Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today we vote. You have the right to or not and thank God in America you still have the right to an opinion either way.

Today we go to the polls to vote our conscience.  I hear all the time "if you don't vote you don't have a right to complain" well that is wrong.  You have the right, thank goodness, in this country to have an opinion whether you vote or not.  NO, we are not like the "new democratic" countries that force all of their peoples to vote, usually for the assigned nominee, is that really what you would prefer? people being made to vote and then not having the ability to have an opinion either way about their leader. They voted so they should be able to have an opinion right? No, they don't but we still do, the right to vote, not the obligation to, not the if you do you can participate in the rest of your rights mentality, but the right to vote or not to vote.  We still have the right in this country to be a part of the government, which is voting, or not.  We have all the rights that the bill of rights gave us as American, vote or not. 

Today you have the right to vote, go exercise it if you are of a mind, if not you like the rest of us get to deal with the outcome, good or bad. I truly hope that the Lord blesses us with the one he wants us to have leading us.  I do like that in this country you still have the right to say that, I can believe in God and joy in him, or I can love on the devil and know that this is the only life I get.  Both blessings; voting, one of our freedoms of speech, and freedom of religion.  Let's hope that your vote keeps all of those options on the table in the future. ...... tomorrow.

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