Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Road closed, maybe a trip to the Zoo for Bubbie, a new day and new page.

The road across the railroad tracks to our property is going to be closed from 10 to 2.  They are going to replace the planks where we drive across.  No crossing between those hours so all plans have to be made before or you have to wait until after 2 to do it.  Mokie advised us this morning Bubbie has been off oxygen for 18 hours and is doing much better may get to come home but the doctor doesn't usually make rounds until around 11 so if she doesn't make them until then we won't get to go for them until after 2.  The wait will drive Mokie crazy she wants to bring her little one home. So the Lord is answering prayers.

Brut went walk about yesterday and Miss Piggy followed along, Miss Bacon had her trip cancelled short.  Mishka was out barking on her chain when Poppie went to look at what she was barking at there as big as you please, and big being the key word, was Brut.  Son's male boar pig.  He was ambling across the driveway from their house.  He weighs well over 1000 pounds so never does anything at a fast pace.  He was walking along sort of like, duh dump dee dump.  Poppie called Son to let him know and we went out to make sure he didn't go anywhere.  He ate a little out of the feed bags, checked out the dropped food under the rabbit hutches.  Ate a head of lettuce, we gave him, and just meandered around.  I saw Miss Piggy up by Son's garden beds so went up and herded her to her pen.  Brut had pushed the gate out and crawled under it.  Miss Bacon was just starting to come out and I told her to  get back in.  She and Miss Piggy only are between 400 and 600 pounds so much smaller than Brut.  I stood and talked to Miss Piggy until Son came home.  We screwed a brace between the tree and the gate post and put a couple of 2x4 braises to permanently close the gate after Miss Piggy went back in the gate.  Son went over to get Brut and a couple minutes later Son came over carrying a feed bucket Brut following with Poppie walking behind with a stick to tap Brut either side of his should to steer him home.  He really is a mild mannered pig.  I have never seen a boar pig, that big, that is so nonchalant and easy going.  He came right home and happily plopped down in to his mud as if to say I am home. The days excitement over we all went back to what we had been doing.  Son to work and Poppie and I to our doings. 

Grandma and Grandpa came by later and Cubbie had to show them Sandy, she really likes Sandy and couldn't help but share her with them.  She also took her medicines two times all by herself.  She wants her momma and sister to come home.  I am going to give her papers to color on today, yesterday we did puzzles but today we color.  I always like to us old upcycled papers.  I gather them up so the kids have them to scribble on whenever they want.  The best ones are ones of no use, no longer of value or ones the were just wasted paper to begin with.  We got some of those, so she can color to her hearts content today.  Her mom will love the art work and know good paper didn't go to waste.  I really do love that it is called upcycling.  Up is always a positive way to go.  It is good to teach them to reuse from a small age, helps teach them the old fashion values we still enjoy here in Montana.  Funny, the Preacher talked about how old fashion and good the values were still here in Montana on Sunday.  Yes, they are and we are proud of them.  I hope you get a new page today or at least one you turned over to give value too... tomorrow.

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