Sunday, April 13, 2014

Today is a much need day of rest, I think the Lord always has that in mind.....

A hundred years ago no stores were ever open on Sunday, the establishment honored that fact that people in general had faith and went to Church on Sunday.  Now alas there is either not enough people going to Church on Sundays, enough people who care or maybe the almighty dollar has become the idol of too many, I don't have an answer and really don't think that my objections to the status quo makes that much difference to the world.  Have you ever watched Pollyanna, all the people are resting after a good day at Church, sadly the way of America is going the way of our respect for Sundays.

We came home from Church, had lunch/dinner, we sort of mix them together of a Sunday.  We took our family trip to a walk in the rain forest,  today with two grands in tow.  It was what God made Sundays for I think, a day to praise him as our God, a day to be with your family on a quality level that the rest of the week can't always afford us.  Today it is a lovely sunny day.  I am now writing to you, Poppie is raking and burning, okay to some of you that is not resting but to Poppie it is a joy to his soul to tidy up his yard, he doesn't always find the time to do it of a week day.  The Ladies are playing ragtag games with their cousins, with not burden on their shoulders, no preplanned plans to interrupt their time to play. I am going to get to make egg soap here in a minute.  Okay, my thoughts on play are sometimes similar to my work days or maybe some days I let the play over take the work, something to think on, but either way I am making egg Winnie the pooh soap in a minute here.

I pray that you have had a day of rest to just take in the reality that the Lord loves you and that you are afforded the time to praise him in all the glory that he is, such a wondrous being has time to think on your tiny little life in the realm of his magnificent universes.  That alone is so unimaginable that if we could truly grasp that that would be all the faith we needed to humble ourselves to our Lord.  I read yesterday that he had my name inscribed in his palm, he has always had it their to think such a worm as I could be thought of so much that God would put my name on his palm.  That is love in an unaccoutable way that has no explanation and that is love of matchlessness..... That is how the Lord loves me and you if you but know it and accept it..... If you don't know that, step out, seek your Lord, he awaits your acceptance of him, he really does love you as no one else ever can or has....... tomorrow. 

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