughtiness, I hope she is on better behavior today.  The girls were upset when they got home to  find one of their turkeys gone.  Poppie said they are not getting another one to replace it.  Booboo has determined that it was Blocky, Cubbies turkey that is gone, so I guess Cubbie will learn a lesson by losing her turkey for ever.  I hope she learned something or she just might have to spend the day in a seat.

We are off to get grain this morning, have a play to go to this evening.  The girls did call the grandparents and they are to come. The girls are so proud to be in it and have had a great week learning so many new things.  I think today is going to be a long day with or without Cubbie in it..... tomorrow.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The floor is getting closer to done, yay, Boutique order done, spring cleaning getting accomplished, slowly.

Poppie is making great strides on the floor.  Today we have to finish moving the last of the furniture to the new floor area until it is all installed.  We will probably have just enough left over to refloor the old office/ new sewing room.  That will be nice as it is so hard to find lost stick pins in a carpet.  Mishka is still afraid of the flooring and is like a cat on a hot tin roof when she actually has to walk on it.  She is not even hungry enough to walk across the floor to get her food, I felt pity on her yesterday and took her food out to the chain when we put her out on it.  I can't wait for the fence to be done she won't have to be on it any longer.  She doesn't mind it like most dogs to, she will trot right out and set like a lady while you but it on her.  The new flooring has really got us excited about the spring cleaning in the house, I do like when you can move it all around, get new look, and clean down under.

I finished up my diaper cover order to the boutique, will ship it out later today.  I hope they do well at the boutique it would be a nice client to have regularly.  I ended up making 16 preemie to size 3's. I made up a new items yesterday and I am going to list it today. I made a diaper cover that has a little skirt on it with an appliqued crocheted flower on the front.  I think it is cute and hope it does well, would love to make more.  I sold a peacock feather painting as well, I need to make up more of them, I have actually sold most of the ones I had on hand, and I have a whole stack of new feathers, Poppie will have to make up some frames when he gets a minute that is not busy.  Which could be awhile.

 The ladies are tireder every day but sort of getting used to the schedule.  We have to go get grain tomorrow and go to the play in the evening.  The girls asked Grandpa and Grandma to come, Matt, Kathy and Only as well. It should be a nice evening, they both have little lines they are practising and lots of singing and dancing. Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, it has such a renewing quality about it that it makes you think that anything is possible or obtainable.  I love the warmth, that isn't too hot, and the time spent outside with the kids and animals. It is to rain today so will probably be in the house most of the day, I have a few loads of laundry to do.  Poppie brought me home a sheep fleece that Herbalist is throwing out.  I think he is getting me another one as well but want to make sure I wanted it before he brought it home.  She had stored it but her cats got into it and peed on the bag.  She thought it was ruined so threw it in the trash and Poppie rescued it.  I was a little skeptical but opened up the bag, and yes it is stinky but it is wool for a dirt sheep stinky not urine in the bag.  It is a blessing, although rolled in odor, a diamond in the rough so to speak. All rebagged and usable. I am going to bring my antique wash tub, with wooden winger, on to the porch to process the wool.  I have to pick up some laundry washing bags at Wally World to do it so won't attempt it until next week.  I am excited because each bag has as much wool in it as the three fleeces I bough and paid 148 dollars for.  I will glad of the blessing, and as it is much dirtier wool and has not been skirted, I will learn lots processing it.  I always maintain to my kids if there is something you don't like doing do it first it gets it out of the way.  I think that if I start with old dirty wool, new cleaner will be a treat.  Have a great day and remember to do something special just for you, God teaches us to love ourselves how else could we love others...... tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Still plugging along. I miss the girls in the evenings, they are having fun.

Poppie is still working on the flooring, he is making progress and it will be so nice when it is done. Mishka is still terrified of the floor and the carpeted area is getting smaller and smaller.  I tried to coax her on to the sub flooring and slowly she gingerly put one foot down, then two, finally three but the fourth was only accomplished when I gave her treats, she then retreated back to the sub flooring.  Poppie roars with laughter each time my giant dog acts so afraid.  I am thinking we spent to much on the fencing, all we had to do was buy some flooring and encircle the yard and she would be secured in to staying in it.  It is way to funny to see a dog that would, and does face a bear daily, afraid of the sub flooring and laminate we are installing.  The bear tipped our trash can over right outside of the door so when Mishka wanted out at 2:30 she was doing her job, she scared it right away.  Now if only she can conquer the flooring!

I am hoping to make up a new facial cleaner today with the liquid soap I made over the weekend.  I have a few ideas on how I am going to tweak the recipe.  I will include input from the feedback that I got from Lady and Belle.  I finished up my diaper covers and used the new lanolin soap on them and it is a success I think.  I just cut a little shred off, mix with warm water and then soak the cover in it.  It has a nice smell, vanilla, I thought that would mask the lanolin smell.  Next time I think I will make it lavender, it is supposed to have a moth proofing quality.  I can't wait until the flooring is done and I can move my house around.  The office will be the sewing room, the front room with include a dinning area and a computer area.  The kitchen will be more streamline, and the laundry room has already made room for my soap and lotion making supplies, scrubs too.

I think I will try and do some pen and inking today, I still have not found anytime to carve all year.  I have been hoping to give my lungs a break but it is getting to a time when I really need to get to work.  We are ordering grain today and need to go get it tomorrow. I have to do some craigslist listings for goats and maybe pigs.  I have some doelings, a little buck and maybe a pig to list.  The weaners will be ready to go home soon.  The two biggest piglets, well probably not piglets any more, are soon off to the butcher and to their new homes, in packages.  It is supposed to be nice again today.  That will be great.  Maybe some outside time,  yesterday I fed the goats while Poppie was gone.  Boy is helping us collect eggs daily, the only draw back is that he checks them about 20 times a day, sometimes ever 10 minutes.  He is helping to keep the naughty ones that eat eggs from getting many.  We have heard it is hard to break them once they start, I really don't want to clip all their beaks to find the perpetrators.  We discovered that when we had bred the rabbits we but the male back in the female's hutch.  They have really close tattoos in their ears, the does includes N8 on her tattoo and the buck has NB so Poppie mixed them up when he put them back in their own hutches.  We weren't area of it until we but a new female in with the buck to be bred and they went to fighting like a cat and a dog.  All are currently back in their own hutch and all is as it should be.

The girls were all excited when they got home last night, the practises are 4 and half hours after school so long days for them.  They both showed us what their particular parts were, the wanted to sing and dance the night away.  Since they were just getting home at bed time they took awhile to wined down.  They are moving a little slow this morning.  They are already tire but loving every minute of it.  The performance is Friday and it might be a long week.  Coffee to drink and a day to conquer.... tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Still installing laminate, cabin to finish, garden to till, fence to install, the list goes on. Life is good God gives us work to accomplish.

Poppie worked hard on the installing of the laminate but it is still not done.  He is doing a masterful job.  The longest run of it is the hallway and front room together which is about 25 feet long, it gave Poppie fits getting it just right in that long a section.  It is really looking nice.  Mishka is terrified of it.  It is so funny to see my giant dog, who isn't afraid of the bear at night or a gunshot, hide under the couch when she sees it.  She walks around it on the little piece of carpet she can access.  She is frantic, well she will either adapt for not be in the house at all.  We are raising her like her ancestors would have been raised as part of the family, in the house and out.  We are hoping to get to the cabin as soon as the floor is in, the fence is next, then the garden needs tilled, the greenhouse needs plastic applied to its corners, a wither pen is planned for the back yard, the boat and trucks need moved,  the list goes on and on.  It is good that the Lord gives us lots of things to keep us busy.  I think that the lack of work in peoples lives, in this day and age, are the devils playground. Electronic have taken so much away from our children's lives.  I find it funny, or maybe good, that of the 5 Kinect games we bought at Christmas, 3 are still seal and have never been opened.  They have them they just choose to ride bikes, play with animals, play in the yard, play being the key word and I don't mean doing it with your fingers.

I have lots of time this week to finish up my diaper cover order, the Ladies both are in the play, ok so all the kids that tried out got parts but that doesn't take away their excitement and joy of participating in the play.  The Ladies will be at it until about 8 each night, it will be a long week and tiring.  My sister, Little Sister, is going to be having her 25 wedding anniversary party and renewal of vows this weekend.  It will be a nice event and makes my life more busy, I am going to make pulled pork as my potluck contribution.  A little birdie told me her daughter, the one planning it, wanted me to bring it but either didn't have the nerve to ask me or forgot to.  Funny how young adults are still the same kid they were when the were growing up when they go to asking you for something.  She was always shy around me as I didn't see her all that often, she lives a ways away.  Funny I am 32 years this year, Sister is 30, Silver is 29 or 28 years, Little Sister 25, Drama Queen is 23 I think, pretty good odds for any marriage in this day and age and the is the standard in my family.  The others have nice long marriages as well just don't know for sure the lengths and since I probably missed up on the ones I listed already I thought I should stop at this point, it being made.  Raise your kids well and they will emulate their example.  My parents celebrate their 53 in July.

The Preacher spoke of not teaching your children how to be angry or sad at Church on Sunday.  It was a new approach I had never heard from the pulpit.  I had heard it differently, sort of from the pulpit, so to speak from the movie Pollyanna, but that was actually about being glad not specifically about not being sad.  I don't believe he meant not to be sad when your loved ones die or when a catastrophe occurs but more or being sad for yourself.  He spoke of not teaching your children to sit and be sad for yourself, like "why me", "pour me", "why does nothing go good for me".  I think he meant the Lord wants us to teach our kids to see the good in things, not to be defeated before you start, and much like my father taught his children, "you can".  My dad never taught us that we could fail so we never knew we couldn't do anything, or teach ourselves to do anything we wanted to accomplish.  Maybe now that I think about it I have heard the sermon before I just didn't know it.  Teach you children to be happy, that they can succeed, sadness and anger doesn't accomplish your dreams.... tomorrow.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sexual assault if not a joke, what kind of a person would treat it as such?

Having been a victim of sexually assault as a child I have never thought of it as something to make a game or joke of. I have siblings who were victims, a child who was a victim and numerous friends who also suffered through victimization. The horror of sexual assault is a life long struggle toward recovery. Most victims have relapses of mental trauma the rest of their lives. The living with the assault is quite often more, or as devastating as the assault itself, was initially. The telling of the assault to the authorities, your parents, the courts, your friends or anyone that can help you is like being assaulted over and over again. You are the victim but many times you are treated like the perpetrator, as a co participant, asking for it or not believed. Many times the victim is not brave enough to report in the first place, then they are not believed by the people that are supposed to help them or believe in them. The whole ordeal is never pleasant even in the best of situations. It is a life changing any and all times.

I had the privilege of belonging to the local helpline in the early 2000's. I truly enjoyed being part of a wonderful group of loving woman. Our local chapter did not allow men, their were a lot of recovering victims that could not feel comfortable in situations with men so the group had no men. I had a great opportunity to be sent, by the group, to attend the Victims Advocate Certification Program, basic and advanced, for the State of Montana. Mike McGrath honored me with a plaque for my training at the end of the program at the Montana Law Enforcement Academy, the same place I took my basic and advanced dispatcher training. It was a wonderful experience and was in many ways a healing process in my life. I returned home to the Helpline with a new appreciation for victims, I had been given so many new tools to help victims, I had learned how to help myself. I for the first time, even though I had been through the local helpline training a couple of times, we did it yearly to induct new members, knew I was not responsible. I was a victim. I was on my way to healing after 30 years. That year I took on the role of sexual assault trainer for the helpline program. I made it about role playing and was able to role play my own assault as part of the training. I was at last no longer in fear, and for the first time in 30 years was able to put my assault behind me. I was given a new strength and the aside was that I taught advocates on a real level what victim experienced even years, many years later. I truly was able to embrace my assault and know that God had allowed it for a purpose, it is and was a part of my life and it helped make me who I am. A hard place to get to in your life, and I wouldn't wish it on any one. It is a life lesson, and now that is all it was, a long road to get there.

I have gone through Foster Care training, and held a foster care license for many years, I learned many valuable insights into the trauma that a child endures being a victim of sexual assault. I have a child, one child, that was assaulted by a family friend. I did not know about the assault when it occurred. I learned of the assaults a number of years later. I had had a gut feeling, that I did not investigate, and that will be a cross I will bear the rest of my life and sadly so does my child. I have said before I never make the same mistake twice. I no longer assume anything when a child is concerned. I never allow my child into a situation that puts them into danger. I would rather error on the side of safety, and my child not get to do something, than put them at risk. I have learned, of late, that woman can be the victimizer, in my heart I knew that but it is rare so wasn't as diligent as I should have been, but when I got that gut feeling I reacted and protected my children. I am raising whole healthy kids, I will not put my children through what my older child endured if I can help it.

I want to ask, with all that is mind, why would anyone make a false report about a child being sexually assaulted? Who would try and make a child that isn't a victim have to endure the scrutiny that comes with that kind of report? Why would any one believe I would know about a child being assaulted and hide the fact? I reported my own child to CPS, to protect my grand children, so why would I not do it again? I had to pray and pray when I was told that my house had been reported to have had a sexual assault, I didn't report it and further more I condoned it and covered it up. I find it pathetic that anyone would be such a perverse sort of human being that a report like this would be acceptable. I do know that the person making the report is not a Christian, the person making the report is a sick mentally disturbed and dangerous person. This person has also made many other reports, to any agency that will take a report, which unfortunately they all have to, much like a person grasping at any straw they can find, to further their sick agenda. I am thankful, that my many years in the community and my character came to my rescue. People in a small town see you for who you are, they get to know you and your values. They vett you and know when God lives in your life so know when out and out lies are told about you. I am really sorry for the people that this person, the vicious false reporter, fools in their life. I do know that there is a purpose for all in this life, maybe some people are just meant to teach us how precious our lives are and show us that a life lived in true rejection of the Lord is a truly sad existence. I have no real idea why people do what they do but I do know God will reward us accordingly for the lives we live.... tomorrow.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

New piglets and they aren't ours, kids in holes, kids playing in the neighborhood, such a joyous evening.

Poppie spent the day laying laminate.  I finished up my liquid soap/shampoo.  It turned out very well, I think, it is thick and maybe needs a little more thinning, but that is an option, you can' t remove liquid if it is to thin.  I ended up scenting 4 bottles each of flowers and sandalwood, and vanilla flowers and berries.  I will age them a week before we try them.  I did try a sample of it and it has really nice bubbles, nice feel on the hands and cleans well.  I also tried my lanolin soap.  I used the left overs from making it to lanolize a set of small diaper cover, it works, so once aged I will sell it with my diaper covers.  The laminating is going well, if not as fast as Poppie would like, he is half way across the front room and dinning room.  We are hoping to do the office with the extra, had originally thought of doing the bathrooms but on further deliberation we have decided we want tile in them.  I think we will try to get the bedroom done one at a time this year.  They may or may not be the same color as the color we are installing now. 

The Ladies came home from the cousins, on time, but then went over and helped Son stack a bundle of lumber and helped Mokie rearrange Cubbies room.  It was a nice peaceful day.  Boy came over ever little while and gathered eggs.   The chickens laid five dozen in the last few days.  I will have to call the 3 or 4 people that buy them to see if they need any.  The Ladies, Boy, Cubbie and Son rode bikes up and down the road.  The Ladies are allowed, this year, to go to the top of the hill by Sisters and down to the circle by Shinny's.  That is a larger range than they have ever had and is scares Poppie that the cars go by to fast but they have to learn to obey the rules of the road and learn to maneuver on the roads like any vehicle.  Bicycle travel is very green, becoming more and more of accepted travel and perfectly legal, so they need to master it with the traffic.  Cubbie and Boy have a more restricted area or need a chaperon to be on the girls allowable zone. 

Shinny and New Momma are getting a new house.  They have been working all week on getting the ground prepared for the houses coming.  Some of the final leveling and flattening was done yesterday.  The last of the trees are coming out.  They were in the middle of all their preparations when their pig, Peppa, decided it was time to have her babies.  Teenager kept working the backhoe but Shinny and New Momma went to assist with the birthing.  All the kids in the neighborhood had to go see, there were my Ladies, Curious, Cubbie, Boy, Mokie, Bubbie, Butterfly, Flower, the Little and Sister, all of Shinny's nieces and nephews and more  that I couldn't determine from across the road.  Teenager continued to dig holes and make piles so all the kids began to play and enjoy the fun of a playground in chaos.  Soon the kids, well all of ours, went to see Mokie's kittens, Butterfly and Flower are getting one.  Soon the Ladies decided to ask if Butterfly and Flower could stay over and then go to church.  We had Ladies big and little all night.  There was some giggling, some pop corn making, movie watching, and long past bedtime Poppie asked them to quiet down so they could get up for Church.  Now is that time.....tomorrow.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Ladies are at the cousins, Poppie is in the laying process, Soap needs more stirring.

I spent the day making liquid/shampoo.  It took about 4 hours to cook after I mixed the oils and the potassium hydroxide.  I kind of think it was fun to see all the layers of process it goes through.  It starts as pudding, goes to grainy applesauce like pudding, then to watery mashed potatoes, solid taffy, white Vaseline and then the goal translucent Vaseline, only a four hour jaunt.  Then your patience exercise begins,  you add your milk and water, and wait for it to emulsify, stirring helps but is so impossible it is mostly an endeavor in physical exercise not actually emulsifying.  Basically you have to let it melt together, I have had it melting 14 hours and it is still not there.  I can't wait to neutralize it, fragrance it, last time I left it unscented and mixed at I went, which makes it more versatile, but I have read it is better to mix and age.  Not sure which I will do this time, maybe half and half.  Then you let it age or rest, like a good steak, for a week or two, well don't age your steak that long but age it five minutes or so, I digressed.  I have tried it a couple times and I think it has nice bubbles and feel, already and it is not done.  So we will see, I hope it is better this time, I liked it last time, but I guess I am a cheap date, maybe it will be better for more hair types this time.  Now if only I can get my testers to try it after not liking it on their hair last time, bodies yes, hair not so much.  We will see.  My Ladies and I will try it regardless.  Maybe I can talk Mokie into trying it or maybe I can blackmail her, hmmmm.

Poppie is laying laminate, it took him most of the day to remove the carpet, the furniture, the staples, the carpet strips, the dust....... He has three rows done, one box out of 35.  We hope to finish most of it today, looks rainy anyway. We hope it will be nice later so we can get out in the yard.  I can't wait to finish up or at least work on the cabin.

 I heard more distressful news yesterday.  I prayed and prayed and God sent me to 1 John 2:9-11.  It was comforting to know I was not being sinful.  I do pray for the sad and pathetic though.  Why is it that some spend so much time grasping at lies, untruths and deceit when they could just listen to the voice of God and become saved loving people?  I also noticed something odd,  how is it that both the coaches list of one of the teams and the registered violent offenders list in Mineral County have the same person on them.  Scary in this day and age when so many offender take advantage of our children that that sort of thing would still be allowed.  I wonder if the towns people or parents of all the children in this town and the other towns know the list includes the same person.  I learned along time ago, through training, to always check out the people that my children are subjected to or are around.  Check your sexual offenders lists and you violent offenders lists regularly before you give your child over to the care of random coaches.  Today in this country so many people haven't and have learned the hard way what a mistake it can be.  Is your child being coached by a predator?  Check it out.  I pray that they are not but make sure you know.... tomorrow.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Piglets all moved. Nice day promised, flooring finally going down.

We moved piglets this week,  we spent the morning cutting down the door to the small goat barn, formerly known as the goat hospital.  They don't use in once the weather is warm, goats just don't like being inside much, especially when there is a perfectly good tree to lay under.  I think maybe it is like going into a cave, couldn't there be something in there? mentality.  Once we cut the door down, so that we could see in but no goats could jump over to steal the piglets grain, we had coffee to prepare ourselves to try to catch the piglets and not get eaten by momma.  Coffee enjoyed it was time to face the grand lady.  She was still leery of us since we had neutered them only a little over a week prior.  They had been sneaking under the palette that separated them from the older piglets.  They would go out and run about with their older sibling, eat their food and be away from momma, sort of like a child sneaking out of the house.  Poppie got the idea to stand outside and I was to chase them out of the momma's pen.  I worked like a charm and the first little red and white female was caught and transferred to the new piglet pen.  She screamed like she was killed in the pen, crying for her siblings big or small, and momma.  This got momma very upset.  I went around to scare more out to Poppie, it worked like a charm, they were getting away from me at their mommas behest and ran right into Poppie.  He caught two, would have gotten more if he had had more hands, right away.  They joined their sister and she shut right up happy to have company and no longer felt the need to scream.  Momma settled down a little.  We soon used the system to catch all but the last piglet.  She was getting wise to Poppie being on the outside so ran out and got in with the bigger piglets.  She would stay under their bellies so Poppie couldn't catch her.  Poppie took the stance of stone statue and she got brave enough to run past him, he reached out in a heart beat and caught her back leg as she was going under the palette.  They were all caught, we had thought we hadn't a pray of catching them without sending Son in the pen with momma but their own wandering ways were their demise.  The piglets, all caught and in their new digs, were crowded into the corner thinking we were the enemy.  We fed them but none ventured forth.  The next morning we threw them several heads of lettuce to lure them out.  They tentatively venture forward and soon were enjoying their prize and not having to compete with momma for it.  We grained and watered them and they were in hoggie heaven.  All the food they could eat, no momma to compete with, and a warm pile of hay to sleep in.  They never seemed to miss momma.  Momma on the other hand four days later is still bent out of shape and angry they are gone.  She also has a large set of teats that must be paining her.  She will be better soon and on to being glad they are gone and will be resting until October before she gets bred. 

The chickens must have taken my threats to heart, they laid 14 eggs yesterday.  They should be up to full production soon.  The turkeys are growing, and though they are a week apart in age, they are doing well together, so glad we didn't have to have two turkey nurseries.

 Today making up more body wash/shampoo.  I have enriched my formula and hope it turns out well.  I am hoping better than the last batch, though the last batch was good itself.  I managed to make nice lanolin wash soap for diaper covers yesterday.  I am hoping to try it on covers in the next few day.  I have a large order I am working on for a boutique.  I sent several last week to a photographer who is going to use them as props for newborn photos, that was so cool.  I am finding my cover sell quite well, so nice, as I do like the upcycling aspect and the fun of making something for a child.  The other products will develop over time.  I have coffee to finish, just finished a cover for my order, a knitted one.  Poppie is already busy on the laminating.  I love mornings with Poppie doing things together....... Tomorrow.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Poppie is prepping for laminating, I made french milled soap in my new molds.

We took advantage of the cloudy rainy morning, Poppie is taking all the stripping off the walls and numbering them with his marker, so he knows where to put them back on.  We have decided we will do it half at a time, one side and then move the furniture on to the completed half to finish.  Poppie is going to put the stove on the porch, we haven't been burning it for a couple weeks.  I am making inroads into changing my kitchen around, putting all my soap making supplies into the laundry room.  I think it will give me some more room in my kitchen but still accessible for making soaps.  I am moving the girls cookbooks into the hutch and the canisters to the counter top.  It should end up being more orderly. 

I got my new mold this week.  I have always drug my feet about using mold, I have lots and have used them but they have always looks so pretty and precise that I didn't really feel they were the right fit for my soaps.  I call my soaps Udderly Natural and want them to be just that.  I don't use colorants, I use no chemicals other than the sodium hydroxide or the potassium hydroxide either of which are required in all soaps, so don't be fooled into thinking your soaps doesn't have one or the other.  I just don't use additional chemicals and both of these are sponified and complete transform in the soap if the recipe it right and the process is done right.  I like the cut soaps the best so decided I would compromise,  I bought molds that you cut.  Sort of a best of both worlds so to speak.  I have no trouble selling soaps when the purchaser can touch and smell it.  It sells itself.  It is more difficult to sell on line.  It is rustic looking, on purpose, but it is hard to photograph and since you can't touch or smell it not always a pretty soap.  I have decided to use the new molds and see how they sell.  I got ones that are just cut ones much like my upcycled molds, one that says Handmade, one the says goatmilk, the last has a baby goat a butterfly and says goatmilk soap.  I made up two batches of rebatch or french milled soap.  The thing that I like about the french milled is that you get to add oils to the process, these oils never go through the sponification so never touch the lye.  They are in the soap with all their good natural qualities still in them and intact.  I put my extra money into these soaps and not into the ones I sponify.  I will end up with 4 batches, I cut up some of the soaps I had on hand that were not as good as the other, well they were good soap but they didn't have smell any more or I didn't like something about them.  I have finished two batches one tea tree scent and one a spearmint.  I added almond oil, vitamin E and vinegar to them, they can be used as shampoo or nice body bars.  They are the riches soaps I make.  I am going to make two more today, will add almond, glycerin and vitamin E to them, no sure what scents today, but probably girlier ones.  The ones yesterday were nice and manly, sort of, Poppie liked them. 

More prep today and maybe we will start the laminating.  I am moving my office around to be the sewing room and will end up putting the PC in the front room.  I want it out in the open now so that it is not an issue when the girls get to an age where they might want to be more sneaky on it.  Doing it now makes it a more natural transmission and not as big an issue.  It is raining so the morning will be well used and when the sun comes out we can make some progress on the Cabin..... tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Old fashion values and lifestyle alive and well here, for the most part in our area of the state.

I was raised up in the Church of Christ for the most part by a second generation Preacher.  If you know much about the Church, or the  old style Church, we don't have a Pastor, we had a Preacher or a man of the congregation that studied and shared with the Church the message the Lord sent him that week.  The standard paid Preacher is new to the Church and has come about in the last 50 years.  I having been raised in the old tradition of the Church have many of the old values ingrained in my beliefs.  My father was never able to dance in his life as that was, and is, a sin for him.  His father didn't believe in television or movies theaters, and never danced either.  Those are just two of the things they didn't imbibe in.  My grandfather had been an alcoholic as a young man so when the Lord called him out he never imbibed in alcohol again.  My dad is not a teetotaller but alcohol was used in moderation in my home as a child or not at all.  We still use alcohol minimally.  The values I learned as a child will be with me my whole life and in many ways I will always be a child of the Church of Christ.  I don't have the ability to go to the Church here so through much prayer and many hours in conversation with God we are now going to and happy in our new Church.  There are differences I may never over come, I may never be totally a Baptist but the Lord has called me there and the differences are not of enough consequence to not find and be able to praise the Lord there. I do miss communion though.  My daughters will be raised up in this church and have the balance and security of a Church of their heart to worship God in.  God is so good.

I find that with my raising came a certain lifestyle that, did or didn't have to do directly with the Church, but more of God.  The Church of Christ probably more than any church is a new testament Church.  We believe in the new testament as our way to God, the old testament is history, and was fulfilled at the Cross.  We studied the old testament but do actually live by it if it not renewed in the new testament. We don't use additional text in our worship.  I digress.  I live my life pretty much as honest as I can.  I don't take much stock in material things.  If the Lord blesses my I share what I have.  I hope that I am storing riches in heaven as none of what we store on earth goes with us.  I do most things in moderation.  I don't take much store in compliments of how I look, I like to be presentable at Church but God did put me on earth to be a fashion model so don't find that to be the end all be all of my life.  I don't care to be the center of attention, and try hard to not be the focus of people.  Life is not about me but the Lord.  I take to heart Proverbs 27:10, Never abandon a friend--either yours or your father's. When disaster strikes, you won't have to ask your brother for assistance. It's better to go to a neighbor than to a brother who lives far away.  I have lived in my neighborhood 30 years, I have wonderful neighbors that are more like family in ways than some of my family.  They see a need and they fill it, I see a need and I have tried to fill it.  Mokie and I take care of their kids like they were our own.  We see it as us having extra so we give of our time to take care of their kids when they are at work.  Isn't that what we are called to do.  Why would anyone question that relationship?  Why would it be any ones business or concern?  Surely not a neighbor that can't remember to take care of their own children? 

One of the things I have done, but not to a great extent, in my life is to dance.  I did some as a teenager but it has been many a year since I dance outside of my living room. I do, or have danced with my toddler children, and now I do it with my toddler grandchildren.  My adult children just roll there eyes.  I love to dance in joy with a little child.  David danced for the Lord didn't he?  I don't really like to dance otherwise.  I recalling hearing there is a dance called the "funky chicken", "the hustle", the "bump" from more my time but don't know how to do any of them.  I have no idea what some of the new dances are called but I may have witnessed one recently, I do know I don't want to learn it.  I think it may have been called the "white trash".  My best impression of it is, it is a street dance,  it requires a beer in one hand, a white rag of some sort in the other, a bag of dog poop sticking out of your pocket and no upper undergarments.  As I saw it done you stand out in the street, a small child at your side peeing on the roadway, you start by strutting back and forth wiggling and waggling enough to get your unsupported parts bobbling up and down, you raise your beer grasping hand in the air on one side and your white rag needs to be flapping about precariously, you have to scream as loud as possible, white trash, white trash, as you strut back and forth.  I don't think it would be a dance done in a ballroom, or a dance floor, it think maybe it would be something that others would like on utube maybe it could be put there, it might be the next sensation but probably not.  I know that I would be ashamed to do it and probably won't try it anytime soon. Who could have thought up such a dance, or maybe it wasn't a dance could it have just been the act of a crazy person, I don't know?  Something to ponder.  I will pray that it was a dance if not I will pray for it's inventor.  

I think in the end the only thing that is certain in this life is God's grace, we are not assured of tomorrow, so I pray each night to be right with God, for my friends, family, all my neighbors, my country and the world in general.  What a place we live in, I am glad I am only subject to view the outside world, not of my little old fashioned world, only occasionally.  It is clear that it is getting more sinful daily and that is for God to fix not me..... tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Three for one, wagons to the internet in only a century? Where did the sonic booms go?

We started the day with the knowledge that Poppie had missed his appointment to the Dr in Zootown, it ended up that the appointment had been 10 days prior and we got a letter telling us he had missed it.  He rescheduled and we had to go in by 1, I really hate when you have to take an unplanned trip.  We did however have a promise from Murdocks to replace the one little turkey that had died, and as we had no want to go to Zootown for just a single turkey it ended up being a blessing.  Poppie went to his appointment and then we stopped for the new turkey and some grain.  I showed them the receipt and they were happy to replace it.  They didn't have a replacement of the same turkey that we had lost so I asked if I could pay the difference and get two white ones,  the nice lady said "oh, no you get two",  I was so pleased by her kindness.  While we were catching them she said "do you want three?"  I said I didn't need them but would take them so she gave me a third, they are getting a new shipment and these are getting older so it was nice of her to give me the extra.  The kids were excited when we got home to have three, they named them Socks, Blocky, and Feathers.  So we now have Socks, Blocky, Feathers, Giblets, Brawny, Snow white, Thanks Giving, Lurkey, Boggle, and Gobble.  Oh what a variance of names is that.  We have 4 adults, I can't remember the kind, but a plain black and white, one bronze, I hope a tom, and 5 whites.  We should have a nice gene pool to start with.  We have 5 goose eggs and 5 chicken eggs in the incubator as well.  I am giving the chickens one more week and then they well have used up their last reprieve.  I will get some nice veggies and make them into soup base.

I can't imagine being one of the people that are our oldest living people.  They have lived a life from wagon to high speed Internet and cars that are now flying.  Can you imagine the changes that have taken place in the last one hundred years.  I do understand that more advancements have been made in the last 10 to 20 than in all of history but that is communication orientated not like the physical transformations that have taken place in the last hundred.  Most of us have never been in a wagon little own had to go some place far or across the country in one.  We now think in terms of a circumnavigating the world in hours not days, months or years.  One hundred years ago the Titanic sunk the grandest largest ship ever but now we have ships three times that size that cruise all over.  They were still being amazed by the phone and now we carry computers in our pockets, libraries as well.  Flight was a thing birds did but look at us now, not that I have ever taken flight or ever will but many spend their lives in the air.  Speaking of flight where or when did the sonic booms go? 

My mother often regaled us with frights from her childhood when I was a child.  She told us of the first time she ever saw a jet stream.  She was a child in middle school and a long white line began to appear across the sky seemingly following a bird which later she determined was a some kind of plane.  She and her friends watched it come closer and closer, the world seemed to be cracking in half and then all of a sudden a tremendous booming sound rang out.  They screamed and ran as fast as they could home knowing the world was coming to an end, seeking out their mothers for comfort.  She also recounted how she and her same friends would go down to the railroad station and challenge each other to stand as close as they could to the engines.  One day they were doing such, and getting to close to the tracks, when a wiley engineer must have spotted them as they came closer and much too close he let out the steam spraying them with water and terrifying them.  They again ran home as fast as their little legs would carry them.  We no longer have steam trains or sonic booms,  an age gone past.  What will the next hundred years bring to our kids, could it possibly be a bigger leap than from steam to nano technology?  Or are the changes to come more drastic than what the last have been?  Will we really be able to transport, or will we have destroyed ourselves long before we can advance that far?  Will the Lord return?  What will we figure out, discover, conquer or find in the next 100 years... tomorrow.

Monday, April 16, 2012

The rain is peaking out again, progress on our Cabin, backfilled the wall. Poppie grilled.

Saturday the girls and I spent the morning back filling the stone wall,  it is shaping up nicely.  It will really make a nice finish to the pond area.  We put the pond in 5 years ago and the lining is now needing some help.  It didn't help that the grand kids and the big dogs liked wading in it.  It has many leaks that could have been avoided had it not been so freshly excavated at the time we put it in, due to the foundation.  Never the less, it is a beautiful pond with stately burned our hollow logs that flow water and a slab that drops a nice fall of water so it is worth reworking.  We are going to line it with chicken wire and cement the bottom after patching the lining.  I hope to make some cemented water planting beds in it to contain water plants that will provide a nice habitat for fish.  We used to have a very large catfish in it be a bear came along and fished it out, which didn't help the lining one bit either.  The cement will be the best bet in the long run.  We have a bench between the pond and the rock wall made from the cement from an old clothes line some one had discarded in the woods; we picked them at of the woods thinking they would make a nice base to the bench.  They did, we added an old slab of wood to the top and wallya a upcycled bench, very sturdy too.  We hope to have all our yard rebuilds done in plenty of time for this years 4th of July block party, friends and family all welcome event.  I really will post photos as soon as I get some of the new upgrades to the yard.  The cabin in coming along great, we are to the windows at this point,  we are going to log them in as we go along. We ended the day with Poppie grilling steaks and his black forest cake, well our version of it anyway.  Yogie made it, and didn't grease the pan all that well, so it stuck but he loved it anyway.

The yard does have a great large Kleettraxs right in the middle of it, right next to the new wall so needs to be finished and gotten out of my campfire area.  Poppie has had it for 5 or 6 years, we actually did get the motor to my old 75 Mercedes into it when my well loved car broke it's A frame., thankfully in the post office parking lot and not in the wood on top of a mountain.  Poppie got hurt right after so hasn't actually been able to finish it up.  Bug and BigJ have offered to finish it up for him.  It will be nice to be able to move it and it will be a God send for fixing potholes in the road and for plowing come winter.  I am thinking the boys have ideas of how they want to use it and borrow it from ole dad as well.  It is a 1949 tiny bulldozer.  I guess it won't actually be a Kleettraxs when it is done more a mercedtrax or some other high bred name.  I will be a very use full tool either way.

We had a nice day at church but both Poppie and I were a little sick all afternoon,  I actually napped and rested, maybe a much needed day of rest.  Poppie spent time with Bug and BigJ.  They did go pickup a dresser for me at Sisters.  They did a bunch of guy things as well so a nice day for Poppie.  The girls made dinner which was a nice treat. They made firtata, toast, with strawberries and cream  for dessert.  I like slow days when you don't have to do anything you don't want to.  I did manage to go out and help with the feeding of the goats, it is always a joy to watch them frolic around the pen, no worries just play and tag on their agendas.... tomorrow.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Poppie is getting older, yard to finish one more day of sunshine promised.

Poppie is another year older today.  We are going to have our first barbecue later today.  He will of course do the grilling.  We made great progress in the yard yesterday.  I built a rock wall yesterday out of half of the dry stacked foundation that was going to be on the log cabin we didn't make.  I used half of the rocks to make a flower bed over the septic tank.  I framed around it and will plant the old fashion roses that we have carried from one house to the other over the years of our marriage.  We got a start at our first home and have had them at each of the houses we have lived in, all five.  I also have some darker ones that my mother gave me years ago and I have had the two color, light pink almost white ones (the originals) and dark vibrant pink ones.  They will fill in the flower bed and keep anyone from driving on the septic tank that will be much prettier in the end than the canopies, they will go between the goat pen and the back of the kids little cabin.  We are hoping to get a lot of it finished today.  The rock wall I made finished the look of the front yard, it continued the wall from the walk  by the pond, framing in the rest of the yard and making a delineation to the picnic area and campfire part of the yard.  Boy helped me load rocks into the two wheelbarrows and push them to where we needed them. I carried most of the big rock it was easier than loading them twice but the small fill rock we wheel borrowed.  Poppie racked needles and small rocks that we gather from him.  The yard will look so nice and finally be a real yard,  the grass has finally filled in from when we had the house put in five years ago.  We will hopefully get the boat and truck moved today to finish off the cleaning. 

Poppie is picking up charcoal bricks and spikes to help out with the plans.  Bricks for the grilling and spikes and gas to finish up the cabin.  The kids will be here to see it go up so that will be nice for them to remember, now if I can remember to get some pictures, I am not always good at that.  The girls will make a cake for Poppie, his favorite is chocolate with cherries, gnateau and whip cream.  We will make up a couple salads to go with the steaks and have a nice dinner on the deck.  I love days with so much to do and no dead lines to have to do it.  Well that is our usual life but more so today I would say....... tomorrow.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Logs all moved, Cubbie needs a tuck in, yard coming together. No rain, yay.

We awoke to the residue of rain on the ground,  clouds were covering the sky but no rain came down during the daylight hours. The end of the day actually was to bring lovely sunshine.   I got a call in the morning from Mokie saying that she got called into work, she brought over the 5 kids (3 grands and 2 pseudo grands).  I had been going to make shampoo and work on prepping some of the soaps I have to make into french milled soaps.  I like the ability to add nice oils, glycerin, vinegar, vitamins or kumbacha to the mix, they retain their natural additions to the soap better than the oils that are subject to the actual lye in the cold processing.  Shampoo is actual hot process soap so a whole different process so to speak.  I may get to do the shampoo today, since I should not have the kids.  I ordered some new molds so will wait for them to arrive to do the french milling.  My plans all changed I raked and Boy helped with his wheel barrow.  The two girls joyously played on the play set.  Second was a more sedate go with the flow sort of girl.  I was in the house most of the morning.  Bubbie slept so I moved furniture around in the kitchen to try and get a new look to my house.  We still haven't gotten to do the laminating but I am getting the house rearranged so that I can do a major redo all at once. 

Mokie came home shortly after one and I had the afternoon, to help Boy with the wheelbarrowing.  We got the whole area we were working on cleaned up.  We got the second layer on the cabin, Poppie has to get some chainsaw gas and some spikes before we can go higher.  One more layer and we get to put in the windows.  Poppie is thinking about adding a loft and I asked if there could be a little dormer, which he is considering.  It should be a totally cool play house when were are done.  Poppie said it will stand longer than we will live.  I can imagine the generations of my kids and grand kids enjoying it and the happy hours it will bring.  I often wonder why people move around so much. I spent my childhood as a piece of chaff in the wind.  I have always tried to give my children the stability of home and a place where they had memories, good or bad.  I can't imagine thinking in terms of a five year plan and moving on, or waiting in desperation for a loan to be paid on your home to move on.  I live on the land I love, all my children will have lived on one place with roots as deep and secure as the land they were raised on.  I guess we all make choices and mine was made 30 years ago, that is the time I have spent on my land, hoping for 30 or more in my future.

I was laying on my bed watching a program last night when Cubbie came in to say "Nannie, I need a tuck in"  I said "what do you want?"  She said, "I need a tuck in"  unsure of exactly what she wanted for sure I said, "Why don't you just cuddle with Nannie"  That did the trick she cuddle down in with me and was at piece and happy as a clam.  Booboo came by a little while latter and said that her Mom told her to come cuddle with Nannie.  I guess there had been a disturbance in the yard, of no real importance, and Cubbie had been scared so her Mom had told her to come cuddle with Nannie.  I am glad that I can have that special relationship with some of my grand kids.  The little ones can come to Nannie at anytime and know they are loved and safe.... tomorrow.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

More burning, A play cabin begins, and a wonderful spring day was had by all.

Poppie was gone in the morning hours so I went out to rake and continue burning the yard waste that had built up under the trees. Some was only a years collection and other areas was a collection from numerous years.  Boy came along with his wheelbarrow to help, we filled and dump our wheelbarrows in silent harmony.  Mokie, Bubbie, Cubbie and Curious came over awhile later to join us.  I feed the goats their hay but they kept looking at my like I forgotten something.  I was to find out later that Poppie had not feed them their morning grain before he left so they were really looking at me like I had lost my mind.  During the course of raking and burning, I decided to put the two picnic tables where I am cleaning, it will be nice and shady and is deep in the yard so will be nice and private for gathering around.  Bubbie played in her walker, that is always in the yard for any baby that might come along,  she scratched at the dirt on the tray trying ever to catch it but just couldn't seem to get it into her hand.  Cubbie and Curious were playing when Curious sister came to pick her up for speak they had forgotten her appointment. She returned later in the morning.  We had a pleasant morning enjoying life and watching kids be kids.  Poppie came along later,  he had a nice morning, he had gotten to visit with his friend that he hadn't gottne to see really in about a week and a half.  He brought a chain saw to fix, Herbalists son had cut into something and wanted Poppie to fix it with out the Professor knowing he had hit something with it while cutting and missed up the chain.  Poppie fixed it later in the evening, he really had hit something hard.  Poppie had to grind the part of the saw that feeds into the bar and sharpen it twice before it would cut.  The teeth were really hit hard and chipped badly.  Poppie will take it back this morning. 

Once Poppie was home, I told him my ideas about where to but the tables, move some of the vehicles and the boat.  We thought it was a great idea.  To really put our ideas into actions we had to move about 20 logs that we had gotten to make a small cabin in the back yard, originally to be a studio, but as Poppie got me another one we hadn't really gone through with it.  We had used part of the logs as pig houses, two to be exact and they work wonderfully.  Poppie said he would use the rest of the logs to make a small log cabin for the kids in the back yard.  We were both dreading lifting the heavy logs.  Poppie got the great idea to use Brothers dolly to move them with.  It worked out wonderfully we got the first row and a half up,  and Poppie got about half of them moved over to where we need them.  Once we get the rest of the logs moved we will move Bug's truck and the boat.  The canopies will be set over the septic system for storage and a protection to keep people or vehicles from inadvertently being on it.  It will really be nice to have the nice open area, it will really tie the yard together in a way it hasn't been since we moved into the new house.  We have a some fence to finish putting in and then all the dogs can be allowed to roam the yard freely.  I will like having the protection they will provide especially when the cougars come back.  I will be able to let the goats come into the yard as well. I have no flowers left in my yard, and once the fences are in the garden will be totally enclosed, so I can put some flowers in there.  We will have to make four new gates but that will add protection for the kids and dogs.  We are going to put wheels on the gates that will allow vehicles to pass through so they won't hang on the fence posts to heavy when we open them.  We are hoping to get to finish stacking the logs on the little cabin today.  I want Poppie puts in some counters in the play cabin, I can imagine the girls wanting to sleep in it already this summer.  It is to raining today but I hope it is not a down pour but if it is I am sure I will find something to do in the house.  I have some laundry, and I have just gotten my first fleeces to work from scratch.  I hope I do a good job on them.  I may get to carve a little this morning..... tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring burning is so renewing. Cubbie and Curious enjoy the sun.

The weather man told us we would have another couple of days of warm renewing sunshine so we took full advantage of the cleansing sunshine.  We raked pine and fir needles, old cones, branches and broken boards into piles.  I used a pitch fork and shovel to load it all into a wheeliebarriow,  Love the way my little ones used to say it.  I dumped several loads together to make a pile which Poppie lit afire.  He removed the last few boards of the old wood shed off of the front of the hay barn.  I carted them into the shop/new goat barn to stack into a pile to await their renewal as goat stalls.  Poppie was using the pitch fork end to thump the pieces of the tin off the rafters when one old rotten board came down on his head,  he wasn't hurt but paid more attention thereafter.  I stacked the good end and add the piece that hit him to the burn pile.  We finished removing the old board and went to raking under the trees.  It was really looking nice, I picked up an old cardboard boxes that held Cyprus knees, and low and behold there was a nest of 16 eggs, and since there have been no chickens of mine out and none of Shinnies out since October I was careful to pick them up gently and take them to the piglets to enjoy.  No smell escaped. 

Cubbie and Curious were playing on the play set as we worked along.  Curious cooked at the kitchen and Cubbie made muddy pies.  They argued once in a while but general had a glorious day.  Poppie went and picked up the kids from school in the afternoon.  The girls came home and immediately took to their bikes to enjoy the sunshine.  Boy came along a short while later, with Cubbie in tow, pushing their wheelbarrows.  The Easter Bunny brought them both new wheelbarrows Sunday.  Boy had his own pitch forks and went to forking old hay at the front of the hay barn.  He got to put it into the turkey pen floor to restraw their coop.  Cubbie tried her best but wasn't able to actually fill her own wheelbarrow but gave it her best shot.  They both went home a short while later, about the time that Curious was picked up.  They neither one would take their wheelbarrows, they were sure that Poppie would need their help, and wheel barrows, in the morning and wanted to be prepared to assist Poppie in anyway they would be needed.  I do so love to have the companionship of all the little ones that grace and bless my home.

Today the weather seems to be smiling on us once again.  There is some more needles and cone to be raked, animals to feed and life to enjoying.  You can't control the surrounds, or life choices of those around you, but you can choose to live in God and continue on in his grace.  The Grace of God is a marvelous things, he holds you as his and provides you with all you need.  He does know your needs and answers prayers, so pray today..... tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

She's a broken woman needing to be mended..... nice day with my Seesta.

Yesterday, I saw a woman who had been hard use and shows lots of wear, she is in a true state of needing lots of work and repair.  She once was a beauty but the Grand Dame is now down on her luck awaiting her knight is shinning armor.  She once was the lady all clamored for, they sought her out to rape and steal from, they took her glory, and most precious bobbles and then went on about their way.  She still has her beautiful bones, her shoulders are broad and she stands tall.  Her finery is still upon her but it is tattered and torn, her makeup is smeared and her jewels are mostly gone.  She has spirit, the will to continue, is pleading for renewance and attention from those her used and abused her.  She is dirty and needs a bath but the Grand Old Lady has spirit and will trudge forward and protect those she loves. 

My Sister and I went to Butte yesterday,  I had never been in the low flat lands of the town and my sister had never been up to the historical town. Which surprised us both.  I wasn't impressed with the flats, but my Sister saw the beauty I see in the historical area.  I showed her where the Berkley pit entrance is, it wasn't open, but she can come back and bring Brother to see it.  We drove through the streets of the historical district and saw the stately old brick buildings that told of wealth of an age gone past, when Butte was truly the richest hill on earth.  The mansions abutted up against one another, all a special magnificent pearl if only on its own ranch or plantation; but here they are so close together you can literally shake hands from one window to the next.  It speaks of a time when money flowed to an extreme.  We had to go to one of the shabbiest areas to pick up a motor.  It was amazing to me that even in this down troddenedest area in a town that has seen itself in a down trodden state for some time, there were tiny little houses that once oozed wealth from their pores, as much as the large mansions did, but now are falling apart their gingerbread trim is peeled and fallen off the old boards they once adorned and bejeweled.  It was magnificent to see the grandeur that once abound there.  I love history and have seen many a PBS special of this old stately city but it was a true joy to see it at its core and know it once was a shinning example of Montana and American know how.  She is a lady truly waiting to mended. 

I saw the Pit, and saw it as a ladies womb from hence came the riches of her soul, it was torn asunder and the tunnel is her vagina where you can go to witness the loss of her most precious gifts.  I see that they are making new effort to clean her poisoned core, and renew the blood of her body.  I saw the standing lady, the memorial to a mans love and a promise to his Lord.  It is the lovely necklace that bedecks her neck, a crowning glory of her spirit.  The lady of the Rockies brings so much hope and love to so many.  A tribute to the Lord that listens and knows when to help those that love him.  She is a shining promise for the future to come in Butte.   I had a wonderful time seeing a true lady, reminisced of her Glory, saw her in the fallen condition she is in now and see the hope and love possible for her future..... tomorrow.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nice Easter with my family and my family in the Lord. He arose, hallelujah.

The ladies woke up to a nice visit from the Easter Bunny. We got to taste Easter. I have always loved to taste Easter and have every Easter I can remember all of my life. I excitedly peel my first egg of the new Easter each year. I usually pick one that has lots of nice color and if there is a little food coloring on the white of the egg all the better. I then take a bite of one of the chocolate marshmallow eggs, the ones that come in the egg carton. I take a bite of one and then in the same bite I taste the other, the taste of Easter. It is one of my fondest memories. I have always tried to share the taste with all of my children. My little ladies enjoy the taste with me, I don't recall if the older ones liking the taste all together. I know Poppie does not. I watched them find the two dozen eggs that they had dyed and left for the Easter Bunny to hid. They were excited about their new dresses, the toys and the candies left in their basket. I so enjoyed their delight, I am almost sure it will be their last year of the magic belief. We enjoyed our Easter breakfast of Easter taste then the girls were off to get dressed for Church.
Today, Mokie, Son and the kids joined us at Church. I bought each of the kids a Sunday outfit to come to Church in. Boy had slacks like Poppies he was so proud. The services were wonderful, I have never been to a Church that was more loving and child friendly in all my years of going to Church. Children are the future of all Churches, sometime the Church forgets that but not ours, a blessing to be cherished. Their were 8 children today, all loved and wanted. We had potluck, or buffet, after. The food was great and the love of all and the sharing with one another is definitely what Church is supposed to be about. We sang songs of praise to the Lord and the joy of his Resurrection was upper most in all our hearts. Today was wonderful, the Lord does love and hold us in his hands, with him nothing else matters.

We came home, Poppie raked, we fed animals, and enjoyed the beautiful day the Lord made for us. Our neighbor dropped by with extra chicken eggs, he felt pity on us as mine are still on strike, or maybe they are on a suicide mission, not sure. The kids rode their bikes and the Lord blessed our lives. When God is with you no man can succeed against you. The Lord is supreme and he takes care of those that are in him and are his. Our God he is alive, in him we live and we survive, from dust our God created man, he is our God the Great I AM..... tomorrow.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

None of my plans happened, Girls were troppers, Poppie had a busy day.

Mokie called first thing yesterday morning, before she is usually got of bed.  She had to go to Zootown for some last minute shopping.  I was not happy about it and yelled at her that she never took my needs in to considerations.  I think after all the babysitting I have done for her this spring, and the many plans I have set aside for her and her lack of saying thanking, just assuming I knew, came to a head all at once.  I ended up agreeing to take her.  I wanted to go then but she had to take Bubbie to the Doctor at 11 so we had to go at 12.  Booboo came with us, Yogie babysat Bubbie, Cubbie, Boy, Curious and Cartoons, with Poppie's supervision.  Poppie worked on getting the tranny done before we had to go.  We were to go right in and right out.  I wouldn't got otherwise. 

We stopped Murdocks and Mokie went in while Booboo and I stayed in the car.  She came out with a bag of dog food for a friend and a small box.  The box began to squeak when she got it into the car.  She had picked up four turkey chicks for Booboo and Yogie, they later named them (giblets, brawny, rusty, and Snow white).  I told her she was responsible for telling Poppie as I was not getting in trouble for bring more birds home.  He actually ended up liking them as there weren't chicks.  I am really going to eat the chickens if he can't get them to lay consistently,  I told him the ax falls, literally as soon as I have carrots, and others veggies from the garden to make up, and use my new pressure canner, to make chicken soup base.  He is going to get some ceramic eggs from Thor, his is feeling guilty that the chickens stopped laying due to the peacocks wintering with them, I am not sure that is the case but he is going to have a chance to help them lay but then they go to the stew pot for eating if he fails.

We picked up the "needed" gift that Cubbie had said the Easter bunny was going to bring her, the reason for the trip, a copy of Soul Surfer.  I got a few food items.  We ate at the Costco food court, picked up grain for the new chicks, I am not sure a gift that costs you is a gift or a peace offering, and rabbit food, and we on our way home.  We arrive home at 4ish.  Yogie did a good job of watching the kids. Flower and Butterfly stopped by for a couple hours.  Cartoons was very naughty and had to be disciplined by Poppie.   The rest of their day seemed to go ok.  We were all exhausted by dinner so Poppie ordered burgers.  The girls went over for a short time to help Mokie make eggs for her Easter egg hunt today, she is doing for the kids today.  We all ended up going to bed early but the Ladies giggled and talked in the front room long after bedtime; a nice ending to a long day, never the less.... tomorrow.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Zootown survived, Poppie is free and I get to try to get work done.

I got the call, and was off to get Bubbie and Mokie, I made it before the tracks were closed.  I walked into the hospital room and the little mite smiled her great big toothless grin at me.  She was happy to see me, her little eyes still looked puny and her cough is still a growl but she was ready to go home.  A place where no one sucks you out with a machine, at home they only use a bulb.  A place where they don't rip tape, that has been there for four days, off your face and say happily "it really doesn't hurt them" while you scream because your face feels like it does hurt and you want them to know just that.  A place with Momma, Daddy, Cubbie, Boy, the girls, Poppie and Nannie are.  A place where those that love me can cuddle and show me they love me.  Bubbie wanted to go to that place and lets us all know it.  She was home shortly there after.

We did manage to do a little grocery shopping and pick up the needed items for Easter. We got home just before the girls arrived home.  Cubbie showed Mokie the baby Sandy, for some reason, we don't actually know why, she thinks Sandy is hers, sadly probably not so.  Maybe she will loose interested in Sandy before it is time for Sandy to have a new home.  You can only have so many does in one herd.  She is a marvelous little doeling though. 

Poppie will be finishing the tranny today, I have a diaper cover to make for a photographer as a prop, that will be so cool she is going to send me photos to use when she has some. That will be cool advertising.  I hope to carve a little but we will see if I can get away, glad we don't have all the kids this morning, long week. Cartoons is almost pottie trained, almost, Curious is and that is a blessing. 

Tomorrow the Ladies will be home, I truly do love the first Fridays of the month.  I get to spend quality time with my babies. I never forget the treasure they are in my life.  I know our time is short as they grow into the wonderful young ladies they are to become.  The preacher is doing a series on the virtuous woman, I know that they are on their ways to becoming virtuous woman and someday wives to be proud of.  I know I talk of empowerment a lot and I do want that for them but I know that God wants them to fulfill his plan for them and that is to be loving, honest, hardworking wives and mothers, and more.  I can't think of a more wonderful thing a woman can be other than the daughter of  God. Our lives here are good, our family is home where they all belong and tomorrow we know not what it is to bring... tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Road closed, maybe a trip to the Zoo for Bubbie, a new day and new page.

The road across the railroad tracks to our property is going to be closed from 10 to 2.  They are going to replace the planks where we drive across.  No crossing between those hours so all plans have to be made before or you have to wait until after 2 to do it.  Mokie advised us this morning Bubbie has been off oxygen for 18 hours and is doing much better may get to come home but the doctor doesn't usually make rounds until around 11 so if she doesn't make them until then we won't get to go for them until after 2.  The wait will drive Mokie crazy she wants to bring her little one home. So the Lord is answering prayers.

Brut went walk about yesterday and Miss Piggy followed along, Miss Bacon had her trip cancelled short.  Mishka was out barking on her chain when Poppie went to look at what she was barking at there as big as you please, and big being the key word, was Brut.  Son's male boar pig.  He was ambling across the driveway from their house.  He weighs well over 1000 pounds so never does anything at a fast pace.  He was walking along sort of like, duh dump dee dump.  Poppie called Son to let him know and we went out to make sure he didn't go anywhere.  He ate a little out of the feed bags, checked out the dropped food under the rabbit hutches.  Ate a head of lettuce, we gave him, and just meandered around.  I saw Miss Piggy up by Son's garden beds so went up and herded her to her pen.  Brut had pushed the gate out and crawled under it.  Miss Bacon was just starting to come out and I told her to  get back in.  She and Miss Piggy only are between 400 and 600 pounds so much smaller than Brut.  I stood and talked to Miss Piggy until Son came home.  We screwed a brace between the tree and the gate post and put a couple of 2x4 braises to permanently close the gate after Miss Piggy went back in the gate.  Son went over to get Brut and a couple minutes later Son came over carrying a feed bucket Brut following with Poppie walking behind with a stick to tap Brut either side of his should to steer him home.  He really is a mild mannered pig.  I have never seen a boar pig, that big, that is so nonchalant and easy going.  He came right home and happily plopped down in to his mud as if to say I am home. The days excitement over we all went back to what we had been doing.  Son to work and Poppie and I to our doings. 

Grandma and Grandpa came by later and Cubbie had to show them Sandy, she really likes Sandy and couldn't help but share her with them.  She also took her medicines two times all by herself.  She wants her momma and sister to come home.  I am going to give her papers to color on today, yesterday we did puzzles but today we color.  I always like to us old upcycled papers.  I gather them up so the kids have them to scribble on whenever they want.  The best ones are ones of no use, no longer of value or ones the were just wasted paper to begin with.  We got some of those, so she can color to her hearts content today.  Her mom will love the art work and know good paper didn't go to waste.  I really do love that it is called upcycling.  Up is always a positive way to go.  It is good to teach them to reuse from a small age, helps teach them the old fashion values we still enjoy here in Montana.  Funny, the Preacher talked about how old fashion and good the values were still here in Montana on Sunday.  Yes, they are and we are proud of them.  I hope you get a new page today or at least one you turned over to give value too... tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bubbie has her smile, Sandy is born, Cubbie learns responsibility, life moves ever forward.

Poppie checked on his Sugar, he had been worried as she had been calling out oddly the night before.  Poppie was right there was a new baby in the small goat barn.  She is the picture of her grandmother, Daisy, the goat of Herbalist, that I had wanted a baby from.  I was bless to get both Sugar and Spice and each with a little girl in tow.  She does have ears which her grandmother doesn't but other than that color is the same.  She is a light Sandy color so after counseling with Mokie we came to that as her name.  All agreed it was a nice name.  She does look little compared to all the others.  She is 3 to 5 weeks younger.  I will have at least on buck to sell, and maybe 1 to 3 doelings.  I did get a nice crop of Boer withers, which is one of the breeding goals we have been seeking.  The Lord blessed our crop.  We are hoping to get inside stalls so all will have a place of safety and protection from the cougars that will come.  Mishka does her job at night, she is very nocturnal and guards fairly well at night already.  She is not sure goats are her friends as once in awhile one of them rolls her for being to close to their babies.  But she will get there eventually.

I went in to Zootown to take Mokie much needed supplies.  She couldn't go without her nasty pop, some chips, new clothes, a book and phone minutes.  She is not allowed to leave the babies room, as even if you visit the baby you have to leave the hospital so you don't spread the RSV.  Bubbie looks so sad,  she has green goop in her eyes, and they are all red,  she has a deep raw cough.  She is naked but for her dippie and her favorite blanket.  She is cuddley, likes to suck on her bottle but is not actually drinking enough of it.  She usually has a good appetite so that isn't good.  I couldn't take it any more and Mokie got me a cloth to wipe out her little eyes.  She gave me one of her big happy smiles.  She cooed and talked to us.  She had a big smile for each of the girls.  She is on the mend but can't come home until her retroactive breathing stops and she can go eight hours with out her oxygen.  She has a oxygen tube taped to her face, which she either doesn't know is there or she just hasn't had a desire to pull at.  She has a rubber pad on her foot that transfers her stats to the machine that monitors her.  She is a tough little girl and hope she kicks this once and for all.  All the many prayers we have gotten are working, the power of prayer is unbelievable.  I picked up a clutch kit for Poppie, a few items at murdocks and costco, some burgers on the way out of Zootown and got home after the girls bed time.  Long day.

Cubbie has medicine she won't take for her mom or dad.  I tried forcing it down her but she just ended up spitting it out.  I decide she has to be a big girl and take her medicine.  I took her into the kitchen got out some organic apple juice, put some in a glass, gave her her medicine, had her stir it in to her quarter cup of apple juice.  I told her baby sister could not come home to a sick sister that would make her sicker.  Cubbie has to get well so her sister could come home and that she was a big girl and could take her medicine herself. It has worked for the last two doses I had to give her.  She sits up and drinks it, with a little encouragement, but of her own accord.  She loves her sister and wants her to come home enough that says "I can take my medicine for the baby sister".  What ever works and it gives her responsibility for her taking her own medicine.  No tricks allowed she had to stir it in herself.  It will help prepare her for life and taking responsibility.  So some day when she does something silly, and in front of people, she can stand up and say I was responsible.  There is no expectation of privacy as adults when we do something stupid in front of witnesses.  You say "I did it" and go on.  Cubbie can say I did it, good or bad, and know she is responsible for her actions now and in days to come.  So when someone talks about her taking her medicine she can be proud, or when she does something that raises and eyebrow and others report what they saw she can saw "yes, I did it, stupid as it was" and go on, or with pride that she did it for her sister, empowerment is something that needs to start early..... tomorrow.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Bubbie still in the hospital. Responding to O2. Probably won't be home today but will see.

Bubbie is still in the hospital they have tried to take her off of the oxygen, a couple times, but she drops off badly when they do.  They have her stable on a minimal flow.  She is eating her formula, always has liked to eat, and getting pedilite bottles as well.  She has launched bottles on them, much like many of us have experienced in the past.  She is being true to her own little nature, likes to eat, demands momma to listen and hold her.  She spirit is doing well, now if her little body can catch up she will get to return home to us.  I think Son is doing well with the older kids, it is actually good for him to have to spend one on one time with them, especially Cubbie.  He will drop them off this morning.  Don't know how many extras we will have, not sure how many are usually there on Mondays.  Poppie is still working on figuring out what is wrong with Herbalists sons truck, hoping it is the clutch thinking it is more than likely the tranny.  He will know for sure this morning. 

Still awaiting the last baby goats.  Spent some time draining more mud, thanks to the rain from the piglet pen.  The goats got lettuce with the pigs, chickens and turkeys.  The prep slop Poppie gets had a whole case that had gone bad.  The rabbits got cabbage leaves and carrots.  A nice bunch of discarded produce, which is always nice. 

Church was nice, the girls got kudos for their orange rolls and cinnamon rolls.  Sister brought donuts as well, with chocolate icing.  The Little, proudly shared the memory verse she had learned with the congregation.  The Preacher showed the bibles the children would earn, and have their own names on, when they had been there 5 weeks in a row.  The girls have both earned theirs as they have been there 8 weeks.  They will be so proud of their new bibles.  The girls both have a nice bible that they are both proud of that I gave them,  they keep them in there original boxes and actually read them daily.  They will be excited to compare, and learn to understand the two different translations.  The ones from Church will be King James, the one I gave them are New international versions.  I think that having different translations helps you see what the different words mean, and helps some people have a clearer understanding when they read different readings.  I know that is not how some churches believe and I have no problem with that.  I do believe that God speaks to you through the word and he can talk to you no matter the translation.  The Word transcends translations. 

The girls and I are reading Proverbs this month.  The preacher had said he did it every month.  There are 31 chapters and many months have 31 days so a nice fit.  The girls have a little bit of trouble understand the poem like language but that they are trying is the only thing that matters.  Day two down.  We also discussed that baptism is and how it works.  I did tell them that they would need to be a little older to truly understand it.  Booboo is sure she understand it now,  but I am not sure a child that believes in  the tooth fairy, Easter bunny and Santa has that capability so she can study and learn more on her way to eternal life. 

The kids have starting to arrive, the ladies are preparing to return to school and Poppie is checking on that last hold out momma so our day is well and truly begun.... Oh, Poppie reported the wait is over we have another baby girl......tomorrow.