Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter the day of resurrection and spring renewal.....

Yesterday was Resurrection Sunday, or Easter, what a glorious day for all of Christ's saved.  It is the day that he died for one and all, even those who do not believe and they don't even realize it.  It is maybe the best day of each year and most assuredly the best day for all the saved in Christ's lives, well maybe the day we get to go to be with him is better but the sorrow of the ones who are left behind puts a damper on the ones that are still in life and have not passed on, but our greatest day.  The day of our birth in to heaven, or the passing from this life to the next and into eternity.... What glorious day that will be!!

We were pleasantly surprised to see Mokie, Cubbie and Bubbles join us at Church, it was wonderful to have them, Cubbie is getting to be so good at Church and Bubbles, is 2, and does the normal, chattering, walking around but does love a good hymnal....  We had potluck and got to spend a pleasant afternoon with the our Church family.  We came home after and had a nice afternoon.  The Ladies and I went on a walk through the rain forests, Poppie was in too much pain to walk.  We came home and raked in the back yard, and put tire repair in the tire.  We then got to go on a ride, partly to make the fix a flat work and partly just to go.  We went in to the woods up Flat creek.  The devastation of the fires from last year was everywhere. The girls got to touch snow and throw a little, we scoped out a possible camping trip and looked for konks.  It was lovely spring outing, a renewal of our love of the woods.  I always think that God is nowhere more apparent than in the lovely woods that he gifted us with.  It was nice end to a blessed day.

I hope to "frost" soap cupcakes today and hope that it has not been to long and the soap has not aged to much to adhere well.  I pray for your salvation, Easter is the time of salvation on so many levels, have you read the stories of how our Savior descended from glory, became a man and died upon a cross just for YOU.  Yes, each of us share in the gift of God's love, we just need to believe that he loves each of us individually that much.  He loves us the same from the beginning of time in to eternity, he can never loves us more or less than he always has.  He sorrows when one of his children never turns to him and believes.  He loves us all and gave his son for each and every one all we have to do is believe in his love, accept his gift and live in eternity with him.  How sad and sorrowful is the non-believe of even one precious soul that is lost.... tomorrow. 

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