Tuesday, November 13, 2012

4-h meeting, Bountiful baskets and shelves, shelves and soon more shelves.

The Ladies and I went to 4h last night, this is the third meeting the Ladies have attended but the first one that I have gotten to go to as I was sick the last two meetings.  It was fun, the girls brought along two of their friends that wanted to join as well.  I hope they get to join and can come along next time.  Their were elections, the food bank had a speaker that explained what the food bank does and asked the 4h to help out in some upcoming fund raisers.  Booboo volunteered to bring snacks next meeting. The meeting concluded and they played games after the offical meeting.  I got to talk with some of the mothers about Lady and my Bountiful Basket project.  I got positive feedback and promises of support for the project.

I got an email from the Montana head of Bountiful Baskets letting us know what we have to do to get a site up and running here.  She seemed to think there should be no problems with us getting a site here.  We have more work to do before we get it, which includes 30 emails of interest from people in the community who would like to participate.  I thought I should have enough people who have shown interest, plus all the interest Lady has had as well, I made a list and I had well over 30 people myself, so now it is just about getting the interested parties to make the emails to where they need to go.  I am so excited to get in going, Lady and I have to get together to solid up our plans and get going.  Maybe a January date for our sight, yay.  Looking for a physical site, have a few ideas to check out.....

Poppie, the dearest man, has made me shelves.  My kitchen has been an over grown space of disorganization and chaos for most of the year.  I had a soap making area and a canning area and a baking area but I had to forever move items from one place to another to do it all.  Poppie put up new shelves on the wall for putting my cookie jars and other this and that's.  We moved the hutch and one of the cupboards, to make the flow better.  Poppie put additional shelves in two of the cupboards one for my pans which didn't have a good home but now can be happily all together, the other for more canning space.  I have over 500 jars and that takes up a lot of space, we are going to put in a shelf in the bathroom cupboard, why would anyone make a cupboard 30 inches tall and not put a shelf in it?  I digress, he is going to give me more space for towels so I can use the tall cupboard for jars.  I will be getting a cellar in the spring but have to real plans to put canning in it.  I am going to use it for a cheese cave, so I can make cheese that I can actually store at the right temperature and humidity, no more Parmesan cheese by default.  I want to grow mushrooms, Poppie wants to store squash, potatoes, carrots and what evers....  I am excited to say I now have a baking center, rebatching area, a snack bar and two tables spaces, all dedicated to their various endeavors without me having to forever move things around, yay Poppie. 

Pre-school and Cubbie will be here this morning.  I always like when Pre-school comes as I get to visit with my friend.  Funny how life brings you the friends you need at just the right times in your life.  I do have some of the best friends a person could ever want. God truly does rule with a plan for our lives.... tomorrow.

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