Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Strawberry pie filling yesterday and apple pie filling today...

Today I won't be going to Bible study, Belle is gone so I am going to get to making apple pie filling.  I will get to go to CAKLS, last week I was at the ortho so it will be nice to be there.  The girls and I are going to get to manage Church later as well, after they come home from piano.  Funny how it seems like we have so much more time even if it is only one of our listed Tuesday do's that are gone.

I had intended to make strawberry jelly yesterday but since I had bought 4lb's of clear jel I decided to use it.  I made strawberry pie filling.  I had made peach last summer with clear jel but found that the head space is imperative to get right.  I gave it a full good inch and it was still not quite enough so today I am making apple pie filling with the last of a case I bought from Bountiful Basket two weeks ago.  I am going to use the peeler, can't believe I had it in the cupboard 4 years before I tried it and love love love it.  Makes it soooooo much easier to peel apples.  I am going to give each jar nearly 2 inches of head space, the clear jel does swell and nothing is scarier than filling oosing out the top of the jar you just canned, well it might be scarier if it was coming out of a jar that you had just processed 3x's longer in a pressure canner, but I digress.  Cubbie is going to bring me some apple juice from her mom and off I will go to make apple pie filling.  I made 13 jars of strawberry and hope to make that or more of apple today.

I have been reading Psalms as part of my daily personal reading on top of the morning readings and my evening readings of the Bible.  I have found so much solace in the prayers of others.  I know we American like to be voyeurs in our lives, some just by watching reality shows or various other ways, if you don't think you do it, reevaluated your life it is an American past time that very few of us don't indulge in in some way.  You probably do in the most innocent of way but I again digress.  My point is we like to see what others do and how they do it.  If you are one of those, and most probably you are, read Psalms.  You get an over the should view of some one else's heart felt cries to the Lord.  Someone else's cry of help to his Lord.  You can borrow from their heart's cry and speak to the Lord of your own needs, struggles and sorrows.  The Lord does listen.  The prayer he probably hear's most is the shortest. "help", even the none believing cry out is true times of stress to the Lord.  Today day is the day you can expand that "help" and place your life in God's hands.    You can accept his free gift and give you whole life to him.  You will not become immediately perfect and for that matter never on this earth but you will be asking him to take you and help you to becoming  the image of his precious son, he will adopt you and he will become your loving father.  The Lord be praised it could be your day to be the Lord's child... tomorrow. 

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