Monday, August 15, 2011

Sharing in a blog can be many things to many people, a small slice of someones life.

I find reading blogs a fun and interesting past time, when I have time to do so.  I could get lost in them and never get anything done, so try to limit myself. I find it alot like watching people, and as you know that is one of my very favorite things. I read several regularly, some occasionally and others at random.  They are all interesting glimpses into peoples life. We, as readers, are in way sometimes a little voyeuristic. I think the comments on most blogs are, for the most part, true and well meant. I think we get too see a censored version of what people want to share with us about their lives. Some write to teach us their great wisdom, some share what they enjoy doing or are passionate about. Others write to vent, and still others, write in the abstract and I am not sure what they are writing about or why, but it must give them solace, so it is a blog of great meaning for them.  Some only write about the rosiness of their live.  They sometimes tell us a little of the hardship but; it is still rosie in their lives. That is interesting.  They are trying to tell us of their lives but they are only comfortable with the good.  They want us to believe they have never experienced negative or if they have it was wonderful or they aren't honest enough with themselves to say, "hey we had this problem in our lives and we learned from it." or they are living in a rose colored world where the problem that occurred in their lives wasn't as bad as when it happened to someone else.  Their situation was different and  they are above the problems others have to deal with. Odd but interesting. Ok, I read some really odd blogs, but I think if you read enough of them you get a look at a real cross section of life and humanity. I know people in all these categories, in real life, so why would it be different in blog land, isn't it just a slice of other people's lives?

I try and write my blog to my kids, and allow you the anonymous to view it, like reading a diary. They all ready know me at my worst, and at my best, so whatever I say is not going to be "breaking news" to them, so I can talk about some of the most personal moments in my life with honesty that I don't always see in other blogs. I don't feel the need to teach my great knowledge, as I am not sure you could buy coffee with my great knowledge anyway.  I don't feel the need to protect people from their past mistakes, we made them and they are a part of who we are, without them and the lessons we learned from them we would be different people.  No, I don't think that every one needs to know every thing, IE my codes; but making it sound like you never experienced any badness makes you a lesser person because your failures and mistakes help you become who you so are in the end.  Sometimes your mistakes were your greatest success to becoming you, good or bad..... tomorrow.

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  1. I'm addicted to reading blogs to. I love food blogs. I get a lot of great recipes off of them. I love blogs with lots of pictures. I get inspiration from them. I love wordy blogs. I get insight from them. :)


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