Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tie dyed soap making class over and done, we all had a lot of fun..... I may do a liquid and whipped one in the fall.

Got up bright and early this morning, packed the car and went to the 4-H building to set up and be ready for the class at 1.  Mokie and I got it all arranged and I built to separate batches of soap to pour together to "mess" up a batch to fix.  Well it came out wonderful and so we had to mess up a perfectly good batch of lovely sponifying soap to make 'rebatched" or french milled soap.  All the ladies got to choose there own color, exfoliants and liquids.  Only one recipe so I could control the variants as much as possible.  NO lecture this time, only a little conversation and answer session.  I decided they could look at the different soaps and get an idea of what they would like to make.  We had goat milk soap, tomato, coconut water, aloe vera, and cucumber.  We made the batches basically one at a time so all could see the various degrees of trace.  The tomato "riced" so I had a nice example to rebatch after I rebatched the good batch.  One brave soul wanted to make the tie dyed, so it was last and all the ladies that wanted to make it at home watched as we made lovely goat milk tie dyed soap, all with turmeric, cayenne, walnut hulls and spirluna.  It was beautiful.  I sold several mold, scales and several ladies bought oils to make more batches right away. Hoot, Hoot, real soapers, I am so proud of them. I did tell them I would be interested in having a hot process liquid soap class and whipped class in the fall, I think the class or class will be full of my protegees. How wondrous is that, they all have a love for making soap and that is the best part of all.  Only one person used the mica, and that was my dear Mokie and she doesn't have the affinity for natural that I have and have instill maybe in my protegees. I can't wait to see what they make I hope they send me photos.

I am to tired to make dinner, sore from standing all day, but a good sore like you actually got something done.  When we went to load the car we couldn't get the car to start so we sent a help signal through the girls by way of Preacher and Pianist taking them home.  We sent key so Poppie could use Mokie's car.  He had to get a ride from the neighbors, we couldn't start our car because we were trying to with Mokie's key..... long day I guess.  Poppie is "making" dinner as we speak, take out, yay. to tired to cook.  Lovely day.

I pray you had a good day.  I pray that the Lord was in it.  Any day with him in it is pure joy and the path to salvation.  I pray you look for a Church that fits you and attend.  The Lord does like the called out assembling of his children.  My prayer to you and yours.... tomorrow.  

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