Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tuesday who'da thought busy??? No, surprise there.....

I got several packages in the mail yesterday, a new box of Olive oil but this time I got the one with half rice bran oil.  I noticed it when I went to buy a new 35 lb box of olive oil.  I wonder why beside cost would you want it in your soap.  Well I seems that the rice bran oil has many reasons to add to the soap and it cut the cost of the olive oil down as a bonus.  It is also premixed so only one measure instead of two.  I also got the new molds, some of them are the dog molds, I got so I can make dog soap, well as soon as the scents for the dog soaps come.  Funny dogs are more sensitive to scents than people, more like babies, well not that babies aren't people because they are from conception, but you know what I mean.  I have citronella, lemongrass, peppermint and tea tree oil all pure essential oils coming to make those soaps.  So, I won't be able to make them until next week I am thinking.  I also got the dreaded colorants for the soaps.  I know that they will be pretty but I am not a person that puts pretty above function or health.  I did get the colorants that are pretty with the least toxicity.  I got the mica ones that are actually natural but really not a needful part of soap making other than the vanity of making pretty soaps.  Okay, I digress, making "pretty" swirled soap today.

My whipped soaps came out well for a first try, well after the two failed batches, they were still good soap but no fluffiness.  Here are photos of the ones that worked out.

I went to Bible study at Belle's first thing yesterday, we also had a strategy meeting about a business we are considering. We are both praying for God's guidance in our endeavors.  We made some progress but we managed to be so into it that I forgot the time and missed CAKLS.  Booboo is in the MCT play she is a beggar.  She is excited to be participating.  Yogie is not in the play, as she is burned out from all of her endeavors, so she went to piano and then spent the evening playing like a carefree child with her cousins all night. 

We had an emergency in our extended family yesterday.  Butterfly ran away.  She is an adult but she is a disabled adult with a child's mentality.  She had gotten in a fight with her mom and while her family were at school and work she decided to run away.  She drove the 4 wheeler down to the local town pump and got into a semi with a truck driver and they headed eastbound.  It was some time before the family found that she was even gone.  The camera's at Town Pump helped to find where she had gone as she had parked the 4 wheeler at a gas pump took the keys and got into the truck.  They praise God found her about 60 miles away in Zootown.  She had called her mom,  and  her mom kept her on the phone while the family called the Zootown police to go pick her up.  She is at home now, and hopefully not safe, well safe but she is most probably under consequences for all the stress and anguish she caused. Thank you again to all who helped look for her in this time of need.

I got lovely strawberry plants and a new rhubarb plant on the way to Belle's, I stopped at Lady Hero's and she had made wondrous liquid soaps from her Castile soap that she made in the basic soap class.  She had shampoo and dishsoap to show me, I love a fellow soaper and she definitely has the soap makers bug.  Yay, the best compliment a soap teacher could have.  I hope she stays with it and creates lovely soaps the rest of her life, and mostly I hope she doesn't go back to the alternative. 

Off, to do what must be done, whatever it is.  I pray for the Lord's blessings in your life.  I know he loves you as he loves all of the things he has ever created.  You know, if you are someone that creates, that you have a passion and a love for all the wonders you create, would the Lord be any less, no, he would be, and is, so much more passionate about all that he has created, that includes you.  He could not love you more and can not love you less, he awaits your love like any parent awaits, with infinite love, for their child, he awaits you to love him in return.  He has a wondrous gift to give you if you but believe and accept his love and gift of salvation. Just hink of the wonder of eternal life with him, you loving and being loved by him..... tomorrow. 

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