Friday, June 6, 2014

Strawberry habanero jams, huckleberry french milled soap and my time just seems to slip away.

I never would have thought that taking care of littles would have been a buffer.  I no longer have them daily, though they did come on Monday with no warning and totally changed a planned day.  I didn't used to have to many plans for my days but I have of recent.  I am subbing regularly this month and so have to sort of follow a plan.  Monday it was nice to have the ability to call in and they were considerate of my need for non-planning.  Drama needed to go to the emergency room again and Mokie took her without letting me know so when Son dropped off the littles it was a moment of panic.  I got to go in on Tuesday instead, I do like the brain stimulation that I get from the subbing I do.  I however have found that with new responsibilities I have sometimes no time for you all and I do apologize for that but I can not change what comes down my pike. I did get to finish up making my two cases of strawberries in to jelly Monday.  I made some on Sunday, the strawberry habanero and then got to make strawberry rhubarb and strawberry rhubarb habanero on Monday.  I got to use dutch gel for the first time and found that is by far and above the best pectin I have ever used.  I will endeavor to keep it on hand.  I made each batch with 10 cups of fruit, 14 cups of sugar and 2/3 cup of pectin, one 1/3 of the fruit was chopped habanero, and it really is good and has a kick.  I plan on using it as a meat savory and on ice cream.  I also will have it available with my other jams at the Farmer's Market.  I think I will be standing in for Flower Child to open the market this year and if she is fortunate enough to sell her business and move on to the life she is hoping to, I will take it over permanently.  Which I am looking forward to, though I will miss Flower Child.  Again something I could not have accomplished with the littles daily.

I got up this morning and rebatched soap into French milled Huckleberry soap.  It does smell good so far.  I made it two toned and can't wait to see it finished.  I have plans to see about marketing it to a few establishments, so wish me luck.  I do love my soap and would like to share it more.  I have to get some together for the school, I was asked to have some there to sell, which will be nice. 

I am going into volunteer today and try and get a project I am working on as a sub further along the way.  I will be doing that more and more once my subbing stent is at a close and back to when needed. 

I pray that you are searching for the Lord in your life.  If you are you will find him.  He loves that people seek him and he will make sure you will find him.  He gave us his Word so that we would seek and find him.  He gave us his Word that we might know him better.  If you want to find the Lord he is the embodiment of his Word and he lives there.  The Bible is a living breathing being, The Word is Christ Jesus and if you seek he will be found and through the Word you will be saved if you but seek.... tomorrow.


  1. nice to see you again. missed your blogs. hugs and love to you all Jeannine Rickett-Howard

  2. Jeannine nice to hear from you, hope all is well with you and your family. Debbie


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