Saturday, April 12, 2014

Love of your child is not always enough...... really it is not.

I think that rarely a person contemplates the birth of a child with out that thought of "will I love this child?" "Will I be a good parent?"  or "Will this child love me?"  I can not think of one parent I have ever meant that could not say I love my child while holding that tiny newborn in their arms.  I say love is the best of beginnings but is love enough?

I see many a parent that loves that child and is willing to give up all of their wants and dreams to see that that child gets what they need to grow and become the best that that parent can give them to accomplish that.  Many a mother goes with out clothes time and time again because their child has out grown the last clothes they could buy and when it seems that this time it might be moms time to get new clothes their child needs them so mom goes another time again and again making due with the clothes she has; after all mom is all grown up and won't be out growing them though they may be stained and grow thread bare.  Dad had dreams of a new toy, a new gun, a new this or that but those dreams become just that, dreams.  These kind of parent loves their children just as any parent does but these parents more than love their kids they are willing to put themselves aside and make sure their child gets what they need.  These kind of parents don't want to be their child's friend, their child has friends, or maybe not, but more importantly they have parents who love them enough to make sure they get discipline and a good example rather than another pal to chill with.  I really think most parents even the bad ones love their kids they are just never willing to give up or stand up to make sure their child gets what it needs physically or mentally to grow.

I kind God is the best example of a parent that loves but doesn't let his children get away with being his friend.  God gives us all we need to survive if we asking him for it but like with any good parent he doesn't give  us all we want or dream of in this life for free.  God has sacrificed for his children in ways not one parent I have ever know has.  Do you really know any one that gave the life of his only child that he might save the ones that he wants to adopt?

I think that even satan loves mankind, almost like a bad parent might.  He loves to take us down off of the shelf and play with us.  He uses us to benefit his own needs.  He tries to entice God to do things to save us or get us back, doesn't that sound like some parents you know, the ones that love their kids but never gave a dam about them enough to ever sacrifice even one day or one thing for them?  They have lives to live you know.  This is their time to be, and they have needs...... they have wants and be dam they are going to get them, at any cost, most often their child pays.

No, loving a child is not enough. It takes giving up your life, as you may have dreamed it, to make sure that your child gets the structure, the needs and sometime the wants, with in reason, that they might want.  Giving them your time when you are too tired to go on but knowing that that time will not be wasted, Knowing that love doesn't get the job done if you check out and let them raise themselves.  You may have time to dream after you raise them or when you have done without until they are able to do it one their own as adults. You gave them the time, caring and love to make them able to stand on their own feet and maybe raise their own kids knowing that life's true dream was giving of yourself to love a child in more ways than just the love that comes of dreaming of being a parent.  The real love of a child is the love that has tears, dirty dishes, "I hate yous" and "I never get to do anything" in them.  No, love is not enough.... tomorrow.  

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