Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hostess may get a reprieve, hmmm, sewing, Bubbles and Cubbie, CAKLS?

I heard of the demise of Hostess with mixed feeling last week.  I, like the rest of you, grew up on Hostess.  I do admit that we have the products regularly in our home but not for the Ladies or me.  Yes, occasionally we have a treat of one here or there but we are not the reason for massive amount of the evil pastries at this house.  Poppie is a closet eater, really, skinny as a bone and who would have thought.  He will eat a whole box of them in the middle of the night, usually way after going to bed he just gets the craving.  He likes the ding dongs, ho ho and the wafer ones the best.  No, a single loaf of wonder bread hasn't been in our house is 23 years but Zingers and the occasional Twinkies, not one of his favorites, live in our freezer or Poppie's closet, all the grands know about Poppies treats and ask for them once in awhile, awaiting Poppies call to duty.  I hear this morning that Hostess might get a reprieve with the help of mediation and a Judge, I hope they make it through to a solution.  18,000 people need there jobs, and what would Poppie do with out his junk food, or more importantly what would I do if I had to figure out what to replace his midnight craving with. He never likes, long term, any treat I come up with, I guess the call of grease filled golden preserved cake is better than the real thing to a junkie of the junk food cakes....

I cut out a pile of little outfits yesterday, just have to sew them up this morning.  I have actually been selling the two piece sets so have to make more.  I have also been selling the shortie, diaper covers, I do so like to crotchet the little edgings sort of a peaceful endeavor.  I will have Bubbles and Cubbie, today, had Bubbles yesterday, just her and me.  Cubbie went with her mom to take Drama to the doctor.  She is still have a lot of trouble figuring out what is going on with her heart, and they are struggling to get the meds right.  I pray God soon helps them to get that right.  Bubble is such a miniature little person, she is not small but runs about 98 percentile, it is that she is and has been walking about two months, so funny to see such a little walking and running all about.  She has actually been saying small sentence for over a month, you almost have to look twice when she does it to make sure it came from her.  I am blessed to have had a family of babies that are bright and start out using the brains God gave them right away. Can't always say the same about them as adults but they have the ability they just don't always use it. Goofy, Yogie, Cubbie and Bubbles all walked around 9 months.  They all talk relatively early but I must admit Bubbles is probably the youngest yet.  Yogie would talk with her Grandpa at around two and it always amazed him at the things she would talk about.  He just wasn't used to the early talking of kids, I think it comes from not talking baby talk to them and expecting them to do what they are capable of.  So toady I and the Little Ladies, not sure they are either one ladies but if I call them such maybe the thought will encourage them, they are both much more like tomboys than my two Ladies.  Funny how they have such different little personalities, each unto themselves.

I hope to make CAKLS, I have actually gotten to go the last 3 weeks but most of the others didn't get to come.  I saw Irish the other day and she has had some medical issues but is now on the mend so she might be there today.  I have lots of exciting things to work through with Lady so hope to get a moment to talk to her about getting together to get it done...  Busy day, and tomorrow is baking day so lots to accomplish.... tomorrow.

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