Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hibernated a little, out of the loop, Texas rolls and is hurt.

I took a whole day off of being on the Internet, something I rarely do.  I didn't even watch the news so felt really out of the loop.  We truly hibernated from the world. We were in more ways than we knew.  Mokie called from her work yesterday to say that Texas was in the hospital and hurt really bad.  Poppie immediately called the Preacher, it is was so.  She rolled his truck on the way to work on Thanksgiving morning.  Her car was having problems so she took her dads to work.  She had been so afraid of the Montana roads, and frightened of the snow to come.  She hit a patch of ice on the road near Lozeau and rolled her vehicle.  It took awhile for someone to find her, I am told.  It happened about 4:30ish in the morning.  She is in the hospital, 11 staples, she wouldn't let them cut her beautiful hair, always says something about the renewed spirit of a lady when she won't let you cut her hair, she is a survivor.  She had a head injury and has two black eyes.  She is one lucky girl, Poppie says, he saw the truck and wondered how anyone survived the wreck.  We all know that the Lord was the only way she is still with us.  The girls are making her cards this afternoon,  Bug stopped by the hospital to see her and updated us on her current status.  Thank the Lord for taking care of her when she needed him so badly.

We had spent the morning and early afternoon draining pig pens of all the rain we have been getting.  We are going to move Charlotte into a new pen, where the little piglets are and then put the littles where the chicks were in the spring.  It is nice and dry in there, but smaller and Charlotte needs a place of her own, her momma is not letting her eat like she should.  They both need a separate pen to have babies in any way.  So moving day will be soon.  We locked the goats all in the big pen with access to the barn pens, if they play nice all together, we will leave them that way if not we will pen them in and leave them for the winter.  We didn't harvest yesterday as the back hoe is still at the Professors and it is easier to skin and process them if the backhoe can hold them up.  So we will do it this week once the backhoe is home.  We are going to harvest 6 or 7.  I have two beef briskets and two pork loins to make a good mix, we like the mixture of the three meats makes for a nicer burger, I will season some as sausage and may make up some summer sausages for Poppie to smoke as well. The shanks will round out the processing.  We will have a nice store of meat to add to our other winter supplies.  I will save some of the hides but not all of them.  I like the Boer hide the best and if I had more time I would save them all but I don't have the time to do them all up. 

Off to Church this morning, to share with our family in God, get an update on Texas, hope that her news is good and she is doing better.  I know the Preacher and Pianist must have been so distressed knowing their child was in so much pain and danger.  The comfort of the Lord will be well and truly praised this morning.  Thank the Lord for her being brought threw such a trial.  I hope you enjoy your last day of the holiday. I hope the you had lots to be thankful for.  I know that when we come so close to losing one of our loved ones it all seems to be put our lives into a new perspective, and makes us think of the loved ones we have with us and the short time the God allows us to share our lives. Remember to love the ones you love while you have them, once they are gone our only comfort is that we have their memories and the knowledge of their home in heaven, if they have accepted the Lord, the thought of their true loss is unbearable and of such sorrow.... tomorrow.

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