Nannies Cookbook of recipe memories

 The card above is just like the one most of these recipes were originally written on in my childhood, well the ones from my Moms kitchen anyway.      

 Nannies Cookbook of Recipe Memories
Index of stories/recipes to come;

Disclaimer; I don't know where the original sources of some of these recipes came from and they have been in my family for around 30 to 70 years in some, or most cases, so no copyright infringement was implied and none are intentional if we have infringed on your recipes,
 sorry in advance Debbie 

Warning this is a work in progress list!!

 Sugar Cookies- My first recipe recollections... recipe one

Grandma's lap a recipe for love.... recipe two
A funeral, a table, Grandma's tears and grandma's sandwiches... recipe three
Grandma Thelma's house and the antic's that happened there... recipe four
The bottle didn't do it really didn't! A gun, a old car and some rust.... recipe five.
Hamburgers aren't meant to be rare even a half century later, oatmeal and cream
Tomatoes, Sister's toes, pack rats and nails, tomato soup from canned tomatoes. 
 Barns, outhouses, sewers and nails, rice and raisins
The teepee burners of the my childhood, gone with the way of life.... Sawmill gravy
The truck, Silver falls out on the street, Mom is a crazy woman....Green Pear salad
No, you can not hibachi in the basement! Grilling... porkchops.
Cousins, doors, dog bites, mayo and sugar...ewww! Mayonnaise Cake- salad dressing is not mayo, tang is worse and tang still worse.
 An auction, little boys and sheep, Shep loves sheep more than us.. Cottage Cheese Cookies
Olives, cheese cakes and men egos....
Gardens, and chickens chickens everywhere! Mommas fried chicken.
Sourdough Pancakes/after noon snacks, shake 'n bake and pop tarts.
The black toe and the ride of a lifetime!! Wilted lettuce
Musk melons, water melon and strawberry jam.
Graham Cracker cookies-swallowed plug
Molasses Cookies/ freezing peas-fingers
Strips of Rib Eye and Burgers, Pop, high chairs...... Ribs steak
Jello flows and the first of my pressure cooker woes
Raccoon is dinner, comes to visit and to be set free.
Skunks, cat suicide, and Red hangs, cornmeal mush and hush puppies
A belly button is too tempting, rats tails and fish fried whole, really whole
Chocolate chip plus? Cookies- Brownlee dam, channel cats and velvetta
Oyster stew- over the rocker and Bible Camp- up up and away- fake diapers have sizes?
Tuna Casserole-salad, spaghetti and salad
Ice Cream-Shamaticas and the cousins again
Pie Crust and Pie cookies- perfect every time

Jeweled Squares- my life time of love hate
Pink bunnies, deviled eggs and Grands
A week at Grandmas' with teenagers, oh, my, tomato slugs, toads and false.. teeth Strawberry Pie
The big skillet and kids verses grandkids, and your time.

California Date loaf-the perfection of
Sour Cream Pie- Ode to Gladys
Divinity- fluff and no scrambled eggs
Fruit Cake-Christmas traditions
Black cowboy hat, a whorl pool, blisters, near drowning, snakes in a pole?.... Cobbler
Cheese-soufflé- bread in the trash- snow, the poker and Santa...Lost
Hot coco gets us warm, canasta and Grandpa Jim, Falling Rock, the poor girl- coco mix
Snow Ice Cream- green creek/lynch creek
17 deer, and some elk too, oh and a white turkey comes to dinner.... fried venison
A map reader and navigator is born, Pop is nasty in Salt Lake it just ruins floats.
The Church and, Tomatoes and Macaroni, saved us, and I don't ever buy it
Cinnamon Rolls-Elray, Caesar's dislike
Tamale Pie-Arizona jalapeno hot sauce
Manwich Goulash (Pasta)-crepes-beans and beef... recipe 41
Popcorn really can be made at home and popcorn balls
A woman with a man on her throat..... ice does the trick, koolaide pops and whirling water.
That tooth had to go..... don't let me fall asleep.
A sandstorm, an aboo?, and the pavements sticks to our feet
Swimming holes and sandstone diving into the muddy water
Soda biscuits and Indian Bread, the ditch is a no no.
Egg Noodles-Auntie that isn't
The 960 picks up the house, a cave and sunfish--
A football black out, sawdust piles, puppies and cherry pies.
Rhubarb Pie - Stewed Rhubarb-debacle
Peanut Brittle-foamy and growing
 English Toffee-- sissy carries on
Taffy-pulling up lynch creek
Spudnuts- the filler of love
Maple Bars- Sister & Mokie carry on
Sandies , the trees are not trebuchets
 -ode to the casserole poor baby brother
Apple Pizza- could be rhurbarb
Dill pickles- high jump-manure on the strawberries
Swimming and sweat hogs, and air balloons
Virginia Chunk Pickles-Gladys's legacy- my twist
Green banana's and gravy, the reunion, floating down the Delaware, oatmeal cookies
Refrigerator Cheese Cake, I get to pick
Pickles with a little chili, the shelves in the hall and only two axles
Stewed Rhubarb-debacle
Jellies-Waxing-Flipping, now a no-no
Cayenne Pepper is not Chili Powder Spaghetti- Spaghetti Mom's way
 Sauer Kraut- a life long memory.... Sauer Kraut Cake, yes it's good and it's chocolate!
Zucchinis and Shaggy manes holds us over
Cherries, pies and Spaghetti Mountains
 head cheese that might actually be scrapple, who knew
Venison Salami from a royal
 Lake Cherries and Bar hopping-some can some not so much
 Mystery Cake- Pineapple Upside down Cake
Lemon Cake for the 18th- ick but its the thought- refrigerator cheesecake
Fudge- fantasy Fudge
Chicken keive Yummy broccoli

Recipe Memories as a Mrs.-

Chili- beans & rice? how did we not know about butter noodles, Poppie overeats
NO! Poppie mac & cheese or liver are not luxury foods, Veggies are good! Really
She just calmly turned it backwards..... Potato Salad is not a kitchen sink here.
 Macaroni Salad-Niecy
Cinnamon rolls my way, the kids help both times around
Stoves, Postholes, giant trees and pants that weren't
Momma can you sew this?  Mending on his own....
Buddy sleeps over with Momma
Mom just don't look, no she won't fall off the roof
Pig rides, ponies and the firework wars
Bug, The wanderer
Fresh potato pancakes, Intercourse Pa, or are they zucchini?
We really did clean up all the glass.... we thought
Gardening, then, now and in the to come... You do sow what you reap
A carburetor and a fence, foretell the future
Poor Man's Chili-Ass Burn Chili
NO, it's not lasagna it's pizza.
Now this is Lasagna!
Mock manicotti, even She likes it.
 Cheese Cakes-cooked, who knew?
 The night terrors go away, Cuddles and a song, talks...Cowboy Cookies
We weighed the lives of the babies and against the adults, no contest
 Zucchini Pineapple-then and now
Trampolines, Shadows and dump cake
He moved his bloke leg three times... Jello, grapes cooked cabbage is banned.
 Sourdough, the adventures in, and sharing with the Ladies
Sourdough Bread- focaccia's and farmers Market
Canning, water bathing no pressure canning here and lazy jars.
Pressure Canning is heaven..... pressure cooking is too.. dinner is 10 and cooling time.
Booboo is nine and she can bake it, bread and pie dough.



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