Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I struggle to be able to let the Lord bless me, guide me and take care of me....... mostly I fail.

I don't know if it is the fact that I am the oldest child, or that I am a survivor or I am just stubborn and willful.  I know that I am and always have been a very self reliant person.  I am empowered and I have always been quite prideful of that.  I raised self reliant and empowered children for the most part, well maybe I did not do such a good job with my first child but I eventually figured it out and now as a 50 something I find that maybe I don't feel as much pride in that I as I once would have.  Though I would wish I had given my oldest daughter more ability to have self worth and love of self. I think maybe I struggle trying to balance the sin of self reliance with what the Lord would want me to be, reliant on him.  I do think that self reliance is the root of all sin when it boils down to it so I wonder about the balance of teaching your child to have self worth, empowerment and knowing that total self reliance and total empowerment are truly some of the worst sins a person can have.  I know that I was raised up in the baby boomer generation and if there was ever a more selfish and self center generation I don't know when it would have been well except maybe our children..... I contemplate my life a lot....

I know that God loves all of humanity, something I myself can not seem to do.  I judge and I am revolted by the evil that exists in humanity and can't truly say I love that person.  I can't see the person from the actions of the person the way God can.  I know God loves all of mankind in general Grace.   He also wants to love each of us in Saving Grace and so many people never know God that way.  We mostly depend upon our abilities and our self will and never humble ourselves to receive Saving Grace from the Lord.  We rarely see that we are sinners and ask the Lord for the forgiveness that brings Saving Grace.  Such a self willed creature we are, we humans.  God created us that way.  I know that with Saving Grace God gives forgiveness and salvation, but he also never remembers the sins that he has forgiven us of.  Can you imagine being able to love in that manner? I remember the sins I have been forgiven for and sometimes obsess about them, but God truly has no idea what I am even worrying about.  And there in is the rub, worry is not of the Lord, he loves us and will take care of us so worry is something that is of the devil, we just fail to trust what the Lord tells us and fall into satan's trap of worrying.  I know more about evil than the Lord will ever know because he does not let it touch him, or heaven, nothing that would befoul heaven exists there so therefore evil is not in or of God, so he is not touched by it.  We as humans see, feel and worry about evil, all the devils doing, his way of fighting the Lord, he wants us for his own and tries to steal us away for the glory of God with his manipulation of our free wills, sad if only we would just believe the Lord so many of the things we face and deal with would not be a part of our lives. Our self reliance is the devils playground, when all we really need to do is give ourselves and our lives to the Lord and he would guide us in all things. Funny how foolish that is, our knowledge is but naught to the Lord and we think we know it all.  I am a child of God and have to remember as a child to obey and let my Father love me and take care of me and I would have only his best.  The human in me just can't let go of my self will and  believe.... tomorrow.  

Monday, October 6, 2014

The littlest sister makes her debut, mustard, God and time......

I am the proud grandmother of 10 living grands.  I have a total of 3 boys and 7 little ladies. I do not count my two lovely daughters as they are in all ways that matter my lovely daughters, and it says so on their birth certificates, but you would not believe how many people don't get that.  There are the comments of "well they aren't your real daughters" really last time I looked they are as real as rain and I love them the exact same as my other three children. I feel for people that have adopted children for having to explain their situations to people who's business it is not.  I do find it amazing the people who don't get it though.  A child is given to you by God, they come in many different ways but in all ways they are your real children, I digress so getting on. 

My newest grand came into this world last Friday at 8:05 in the morning, she weighed 7lbs9ozs, she is 21 1/2 inches longs, so that makes her the same weight as her older sister Bubbles and 1/2 inch longer.  She is a lovely mixture of her momma and two older sisters, though she does have a tiny button nose that may just be like mine. Her momma told me when she was a little girl she didn't like having a name so close to her older sister and she didn't like her unisex name.  Guess what all three of her daughters have similar names and the newest one is unisex so never say never.  Funnier still is her daddy got to name her and he didn't want anymore K-A-R names so the new baby has an O but it still sounds the same when said as her sister's KAR's..... to funny! what we do with the names and thought processes that brought us to our children's names.  I will call her Cuddles...... because I am sure she will get lots being the youngest of my 10 grands for the long long foreseeable future. I am sure it will be a decade or more most likely before I get anymore.

I made mustard this summer and almost to a person, that I have given it to have, they loved it.  Last week I got an offer from one of those many people to carry it in their place of business if I made it commercially.  I am so stoked about this and Belle is going to help me get the first batch done commercial and we will see where it goes from there.  I hope it goes well and starts, or boosts, my cottage industry that I have worked at for years with out much advancement. Prayers are great wanted and appreciated in this matter.

I have always been a child of God but like most children raised up in a Christian family I have wondered astray off and on in my life.  I must say though that since I turned 50 God has spoken to me in a much great tone.  I have heard his call more and have much more importantly, listened, and obeyed.  Poppie being saved and Baptized 2 years ago has just helped me more in so many ways.  I can't say that I will insist upon my girls having to date saved men because I would be a hypocrite, though I always new that Poppie was going to be saved when I first meant him it is not the same has having been saved when we married.  I do know that our life since he was saved is so much more even and whole.  There is a peace that did not exist prior to his salvation.  I think God wants that for all his children, as do I, but not at the exclusion of my child's perfect mate.  I do believe that marriage is for a lifetime and am instilling that in my ladies, and I pray they find a mate that is or will be saved. I want them to know the joy of a life shared together in the Lord, nothing is more joyful, and true joy only comes from the Lord. I have spent the summer mostly away from you all growing in my faith in the Lord, and no I am not sorry for that.  I only have so much time and if I have to chose you or the Lord to share my time with hands down you loose.  I do know that as I grow in the Lord I become a better person, imagine that, growing  in the Lord makes us more Christ like, funny how that works and it is supposed to be that way.  I know I fall short every day of where God wants me to be but I am his work in progress, and the finishing touches are not done yet, and are life time in the making but some day I will enter in to the gates of Heaven a child of God in his image and as much like his son as he can make me....... Time marches on and I am glad to say that time given to the Lord is never wasted.  I hope you give your  time to the Lord, in his Word and becoming as his son Christ was.....tomorrow.

Friday, September 19, 2014

A month of firsts.....

I have been busy and haven't gotten to blog, seems to be the story of my life this summer.  I have been working on a coloring book page, the second one for a blogger that uses them in you teaching seminars.  I find it to be an honor to be selected and she has recommended me for a job for another blogger for illustrating her book.  That would be amazing.  I have been busy getting the Ladies back into the routine of school.  They are both doing well and doing volleyball Yogie is getting much better and Booboo is a natural born athlete and gets to play a lot.  We went to two games this week, they won all the set of three sets of the games they played on Tuesday, I think they are sets?  Last night they played more formidable opponents they won one set of three set in both c and b squad.  The A team did not win any.  Booboo played every minute of the first 6 and half sets and she was done in so they took her out and she played a little in the 9th set.  Yogie played a lot as well, they both made points and we assets to their team. The are both good servers but both need to learn to serve over hand.  The are both becoming more comfortable with the ball as well.  I am so proud of both of them.

Bountiful baskets is doing okay, we have had low numbers so that is a concern.  I got to go with my book club to Green Bluff Farms in Spokane, and thanks to Belle's kindness we got to borrow her van so we could all ride together.  I got to walk on the board walk in Couer d' lene for the first time.  We went to the Library too.  We then got to go to all the lovely farms, we got berries, peaches and apples, I got mac's I love them.  My mom was allergic so as a child I didn't get them often.  I also love Jonathans but no one seems to grow them any more, so sad.  We didn't return home until nearly midnight.  We got to eat at the European pancake house. I got to have real crepes, and those who have read of my adventure in crepes will find that fun.  I got to try apperskivers (sp),  They were good.  We had Mexican food on the way back too.  We did have to retrace our steps for a forgotten phone which added an hour to our day but it was a wondrous day with a great bunch of lovely ladies.  The Ladies of the Mineral County Library Book club.     A fun day was had by all.  We are going to get to go to Seattle next month but that is definitely another blog.

We are getting close to the end of the garden and canning has been in full swing. I have been blessed to be able to get case lots from Bountiful Baskets and it is great that one of my oldest friends is the manager of the local stores produce section, she gives me a heads up on great sales so I can get more case goods.  I am completely out of pints and half pints.  Only about 80 usable quarts so our seams are bursting in the pantry.

I made soap yesterday, some honey oatmeal and honey wheat germ both of course goats milk.  Some of them will be a gift for our trip next month.  I am working on a deal with an old friend to have some in her shop so that is a project to come. We got a new piano, that was surely a blessing, so we gifted the keyboard to a family that needed one at our Church it was so nice to see the Ladies, giving with love, something they no longer needed and they could bless some one in need.  The gift was accepted with tears and a word that the gift was an answer to prayer.  The Ladies were blessed to know that they were an answer to prayer, such a good lesson for them both.

I am having a surprise baby shower for Mokie tomorrow, no, she doesn't read  my blog so no telling her.  I think it will be a complete surprise and that will be fun for all involved. We are going to be harvesting the bucklings soon, we are going to harvest Rosie the second as well she has not gotten bred in 2 1/2 years and I recently found she came from a line with some hermaphrodites in it so she is probably one. Sadly she does have to provide something to our little farm and maybe her contribution was always to be food.  Crystal got a new name shortly after birth and I had not told you all, she is now Cora Beth and all who remember the Walton's can imagine why.  She can be the bane of Poppie's existence much like her mother Cleo was once, like mother like daughter.  Well I have bread to bake, pies to make and other yummies for the bake sale tomorrow, so I must say adieu. May the Lord be the Master of your life, there is no better way to spend your life but in the arms of the loving father. I hope you are living a life that knows salvation and you are saved and know God's love....tomorrow.