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I fell in love with goats about two years ago, I had promised my little girls that when we sold the horses we had gotten, as hand me downs from our older kids, we would buy them Goats as replacement. We really hadn't known anything about  goats but they were smaller and should take less food. So we started looking around for goats to buy. We did and the rest is history or tales for my blogs. I soon found that when you have a goat you have to do something with the milk so I started by making cheeses and eventually tried making soaps and we love them, our friends love them so we decided to sell them to try and make the goats a sustainable operation and not just a labor of love........

I make all my soaps by hand in my little kitchen. I make them as basic and simple as I can. I never use colorants, other than natural spices, herbs I grow, vegetable pulp I grow, or teas, coffees, coco powders I purchase from a little store that a friend runs of natural products and sometimes medicinal mushrooms we gather in the woods. I use various amounts of many of the following oils or butters, upcycled canola oil, olive oils, Castor oil, apricot kernel oil, almond oil, flax seed oils, or any other exotic oils that I may come upon or get as gifts from friends and family that know I dabble in soap making and want to contribute to my fascination. I make mild soaps made from my own recipes from trial and error, that include sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. Yes, good old fashion soap, and no it is not harsh, the reality is you have ever used a hard bar of soap it had sodium hydroxide in it and you didn't know it. If you are using commercial soaps it probably has a harsher ph than any thing I would ever make and you don't have the benefit of the goat milk in your soap. Have you ever wondered what sodium olivate or sodium tallowate means on the ingredients list on your soap? It means that they used sodium hydroxide and didn't put it on the label cause that is olive oil and lye mixed or beef fat and lye mixed. I have had wonderful feed back from any one that ever used a bar of my soap and they love it. So maybe you would love a bar too. So my soap page has a list of the kinds I currently have on hand. I sell them all for 1 dollar an ounce or less and I round the weight of the bar down to the nearest ounce so you usually will get a little extra for your money. I sell hand soaps, body bars, shampoo bars (if you have never used a shampoo bar you hair is missing out, it is the best thing you can do for your hair). I also make laundry soap, liquid or powdered. I have just started making facial cleansing cream, scar cream and lotions, that I feel are up to the quality of the other products we make at UDDERLY NATURAL SOAPS, soon to be on the purchasing page. I do not charge a handling fee just the cheapest shipping I can find, I can ship a single bar or two of soap for around 3 dollars and up to 25 ounces of soap for 6, and if for any reason you would want about 50 bars that can be shipped for around 12 dollars.

One of my many goals is to live without all the chemical we have in our lives and live a more natural lifestyle in the way I feed my kids, and the products we have in our home. I admit that the soaps have lye in them which is a chemical but when the lye and the oils combine and react all you have left is salt, which is what soap is, the lye is 99% gone with in 48 hours and the other 1 percent ages out in about 4 weeks, leaving you  with the most wonderful natural soap. The longer it ages the milder it gets and the harder so it last longer, but sometimes as it ages some of the fragrance can't seem to stay in the bars, so some scents will diminish over time.  As all the other ingredients are oils, natural exfoliates and some time scents, if the bar has a fragrance. I do add vitamin E and vinegar to my shampoos for their richness and conditioning qualities. Do not get me started on the chemicals in commercial soaps, and do you know what they put in no tears baby product, scary.

So this is our page on our soaps, check out the soap page for listing of all our current soaps, as I make each batch individually and I am not a factory each batch is different even when I try to make them the same.  We call our soaps, Udderly Natural Soap, that pays homage to the udders of our beloved goats, who give us the milk to make our soaps, and tells that we are doing it as naturally and simply as we can. Purchasing pages coming soon, as well as redesigned toddler item pages, and carved item pages.

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