Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Today summer really begins for us...... just think of the thoughts we will think!!

I worked yesterday and it was nice, I got into the mind set of the dewy decimal system and maybe got stuck there a little. I have always been the kind of a person that when I am set on doing something my "type A" personality can rear it's ugly head.  I am not the kind that needs to destroy the enemy or conquer the competition, more I find that I am the competition and I have a need to get it done.  I sometimes can get so wrapped up in it I forget those around me.  When I have friends who say how do you get so much done, it is because I have put on my alter-ego "Debra" and went to work.  Years ago when I went to work at a position where I was the manager, I actually used my real first name Debra so I could remember to be that person.  I do have to very different person who lives in me and Debra is the one that gets things done, sometime she is overbearing.... I don't let her come out that much.  I prefer, Nannie, she is much nicer and more of a slob, but like-able.. ..

The ladies and I started the day this morning in the Lord. We read and discussed the Word and that is a marvelous way to start the day and a new summer.  We have chores to get done but we are hoping to talk Poppie into taking us burl hunting, we will see how far we get. I do have to make some tie dyed soap and we want to rearrange the house some but for now it is a wondrous beginning to the summer. I hope a summer that is childlike and full of the thoughts we will think up.  The Ladies will soon be teenagers and the thinks of childhood will be lost to them, but maybe we can pull a summer or two out before they loose the wonder of childhood.

I hope that your day started in the Lord, if not there is always time to pick up his Word and encapsulate yourself in it.  It brings me such happiness and warmth.  The more I dive in the more I feel complete and comforted.  I know that to those that don't believe that is hog wash but to those that do you to know that warmth of a hug that reading your Bible can bring.  I pray you are save and if not I pray for your salvation, a life in Christ Jesus is like no other, it is a fulfilled and whole life in a way the lost will never experience... tomorrow. 

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