Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yogie is stressed and unsettled, Booboo is being the strong sister she is.

Yogie has been stressed for the last week, I don't know if it is due to the goings on in our extended family or just adjustment to a new year in school.  It maybe a combination of both.  She is irritable, snappy and aggressive, which is different for her.  She is standing up for herself but sometimes in inappropriate ways.  She varies from being her lovable self and a hair trigger.  I have tried talking to her, comforting her, explaining what she is able to understand but nothing seems to be working in the long term.  I see moments when she seems to open up and it seems to get better then it is back to square one.  Last night I lost it with her and I know that doesn't help her.  I see the stress in our family growing and have no idea how to make it go away.  September is always hard for us, hay time, wood time, school time, and lots of changes to our routines but the added complications has burdened us in ways we are struggling with to over come.  Booboo is being supportive of her sister and comforting her so she is a big help. She woke up with a sore throat this morning but no fever so, to her chagrin, I am not letting her stay home from school.

I have applesauce to make this morning, Poppie is going to his friends to work, it will help him to get away for the morning, he spent the afternoon yesterday making a feeder for their baby goats.  He is installing it and doing whatever else they need doing, I think he needs the escape.  I have to carve this afternoon, have an order for bears, a red tail hawk, I also have eagle and bear handles to get done to list on ebay.  I am trying to get my display made to display soap in the local flower shop.  I am behind on that at well. I have an offer to pick more apples hope to get to that in the middle of all this.  I also have an offer to can half the peaches on a friends tree, I get to keep the rest of the peaches, I will make jelly and pie filling out of them.  I think I am just praying the most now for normal, boring and comforting especially for my two little girls, and my grand kids.  The rest of us should have couping skills but we are human and fall short so the Lord takes us in his arms and loves us...... tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Caesar will be dating soon, Lilly is naughty and allowing our worries to be in God's hands.

Caesar has not allowed Poppie to put him in the horse trailer for about a week, he has had enough of it.  He is not really aggressive about it, like a dairy goat would be, but he is sort of pouty and let's Poppie know he doesn't like being locked up.  Poppie has let him stay on his rope near to the house.  He seems to be ok but it make us very nervous, he is our beloved goat and he is the only buck we have left and it is nearing breeding season. He is fully aware of it and so maybe why he is not allowing himself to be enclosed.  Lilly, the naughty, will not stay in the doe pen.  She merrily jumps over the fence and then picks and chooses where she will eat during the day.  Sometimes she eats in the garden and has eaten the green beans, what is left of the lettuce and some of the beet tops.  She sometimes wanders over to Mokie's and visits with the goats there, some time she eats in the lawn and mostly she teases Caesar and then runs away when he shows to much interest.  We are definitely buying cattle panels to reinforce the pens in the spring.  The other goats do not get out unless they damage the fence.  They are mostly boar, so can't jump, and the young one that will be able to jump hasn't showed much interest in getting out.  Lilly was born on a big farm and was nearly wild when we got her so she has always been a free spirit, she runs free then comes home and puts herself back in the pen.  I think that is why Poppie likes her best, she is independent, he likes that I think, why else would he put up with me.....

I have prayed more than normal this week, and it came to me in the middle of the night, I think God spoke to me and made me listen, after numerous nights of no sleep.  I have to give my worries to the Lord and once given remember to let them be with the Lord.  I find that one of the hardest things to do in my life.  I am a fixer and a mediator by nature.  I guess I am a mother.  I do have to remember that when I ask the Lord for something I have to let him fix it and give him the time to do it.  So today I practice letting the Lord have my worries and if it be his will fix my problems that go with the worries.  I can't fix them, and I should stop trying, the Lord does answer prays I just have to have faith in him and accept his answer... tomorrow.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Desire is God given and a healthy part of life, coveting is a destructive sin.

I have had many moments to contemplate this last week.  It always amazes me that we can be going along and something out of the blue can change all our thoughts and worries in a heartbeat.  I had one of those weeks, never easy but with God we cope.  It was a week where I thought of murder, no, not of committing it, no really.  But really I did think of it as Kelly's ex-husband was sentenced for his crime.  I thought of it as part of our community.  I have lived in this little town going on 32 years and in that time frame 3 people have been murdered.  Two, the result of domestic assault, again not domestic violence because it is assault.  Two different husbands killed their ex-wives, one very publicly and one in a more secret setting.  The third murder was a business transaction gone horribly awry.  Most people see murder as wrong and remember it as one of the ten commandments.  But what caused these murders could the seed of them have been coveting.  Coveting is the last commandment and I would say sort of a "catch all" commandment in ways. What sin doesn't have coveting at it's heart? What evil action doesn't have coveting at it's heart? What out of the blue happenstance doesn't have coveting at is heart? Well maybe not all of those but this one does.

Coveting is not a desire.  Desire in its proper place is given to us from God, helps us accomplish all our successes. Desire gives us the drive to strive for our dreams what ever they may be. Desire helps us thirst for spiritual gifts and righteousness.  Coveting is many times a "catch all", it is greed, it is desire gone horribly wrong, it is when desire become inordinate and unlawful.  It causes us to hurt, steal, to commit adultery, kill and even walk away from God.  Coveting is the root of the original sin, it is the part of our mind that is carnal and leads us to sin.

I find that coveting can be more destructive in a life, a community or a family than just about any thing, it is a sin we commit against our fellow man, and in that end against God.  Look around you in your local life, your national life and your world life and you will see the destruction that coveting has wrought.  Do you covet, I hope not, but I am sure that we all do on some level. We have to remember that though we may never think of killing our fellow man, committing adultery, stealing or not worshipping God, we can fall into coveting but as one of the ten commandments it is equally as bad as those and sometimes worse.  Coveting kills families and destroys friendship, and God does not abide it.  No, it is not a "little" commandment it is a commandment....... tomorrow.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

We are all sore to our cores, 3 loads of wood, God truly blesses our lives.

We intended to get a real early start but after, loading the truck, trailer, kids supplies and milking the goats we didn't get out of here until 9:30ish, we got up on the mountain, which is 17 miles the short way, about 10:30ish.  We scoped out the trees we wanted to take, several were already laying on the ground,  The first haul I helped hook with Son.  Poppie and Son had to go to where Mokie and the kids were sitting, where were we going to deck the wood.  The kids were eating snacks and they told them a bear was going to eat them with all the food laying around.  Mokie told me later all the kids were frightened and she had to calm them down. Naughty Daddies.  Mokie picked a few huckleberries while we finished hauling the first three logs down.  The decking area was out of the way of anyone who would pass by on the relatively isolated road.  It took less time to saw and stack the wood than it had taken to drag the logs down.  We worked as a team, Poppie, Son and I sawed, Mokie and the kids carried and stacked wood.  Once the sawed blocks got ahead a bit I stopped sawing and helped Mokie and the kids carry and stack.  My two girls can both stack a mean load of fire wood.  Yogie was more aggressive at it this time, she usually is, Booboo had to be encouraged a bit to get into the rythm.  Cubbie and Boy helped as much as they could and are getting to be good in their own right.

Grandpa showed up from the farmers market right after we hauled the second set of logs, we filled him up right away and hauled the last set to fill mine and Poppies load.  We did very well over all from first log to last block in the trailer was 6 hours.  Two trailers, two trucks and a little on Sons suburban.  Good days work.  The breeze was pleasant on the top of the mountain, made the sun not so hot.  Poppie and I both got sunburned, he will be tanned out by noon, I will be sore for a couple days.  We both have sore muscles that hadn't been used for awhile.  The girls are ready for a new day, no sore spots anywhere, the resilience of youth.  They are going to get to have ice cream cones today for all their hard work, going to take them to get ones down town later this afternoon.

The girls and I made our first kefir smoothies from our new kefir grains last night.  One peach, one raspberry and one combo,  they were wonderful.  Today will be a day of rest and soul replenishment, we certainly needed it in our lives.  Grandpas said the farmers market was a little slow. I am not sure if the girls will do any more this year, they don't get alot of time to bake so I have to do more of it and maybe we won't do any we will have to talk about it. One last note of the weeks goings on.  Kelly, who I had previously spoken of,  her murder trial was brought to a conclusion this week.  Her ex-husband plead guilty to the charges, he spared his mother, Kelly's family and the community the trauma of a lengthy trail.  He was sentenced to 55 years in prison,  He is 51 years old.  The community can now heal properly and Kelly has her rest with the Lord......... tomorrow.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wood getting this morning. The girls will not be at the Farmers Market, fun day.

The week has been hard and the girls are mostly unaware of the problems going on around them.  That is a blessing.  They are adjusting to a new bed time, if it doesn't work out then we will adjust it back or atleast back a half hour.  Booboo is very tired when she gets home, she has always sort of needed a nap after school when it first starts and this year doesn't seem to be any different.  She usually acclimates after about a month.  Yogie is struggling with a couple boys in her class, I think they like her and they are at the age where that means they bug her, she is distressed by them and wants their "attention" to stop. She is perceived to be a bit of a tattle tale at this point, I think, I try to talk with her and settle her by explaining what can be explained and trying to help her have compassion for other people.

Last night we got chainsaws fixed and ready to run,  Tires fixed as Poppie had to make an emergency run up a very rough road and ended up getting two flats and driving about 5 miles on the second flat.  A stranger came along and lent him a tire.  The tire is going to be returned today.  Poppie picked up the wood permit yesterday.  Sometimes you just need to get away from the problems and go to the beautiful woods.

We are all excited to have the day without obligations.  Poppie is getting the ax, bucket and shovel, the fire extinguisher is already in the tool box.  Mokie and Son are going to come, Grandpa will come up after the farmer's market is over.  If we go the long way it is 23 miles, we will go the short way and see if it is much closer on the speedometer, I seems much closer; 23 miles on a mountian road can take awhile.  The girls and I will take food and drinks.  We haven't gotten wood all year so it will be a welcomed treat in our lives.  I hope you enjoy your day as much as we plan to.  Nothing is more of a blessing than the Lord giving us a day of hard work and family togetherness. ...... tomorrow.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Are you a blessing in peoples lives, what do you sow and reap?

Due to circumstances, that I can not talk about, due to the fact that I allow any and all to read my blog, I don't mean that to be a cop out but we are going through a devastating family issue that until resolved I can not speak on.  Please know we do need your prayers to right an injustice.  I, needless to say, have been praying a lot and God guided me to watch a wonderful sermon on tv last night.  The speaker was speaking on sowing and reaping.  It was a wonderful and soul supporting message.  He spoke of what kind of seeds we sow in our lives.  The seeds we sow to our children, as small children, are some of the most important seeds we sow.  A child is who they are to be as adults due to the little things, I have known for years that their first 5 years establish children's habit, patterns and a great deal of their personality but I never really thought of those years as being the same for their spiritual personality as well.  He was an enlightening speaker.  I find comfort in that some how, I know that I have made so many mistakes in my life, and in my kid's lives, but I was always at my best when my kids were little, I taught them to be kind, loving, and caring, but more importantly I taught them the love of God, I may have not taught them the love of Church but the love of God and his word. I also taught them about compassion and to be a champion for all others not the villain.  Today I find some comfort in knowing that all of my children saw the devastation of their fathers abuse as a child and none of them would do that to another person.  A core value of who they are.,

The Pastor also spoke of the people in your life being food for the soul.  I now know why in the last few years, instinctively, I have removed the toxic people in my life.  I do know now that there are a few more that need to go but I am a long ways down the road to only having people who grow my spirit not tear it down. I would hope that I feed other peoples souls, I think that we are all called to be that for our fellow man. I have few friends but know that the ones I do have are wonderful and feed my soul, they are all gifts from God.  You all know who you are and thank you for being in my life....... tomorrow.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

God blessed us with this day we should enjoy it.

Yesterday was filled with emotions for me. Love from friends, support and reconnection's, filled with complete disbelieve and puzzlement of peoples cruelty. I often wonder what makes people do the things they do to other people to foreword their will on life and the ability to take what you want from someone regardless of the destruction.  I do know that God is the only answer when we reach the bottom and nothing we can do accomplishes the results that God can.  Today I have laid my problems at God's feet and have to trust in what his answer will be. I will not linger in the depths of despair as God does not live there and doesn't want me there either, he asks me to see the hope and know that it will come.

The ladies had a great day in school.  Yogie loves her new teacher and Booboo continues to love her fantastic teacher. Yogie said "no one played with her" but when we got to talking about it, they did, but she had to remember individually them doing so.  I told her sometimes when you don't get to spend time with people and a long time occurs between getting to see the people they have to rekindle to their relationship.  She understood but is anxious to be accepted more securely into her friends groups again.  I know that living out of town and the girls being out of sinc with their friends stresses their relationships with the other girls but I see no need to change our lives. Right or wrong.

We are trying to get back into the routine of school life and that will come.  Hair to curl so today begins anew.. tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The girls off to a new and wonderful school year this morning.

My friend, who had accidentally hurt me as prayer to the Lord told me, sent me a lovely apology on facebook.  I didn't expect or really need one but it brought tears and comfort to my soul. Thank you dear friend.

Today the ladies go to anew to school, they are excited to face the new challenges they will overcome this school year.  They will be back in the company of their friends and school chums.  They have their outfits picked out, their backpack filled to the brim with their school spoils. One will have a new teacher to get to know, and a whole new hall way to explore.  The other returns to her beloved teacher and can't wait to further their path of learning and friendship together, yes for my little Booboo it is a friendship she will cherish the rest of her life. They are off to their new world. Mom's watches as they need her just a little less each day, I love it and sorrow for the loss at the same time.  Isn't that a mothers plight and dream...

Today our family faces a new extended family crisis, God give me strength to accept the out come and hear my prayers for clarity and truth, compassion and your will be done and our ability to know you know what is best for our lives. Please help our family now.... amen......... tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My friend was upset about anger this week, I find myself angry yesterday, was it righteous or evil anger?

I was reading one of the blogs (link I follow and the blogger, who I think of in every way as my Christian friend, said, "People who call themselves Christians... were sarcastic and negative" then went on the make her point about her religious views.  I was one of the People she was speaking of, remembering back to a conversation we had had in March.  Why is it that anyone who didn't believe in her view was being sarcastic or negative? I found myself angry not because she didn't like my views, God speaks to us each individually and personally to create our beliefs. I was anger at being judged to not be a Christian and having to call myself a Christian. Do I have to call myself a Christian to be seen as one, isn't it obvious to anyone who knows me that I am a Christian. I had given that respect to my friend, the Blogger, but obviously I was not given the same respect in return. She did respect the atheist and the agnostic enough to call them such without saying they called themselves that.   I actually don't really care about the issue that she was talking about, it is a mute point, she is very proud of her children, as we all are, and tells one and all that they didn't have sex, kiss or even hold hands when they were engaged/betrothed before marriage.  They were betrothed or engaged and the way I read Deuteronomy 20:7, they could have, even by old testament standards of being betrothed.  Or is there a suggestion that God would tell betrothed men to sin? So I am happy for them but am really tired of hearing that they are better than other engaged couples for having waited. They have been married a year nearly, can't we get off worshiping at the alter of their courtship.  Did they lust for one another, which is also normal, but wouldn't that be a sin too, Matthew 5:28, 'But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart'. which if they did, wasn't any ones business and wasn't a sin since they were betrothed.  I do get a little upset about the implied short comings of other kids who fall short of their special love and courtship. I might add that courtship and dating are not mentioned in the bible so obviously God didn't feel it necessary to tell us how to do it.  Betrothal is mentioned in the bible so God had more need to tell us of it.  I do find it interesting that in the end she called up on "appearance of evil" to finish her argument.  There are few verses in the bible more twisted or more abused to the point of view of the churches, Amish, Catholic, Baptist through Zionist, or the user of the verses than, 1 Thessalonians 5:22.  Churches and people call upon this verse when they are establishing their opinion of the evil and putting forth their agenda.  Are you really evil if you don't honor the Pope? Catholics believe you are. Are you really evil if your daughter dates a boy without a chaperon? etc.... I truly believe in their being an appearance of evil, but shouldn't it be God's Scriptures and not the opinion of the Churches or people who determine what it is?

Earlier in the week a different friend of mine had had a difficult time with a co-worker and was upset at herself for being angry and in the end said this about anger "My lesson for today......I learned that I do not know how to deal well with passive aggressive people. My approach and reaction left me wanting to rip lips off ones face and stick them.....well you know. So I guess I have figured out my next self improvement. But just how do you teach yourself to not let lifes b***ches piss you off that totally? I live on my terms of being direct.....none of this pansy nasty passive aggressive stuff. Ok done sounding to suggestions......... It is me I worry about in all of this. She is who she is and I can not change that. But the fact that I allowed myself to become that angry and then reacted on that anger is what bothers me. I am stronger then that. Anger is not a show of strength it is a show of weakness, it is as good as saying, I am weak and you win. I do not like the fact that I allowed her to win. Oh well lesson learned, next time will be different." 

So what is anger, What does God say about anger? What is righteous anger? Was I being weak yesterday for being angry at my friend.  Was she being passive aggressive for not letting me know that she was upset with my take on the conversation and waited from March until now to let me know in a very public way? Maybe I am being self centered and it wasn't me but the other, People who call themselves Christians, she was talking to.. I might be making this more personal than she meant it, I do that and I am working on that, but it still hurt. So am I having righteous anger or having anger what is evil, as I took it so personally?  I believe anger is a gift that God gives us to use in his likeness,  I am rarely angry at people I don't love, I don't see the point in sharing that much pain, and anger always seems to cause pain, with someone I don't love.  I think back to an excerpt from an old sermon, "God forgives us in spite of our being what We are. We are Christians entirely and solely by the grace of God. It is all due to God's mercy. It is in spite of our being what we are, in spite of our being hateful and hating one another, in spite of our being ungrateful, in spite of our being rebellious, that God sent His own Son, and He took our sins upon Him. He died for us while we were sinners, while we were enemies. Our salvation is all of the free grace of God. As a Christian you say that you believe this gospel. But if you are in a condition of settled wrath against another person, how do you reconcile it with your Christianity?" So I contemplated my anger, prayed and worked it through before I slept..... tomorrow.  

Monday, August 22, 2011

Beach babies, Sister talk and raspberries to pick.

Poppie, the ladies and I went to the fishing access to take a swim yesterday afternoon.  The sandy beach had been pushed upon to the shore and that made for a very nice swimming area with relatively no current. The girls were playing in the water, Booboo still a little apprehensive of the beaver that might bite her bum, but they were getting more and more brave in the water.  We looked up and Little Sister and Freckles were walking down the boat ramp toward us.  They had come down from Zootown to ride horses at Freckles grandparents a short way from the fishing access.  The three girls had a blast with swimming races, who could stay under the water the longest contests and other water filled games.  Little Sister and I got to catch up as we hadn't seen each other in months.  Her husband is still commuting to the oil fields in North Dakota, three weeks there two weeks home but their routine is getting smoother and their lives are fun filled and happy.  We spent about 3 hours just chilling and enjoying each others company.  Such a nice surprise and rewarding to catch up with each other.  I did find it a little sad that with so many siblings that I rarely get to see them, we as a family love each other dearly but fate has made us less and less close as time goes along.  I sometimes sorrow for the loss of closeness but know that none of us would truly change our lives to make it any different.  So, I enjoy the time I get to spend with my different sibling when happenstance puts us together.

Poppie had to buy parts for his chainsaws.  Bug had borrowed two of them and damaged both of them using them for his work.  He had tried to increase the size of one of the chains and bar but had done it wrong and messed up that saw.  The other one the clutch went out from hard work on the saw.  Poppie called one of his friend who has just opened a saw shop to get him to order parts and surprise of surprises he accidentally had the parts for Poppies odd sized saw.  Since he had them on hand, as no one else has that odd size saw, Poppie got them at a sale price.  Poppie also stopped at his other friends and he had accidentally ordered the wrong parts for his saw and they fit Poppies saws too.  The Lord does provide. So Poppie has those parts and the parts Bug had put on his saw, that were wrong, which fit Poppie's third saw, so he only had to order one clutch to fix all three saws.  New bars and chains all around, one new clutch and one new clutching coming in.  What are the odds of all the parts being the ones he needed, God does work in mysterious ways. We will be forgoing the Farmer's Market next Saturday to go fire wooding.  We will have great fun.

We are going to go down to pick raspberries at Grandpa's this evening so we can make up some jellies. That should be a nice evening. I have to call the orthodontist this morning. Yogie's back brace support came off on Saturday,  I imagine I am going to have to make an unexpected trip to Zootown to have it fixed, possible this afternoon or tomorrow.....  not the way I wanted to spend one of the last two days of their summer break...... tomorrow.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Farmer's market was nice, Afternoon away in the woods priceless

We had a nice morning at the Farmer's Market. Meant lots of nice people, got to visit with friends and meant new ones again.  Got to talk with one of my friends "in-laws" and friend.  I have not got to talk to her very often and it was nice to get to know her a little more. Belle and family were excited about their plans for the afternoon, their Church family was going to be at her house for a Samoan Pig roast, all put on by a friend of hers.  The day was good for me and the a little slow for the girls.  We bought some veggies from grandpa. They will make a great stir fry, we have never grown eggplant like his and can't wait to try them.  Since our goats have eaten all of our cabbage we will be buying some from Grandpa. We are going to get about 50 or more pounds, but Grandpa wants us to wait a months or so, so will make sauerkraut when we get it.  We are going to make our regular families traditional kind, which of course we will blog about and then maybe some kefir kraut, from the Nourishing Traditions Cookbook, I had borrowed a copy several years ago from Belle.  She inspired us and we will try it and a lot of other fermenting recipes from our new copy of the book.

The girls had been invited to go over to DC's house in the afternoon, and they were going to go but found ourselves way up in the woods when we remembered they had invited the girls over at the Farmer's Market.  I am sorry to have not meant their obligation, as they had said they would go, but had such a great time I am not sorry they didn't go.  We went firewood hunting, hunting because we were looking not getting.  We found some and made a plan to go next Saturday first thing and not go to the Farmer's Market next weekend. 

We found the last few huckleberries of the seasons, Poppie loves to pick them and has the patience of Job, when doing so, so he and Yogie picked what they could find.  They managed to pick around two cups.  Booboo and I tried to keep, Saddie Sue, the crippled doxie I got from Knitter.  She has her own special gate and has learned to get around quite well even with her disability.  She must have thought she could find her house just up the road a little farther because when we let her out of the truck she ran helter skelter up the road.  Booboo had to run after her to catch her.  Next time she will be on a harness and leash, we have never had her act that way before.  We were in huckleberry country, with bear poop all over the road so didn't want Booboo or Saddie Sue to get ate.  It was 20 degrees cooler in the wood so a nice afternoon was had by all. Fall is in the air and I can't wait.  Love the Fall........... tomorrow.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

off to the Farmer's Market with the ladies. I hope to meet lots of friends.

We are off to the last farmer's Market before the school year starts.  We hope to have lots of fun with our friends and neighbors. The fall will be upon us soon, and there will be harvests to take in and process.  We are going to go pick raspberries at Grandpas on Monday.  Ours were transplanted late and hope they are holding on.  The strawberries look to be making a good attempt.  The raspberries hard to say.  I think some will come from the bottom but one never knows with raspberries.  I have to do more carving this week, after the girls go back to school, I haven't done it for so long they are selling like hotcakes so I have a hot market right now so I have to try and make enough to keep the money coming in.  I have a display case to make this weekend, I have an offer to display and sell soap in a bouquet. I am excited about that.  I do love to carve so will have lots of fun doing that and if I am careful about the dust and take breaks to make soap I should do well with that.  The little sander is coughing a bit so I hope it doesn't give up the ghost and I have to buy a new one too soon.  My stick blender should be here soon for making soap so all will be in line for work, to keep me busy when the girls and Poppie are gone, well the grand kid, the little ones will be here for awhile yet before Mokie is no longer working.  I do hate to be alone, not good at it....Off to the market..... have a great Saturday....... tomorrow.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Boy tells me a hopper, upcycled skirts and chicken pot pie, oh my!

We started the morning yesterday by making up more upcycled skirts.  The girls both put in orders for more skirts from their jeans that no longer fit.  They got to pick and choose their materials to add to their skirts.  They chose woven wool plaids, some plan felted wool.  One of our creations was a denim dress that was too short, but not to small for tiny miss Yogie, we had a second exact dress that had been one of the triplets hand me downs.  Together we decided to cut off the ruffle and then add the second skirt to the bottom.  She ended up with the cutest four pocket fitted skirt. She got the added bonus of a little jacket, the top of the second dress, as a layering item to another outfit.  Booboo got monkey skirts, with plaids, jeans and woolens. 

Yogie helped me bake her first "chicken pot pie",  she was utterly shocked that anyone would eat a pie that had meat in it.  Needless to say we have obviously never bought the Swanson's pie so she had no idea why anyone would make a meat pie.  Poppie is not fond of them and doesn't like stews but we made her first one.  We started with sauteing onions, green beans, broccoli, carrots, from our garden, added celery, potatoes, thickened broth and a grating of fresh lemon peel.  Yogie mixed up the pie crust and we rolled it out, added our filling.  She made a truly nice "meat" pie, best and flakiest crust she has made to date.  Poppie even ate it and liked it, can't say he was in love with it but he liked it so that was good enough.

We had the grand kids so the feet of seven children running around the house and yard added to the excitement.  M and Boy had to sit on the porch, Eldest and Boy had to sit on the porch, M and Boy had to sit on the porch.  Boy actually didn't sit on the porch like he was supposed to so was on Nannie's short list.  His dad got full details of his short comings at lunch time and told him he would talk with him when he got home.  The afternoon was progressing, pie making and kids running amok,  Daughter picked up her kids and the pace slowed.  I went to check my computer when Boy came running in upset that the girls had threw water on him. I was actually shocked that they would do that so took the disheartened like guy to find out what was going on.  Well the girls had no idea what he was talking about but did say that he had spit water all over himself and left the room.  I asked him what was going on and needless to say he, after some encouragement, admitted that he was telling one of his lies.  I told him to go to the corner and I was going to tell his parents that he was lying to Nannie, again.  I have never had a child make up suck a hopper with props and all.  I didn't get to talk to his dad last night but his mom is definitely going to get an earful this morning.  I am frustrated with his lying to me and saying I lie about him.  I sometimes wish to be the Nannie that never gets to see her grand kids, but once or twice a year and it is a neat little visit, and then I wake up and am glad to be such a vital part of their young lives, warts and all...... tomorrow.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The ladies and I had a great day of shopping and bonding. Nice to get away.

Due to my sincere upset at the statistics about sexual assault I had to vent this morning and did not get to tell you about our wonderful girls day out.  We had a great time. The girls got to pick and choose their own clothes, with a little guidance from mom.  The got to proudly pay with their hard earned money for their purchases.  The pride in their faces was priceless as they handed their money to the different clerks.  We were blessed with patient clerks that caringly counted the money out to them even if they had lines of waiting customers.  I was so thankful for their kindnesses, it made the girls trip a memory of pleasure that wasn't foreshaded with meanness. They each came home with change in their pockets, I am proud that they felt no need to spend it all,  they have seed moneys in the money jar.  They did go for the Chinese and we got to enjoy each others company while tasting new unknown foods, EI, dumplings like Nihao Kai Lan.  They both assured me that their favorite part of the day was spending time with me and each other, I am so proud of them I can't say how much.  Twin told me that older sisters got to help her daughter make choices that were better than hers in her daughter eyes.  Well  I may not be any better in my daughters eyes than my dear friend to her daughter, but I do know that they like my choices better than Mokie's, maybe they are to close in age and I am so far out that I am back in style for the moment anyway.  We had a marvelous day and memories of the day they got to spend what they worked so hard to make, they valued their money in ways other children their ages rarely get to do,  I think that, along with the company was priceless...... tomorrow.

1 in 4 girls victims of sexual assualt, Boys 1 in 7, more prevalent or more reported?

I was reading the stats on sexually assault of children in America that just came out. Is it really shocking or is it just a more accurate reading of what has always been part of children's life.  I think that children are being encouraged to speak up better and are more trusting of being believed and heard than in the past.  40 million Americans are the victims of sexual assault, 1 in 6 a victim in their lifetime.  80% knew their assaulter.  1 in 5 were under 12 and 10% were under 5.  80% of the predators were under 30, the assaults were almost never a one time occurrence and generally happened 1 to 4 years.  Most people find this just shocking, well probably not, 1 in 6 already knew it was happening and generally someone in their life knew as well, so atleast  1 in 3 knew so it isn't shocking.  I think that it is just the same consistent statistic that it has always been but it is just becoming less accepted in our society, in our "families" and quite frankly less politically correct.  I know that I have almost never meant a family that it didn't happen to on some level.  I know that the "dare" program, in our schools in the 90's,  was a complete failure at keeping kids off drugs but it did allow for children to be safe enough to talk to an adult, that listened, and helped them report sexual assault.

I have heard in the past, it was a family problem, so the family dealt with it.  It was generational due to the "families" taking care of it.  They didn't always condone it, per se, but as they took care of it, it got swept under the rug, or they didn't talk about it or at worst they looked the other way.  Every joke has a bases in truth, ever hear the one about "sisters being the best" where do you think it comes from.  I find it interesting when people are so worried about the "sexual offenders" in their community.  Do there children know those offenders? If not the chances are 80% that those offenders are not a danger to their children, but those same people see nothing wrong with leaving "uncle charlie", Uncle Joe, an older brother/sister, stepdad, or the neighbor to babysit their kids.  I am not saying that, any or all of those people are always a danger, but you should think about it, and actually more often than looking at that sexual offenders list. 

I am a victim, the sibling of victims, the friend of victims, and an advocate for victims, and I hate to hear.  It only happened the one time, there was no "real" damage, they are changed and it won't happen again, well it happened to them, etc.... The reality is that it rarely happens just once, if it happened to them and they assault victims, they are no longer the victim they are the predator,  and there was real damage.  It took me 30 years to get over the damage and when I did it was due to talking about it.  I have friends that "have gotten over it" or never had an issues with it and in a crushing moment it comes back 30 years later and devastates them in a heartbeat and then they start all over again the healing process. Ever hear, the predator has changed or they didn't mean to do it, or they aren't really predators, if you have ever said that about the predator you are an enabler, part of the reason it is and has been going on unreported for years.  Can a predator get help, I think there is indication they can. If it happened once, and that means once, not a couple times; and the predator gets help then maybe, like with domestic assault, (you noticed I didn't say domestic violence, it is assault not "violence"), they can be helped.  Some may out grow it and maybe that is the reason it drops of around 30?  I don't know.  It is like beating some one to death, I could never do it, so have no real idea why they do it.  I do know that like being an alcoholic, once you are one, you are always one.  I go back to that sexual offender list, do you know how many convicted predators aren't on it because of their sentence and how it was adjudicated.  Alot of them never have to report to or be on that list in the first place.

1 in 6 are victims, 1 in 7 boys, 1 in 4 girls, the bottom line is sexual assault is wrong, abhorrent and our society needs to stop blaming the victims, stop coddling the predators and start remembering that the victims is the important one in this.  Let's stop and listen to our children, never say "that is not true" when a child says one of your favorite people touched them.  Shut up and listen, your reaction can be more scarring than the predator in their life, you are supposed to love them.  That means taking their side and not the predators.  Are you part of the reasons 1 in 4 little girls don't make it to their 18 birthday with their childhood in tact, and their innocence?..... tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Girlie day in Zootown. The ladies are going shopping. Poppie is going to have grand kids.

Today is our Girls day out.  We are going to take some of the girls earning from the Farmer's Market and go shopping.  They are both excited, got their purses ready and their pocketbooks full of money to spend.  I have to bought them shoes and will pick up necessities, and they get to buy their own jean, pants, skirts, dresses, and fro fra.  I will be in the company of opinionated fashinionistas.  They are both empowered in their opinions of what they want. I am so proud.  This is going to be the first really year that most of what they buy will not be able to be worn by both or them, they will still have some ability to share but less and less so.  Booboo is about 12 lbs bigger and about 2 to 3 inches taller now.  Her shoes are almost 2 sizes bigger.  She caught up to her sister by 2 and they stayed the same size for about 4 years but the days when Yogie will ever be near her sisters size again have come and gone.  Booboo is 95 percentile for her age, and Yogie barely holds on to 50 percentile, and that is slipping.

I think they have plans to go to a burger place, I am all for going to the Chinese and they usually like to so we will see how that turns out.  I know we have to go to the earring and accessories store, I am told it is a must.  I do feel a little out of my element when shopping with my girls.  The older girls were not girlie like they are, it was so much easier to shop with them.  I am told in hindsight that I didn't get it right back then either, but I tried and try to so, I think that is part of being a good mom.  I know I do not come up to snuff all the time but the ability to try is half the battle I would suppose. I do try and understand what the kids are doing in their fashions now even if there is no way this old mind can truly "understand" it. 

Poppie will have the grand kids, Bug and Daughters.  Mokie, Son, Boy and Cubbie are off to Zootown as well.  Mokie will be fitted for her dentures, her chrons has totally ruined her top teeth, she will be getting her teeth fixed, dentures on top, a bridge on the bottom and all done before her third trimester.  I am so happy for her.  It will give Son the incentive to have his fixed, maybe next income tax time.  They will then be going to her doctor appointment for her 3d sonogram, and maybe they will find out what the baby is to be.  I think she needs a girlie girl to balance out Cubbie, but Son wants a boy.  We will see, God will send them what they need to complete, maybe, their family.  They have always wanted 4, but with the chrons, and she having to have c-sections, they may be done.

I have ladies to awaken, and the whirlwind day will begin.  My coffee is hot and the news it telling us of the days past...... tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Down to the last week of summer break, Where did the summer go?

I don't know that we actually got into the sinc of summer this year.  We never did get a spring and then full blown summer was upon us kind of like a whirlwind blowing in unannounced.  We got no time to make the spring preparations that we would normally get to do.  I lament the loss of my favorite time of the year.  I am not a summer person and when I don't get the gradual change from winter to summer it is harder on me than I would like to say.  We did not get our garden in on time or early as we like to do, the garden is doing well but so behind I don't know what I will get to harvest, or if I will get to harvest some of it.  The high water was not at a record height this year but it was surely a record in the length of time it stayed as high as it did.  Dry creek actually still has water in it and I can't remember that ever happening before this late in the summer.  The well pump going out didn't help, we were not able to keep the yard watered and it was hit and miss on the garden.  The loss of our goats to the recurrence of the predation of cougars was sad, and devastating, but sadly has become another mark of the summer season.  We will not lose anymore to them, we are just going to have to stay in a mod of vigilance and preparation.  That is a sad way for a child to spend it's childhood.  I do know that no cougars, that are spotted in our neighborhood, is safe to not getting what he gives out.  I am just afraid of all the guns, not only ours that we have to deal with but neighbors as well, one missed shot could kill a child in this tiny little neighborhood, then maybe someone will help us out.  They get mad when we call the media but they won't help without them, isn't that interesting and our plight, almost an oxymoron so to speak. We had nice farmers markets but didn't get to go camping, again the fault of the cougars, so that has disturbed our summer routine.  I don't know that this year will ever get on to a normal keel.

School starts in a week, and the summer for all practical purposes will be gone.  We will have to get back into the routine of education at the heart of our lives.  We will take the girls to the Sanders County fair for Booboo's birthday on labor day weekend. We will begin our fall preparations, wood to harvest and haul.  Goats to breed for the spring. Hay and grain to haul in.  Garden to harvest, apples to pick along the railroad right off way. Piglets will be born in late September.  The cycle of life will continue regardless or the hiccups of life,  I do hope it settles back to a more normal line.  I do so love fall, I hope this one is long and winter stays at bay for as long as it can.  I didn't get a spring so can't I have an elongated fall in it place........... tomorrow.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sharing in a blog can be many things to many people, a small slice of someones life.

I find reading blogs a fun and interesting past time, when I have time to do so.  I could get lost in them and never get anything done, so try to limit myself. I find it alot like watching people, and as you know that is one of my very favorite things. I read several regularly, some occasionally and others at random.  They are all interesting glimpses into peoples life. We, as readers, are in way sometimes a little voyeuristic. I think the comments on most blogs are, for the most part, true and well meant. I think we get too see a censored version of what people want to share with us about their lives. Some write to teach us their great wisdom, some share what they enjoy doing or are passionate about. Others write to vent, and still others, write in the abstract and I am not sure what they are writing about or why, but it must give them solace, so it is a blog of great meaning for them.  Some only write about the rosiness of their live.  They sometimes tell us a little of the hardship but; it is still rosie in their lives. That is interesting.  They are trying to tell us of their lives but they are only comfortable with the good.  They want us to believe they have never experienced negative or if they have it was wonderful or they aren't honest enough with themselves to say, "hey we had this problem in our lives and we learned from it." or they are living in a rose colored world where the problem that occurred in their lives wasn't as bad as when it happened to someone else.  Their situation was different and  they are above the problems others have to deal with. Odd but interesting. Ok, I read some really odd blogs, but I think if you read enough of them you get a look at a real cross section of life and humanity. I know people in all these categories, in real life, so why would it be different in blog land, isn't it just a slice of other people's lives?

I try and write my blog to my kids, and allow you the anonymous to view it, like reading a diary. They all ready know me at my worst, and at my best, so whatever I say is not going to be "breaking news" to them, so I can talk about some of the most personal moments in my life with honesty that I don't always see in other blogs. I don't feel the need to teach my great knowledge, as I am not sure you could buy coffee with my great knowledge anyway.  I don't feel the need to protect people from their past mistakes, we made them and they are a part of who we are, without them and the lessons we learned from them we would be different people.  No, I don't think that every one needs to know every thing, IE my codes; but making it sound like you never experienced any badness makes you a lesser person because your failures and mistakes help you become who you so are in the end.  Sometimes your mistakes were your greatest success to becoming you, good or bad..... tomorrow.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bachmann, interesting week, Picinic Sunday a lifetime of memories.

Michele Bachmann was in the news all week, beginning with her scary eyes on Newsweek, did they really not notice the photos was way out there, maybe that was their statement and intent, but it was wrong.  She was a lady about it.  I am not a Teaparty Republican but find her an interesting person.  She won the Iowa straw poll today, a wake up call for democrats and the republican I would think.  I don't think she can win the general election with her, hard line right wing republican ideals, but she will be interest to watch and see how she proceeds.  I do find one of the most interesting things she came up against this week was the question she got about her submission to her husband.  I think the questioner was trying to catcher her up in his question.  I found her answer wonderful and quite on point.  She stated the submission to her husband, as God ordained, was to respect her husband.  I was actually proud of her, she up held her beliefs and was exactly right in her answer to what God is asking when we are called to be submissive.  Submission is not about taking power from someone or making them into a servant it is about respect.  I am submissive to my husband, as the Lord asks me to be, I respect him every minute of every day.  (Ester 1:20) and (1 Peter 3:1).  (Ephesians 5:22) I love my husband and submit to my husband, as fitting in the Lord; I praise him, I respect him, I love him and I honor him.  The Lord treats me as my husband would, he doesn't beat me, he doesn't belittle me, he doesn't make me a slave, he loves me and treats me as his beloved.  I think so many people miss the point of submission to a spouse, I am sure the questioner didn't expect Michele's answer and probably didn't know the truth of the question he ask.  Kudos to her for her answer.

The pump is in and we have water, brown muddy water part of the time, still rinsing out the well so to speak, but great pressure.  Poppie is weeding the garden this morning, and I am carving.  The girls went to Bugs and Daughters for the night, we are going to pick them up and go on a picnic this afternoon.  Daughter thinks we should enjoy the day without them but I am not in place, and almost never have been, where I don't want to share time with my kids.  We had grand kids all week and today is our day with our girls.  I learned a long time ago childhood is so short, that I unlike alot of parents, I don't aspire to the need to "get away" from them, I actually find no true joy or need for "date night".  My children one and all are one of the most precious joys of my life.  I will have a lifetime of alone time and "date nights"  with my dear husband when they are grown but only one childhood with each of my children.  They will grow and have lives of their own to enjoy, they will never be children again and I don't want to miss a minute of what I can share with them during their childhood.  We are going on a picnic together as a family, and the memories will sustain me, when they have gone on to families of their own. Poppie and I will have all the time alone we will ever need then....... when no little hand is there to hold mine, Poppie will lovingly pat mine and hold it as we walk along are path together.... tomorrow.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Farmers Market was fun and a good chance to chat with friends, Pumps in!!

Poppie and Bug put the pump in while we went to the farmer's market.  It is still pumping dirty water but we now have better pressure than we have ever had.  A wonderful day to be sure, water as much and anywhere we want to use it. A true blessing. 

The girls and I went to the farmers market, it was a steady and about the same as last week.  There was a fly by at the airport so some of the vendors were out there and like the girl's Grandpa said.  Events like this and the fair don't bring more people to the Farmers Market they are in town for a specific function and that doesn't necessarily flow over to the farmer market vendors.  If the last two weeks are any indication he is right. We had good sale and the girls made less on purposes so a good day.  I meant a wonderful lady the spun and had a very informative conversation about spinning.  Got good and instructive feedback on some of my items.  Got to get to know, Knitter, a little better, I truly think we are a great deal similar and our friendship will grow over the years.  She and I both want to spin and will do some training together and are making plans to do so.  Booboo is going to give her a female turkey and she is going to give Booboo a baby female back in the spring. 

Off to take the girls to the river, I had promised to several times this week and each time the plans fell through so we are going today.  They turned down and opportunity to go to Only's birthday party so they could go to the river.  Grandpa was disappointed but I said it was their choice.  I think is is good for them to have a choice and make decisions for themselves and being with Only lately has caused them hurt so they got to choose.  Off to the river.... tomorrow.

Friday, August 12, 2011

I didn't have children to fix my mistakes in life, I want them to get to make mistakes in theirs.

My good friend blogs daily and writes a good one, I might add, she has just taken the "blog with integrity" pledge.  I am happy for her and see her point in why she did.  I am not taking the pledge.  I thought long and hard about whether I should or not and have come to the determination that I can't.  I feel that integrity is something I strive hard for in my life.  I can't say that I have never lied because no one can say that and be telling the truth.  I rarely lie,  I try hard not to and don't knowingly do so unless it is to spare someones feelings when there is no point in hurting them for the sake of the truth.  I tell youthful fantasy lies about Santa and the Easter bunny to my children but again not a lie of mean intent.  I would say that I made a pledge to God along time ago when I was Baptised,  to be a person of integrity was part of that and I see no reason to pledge to some one, I hold in lesser regard than the Lord, something I try to live by daily. So, I will blog with the integrity I give to my life but I won't pledge to you that I will do so just for the sake of a pledge. Pledges are a sacred vow to me and my blog is my writing to my children and those who would find some interest in them, they are not for a serious life or death cause so I will not make a pledge that is serious beyond the intent of the blog.  Enough said.

I find the way people bring up there children to be of such interest.  Some want all that they didn't have for their children, and their children get it, but quite often their children are not the people they were but are spoiled brats that want all on a silver platter. Some people hate the mistakes they made in their lives and do all they can to make sure their kids never make those mistakes,  the child never gets to experience their own failures or success at over coming their mistakes.  Some people radically change to such an extreme from their up bringing that their child is an experiment in the making. Sometimes this can be so wonderful and sometimes you wonder what they were thinking. Why would you raise a child to spite your parents? I have no idea how many ways of raising a child there is but imagine it would be as countless as the stars in heaven.  I do know about raising my own children.  I didn't want so much different for them than the way I was raised but the difference were not subtle.   I wanted them to know I love them, I tell them I do, they never have to "know I love them", they know because I say it.  I have never spoiled them with things, maybe because I couldn't always afford them but I like to think because they need to know the value of the things they wanted.  I raised them to be polite, know how to work, respect their elders and show kindness to their fellow man.  I wanted them all to love God beyond any and everything.  I wanted them to make their own mistakes and be better people for the process.  I wanted them to have the same love of life and freedom of spirit that I have.  I never wanted to take away their right to win or fail.  I wanted for them the honesty of a life well lived on their own terms.  Maybe I am wrong and I suppose all parenting plans are, on some level, but I wanted the best I could give to my kids, and that had nothing to do with things..... tomorrow.

Baking day, hope to get to go to the river, Summer is in it dog days, Girls trip planned.

We didn't bake yesterday, we thought we would take the day off, today we will just make pies, foccacia's and some bread, nothing new.  The girls spent the day with Boy, they have carved out their own spaces in my studio, they took the initiative and made their own way in there.  I was proud of their efforts and they can stay.  Their desks are too cute, they have plants on their desk and they are making wonderful water colors so they can stay, as long as they don't make a mess.  If they do it is their responsibility to clean up.  I am going to let them use tempera paint and paint one area of the wall, so that will be cool as well.

We hope to get to go to the river this afternoon, we didn't get to go the last couple days, as planned, as we had kids until it was too late in the day to go.  We are going to try to get to go today, Poppie will be home as he has pushed himself to the edge, I knew we was getting close, he is so loving his "job" that he doesn't want to stop, thank goodness he doesn't have to work today, so he can take it easy.  Tomorrow, they have to put in the new pump, it came on Wednesday, I got it for a great deal and we have a stand by motor for it so still a win win, and a blessing.  I am the queen of Internet purchasing I must say.

School starts in less than two weeks, I do hope to enjoy the days with my ladies we are going to go shopping either on Monday or Wednesday, I am thinking Wednesday of next week.  A ladies day out to do girlie thinks.  The fashionesta's will be in high speed I am sure.  They are still young enough to look forward to  and enjoy their mom as part of that, I hope I don't ever loose that but only time will tell. I have skirts to make up for the ladies for school, and maybe some other upcycled items.  I do love that they have input into them and they love to wear them.

Summer wanes, and life goes on, we are going to enjoy the time we have left and not fret about what could have been or wasn't, we are going look in to the future with joy and wonder..... tomorrow.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Evolution, I agree it is part of God's design, but God made me in his image, I didn't just happen.

I first came into contact with evolution as a child in the fifth grade.  Our teacher was an elderly woman that could no longer stomach teaching boys so her husband and her divided the class into a boys class and a girls class.  They got the classes together for some classes including music, I remember singing.  I'm no kin to the Monkey.  It went like the; I'm no kin to the monkey no, no, no, The monkeys no kin to me,  I don't know much about his ancestry but mine didn't swing from a tree. No,  Mine didn't swing from a tree.   A lovely little ditty that I am sure wouldn't be allowed in the classroom in this too politically correct age.  I kind of liked it and it got my mind to thinking for the first time about why any one would think we were related to monkeys.  Clearly we came from Adam and Eve, didn't you read your bible. I had, and knew where I came from.

My biology teacher in high school, Mr. Briggs, was probably my next introduction and my main teachings on evolution.  He was a good biology teachers and the President of the local LDS church.  He gave us both sides of the argument,  I think that one should not be allowed with out the other in schools, seems so sad that today in the "politically correct" world only one side is allowed in school, I know the teachers would screw up the God side, but in an ideal world the kids would get to hear both arguments, just saying. He taught me in the end science says how and God says why.  I, being me, didn't find that the end of the argument, so have often contemplated evolution, read Darwin and continued to ask why there is not a "missing link" or why one had never been found, and I have come to a conclusion.  Warning, I am sometimes nuts and this is mine and mine alone's opinion of human kind.  We are not mammals and were never part of evolutions, God put us on earth just like the bible says he did.  Here is how he did it, and why, I think we are not part of evolution or mammalian society.

Evolution has been going on for billions of years, God never told a lie, he states in the bible the process in the exact order that the scientist say it happened.  The variance comes in with the appearance of man.  The bible says that there was nothing suitable for Adam as a mate. (Genesis 2:20) Well if there was nothing suitable that would mean there was something, but not suitable, I would imagine that would be the apes, similar but not suitable. I believe that God made Adam and then Eve in his own image, different and apart from the evolution of earth.  A couple of items come to mind.  Mammals have bones in the males penises.  Ever hear of a bone in a man's penis?  I know that one of the major items of being a mammal is that they give milk, as do humans, but have you ever seen any other mammal that keeps it's breast all the time.  No, udders return to non-nursing size when not needed, even apes do not have continuous breast, when they are not needed they return to non-nursing size.  I have yet to see a woman's breast flat and then grow to nurse and recede to pre-nursing status.  I know that these are both small things but unique only to man, enough to be "not suitable" to Adam.  I think that God made evolution, and allowed it to be mans term for how he created each and ever animal, I think that his creations do evolve to suit the environments they live in as the world evolves and changes, God's design.  I also no that there has never been a link between man and apes that explains how one became the other.  I don't think that one ever did become the other, both unique creations from God.  No, I am not a mammal, I am the descendant of God's creation in his own image,  I am the daughter of Adam and Eve, made in Gods image, not a mammal..... tomorrow.

Shampoo base done, toothpaste and shea butter to make, Boy's birthday!!

I spent a good part of yesterday making up a 2 gallon batch of shampoo base. I had to stir it by hand for an hour and a half to get trace, yes I did order a new stick blender, the stirring gave me the push I needed to order it.  Did you know they can cost as much as 1500 dollars for a good one, no I didn't get to get one of those, I settled on one from a wholesale outlet, 25 shipped, but it does come apart of easy clean up, I am thinking Poppie can experiment with attaching a different motor to it when I burn it up, No, I am not making a plan to burn it up, but it will happen, soap is alot of work on a stick blender.  I am still melting the base in to liquid this morning. I will mix it into scents, no scents, toothpaste and whatever comes to mind now that I have a good batch of base.

I am going to try to make up a batch of Shea butter base and a couple of products from it too.  I so love the experimenting, I am not sure I ever thought of my self as a "professor" or "chemist", well I did win the science fair in eighth grade with my yeast experiments so maybe it was there all along.  I will have to get butter containers if it is a success but that will be fun too, choosing a pretty container will be fun.

Boy turns 5 today.  I am sure he will be excited all day,  we are going to have his party on Saturday.  He is so much a little version of his dad at this point.  He is a little afraid of things, don't know if that is hereditary or if he just takes cues from his dad's actions, his dad has anxiety disorder.  He whines alot don't know if that is part of it or just a stage.  He is also going through an angry stage.  He also is going through a lying stage.  I have been having talks with him.  He will eventually admit to telling them, then deny it.  I told on him yesterday morning.  He had choked his sister and I had disciplined him the day before.  I was telling his mother about it.  He yelled at me "Nannie, you lied" I was not happy but it was his Momma's place to discipline him.  She is not always consistent with it, she is working hard, pregnant and trying not to flare her chrons with stress so lets things go that maybe she shouldn't.  She went to work with out really addressing the problem.  She had been gone about 10 minutes when Boy choked his sister.  Nannie was not happy, I spanked him, talked to him about how bad that was, how he should not lie about it and put him in the corner to contemplate the error of his ways.  I saw his mom down town when I went to the store, where she works.  She was not happy with him and told me his dad would have a talk with him about this.  I think Boy may have a different attitude on choking his sister and lying to his Nannie this morning.  Now, we know part of why Cubbie is a little bear, she has to survive her brother.  Well, he is bigger but she runs circles around him with her little brain. Today, he should be on his best behavior with it being his birthday and a "good" talk from dad.

Today I pray for several of my friends, their health, their families health or just that they get the needs that God wants them to have fulfilled. It seems that time of year when extra prayers are needed, I know that is a daily thing to alot of people and can apply everyday of the year for someone, but today I know of people who need special prayers, in my life or my friends life, so I am just saying extra prayers of them.  Remember to pray for the loved ones in your life, even the ones you don't know need prayers sometime they are so proud they can't ask you for extra prayers,  I know I am blessed by the prayers of friends and stranger everyday.  God is so good to us and we  don't always know it.... tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sister's procedure was not as successfull as hoped, Shampoo to make.

Sister had her surgery or procedure on Friday, and it did not have the great effect that the original one had had for her.  Brother said she was better than before the surgery but it was not the total reformation of her life that it had been before.  She is back to better than she had been which in it's self is a blessing.  A blessing none the less is a blessing.  I have always been a half full person.  I am of the developing belief that that is what blessings are all about.  I try to see all things as positively as I can, it isn't something I do consciously it just is.  I have found that that, in me at least, is the acknowledgement of God's blessings.  I don't mean to say I take all his blessing for granted but I acknowledge them or accept them with easy of spirit.  I don't question that they are I just accept that they are from God on a constant bases.  My hubbie is a half empty sort of person, he has to be made to see the blessings from God.  He doesn't see them for what they are without them being pointed out to him.  Is that the difference between being half empty or half full.  I would say the more I see that God's blessings are the point of emptiness or not, the fuller my cup is, you know it is over flowing more and more in my life. I am not saying that a person looking in from the outside would see me as being as blessed as I do, but I see myself as truly blessed and that is all the matters in the end, isn't it?

I am going to try to make shampoo today, I totally need it, as I am out, well of the ones to sell anyway.  I am still sore from the sunburn but the salve is working and I burned up my stick blender so I am going to have to stir it by hand. It  takes less than five minutes with the stick blend to make trace, the first stage in shampoo,  but by hand it may take an hour of stirring.  I should have great biceps when I get done.  I could make it in the kitchen aide, still slower than the stick blender.  The regular blenders are too small.  I will figure it out one way or the other, got to have more.  I am going to make some toothpaste from it when it is done.  I have to have unscented liquid soap to make one of the recipes I have.  Don't seem shocked, does you toothpaste bubble when you brush, if so, it has soap in it.  I am making several formulas with and without soap so will see which we like best. Do you want to be a tester? I have soap testers, laundry testers, deodorant testers, shampoo testers and  liquid hand soap testers. I don't want to go on my opinion alone, I am a half or full person so my opinion alone could be biased.   I am going to make lotion soon. I have a world of plans going on in my head at any given time.  Have you meant me, if so you know I am a little nuts, and driven....

The kids are going to watch more of Anne of Green Gables this morning, while I make soap, I hope they all like it, the grand kids will join in.  I just loved it, it brought back so many memories of when Goofy and Mokie were little girls and we watched it for the first time..... tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tooth aches, sunburned and kids locked up in the house, Poppie doing a happy dance.

Poppie is still enjoying getting to escape to help friends in Lozeau, he is now working on their barn.  He finished up the manure cleaning in the building, a new feeder and is now building a wall.  He did have to stay home a couple days last week due to pain and can only manage helping out there about 4 hours max.  He is as happy as a kid in a candy shop with chocolate all over his face.  He loves "working".  I am still getting used to him being going in the mornings.  I had kids and grand kids today, almost had Bugs and Daughters three but their aunt showed up and they didn't come.  I was sort of glad as my burn is still very bad and my wisdom tooth is in more pain than it ever has been.  I took a pain pill and it didn't hardly help.  It is not infected so that is a blessing.  Herbalist sent her medicated salve home with Poppie and it helped the sunburn a great deal.  The kids spent the day mainly in the house, I can't go out in the sun and I can't let them out alone.  They did get to eat on the deck as I could watch them there. The goats got out just before Poppie got home so they didn't get a chance to hurt his garden.  He let them stay out awhile after he got home. 

I got a big order on etsy for diaper covers.  I actually had 5 on hand but had to make up double thickness ones today. It was a nice diversion from my pains.  I really am excited about the diaper covers,  I also had another convo from a lady that may buy more so that is really exciting, as they are my first upcycled items I have sold on line.  Sold some at the MADE Fair and a few small pieces at the farmer's market.  I do know that networking and developing clients take time.  I have a following on eBay for my carved and art work,  so developing clientele on etsy and my blog are just a matter of time.  I am nothing if not patient.  I find the process more fun than the end result, in most things, so patience is just part of the fun.

The girls and I are going to watch Anne of Green Gables and record it from PBS tonight.  They so like Little House on the Prairie that I think they will adore this series as well. I will be excited to see how it goes.

I burned up my stick blender yesterday making laundry soap,  I have to get another one.  I do have to make shampoo between pains, I know whining.... I am trying to talk Poppie into making me a "paint stirrer" for stirring soap but so far he thinks I am nuts.  I will get it figured out and talk him into it eventually.  Off to the movies with the Ladies...... tomorrow.

Wealth is a funny thing, I never thought I didn't have it but find others might disagree.

I am not sure that children ever think of wealth, life just is for them.  I know as a child I usually had what I needed or never really thought about it if I didn't. I would think that is true for most children across the board.  I understood from a young age that you couldn't have everything.  Sometimes if you wanted something you had to work hard for it and sometimes it was just something you didn't need after all. I know sometimes we didn't have clothes but the nice people at church or family members gave us hand me downs.  I was like a kid on Christmas when they arrived and proud of the clothes, I got, the kids at school not so much, but I liked them.  Sometime we got hungry but some one usually helped us out or we ate less and got by.  I never thought of that as being poor or not having wealth.  I guess I always figured wealth wasn't a money thing.  God always helped us out somehow and we got by.  I grew up never thinking I was poor, sometime we didn't have all the much be we had all our parents could provide us with at the time.   I raised my older kids pretty much the same, I gave them the best I had at the time.  Sometime they got extras and sometimes it was lean.  I still never figured I was poor and was certain I had wealth. I am raising my younger kids the same way, pretty much a "if it's not broke don't fix it" kind of person.  I been amazed as I age that "being broke" is world's apart from one person to the next.  If I am broke I don't have any money and certainly nothing to buy anything with, so I rely on what I have. I know people that when they are broke they won't be able to take a vacation this year, or they won't be able to get a new car this year, or they won't be able to update their furniture this year, or they don't have enough in their retirement account to live as they do now.  I find the difference interesting; and it is staggering to contemplate what a huge difference there is in peoples lifestyle that these extremes exist. I don't think wealth is about money in my life. I may only think that because I never had any but I am not sure that is true either.

Wealth is of the spirit, wealth is how you perceive yourself when you look in the mirror.  Are you a good honest Godly person? I have always thought so when I looked at the person looking back at me.  God gave me a good family, God gave me the best of husbands, God gave me the gift of good health, creativity and a mind to help me make my way in the world.  God gave me the love of people, and helping my fellow man.  I never thought that I was poor.  I was an adult when it occurred to me that I may be poor or lacking in wealth by alot of peoples standards.  I have never lived a moment in my life where I didn't live from paycheck to paycheck some times even without the paycheck, in my birth family or my adult family.  I share with others what I have and others have shared with me.  I can't imagine having alot of money in the bank, I know me, I am sure I would find someone to help with it or share it somehow, probably why I never figured out how to have money in the bank in the first place.  I do know that money is something you have to be taught to use, and even if you figure out how to use it, poor people or people who never had it rarely know how to use it right, in the way that rich people are taught to from birth. Ever hear of a poor person winning the lottery that knew how to make it work for him, usually not.  Is money wealth?  I am sure to some it is, and very much so.   Again, I am not sure that wealth ever had to do with money in my life.

Wealth is gift of God's grace. Wealth is happy healthy children. Wealth is a good life with a spouse you adore.  Wealth is many things, to many people, but I am sure that is not always about money to  many people.  What is wealth to you?.... tomorrow,

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunfried, Beaver scares, Cubbie chills, totally peace and renewance.

We took our great trip.  The morning started with Yogie making cupcakes for her birthday.  She had gotten the choice for mom to make or buy her a cake but she decided she would make cupcakes to give everyone.  She made the boxed cake all alone.  She picked red velvet, cracked her eggs, measured her oil, add the water and stirred.  She metered out the batter with a 1/4 cup measure cup into the little paper cups and popped her creations into the oven.  25 minutes later she had lovely little cakes to cool down to frost later.  She is my "nine" year old wonder.  She is very self sufficient in the kitchen.  She has her own little way and style in the kitchen and in life.  I am so proud of my wonderful little lady.   Someone asked me one time why I always call them "ladies", I said, "I do it because that is what I set out to raise and they hear it and it reminds them that that is what they are, lovely empowered ladies in training."  I think I am going to be so marveled at what they become, it is truly a pleasure to see them develop into the ladies they will be in this life.

Yogie went to Uncle Brother's to see if he had tubes and a raft but the tubes were no good and the raft had a leak and he couldn't find his patch kit.  Shinny gave her five new tubes as a gift for her birthday and told her to enjoy them.  Such a nice thing to do.  We filled the tubes and Mokie and Poppie drove down to the rive to drop of Mokie's car, where we were to get out.  They decided on their own to add an additional 5 miles to our trip.  We chided them that that may be to far for the kids, and us with "virgin skinned" legs.  Mokie who is beautifully tanned just laughed at her old white skinned mother, Poppie got a look of utooo.  She gets her beautiful dark skin for him, but his old knees have seen less sun than mine have this year. They arrived home to find one of the tubes had a hole in it.  Son patched it and off we went. We piled into the truck.  We drove down to the fishing access and put our tubes, and the small raft Mokie had bought for Cubbie and Boy, in to the water.  Cubbie was not going to get to go but during the night Mokie had decided she could go.  We tied all our tubes, the raft and Poppies tube, that you pull behind a boat, together,  it has a cover on it with handles and pull hooks, it was great to help tie us all together.  We started down the river, Boy whined, it was a nice beginning. The water was going a nice clip and we all settled in.  The sun was shinning, the water nice and cool.  We had never actually started in that exact place before, we soon learned a routine of how to adjust where we went in the stream.  Son regretted not bringing a paddle, not sure where he would have put it on his tube.  We had to stopped a short distance down to let Son and Mokie change tubes.  He can't swim and had his life jacket on but the tube was smaller and he felt over balanced.  Mokie had liked her tube but was ok with the smaller one. All of my kids swim like fishes, the girls both had life jackets on as did Cubbie, Boy and Son, it is the law for children to have them on.  Poppie can swim but his brain scares him to death about the water if it is over his head so not a good swimmer.  Boy whined. Cubbie was in her element, she laid back on the raft and just chilled.  She didn't growl, cause trouble or roar.  She just had the cutest little smile on her face and took in the days events.  We had sun screened all the kids, our faces, Nannie and Poppies knee's, and passed out tea or juice drinks, I had water with lemon in it.  We navigated under the first of the five bridges we would traverse.  Boy whined.  Yogie and Booboo were having the time of their lives.  Yogie said it was her best birthday ever.  Booboo wanted to get off and swim but I told her we needed for her to get more used to the currents and open water before I would let her do that; in the end we decided we probably wouldn't let them do that this time. The river took us from one side to the other through the slow water and the fast,  we went through our first set of small rapids.  It was so fun it was a nice bouncy ride.  The ladies loved it, Cubbie giggled and Boy didn't whine, we were all shocked he actually liked the ride.  He decided he liked rafting for the moment.  He couldn't wait to find more rapids.  We soon went under our second bridge.  We saw a  deer under a tree.  We passed the swimming hole with the ropes that hang from the third bridge. We passed the fishing access that Son and I thought would be where we would have gotten out.  More rapids another bridge.  The water started to slow and we saw a beaver in a patch of willows.  He saw us and slid into the water.  We moved in close to the shore as the current took us back and forth along the river.  BoobooBooboo's bum in the air, Yogie's feet on Poppies raft, Cubbie still chilling and Boy whined.  We saw another beaver slid into the water, Booboo stiffened and got scared.  I told her beavers didn't eat meat they didn't want to take a bite of her bum and to calm down.  She eventually probably would have but her bum back in the water but she had dried and the water was chilling. Our trip was uneventful the rest of the way, Boy whined and we all noticed that there was a lot of red skin peaking out here and there especially on Nannie and Poppie's knees especially.  A little on Mokie's arm and none anywhere else.  We got off of the river, deflated the tubes and rafts and got into the car and came home. 

The goats were in Poppie's garden when we got home, they had eaten his apple tree and it will need to be trimmed alot to save it.  Poppie and Son went and got the truck.  The girls and I made salads, got steaks ready to barbecue.  Yogie frosted her Cupcakes, chocolate or pecan coconut, I added candles.  We all had a nice barbecue, Yogie blew out her candles, we sang her a nice birthday wish and she proudly passed out Cupcakes to one and all.  A wonderful birthday, a memory for one and all, we will have for a lifetime.  Nannie is fried this morning and Poppie nicely cooked but already tanning..... tomorrow.  

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A day of escape, a blessing to be sure, Booboo and Yogie, loved their day!

Our day started out very busy, we had to be to the farmers market around 8 ish, which is a little earlier than we normally do. The vendors were all arriving and we got to exchange pleasantries, a little chit chat and our day's began. One of the hardest parts is to maintain your own booth and try to see what your friend have new to sell.  I got to sit near one of my oldest friends, in this town, both in age and time of friendship. She and I have share our art for years, she supported my carving when it was in it's infancy.  She was selling lovely hand carved wooden pieces and crocheted purses, all lovely.  We got to be close enough to talk and reminisce.  The girls only sold for about an hour and a half before they went to get ready for their ride on the float. I sold for them in their absence.  The day seem slow to alot of the vendor, probably due to the fair.   I thought it would have brought more buyers, there was more traffic but not more buyers.  I got to see alot of my friends, many stopped by and picked up soap, laundry soap or just to chat, which is always nice. One of my friends that stopped by was, Lady Hero, she had been the head dispatcher when I hired on at the sheriff's office.  That was 14 years ago this month.  She, at the time, was actively trying to join the navy, I think, she ended up getting in to the Navy reserve. She has totally loved the time she has spent in the Navy, she has traveled and broaden her horizons, and in the end become a hero, as are all the men and women who have given of themselves and volunteered to put themselves in harms way so we can live the life we do in the United States.  I hadn't seen her for a long time, she had been stationed in Italy for awhile,  I did realize until several weeks ago that she had read my blog from afar.  She told me it reminded her of home.  I was so honored to have been even a minute of home for her when she was away serving our country.  Kudos to her and all who serve.

The girls had a great time on the float, the cutest little pigs you ever did see. They had pig ears and nose, for the libraries "hog wild" program.  The Farmers Market ended, we packed up and unpacked and we were off on an adventure.  We took the girls to see the National Bison Range.  They had a wonderful time, we got to go through the whole range this time.  Booboo kept saying it was "the most wonderful day", it truly was, we needed the time away if only for a day.  We all  got to relax and didn't have to think about the cougar or worry about our goats.  All were save and sound when we came home.  The girls took photos which I will share a few of with you, all of us agreed the buck in velvet was our favorite.  Tomorrow a day on the river, the girls first, such a blessing two days of play will be and tomorrow Yogie turns nine.   I love when it is my girls birthday days,  I see their joy, I see how wonderful they are turning out and how much they grow each year.  The selfish part of me wants to push pause and keep them as they are, the proud mother in my wants to see them blossom and full fill their potential and become the fine young women they will be.  I can't help but think of Goofy, we shared a moment 9 years ago, both mothers to the same baby... I wish in the end the sharing didn't come at such a cost, my daughter hates me on a level I can never undo, but given the same circumstance I wouldn't have done anything differently.   To both of my daughter on a day they shared, I love them both but only get to have a relationship with the one, the one that needs me most.  Life is long sometimes, and sometimes long enough for pain to heal, maybe time enough for forgiveness on both sides... tomorrow.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Does it take a village to raise at child? I know I raised mine in a loving one.

I find the old saying "it takes a village to raise a child" is so true.  I am not saying that there is this wonderful all perfect little town that you can send your child to and it will be raised.  NO, not in the least. I am saying that we, as people, depend upon all the resources available to us to do the best job we can to raise our children.  I have a friend that is in total disagreement with me she does not think it takes a village to raise a child.  I value her opinion.  I say unless your child was raised in a vacuum how else did you raise your child that a village wasn't involved? 

Did you ever as a parent, receive food stamps, did you use a food pantry, did you use a Church pantry or thrift store? Have you ever received an earned income credit from the government, medicaid, social security, monthly financial assistance, once known as welfare?  Did a church missionaries ever come and weatherize your house, or did lieap or did you get heat assistance from caring people? Did you ever use daycare, have a family member watch your child, have a babysitter come in, were your kids ever in foster care? Do your children have God parents or do you have friends that dote on your kids and spend time with them? Has a neighbor ever invited them to a special function or had them over for the day?  Has your child ever needed a youth home, juvenile probation, a youth group, an after school program, in home pre-school, have they been to the YMCA or another children's program, took swimming lessons?  Has you child been to summer camp, day camp, a foreign exchange program or 4h program?  Do you children spend time with their teachers, coaches or Preachers? Has your child ever been mentored by a Big Brother or Big Sister? and many more progarms and people I can't think of right off hand.  I think if you have used any one of these programs a village had input into your child's life.  I can't think of one person I know that hasn't shared their child with more than one of these village members. I take that back, when I worked at the sheriff's office a child was rescued from his mother and grandfather that had raised him in total isolation, he didn't know how to even wash his own body, had dirt grown into his skin, and had never been around any people, no a village did not raise him but at 12 one saved him.  I know I digressed that was not a normal situation, but I can't think of a normal situation where a village doesn't raise a child.

I am not saying that we should let our children out on the street of a small town and let them be raised by the inhabitants, that would be like throwing them to the wolves, sorry I had too.  They are your children,  you should be the mayor of their lives in their village.  My children are the product of the loving village that I have selected for them.  I did not raise my children in a generic village.  I got to decide who they spent time with, who got to influence them, who shared their lives. So does a village raise a child?  I would think that God made villages of his choosing for the benefit of our children.  Don't be ashamed that you raised your child in a village, they are better well rounded people for their having such a wonderful shared upbringing.  We get to be the family to our children in our chosen village, isn't that a wonderful thing..... tomorrow.

Cougars still rule our lives, but life is for living so trying to figure out how to continue.

Shinny, called over last evening and he lost all three of his goats.  He feed them yesterday morning at 3, before he went to work.  He called us around 5 in the evening to let us know.  The bigger one, who was Poppie's little Elffie at one time, she was eaten on, the other two Latte and Jaz, like previous ones were killed and left to lay.  Their goat pen is approximately one hundred yards from my doe's pen,  Still to close for comfort.  He was going to call Levi, and the Game Warden,  I haven't heard what he found out or if they made a plan to get on the trail of the Lions.  I do know that I let Yogie walk by there yesterday morning around 8:30 ish when she went to take care of her Aunt Sister. I just can't say enough times how terrifying it is that my kids and grandkids live and have to actually be outside some times, you can only lock a child up so much of the time.  We are effectively in prison, does that make any sense to anyone....

Sister has her surgery today,  I hope all goes well and she has as much results as last time but that this time it will be a permanent fix.  She deserves to life a peaceful existence with out all the passing out and falling.  She will hopefully get to have a new more effervescent life. 

We are going to be baking this morning.  Poppie is going to go install the feeder he made for Professor.  It should feed the goats and keep them from waisting so much hay on the ground. He does so like his time away, almost as much as feeling good about "working".  He had over done it so has been home making a feeder for the last two day.  He still doesn't know that I, may know him better than he knows himself, when it comes to pushing beyond his limits.  He is so like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to working, at home or away from the house.  How do you keep a whirlwind in tow, well let me tell you it ain't easy and it has been years of work on many levels.

Today my ladies and I will have some girl together time.  I don't think I have grandkids but as two of the moms may be planning trips to Zootown may just have. We have decided to go to the Bison range tomorrow as part of Yogie's birthday, we have gone twice in the last two years but always managed to go there on days when half of it is closed so we will see if we actually get to go threw the whole thing.  I also have to pick up coconut oil so will stop in at the Amish store near there for that.  It should be a great day, oh and the Parade in the morning when my Ladies will be pigs on a float, and the farmers market.  I gotta remember my camera ...... tomorrow.