Friday, April 13, 2012

Logs all moved, Cubbie needs a tuck in, yard coming together. No rain, yay.

We awoke to the residue of rain on the ground,  clouds were covering the sky but no rain came down during the daylight hours. The end of the day actually was to bring lovely sunshine.   I got a call in the morning from Mokie saying that she got called into work, she brought over the 5 kids (3 grands and 2 pseudo grands).  I had been going to make shampoo and work on prepping some of the soaps I have to make into french milled soaps.  I like the ability to add nice oils, glycerin, vinegar, vitamins or kumbacha to the mix, they retain their natural additions to the soap better than the oils that are subject to the actual lye in the cold processing.  Shampoo is actual hot process soap so a whole different process so to speak.  I may get to do the shampoo today, since I should not have the kids.  I ordered some new molds so will wait for them to arrive to do the french milling.  My plans all changed I raked and Boy helped with his wheel barrow.  The two girls joyously played on the play set.  Second was a more sedate go with the flow sort of girl.  I was in the house most of the morning.  Bubbie slept so I moved furniture around in the kitchen to try and get a new look to my house.  We still haven't gotten to do the laminating but I am getting the house rearranged so that I can do a major redo all at once. 

Mokie came home shortly after one and I had the afternoon, to help Boy with the wheelbarrowing.  We got the whole area we were working on cleaned up.  We got the second layer on the cabin, Poppie has to get some chainsaw gas and some spikes before we can go higher.  One more layer and we get to put in the windows.  Poppie is thinking about adding a loft and I asked if there could be a little dormer, which he is considering.  It should be a totally cool play house when were are done.  Poppie said it will stand longer than we will live.  I can imagine the generations of my kids and grand kids enjoying it and the happy hours it will bring.  I often wonder why people move around so much. I spent my childhood as a piece of chaff in the wind.  I have always tried to give my children the stability of home and a place where they had memories, good or bad.  I can't imagine thinking in terms of a five year plan and moving on, or waiting in desperation for a loan to be paid on your home to move on.  I live on the land I love, all my children will have lived on one place with roots as deep and secure as the land they were raised on.  I guess we all make choices and mine was made 30 years ago, that is the time I have spent on my land, hoping for 30 or more in my future.

I was laying on my bed watching a program last night when Cubbie came in to say "Nannie, I need a tuck in"  I said "what do you want?"  She said, "I need a tuck in"  unsure of exactly what she wanted for sure I said, "Why don't you just cuddle with Nannie"  That did the trick she cuddle down in with me and was at piece and happy as a clam.  Booboo came by a little while latter and said that her Mom told her to come cuddle with Nannie.  I guess there had been a disturbance in the yard, of no real importance, and Cubbie had been scared so her Mom had told her to come cuddle with Nannie.  I am glad that I can have that special relationship with some of my grand kids.  The little ones can come to Nannie at anytime and know they are loved and safe.... tomorrow.

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