Friday, August 26, 2011

Are you a blessing in peoples lives, what do you sow and reap?

Due to circumstances, that I can not talk about, due to the fact that I allow any and all to read my blog, I don't mean that to be a cop out but we are going through a devastating family issue that until resolved I can not speak on.  Please know we do need your prayers to right an injustice.  I, needless to say, have been praying a lot and God guided me to watch a wonderful sermon on tv last night.  The speaker was speaking on sowing and reaping.  It was a wonderful and soul supporting message.  He spoke of what kind of seeds we sow in our lives.  The seeds we sow to our children, as small children, are some of the most important seeds we sow.  A child is who they are to be as adults due to the little things, I have known for years that their first 5 years establish children's habit, patterns and a great deal of their personality but I never really thought of those years as being the same for their spiritual personality as well.  He was an enlightening speaker.  I find comfort in that some how, I know that I have made so many mistakes in my life, and in my kid's lives, but I was always at my best when my kids were little, I taught them to be kind, loving, and caring, but more importantly I taught them the love of God, I may have not taught them the love of Church but the love of God and his word. I also taught them about compassion and to be a champion for all others not the villain.  Today I find some comfort in knowing that all of my children saw the devastation of their fathers abuse as a child and none of them would do that to another person.  A core value of who they are.,

The Pastor also spoke of the people in your life being food for the soul.  I now know why in the last few years, instinctively, I have removed the toxic people in my life.  I do know now that there are a few more that need to go but I am a long ways down the road to only having people who grow my spirit not tear it down. I would hope that I feed other peoples souls, I think that we are all called to be that for our fellow man. I have few friends but know that the ones I do have are wonderful and feed my soul, they are all gifts from God.  You all know who you are and thank you for being in my life....... tomorrow.

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  1. Debbie,
    I think the people who are in on the sowing in your situation will be reaping their just rewards in time. This is a big injustice and it will not be going unnoticed to anyone that cares about the people involved. Prayers will be answered.


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