Friday, April 25, 2014

Tie dyed experiments in soap.... getting my ideas together for the advanced soap class...

Had a busy week, okay so I couldn't get to you yesterday, but it has been fulfilling as well as just full.  I got to connect with most of my friends and for the most part I don't get to do that, but then I had to ignore some of the others alas what is a girl to do.  Belle and I are working on a big project and both our husbands are on board in a positive manner, that is great.  I got to go to Bible study this week, but not to Church or CAKLs on Tuesday.  On Wednesday I got to connect again with Belle and Flower Child, very good visit and lots of good things done toward goals.  I got a job working on a coloring page for adults for a seminar.  Now it is just a matter of getting on the same page with the page.  One of my dear friends, Schoolmate, has abandoned her Facebook to get away from people who kind of stalk her so I will mess her, funny how talking one on one on email is not always the same thing.  It is much more awkward to share some things if it is only to one person and you don't want to over inundate them.  Two of my friends are email only friends now.

I made, probably, my first really nicely distributed multiple colored soaps yesterday.  I learned a new trick and invented another.  I ended up with what I would call tie dyed soaps, both had the same coloring but oh so different.  They were both soft soaps, I don't know if it was the colorants that made them take longer to harden or just what, maybe the recipe, so I will try a different one today.  I had made a two colored soap the day before so here are the photos of my endeavors....

Food grade charcoal and mica colorant (I only got it for the class)

Same as above

above and the following have tumeric, paprika, ground walnut hulls, and spirluna

oh! and hibiscus petals on top

not hard enough to unmold but pretty I hope it comes out clean.

the extra made a fish, but it didn't come out of the mold clean, so sad!

I pray that you have a great day and that you hear and feel the love of the Lord Jesus in your life, nothing, and I mean nothing, makes it more complete, no, not your family, friends or spouse.  Jesus makes all aspects of life better and complete.  I pray if you are not in the Lord, today is the day you step forward on a path of finding him and making salvation your goal.... tomorrow. 

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