Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring break has been a whorl wind and has left no time to do the normals....

The Ladies have been off all the last week for spring break.  It started first off with my basic soap making class and it never wound down from there.  Sunday brought morning and afternoon service, which Yogie and Cubbie and I got to go to the afternoon service, which we don't always get to go to.  It was very nice, more a family like atmosphere which Sunday morning really can't be.  I am so trying to get Poppie to go to as he would really enough it, but usually sitting in one place in a hard chair is more than he can endure the pain of but I am trying to get him to come. Booboo was asleep from the long days.

 Monday the Ladies went out to Lozeau to visit with Herbalists grandson that was visiting from Utah.  They got to help were with chores and made a little spending money, oh, I forgot they spent Friday night with G-Pa and G-Ma and made more spending money help with chores there.  Tuesday we were off to the ortho, where Yogie got to have tension bands put on her wires for the next 18 days, they basically wire her jaw shut unless she is eating when she can take them off and put them back on after eating.  She is actually in some pain from it, but since most of the brace process has caused her little pain it is okay.  She is a little tired of them as it has been 4 and half years but soon and very soon they will come off. We actually went the long way to Zootown and stopped at Mission to visit with Twin and go to the Amish store.  Got lots of goodies including spelt for .89 cents a pound.  I got clear jel at a killer deal and a stainless steel milking bucket among other treasures. It was nice to get to connect with Twin, she was getting ready to test for her Paramedic certification after a long 18 months, or so, of working tirelessly to obtain it (she passed the written so is well on her way to succeeding at her goal, wishing her well for the rest of the process)

Wednesday, Lady invited Cubbie and I to a ladies tea party, with dresses and all.  We  dropped the Ladies off for their piano lessons.  We continued out and had lunch and a tea party, Cubbie got to wear the beautiful dress I had talked her mom into buying her, even though Mokie doesn't like it, and she got to have curls, which her dad does not like me to put in her hair, she is a girl after all, though she is tomboy to her core.  Lady's grandgirl and grandboy were there.  They had soup, biscuits, peaches on trays in the front room on a blanket as they watched Frozen.  Cubbie ate all of her offering, loved them all.  Shortly after they got to have tea in their little tea sets, and strawberry short cake.  Once all the cake and tea was eaten up we went out in the yard for some much needed running and playing.  The kids had a grand day.  Thursday Belle, Belle's Lady, my Ladies and I were off on our own adventure to the Amish store.  Soul Saver was sick so had to stay home but we did bring him back take out.  We had a great get away day, which we rarely get to as Belle's kids are homeschooled and my girls go to public school so they don't get to spend a lot of fun time together.  We have talked about how that they will be life long friends and a lot of time kids they go to public school with go on with their lives in ways that doesn't always make  them life long friends.  I think in many ways my girls will have more the values and life choices that more closely will match Belle's kids than their public school peers so we try and support and cultivate their relationships as best we can.   We had a blast shopping, the kids spent all of their well earned chore money over the course of the week.  I got wonderful things for my cupboards, much of which was good flours, pectin, and the things I can't normally find. I bought a case of canning lids that Lady, Belle and I will share.  So today I have finally gotten to you all, sometimes I just can't manage it all and some things in the end are less important than others and this week that is you.  You always come after my kids and daily life, well I have put you above cleaning today, but as soon as I am done here we are spring cleaning before the Ladies have to go to basket ball practice, both going to each others so may be gone upto 4 hours in prep for tomorrows, tourney.  I didn't say by any means this week was done, and we still have to fit in Bountiful Baskets and Sunday Church, so I am really surprised I got to write to you at all.

I pray the Lord is in your life, and you are loving his will for you.  I do so love the joy, and fullness that his love has brought to mine.  I know the more I love him the more I feel that love, he doesn't love me more or less than he always has I am just more aware that he loves me.  I still fall to my knees in amazement that such a wondrous Lord would have time to love me so and then I remember that time is human and God is not subject to it.  He has all the "time" he needs to love me and each human individually.  He watches me in a way that no one other than God can.  He knows all my thoughts, action and the love in my heart for him,  How glorious and unfathomable is that really?  He loves you to if you accept him and believe you will know it too.... tomorrow. 

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