Friday, May 2, 2014

The fabric's of our lives.......

I have been unfaithful to you all.  I have really been busy doing a lot of prep for the upcoming Flea Market.  I have, as you have been aware been making soaps, taught two soap classes and now I am rebatching up more.  Mokie is getting her lotions bottled and I have ordered cards, product labels and packaging.  I made a special soap yesterday as a gift and am having a little trouble unmolding it from the sometimes particularly tricky molds.  I am sorry to have ignored you but it has also been really nice and sunny in my neck of the woods so I am not all the remorseful... alas I am human, flesh, and flesh is sinful.  Here are some photos of the French Milled bars, I must say they are rather nice.

black coconuts scent with coffee beans

tangerine and chocolate cake scent

tangerine and strawberries and cream with hibiscus flowers in the center.

I tend to be a contemplater, and as I make soaps I have lots and lots of time to contemplate my life, tmy friends and my God.  I had recently, well with in the last year a couple of times, I have spoken to Belle about marriage, death and what that brings to the afterlife. Belle once told me that she had heard that the death of a spouse is like having half of you ripped from your soul.  I immediately saw it in my mind, I think in a pictorial sense, all I contemplate is as a movie playing in my head so to speak (but I digress).  I saw the marriage of two people as a fabric that had been woven together with warp and cross threads, a binding of the lives and souls of two people.  I have now thought and thought, and pictured repictured relationships in general on that level and idea.  We all live in lives that make us a part of a fabric with the peoples we meet in our lives.  Some they are as gauze, some like a raveled and torn sweater that never got quite made or has since fallen into tatters and no longer is what it once was, but alas we are all some form of fabric with the people in our lives in some manner.  I think a good marriage is maybe like 1200 count silk, it is fragile but very strong, it has hundreds of threads that keep it securely bound together.  It is only ripped apart with struggle, and great forces pulling it asunder.  The death of a spouse is a ripping, tearing, shattering event in our lives, the pains from it lasts a life time, never to be truly healed.  Some cloths and relationships are not as hard to rip apart and can be undone with out pain of any kind but the closest relationships are left with strings and shreds as a glaring testimony to the relationship that once was..... 

I was reading a book, and I am sorry I remember not the author, but the author was describing the scene in Gethsemane.  Jesus was weeping and in true agony as he prayed.  The author said that the sorrow was not from what he was to do for us but from the ripping apart of his spirit and the spirit of God the Father.  I again was drawn to the horror of seeing an exquisitely woven tapestry a work of art, and more, that the fabric of God the Father and Jesus the son are.  They were being ripped apart in agony and it was me, it was you and it was all of mankind pulling asunder the precious bonded fabric of our Deity, we were the cause and Both the Father and the Son were giving up something so special to gift us with the death and resurrection to save our wretched souls.  They were being torn apart of their own will, though our Lord Jesus was willingly stepping forward to be torn from his father unto the Crucifixion and death all to save such worthless dirt as we. and he, they, did it because they so love us.   Today you could accept the gift that such agony, pain and the separation from God cost Jesus our Lord.  He died, was separated from God the father, and rose to be reunited with his Father that we might live life everlasting with them, the greatest gift ever given is available for you today, believe, accept and receive.... tomorrow. 

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