Thursday, February 5, 2015

Back by loving request and my first in 2015....

I know I have been away a long time it seems, since early December if I recall right. I had a major melt down of my computer in December, I spent 18 hours on line with the tech.  He was truly wonderful and put up with my computer that was so slow it literally took 2 hours to do what should have been accomplishable in 5 minutes.  We struggled through and my computer is better than ever, well since it was new anyway. In the end, though he had tried, we could not get rid of all the viruses so he quarantined my whole system into a folder and hand transferred all of my data to a new system I still have the quarantined folder in case there is something I might have forgotten and need in the future.  So far not but it is really a comfort to know that it is there.

We had a nice Christmas season, we celebrated with all our dearest loved ones, sometimes small is just right. I spent the next couple of weeks doing puzzles for next Christmas presents for the grands. I made a sea scape that was 1000 pieces and a Noah's ark scape that is 1500 pieces, pretty good for one old lady in two weeks.  The grands really were intrigued with them so it will be fun to make them into wall hangings for their rooms. I only have 7 more to put together to have them all, I may do some smaller ones as not all of the grands have space for a large wall hanging.  I think in the end I will keep the Noah's ark since it was, to date, my biggest puzzle I have ever done. I got sick and thought I was over it and went to Bountiful Baskets and then I really got sick, spent a week in bed, 4 days of which I had a high fever, and the next week or so I got the sweats and felt weak as a kitten if I did anything. Poppie and the Ladies were such dears and took care of me. 

Our goats have had a hard winter. A dog or coyote scared some of them into a wall and they broke their necks, lost Rosie and Dear Cleo and Cora Beth.  Poppie was so sad at Cleo's loss she always talked to him as he feed them she is dearly missed.  This last week we lost Jezebel and Jasmine and their mom Jewels to pneumonia.  The winter going back and forth on weather was really had on them. My book on goats did make Poppie feel better, with goats it is not if they get pneumonia it is when.  I had planned on reducing the herd but I had had a better plan.   We have Glenda and Gladys and Rootbeer, we will keep their babies or get a baby from Mokie, probably one of Star's.  Poppie is trying to get the barn done, they had the birthing room for shelter so they were not out in the weather.

I have had a lot of carving to do, I carved two moose antler sculptures for Christmas gifts, I am working on my 4th rifle stock carving, and have several carvings to do on antler knife handles, one is a Sempra fi memorial for a Marine.  I think that is kind of cool. I have also embraced the 4 bags of wool scraps that Twin gave me in May and have designed a children's travel rug and have made a few penny rugs.  The children's rugs originally had tic tac toe or checkers/memory games on them but when I donated one to the Library Lady suggested I do all three on one rug, using both side more like the penny rugs.  It was a good suggestion so I have made a couple of them. My simple sewing machine in not up to the task of sewing through two layers of wool and a wool braid so Poppie oiled up and got my more heavy duty machine going.  Which is a blessing since the two simple machines have now been commandeered by the Ladies.  Which is too cool.

I rarely make New Years resolutions but when I heard Belles it inspired me to make some this year. She is going to read her Bible through, pray on her knees and declutter.   I decided they sounded good to me so I decided to follow suit, well except for the decluttering part. I am a self prophesied pack rat and may declutter a little by my standards but no one else I know would even be able to see that I got rid of anything...... I digress.  I am not sure where Belle will declutter as she is the least clutter person I know.  She has been on a trip since late December to the deep south so I have missed her. again I digress.  Anyway I started out with my Bible read bright and early January one, I kept a good click and checked off each reading for the next four days in the back of my Bible, per the schedule there in.  It was then that I discovered I was reading a whole week of reading daily, I figured that God surely had a hand in it so I have continued on that path.  I will have read my Bible once through and my new testament twice through by February 21.  I have found it to be a truly inspiring way to read the Bible. It really is much more of a flow going back and forth between the two with the books that prophesied and then the fulfillment all together. I am thinking I may just try to keep it up for the whole year, if I can find the time, It really does take about 2 hours a day and if I miss a day it steam rolls so I have to really stay on task with my reading. I have only read one other book so it does reduce my other reading but I think maybe God has something to teach me and I have something he wants me to learn.......

Well I should let you all go now, I pray that the Lord is master in you life and you are saved by the blood of Christ Jesus.... tomorrow.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I love missionaries, today we got to meet ours that minister in Thailand, such lovely people.

Today at church was potluck, the Preacher calls it a buffet, but us northerner's call it a potluck.  It was great but the most special part was meeting our missionaries from Thailand.  We, Poppie and the kids had never met them but the Preacher and Pianists were old friends and had gone to church together before. They were truly a blessing to meet.  CS, the male missionary, was a jovial speaker he brought their life in Thailand to life for all of us in the audience. JS, sang the most wondrous song to us in Thai language, How great thou art.....  They love Thailand so much that they intend to die there and they think of it as home and America is just a place to visit now.  How glorious it was to meet two people so in tune with the Lord and in tune with the people they love and share the Lord's message of salvation with.   We got to hear of the Thai people that are now a part of their family because of the love they share with each other.  Their son was with them and he has just finished Bible Missionary School and will be doing missionary work with them.  I don't know if he plans to stay in Thailand or seek another placement, maybe the Lord hasn't told him as yet. 

I do love when missionaries come and share a moment of their lives with us.  It makes me aware that all of God's children are called to go and spread the news of the Gossips around the world.  Some are called to go half way around the world, some are called to missionary in their own neighborhoods and I suppose some are called to talk to you all here from a computer.  I do think that on some level speaking to you is a bit like being a missionary.  Some one out there may have not heard the blessed news of Christ Jesus and I could be the one to bring the gossip to them if only in a little way.  I do hope that is so. 

Luke 10:2, Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.

I hope that I have watered and planted so the Lord will harvest many souls.  I pray you are among the ones already harvested into salvation by the Lord... tomorrow.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Words, so many in our lives, so simple, so big and a first thing a child must learn........ to become a child.

I often marvel at the thought of the Lord speaking the world into existence.  Have you ever thought of the miraculousness of speaking something into being? The Lord spoke the universe, the heavens, the world, animals and so much into being.  He didn't speak us into being he created us with his hand he formed the dust into man.  All else but man was spoken into being, do you ever wonder why? What made us, a little figure of dust, worthy of the Lords hands making us? Maybe the same thing that made us worth having a nail driven through that same hand as he died for us?  Why would the Lord love us like that?

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 

The Lord who spoke the word that created all things, but us, was the Word (our Lord was the Word the Son of God) the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  The Word formed us (man) with his own hand.  Later the Word became man, was killed by man (through the will of God, when that same hand was pierce threw and nailed to a cross), rose from the dead to save man.  The Word was man, to save man, from death.  The Word became our salvation and all it takes from man to accept salvation in the words, "I believe" through faith.  Where do we get the faith? from hearing the Word. 

Romans 10:17King James Version (KJV)
17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

So the Word (Lord) made us, The Word became man, was killed by man, rose from the dead (over coming death) gave us the faith to believe through his word, and awaits our words "I believe" to save us and give us salvation.  Yes, that is Grace, Grace is all from God, The Word gives you even the faith to believe and saves you by Grace...... so simply a child could understand right?  Funny how if we don't have the faith of a child, or as a child, we over think it and never believe something this simple. 

To believe is that simple, God made all, as the Word, we sinned, he gave us his son who was the Word, we killed him, God raised him, and if we believe we are given the Grace of God and that is Salvation....... Only a child would understand that, you can be God's child, believe it through Faith and Salvation is yours....... It only takes a word spoke to the Word and you become a child of God for all time......  Why is it that man makes it so much more complicated and drawn out, The Word just wants to hear the word.... tomorrow