Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hope on a Rope is born......

My Hope on a Rope is sort of an evolution of a concept, or product, in it's purest sense.  I made my first soaps in a sweater several years ago.  I got the idea from Twin she had made lovely felted soaps.  I loved the look and the feel of them but knew that though I had a love for roving and a want to learn to spin, which in and of its-self is story all it's own, I did not have a compunction to felt.  I was just beginning to upcycle wool, as was she at the time.  Some of my best ideas are a collaboration with many of my friends, some of which are Lady, Belle, and of course Twin.  I took Twin's idea and made my Soaps in a Sweater.  They were nice and did a lovely job of clean and exfoliating.  They however were not always convenient to store in the shower or in a soap dish.  I sort of forgot about them for awhile, though people did like them.  Not long ago Belle said to me how she missed the Sweaters in Soap I had made as she had loved hers and had been tempted to refill it.  It was kind of hard to because I had always used wools when I had made them.  Some of them had been upcycled felted wools to begin with and others had been upcycled wool yarns.  They therefore felt as they were used.  Wool plus water plus soap plus agitation equals felted wool, a good thing to scrub with but not necessarily all that reusable.  I decided to look into making them again.  I decide this time to make them more like soap on a rope.  I called them soap in a sweater on a rope, a little long winded to be sure.  One day as I was talking to Belle about our combining our lines and co-oping an Etsy store and maybe eventually a brick and mortar store, she said I should change the name of my soap on rope. She and I both have strong Christian beliefs and are trying to live for God so she knew I would be looking for ways that some of my product would exalt God's work or at least be a blessing to God.  She said I should call them Hope on a Rope and donate a dollar to something that would be a blessing for God.  I thought about it and Poppie and I talked about it.  We decided that since the Hope on a Ropes would all be made from my older lost sheep soaps, ones that were a single bar or bars that were no longer made and were just orphans from past soap batches, they were also my hardest bars because of their aging.  They would last much longer than new soap and be worth putting them in a sweater to begin with.  We decided that all of their cost should be donated, and only the cost of shipping them, if they need shipped, would not be donated.  We have decided to donate all of their in coming cost to Missions at our Church.  What better way to spread God's word to all nations than to do it through Missions.  We are really excited that that should be their purpose.  I am thinking we will ask 5 each for them, or two for 9 or 3 for 12, but if some one really wants one and can't afford it or they are to expensive they can be gifted as love gifts or can be sold for a donation.  I think that God might like that as the spirit of what we should do for our fellow man.  I have been trying to make 2 to 4 every night before I go to bed so that there is always many of them to share and for now I am trying to get all of the old soaps covered in sweaters.  I use almost all donated or thrift store finds of wool, for the most part but sometimes I use cotton or a specialty yarn that has exfoliating properties.

I have told you the story of Hope on a Rope, it's mission is to spread God's Word.  I hope that you know God's word and it is in your heart and soul.  If not you can read and hear the Word of God by opening your Bible, a friend's Bible, most hotels have them and all libraries do.  Find a Bible read and listen to the Word of God.  Faith cometh by hearing the Word of God.  Faith is the beginning of Salvation.  God gives you the faith from hearing his Word. Faith in God gives you the knowledge that you are a sinner and that with out God you are lost, asking him for forgiveness and he will forgive you.  Believe that his Son is the only way to salvation and life everlasting, it will be given to you, life eternal.  Eternal life for you could start today, yes we all face the earthly death of our body but our spirit will have eternal life as God gift of grace and salvation.  Eternal life could start for you today, oh, the wondrous love of God... tomorrow. 

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