Friday, May 30, 2014

A nice day and a new friendship forged...

I had a nice day, and made a new friendship, well maybe better said an acquaintanceship became a friendship.  We had friends in common, relationships with each others families so a good bases for a true friendship.  We had known each others family members but had by passed each other, really, along the way.  We have a lot in common and many of the same beliefs and interests a good day of getting to know one another. And then of course there was the soap, we had that in common, and love of making potions and lotions and thing.  I have decided I will call her Soap Sister in Christ, long maybe, but apt. We got to make 2 batches of goats milk soap and a good french milled soap as well.  She had made a fabulous soup with a nice kick, gotta love some one that gives their food a kick. We learned a lot about each other, shared a love of soap and our Love of God.  A great day was had by all.

I missed getting to stop by Belle's and I am sorry for that. Time got away from me and I really had so little time to get the soap lessons shared.  I will be going back to teach her how to make liquid soap another day. I heard the sad news that the mysterious deaths in our town were a murder suicide committed by  some one I had known from afar most of my life.  His daughter was in my class in high-school, or rather their daughter, and I had seen him and talked to him on many an occasion.  It is so sad to think that a couple of such ages, 87 and 85, had no other options left to them.  I hope they are in glory but I don't really know one way or the other.  My prayers are with there family and friends.

I have a bunch of stuff to get done, I have been advised of an opportunity that has arisen in my life.  I am weighing the pros and cons and we will make a decision together on the viability of the choices it offers us as a family. It is really a positive in many ways but then every opportunity has it's cost so we will have to debate it's fit in our lives.  I will further explore the plausibility of it before Monday.

Well, I again pray for you, your day and your life.  May it be loving, with God in it and may it be in accordance with what God wants for you in your life here on earth.... tomorrow. 

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