Saturday, April 19, 2014

Busy three days, couldn't find a moment to catch up......

Thursday I subbed at the Library, so didn't get much done that day.  I did manage to make a batch of cupcake soap bases but haven't gotten to make the "icing" for them.  Friday we went on an all day odyssey to the Zoo.  We had to been in town at 9:30 for Mokie's obgyn appointment.  Made it and it was a short and sweet appointment, she went in while I and the 4 girls waited in the car.  Done and over we had 5 and half hours to kill before the ortho appointment, we had no idea they were on the same day.  We took the kids to the home resources, I got some marble tile and some tumbled tile for two bucks, I think I am going to make soap dishes, the girls got a free game.  Done again and only 5ish hours left.  We took the kiddo's to eat and then killed an hour plus at the Goodwill.  I got a new in the box  Imusa granite mortar and pestle, now I actually have to learn to use it.  I have used the little one that Lady got me, it is very pretty it is marble and goes so well with the marble baking slab, my rolling pen and my other marble this and thats.  I am thinking I might use some of the marble to make mosaic hot pad but not sure.  I got a bunch of cool soap carriers at Goodwill as well and then some small ones to accompany them at Walmart, so I will have a more professional look this year.  I got some new fangled sipping lids and straws a new produce from ball, they are great.  Well after a long day of pittling here and there we went to the dentist a half hour early and got right in.  Well the criss cross rubber bands that Yogie had worn for 18 were no more, all but one of the teeth came down to where they needed to be so she only has one more band to wear and will be wearing it until mid June and then one more appointment after that, so close but no luck, it will be almost a full 5 years when the braces finally come off.  I know I am tired of the never-ending appointment so I know Yogies is exhausted with them but she looks so much lovelier with her beautiful teeth than the crowded crooked ones would have,  I just have to remember that the finish line is near.

We got home last night prepared to quickly do up the BBFC cards, sheets and tags.  There was a todo going on and finally got to down load around 8:30 to 9, and then this morning it was back to where it had been when we got home from the Zoo, we should have just down loaded and did our thing and stayed off the computer, would have been a lot less stressing, but what do you do?? lol.  This morning the distribution went off with no hitches and plans being thought of for future tweaking.  I got home from delivering the produce I order for a few shut-ins and then the baking began.  Booboo helped me make one peach, one pineapple, two coconut cream, one lemon meringue and one nice scalloped potato dish for potluck tomorrow.  We will make the coleslaw in the morning.... I am well and truly tired, having a lemonade with some kick and going to bed.

I pray that you go to Church somewhere tomorrow, tomorrow we celebrate the Lord's conquering of death, he arose and Glory be to God that he did for with out his rising and overcoming death we would all still be lost.  I pray that you celebrate the Lord's salvation tomorrow with some one you love and hopefully in the loving arms of Christ Jesus knowing you will spend eternity with him...tomorrow. 

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