Sunday, August 7, 2011

A day of escape, a blessing to be sure, Booboo and Yogie, loved their day!

Our day started out very busy, we had to be to the farmers market around 8 ish, which is a little earlier than we normally do. The vendors were all arriving and we got to exchange pleasantries, a little chit chat and our day's began. One of the hardest parts is to maintain your own booth and try to see what your friend have new to sell.  I got to sit near one of my oldest friends, in this town, both in age and time of friendship. She and I have share our art for years, she supported my carving when it was in it's infancy.  She was selling lovely hand carved wooden pieces and crocheted purses, all lovely.  We got to be close enough to talk and reminisce.  The girls only sold for about an hour and a half before they went to get ready for their ride on the float. I sold for them in their absence.  The day seem slow to alot of the vendor, probably due to the fair.   I thought it would have brought more buyers, there was more traffic but not more buyers.  I got to see alot of my friends, many stopped by and picked up soap, laundry soap or just to chat, which is always nice. One of my friends that stopped by was, Lady Hero, she had been the head dispatcher when I hired on at the sheriff's office.  That was 14 years ago this month.  She, at the time, was actively trying to join the navy, I think, she ended up getting in to the Navy reserve. She has totally loved the time she has spent in the Navy, she has traveled and broaden her horizons, and in the end become a hero, as are all the men and women who have given of themselves and volunteered to put themselves in harms way so we can live the life we do in the United States.  I hadn't seen her for a long time, she had been stationed in Italy for awhile,  I did realize until several weeks ago that she had read my blog from afar.  She told me it reminded her of home.  I was so honored to have been even a minute of home for her when she was away serving our country.  Kudos to her and all who serve.

The girls had a great time on the float, the cutest little pigs you ever did see. They had pig ears and nose, for the libraries "hog wild" program.  The Farmers Market ended, we packed up and unpacked and we were off on an adventure.  We took the girls to see the National Bison Range.  They had a wonderful time, we got to go through the whole range this time.  Booboo kept saying it was "the most wonderful day", it truly was, we needed the time away if only for a day.  We all  got to relax and didn't have to think about the cougar or worry about our goats.  All were save and sound when we came home.  The girls took photos which I will share a few of with you, all of us agreed the buck in velvet was our favorite.  Tomorrow a day on the river, the girls first, such a blessing two days of play will be and tomorrow Yogie turns nine.   I love when it is my girls birthday days,  I see their joy, I see how wonderful they are turning out and how much they grow each year.  The selfish part of me wants to push pause and keep them as they are, the proud mother in my wants to see them blossom and full fill their potential and become the fine young women they will be.  I can't help but think of Goofy, we shared a moment 9 years ago, both mothers to the same baby... I wish in the end the sharing didn't come at such a cost, my daughter hates me on a level I can never undo, but given the same circumstance I wouldn't have done anything differently.   To both of my daughter on a day they shared, I love them both but only get to have a relationship with the one, the one that needs me most.  Life is long sometimes, and sometimes long enough for pain to heal, maybe time enough for forgiveness on both sides... tomorrow.

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