Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Do we do things because there is a outlet to do so or because we really need to? Would we actually need it if it wasn't available?

One day a friend of mine and I were have a decision about the new ACA, better know as Obamacare, I think it is an apt name and I won't go into the oxymoron that obamacare is if you really think about it, and now I have already digressed so back to the subject at hand. Anyway. we were talking.  I had said I was blessed, I don't believe in luck or fate, that I was never really ill for the most part.  You know in a way that actually required medical attention as she is a lot.  She said but would I be as sick if I had not had the advantage of having had medical insurance to depend upon.  We both have contemplated upon that and we have both come up with our own personal answers, but tend to both agree it is probably the reason for the rampant acceleration of the medical industry in the last 50 years.  NO one deals with anything on their own they are off to the ER for scratches and sore throats.  Mothers used to take care of their children's small issue and nothing more was said.  Now, if you don't have a mother who believes in the techniques of her grandmothers and takes care of the common childhood issues, children spend a great part of their childhoods in ER's where mothers are strong arming the doctor into prescribing something to their little "special" child. Dr's have thrown out their moral honor and prescribe antibiotic's at will and eventually it makes it much easier for them to prescribe opiates and narcotics to the adults.  Or, they are on the payroll of the drug companies or prosthetic companies hocking them for their kick backs... again degressing.  The reality is if we didn't have the insurance companies and the dr's pandering to them would we really need all the medical attention we have become accustom to?  I don't think so.  I know, I know there are, and always have been, truly sick people but not in the droves we now see.  I think that if you have insurance its like have life insurance, a savings account or a nest egg of any kinds, if you have it you feel the need to use it and get your moneys worth for the sacrifice you made to have it in the first place.

That leads me to the current plague of mental illness in this country.  The prisons are full, fuller than any other country in the world per capita and most of them have mental illnesses, something like 70%.  We have cities full of mentally ill transients and homless people who were once fully functioning member's of our society.   We used to have insane asylums and I know those were horrible places, especially when they were used to hide the disabled and the unwanted children of the age and more.  However there was once a true need for them, now instead of having them we dump the people out in to the cold with no help.  Here again would we need so much mental health if we hadn't started the never  ending cycle in the first place.  Our Departments of Family Services are now full of children who really needed help, and out of their situations, but did all of them need to be put on the treadmill of the therapy system.  Do they all need continuous therapy and do none of them ever get better and don't need it?  Do the therapized always have to grow up to be the therapist?  The blind leading the blind so to speak.  Does the therapist ever cure or help some one get back to not needing the therapist or is it a job where job security out-ways the good of the patient in the first place.  Really doesn't anyone have a sister, a brother, a mom or a friend any more?  No,  we are to busy texting and twittering to make any really non virtual friends to have any one that would actually help us find our way.  Do any of these people belong to a church, a club of friends or have a pastor?  We are so lost, and guess what insurance pays for it...... WE are like the mice on a wheel.... what comes around goes around, ever wonder what that meant?, well we are living it.  Stepping down and shutting up for the moment, but think about it and then wonder why our society is getting worse, and your children are being encouraged to go into the medical fields or into psychological fields.. and why there is such a giant need, ever hear of big brother?

Today I pray you have the Lord in your life and you talk to him and he guides you to where he wants you to be in this life.  I hope you have obeyed his will and sought your salvation.  He is truly awaiting your acceptance of him to gift you wondrously,  he will give you all you need and give you salvation, a free gift to life everlasting with him... tomorrow.   

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