Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Ladies are at the cousins, Poppie is in the laying process, Soap needs more stirring.

I spent the day making liquid/shampoo.  It took about 4 hours to cook after I mixed the oils and the potassium hydroxide.  I kind of think it was fun to see all the layers of process it goes through.  It starts as pudding, goes to grainy applesauce like pudding, then to watery mashed potatoes, solid taffy, white Vaseline and then the goal translucent Vaseline, only a four hour jaunt.  Then your patience exercise begins,  you add your milk and water, and wait for it to emulsify, stirring helps but is so impossible it is mostly an endeavor in physical exercise not actually emulsifying.  Basically you have to let it melt together, I have had it melting 14 hours and it is still not there.  I can't wait to neutralize it, fragrance it, last time I left it unscented and mixed at I went, which makes it more versatile, but I have read it is better to mix and age.  Not sure which I will do this time, maybe half and half.  Then you let it age or rest, like a good steak, for a week or two, well don't age your steak that long but age it five minutes or so, I digressed.  I have tried it a couple times and I think it has nice bubbles and feel, already and it is not done.  So we will see, I hope it is better this time, I liked it last time, but I guess I am a cheap date, maybe it will be better for more hair types this time.  Now if only I can get my testers to try it after not liking it on their hair last time, bodies yes, hair not so much.  We will see.  My Ladies and I will try it regardless.  Maybe I can talk Mokie into trying it or maybe I can blackmail her, hmmmm.

Poppie is laying laminate, it took him most of the day to remove the carpet, the furniture, the staples, the carpet strips, the dust....... He has three rows done, one box out of 35.  We hope to finish most of it today, looks rainy anyway. We hope it will be nice later so we can get out in the yard.  I can't wait to finish up or at least work on the cabin.

 I heard more distressful news yesterday.  I prayed and prayed and God sent me to 1 John 2:9-11.  It was comforting to know I was not being sinful.  I do pray for the sad and pathetic though.  Why is it that some spend so much time grasping at lies, untruths and deceit when they could just listen to the voice of God and become saved loving people?  I also noticed something odd,  how is it that both the coaches list of one of the teams and the registered violent offenders list in Mineral County have the same person on them.  Scary in this day and age when so many offender take advantage of our children that that sort of thing would still be allowed.  I wonder if the towns people or parents of all the children in this town and the other towns know the list includes the same person.  I learned along time ago, through training, to always check out the people that my children are subjected to or are around.  Check your sexual offenders lists and you violent offenders lists regularly before you give your child over to the care of random coaches.  Today in this country so many people haven't and have learned the hard way what a mistake it can be.  Is your child being coached by a predator?  Check it out.  I pray that they are not but make sure you know.... tomorrow.

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